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ATL305- I Am Chief Adjuster for the Magisterial Mission

2014-09-24-I Am Chief Adjuster for the Magisterial Mission
At Large #305


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: I Am Chief Adjuster for the Magisterial Mission
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Eregon
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Note

Topic: I Am Chief Adjuster for the Magisterial Mission
Group: At Large
Teacher: Eregon
TR: Paul Conklin


EREGON: I Am Eregon From Paradise. Greetings my friend! I have been waiting for this opportunity to speak with you. The universe, as you are well aware, has great timing. It never does anything at the spur of the moment. It does all things logically, slowly, in an evolutional way, so that you all develop at your own pace. So that you are not uprooted before you have had a chance to grow. I, I am Eregon from Paradise.

I am the chief adjuster of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia. I enforce the policies that the Paradise Father wishes to see enacted on Urantia. But I have a boss as well, if you want to refer to Him in such a way. His name is Xavier and He too dwells on Paradise. I answer to Him and we work together to transform the children of Urantia. Sananda actually is the chief adjuster of Nebadon, and your local universe is his home. He also answers to my “boss” Xavier, a chief adjuster that lives on Paradise.

This has been my home for eternity. I know that such a declaration causes you great confusion. How can it not cause you confusion my friend? You are a being living in the finite world. You are living in the world, the linear world. But have you ever considered that there are realities other than linear? I tell you my dear friend Paul that there are many other realities that you are unaware of. These realities become known to you, much as a melting glacier reveals what is underneath it over time. I tell you my dear friend that over time these things I am publishing to you will become clear.

I know that you are eager my friend. You want to know everything and you want to know it now. But I tell you Paul slow down a little bit and enjoy what is around you here and now. Here and now is all you have, so why spoil it. Savor each and every moment. Find joy in the mundane things of life. What you may think is mundane hold s a priceless treasure of discovery. For in those quiet moments you will find God. You will find what it is you seek in the quiet. You will find what it is that you seek away from the hustle and the bustle of this world.

It may surprise you to learn that there are families of adjusters. These families portray to developing minds the personality or personalities of the Eternal deities. We know just what you need. We know just what working relationship will help you to grow. I, Eregon, come from the adjuster family that portrays to developing minds the sublime unity, the sublime harmony, the sublime love, of the Father and Son combination. Their love for one another is so intense. If you could spend just a few moments in their company such few moments would affect you favorably for eternity, such is the power of their love for one another.

So I Eregon wish to portray the sublime Father, Son combination to you Paul and to all those in my charge. To all those in my family. Now of course, you will receive a well-rounded education. You will learn about the Father, Son combination through me, but you will learn about the other combinations and of the separate representations of each deity from other beings. That is the beauty of it. You will see the Eternal deities in a whole new light and such a thing will continue to spur you on to greater and greater glories.

Little by little more and more is being given to you. But it is so true that to those that are given much, much is expected. It is truly a sacred responsibility to hear the voice of Spirit and to transmit it accurately. Please trust yourselves. Have faith in yourselves. Believe in yourselves. You are the pioneers. You are the ones that will open the floodgates of truth, beauty, goodness and love. You are the ones that are watering the seeds that lie fallow beneath the surface. You are the light that penetrates the darkness. Your work, though it seems at times to be useless, is anything but that. Your work, based on love, will result in a bloom that will arise forever and ever and ever on your precious Urantia.

Soon now the Magisterial Mission will begin and I will direct the activities of all adjusters on Urantia. I will work closely with my “boss,” I say tongue in cheek, who really is my dear and beloved friend. I too will work with Sananda, the chief of all adjusters in Nebadon. We will all work in sublime unity, in sublime harmony, to see to the task at hand. To see Urantia bloom. To see every man, every woman, every child, shout out loud the glory of the Paradise Father. For there is a time coming when even a child barely able to speak will know about the Eternal Deities, will know about your divine parents.

Such things will one day be common knowledge on your world. I Eregon, look forward to working with you all. You are all like precious children to me. So, take my hand and fear not. All is well in the universe. You are all dearly loved. Release your anger and come into the peace, harmony, tranquility, and love, that the Father, Son combination posses ses. Let us with their love change this world, ‘til a flash of these deities go forth as appreciation for a job well done, as gratefulness to have children such as you.

A message of love and beauty received through Paul Conklin via Eregon, the chief adjuster of the Magisterial Mission operating on Urantia.

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