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ATL306- Cataclysms of the Soul

2014-10-23-Cataclysms of the Soul
At Large #306


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Cataclysms of the Soul
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Siraya
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Cataclysms of the Soul
Group: At Large
Teacher: Siraya
TR: Paul Conklin


SIRAYA: Greetings my precious children! This is your Father, Master Spirit Number One, Siraya. How it pleases me to see the progress that you are all making. That is a testament to your great faith, to your great trust in me. Yet today I would like to discuss something with you that you may be missing. When this process starts you may misinterpret what is happening to you. I would like to clear things up for you my children so that you are more aware of the process of progression, that is of soul progression. First of all I would like to say that the process of soul progression is an internal process. It has always been an internal process and it shall always be an internal process.

Why do I bring this to your attention? Because there are times when you forget that. There are times when you look outside of yourself and you see what is happening ‘out there’ and you think that the something ‘out there’ must be fixed. You think that if only the world would do this or do that then the world would be alright.

When you are seeing something outside of yourself is that outside thing that you see separate from you? Have you ever considered that? Are the things that you see evidence of the malaise in the outside world or is it evidence of the malaise WITHIN YOU? Now I had my son capitalize those words because I want you to take something away from this message that is very important. What you see on the outside of you is a symptom of what is taking place INSIDE OF YOU. Let me repeat: What you see on the outside of you is a symptom of what is taking place INSIDE OF YOU. I had my son repeat that so that you would not miss the point.

The state of the world as you see it, is the state OF YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. I repeat: The state of the world as you see it, is the state OF YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. Now is it beginning to sink in my children? I know that this may be quite a shock to many of you. The state of the world that I see is the state of my own consciousness? Yes it is my children.

So, what to do then. Recognize it for what it is. From here on in recognize that what you see is your soul’s way of getting your attention. Why does your soul cause you to see these things that you see? So that you will awaken and remember. So that you will come fully into your soul-being even while you are in the flesh. How does your soul do this? First of all your soul will see something that you are putting in place of the love that you are. Your soul will put up with it until your soul says, ENOUGH! Yes, your soul will initiate a process where everything that you are, or everything that you think you are will be stripped away until who you really are will shine through.

Now when this process begins do you think that it is an easy process for you? No it is not my children. This process will be painful for you because this is the time when you are healing from those things that you no longer need. It is similar to a surgical process where a deceased organ must be removed to save your life. In this case we are speaking about your eternal life. And so this process will be painful, but after you have gone through the ‘surgery’ and a recovery process you will be well.

You can liken this process to a series of cataclysms that you see on the outside of you. Suppose that you see cataclysms taking place throughout the world. Perhaps you hear of a report about an earthquake taking place in a part of the world where earthquakes are prevalent. You may look at that event and claim that proves that the end of all things is near. Then there is another event, perhaps a viral disease that is contagious and some people are succumbing to that virus. This is just another proof for you that the end is indeed coming. Then you may see a report of some catastrophic weather event and you are now quite sure that the end is coming for sure.

My dear, dear, children I tell you that what you see is a symptom WITHIN YOU that the end is near for the illusions WITHIN YOU. And when those illusions begin to burn away it feels like a cataclysm is indeed taking place. Yet that cataclysm is the purgings of your soul. It will feel like there are earthquakes, and diseases, and catastrophes taking place, not outside of you, but inside of you. Are you beginning to see my children? Your transformation, your spiritual transformation, your soul’s progress, will require that you go through INTERNAL CATACLYSMS so that you will finally be who you really are. So that you burn away all those illusions. So that you stand before me complete. So that you stand before me purified. So that you stand before as the gods that you are, though you are indeed gods in training.

So in plain English what is taking place in you when these things start to happen within you? Your soul is dismantling you. Your soul is dismantling the person that you think you are and burning that away until the soul that you really are stands there tall and proud. Now this process may very well repeat itself. You may have several dismantlings instigated by your soul in this life. Such a process is necessary until you let go of all that you are not and embrace all that you are. Simply put, the soul is dismantling everything in your life that is not in keeping with the personality of the August One. If you have put a relationship, a house, a job, or any other thing in the way of your happiness, your true joy, then your soul will say: ENOUGH! And then this dismantling process will begin.

So that is all I have for you today my children. Let these my words sink into your heart. Let these words resonate with you. Always remember that what you see on the outside of you, outside in the world is actually a reflection of the state of your own consciousness. That is our lesson for today my children. Know that as you go through this process, no matter how painful, no matter how uncomfortable, I am with you always. Go in my peace and my love and my mercy and know that all is well.

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