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ATL258- What The Father Wills

2011-05-13-What The Father Wills
At Large #258


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: What the Father Wills
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: What the Father Wills
Group: At Large
Teacher: Michael
TR: Paul Conklin


Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, Our Creator Son just came through with a touching message. We bow not to the Father’s Wisdom. We bow not to the Father’s knowledge. We bow not to the Father’s power. We bow to the Father’s love. Imperfect creatures of the dust are learning to love in this way while in a state of weakness and immaturity. Thanks be to the Father on Paradise. May your will be done!]


MICHAEL:  There is no stopping you now my child. The Father’s love has thoroughly entered your heart and there is no turning back. When that love enters into your heart you see the world in an entirely different way. The children of this world are your brothers surely, but you begin to see them as your children. When you view this world as you would view your own child the transformation is complete. The transformation is complete because there is no greater love than to love another as if that one were your child. Can you ever hate your own child? That is impossible. The love that parents have for their children is touching. The love that a Father has for His children is inspiring. That is the kind of love that the Father of us all is teaching you to have.
The Infinite Father wants you all to know of His love for you.

For too long all of my children here on Urantia knew not the Father’s love. The message that all of you received is that you were all sinful and erring children in need of a sacrifice to enable the Eternal One to love you. How that message has hurt all of you so deeply. For I tell you the truth my dear Urantian children, YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LOVED. There has never been a time when that love was lacking for some perceived lack on your parts. Oh, if I could only convince you of the Father’s love. You would truly be born again. Because when you truly know the love of that One it is like you are inside the womb of your mother once again and have reentered the world anew. You are precious and dear to that One. Free yourselves from the belief that you are estranged from that One.

What is it that the Father wills for all of His precious Urantian children? He simply wants you to love one another. And such love for one another is built up from the love that exists within your hearts. These precious fragments of the living and dynamic Father are your connection to that supernal love. These fragments are teaching all of you to love in the way that the Infinite Father loves. I have to tell you my children that you all do not really understand the depth of the Father’s love for you. I wish that I could say something that could help you understand. But it is something that you feel within your hearts without the words of a human language. This is the wordless language of love that lives within your hearts. When you begin to become bilingual, so to speak, you know how to speak the language of human speech and you know how to ‘speak’ the language of the Eternal One’s Infinite love.

When I was here on my final bestowal this was first and foremost what I wanted to leave with all of you, my precious children. I wanted you to know that the fact of your birth brought you into the fold of the Infinite One. He was just as enthralled at this new one as were the parents of that child, newly born. You all know how much a parent loves its child. Any parent would gladly die for its child, if such a death would mean that the child would live. As poignant as a parents love for its child is, the Infinite Father’s love for His children is impossible to express. He loves that child even more than the love that a parent has for its child. Do you understand my children, do you understand? You are all loved as if you were the only child in existence. You are more precious to the Father than His own life. What? What’s that? You are more precious to the Father than His own life. Is that so hard to understand my children? Do you not love your children more than you love your own lives? That is how much He loves all of you.

When a precious son or daughter of God begins to feel that transformative love in their own hearts a certain change takes place. That son or daughter no longer feels separate from the One. That son or daughter now feels that they are one with the Eternal Father. What they learn is that the Father loves all of His children equally. What they learn is the mightiest spirit person, head of a universe, is loved just as much as a child of the dust struggling to exist on a hard scrabble rock in outer space. What a revelation my children! There are no favorites. There are no chosen ones. You are loved just as much as I am loved by that One. Isn’t that the way things should be my children? Would you feel drawn towards a person that played favorites? Would you be drawn towards someone that looked down on the humble ones? The ones that had nothing from this world’s standpoint? No, of course not. You are drawn towards the achingly blinding light of the glorious Father’s endless love. If that One plays no favorites, then should we not follow suit? Should we not endeavor to love each other in the same way that the Eternal One loves each of us? Should we not love all? Should it really matter if the one that we love is the CEO of a major company or a precious little child born of humble means? No, it should matter not my children.

Don’t you understand my children, don’t you understand? This world will only change as the perfect will of the Father is perfected on this sphere. This perfect will is perfected by imperfect beings as they learn to love one another unconditionally. This perfect will is made ever more poignant as immature children work to become like the Father. There is a little one crying out on this sphere. There is a little one crying out for love, but that little one has no one. Will you love them my children? Will you take the perfect will of the Father and let that perfect will live within your hearts? The perfect love of the Father will never be learned by reading of such love in a book. The Apostle John said that God is love and that is so my children. But reading those words are ineffectual because those words must enter into your hearts. When the love of the Father enters into your hearts there is no way for you to lose that love anymore. You cannot lose that love because it has now become a very part of you.

And then it hits you. You remember that phrase. What the Father wills and the Son desires becomes so. Oh sons and daughters of Urantia, children of the Eternal One, become so close to that One that your will is one with the will of the Father. When that happens there will be no separation between the two of you. But this happens because You have all willed it to be so my children. That is what makes it all the more precious. You did not get this far because the Father forced you to take this position. You got this far because the perfect will and the perfect love of the Father moved your hearts so much that you had to give your Father your all.

But when you worship that One, what do you bow to? You bow not to the Father’s infinite wisdom. You bow not to the Father’s infinite knowledge. You bow not to the Infinite Father’s glorious and amazing power. When the perfect will and the perfect love of that One touches your heart you bow to that One’s love. You say Father I worship you and I bow to you, I bow to your perfect and infinite love. That is why I lay at your feet as a little child sleeps at the feet of its parents. Father, I bow to your love, I bow to your love.

It has now come full circle my children. The glorious ascension plan of the Eternal Father is paying the dividends of unconditional love. The perfect will of the Father found its way into your hearts and you have been transformed. Father in the heights, on this day, how may we repay you? How may we repay your love which you give to us free of charge. Love one another. Love one another. Love one another. Let not this love be those words that you read in a book. Let those words be the language of love that the Father is teaching you. Let the language of the Father’s perfect will and perfect love enter into your hearts. Do not turn back, but let the perfect will and the perfect love of the Father find a home in your heart. When that happens you shall look unto that One and say, ‘Father, I bow to you, I bow to your love.’


On this beautiful day given us by the Father, live in that One’s perfect love as you live in my peace.

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