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ATL307- Human Mind in Trance and Transmissions

2014-12-19-Human Mind in Trance and Transmissions
At Large #307


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Human Mind in Trance and Transmissions
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza
o 2.2 TR: Steven Murphy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Human Mind in Trance and Transmissions
Group: At Large
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza
TR: Steven Murphy


DR MENDOZA: This is Dr. Mendoza, Steven. I’m pleased to be with you. We have been working together on the expanded understanding of the difference between transmitting primarily through the transmitter’s personality and style and allowing more of the personality of the entity to come through and take over the transmission. The call for this consideration comes from the intent of having Seth come through more clearly as Seth. Many people recall his personality, and his personality is distinct enough that it would get many people’s attention.

You’ve begun your consideration of this, and I with you. I have directed some of your thoughts on this. Really what we’re talking about are changes in the brain, changes in the prefrontal cortex. A transmitter now must suspend a degree of observation that allows a message to come through, that allows a message distinct from the transmitter’s mind to come through and be sent. This is a very subtle area, and difficult for me to find words in you to target the area that we’re speaking of.

There is a part of the brain in the frontal cortex that handles flexibility of responding. When transmitting this flexibility must be activated. There must be a willingness for the transmitter to not respond to the message that’s coming through. The message makes use of the transmitter’s mind and calls upon words, vocabulary, some degree of syntax, and the accumulated conceptual framework that exists in the transmitter’s mind.

Those function as a structure to contain the message and to convey the message. Flexibility of responding is absolutely critical. A degree of empathy, which is another function of the cortex, is also critical. One must have an empathic attunement to the energy of the spirit, to the signature of the spirit, in order to accept with a feeling of relaxation and safety the message from that spirit, from that entity. It’s not always a spirit as in my case. We will, however, use the word spirit and the phrase coming from spirit to refer to transmissions from myself, from Abraham, most certainly from Michael Monjoronson, and the Melchizedeks.

I do not presume to elevate myself to spirit levels but we’re using the mortal conception more accurately than mortal usage of spirit for the sake of this discussion. When one communes with spirit and receives from spirit there’s an increase in response flexibility. There’s an increase in empathic attunement. This is where the decision making capacity is necessary. There needs to be a degree of concentration where emotional balance and body regulation enable the transmitter . .. You back? Steven was distracted by an apparent squirrel or mouse in the ceiling making noise. I’ve discovered that’s something that Steven always pays attention to. He’s back where I need him to be to continue.

We were talking about response flexibility, emotional regulation, and empathic attunement, all functions of the cortex. This is managed by a degree of concentration. We will use the words effortful attention, which is a phrase that Steven favors. It is willful concentration. The concentration is to keep the transmitter in a receiving, listening mode even when, and especially when, the message coming in seems different from what the transmitter knows or would ever think. These are times when we have seen and everyone has experienced when their own subconscious gets triggered.

The subconscious will get triggered when the conscious attention, the effortful attention, the concentration, senses an alarm. An alarm goes off internally, usually coming from the amygdala, that something coming in is too different or too strange. Once this alarm goes off while the transmitter is concentrating, what often surfaces is things in the subconscious mind that can correlate with the message that the amygdala is interpreting as too alien, too strange, not capable of understanding. This does happen and can happen in transmitting and receiving.

Consider this and then add to it the intent to have more of the personality of the spirit come through. In this case we’re talking about Seth. Now we’re adding another layer of attunement, emotion regulation, body regulation, and definitely response flexibility. The effortful attention is itself ever so slightly suspended. Think of the transmitter and the mind of the transmitter stepping aside just a little bit more than when doing typical transmitting, going to sleep if you will. The transmitter still hears what’s being said but feels crowded whenever the transmitter tries to feel closer to the message. This crowding is a willful reception and allowing of the personality energies of the spirit or the entity.

If the transmitter can concentrate and notice this crowded feeling, and at the same time feel safe enough to relax, to surrender, to use the euphemistic phrase to go to sleep, and allow the personality not only to convey the message but to convey energy that takes over body regulation, emotion regulation, and response flexibility, which means here the transmitter’s response flexibility is reduced – there are fewer options of response for the transmitter. The transmitter chooses the only response available, which is to surrender, to relax.

People have reported trances. These are trance states, where they have amnesia for the whole event. Others have reported watching and knowing what’s going on and having minimal memory when they return out of that state. Others have reported watching and hearing the entire event and appreciating it as an audience member. It requires a tremendous amount of inner security and trust of spirit, and trust that if one let’s one’s self go one will return safely and soundly with a feeling of satisfaction that they have served spirit.

These are subtle changes that will be required, especially considering that we are using circuits that are different from what trans-channellers used some years ago. The vibration, if you will, if you think of it in those terms, is a little bit higher, a little cleaner, a little more crystal clear and distinct, incisive enough often that the transmitter’s subconscious can be triggered. Steven is very used to substituting the word unconscious for the word subconscious because his deep training involved a study of Freud’s work.
We call it the subconscious because it is more readily acceptable (transmitter error – should read “accessible.”) than the unconscious.

This incisive, clear, high vibration energy that comes from spirit into the transmitter, through the transmitter, can easily trigger subconscious input from the transmitter, now we’re talking about the transmitter submitting even more to the experience, knowing that there is an actual personality that will seem like it’s taking over the transmitter’s personality. That’s not exactly true but the initial reaction is it feels like another personality is taking over.

What I propose is that the circuits that are used for transmitting now are such that they will inherently convey a feeling of security and safety to a transmitter who is willing to experiment with allowing more of the personality to come through. Certain people will have brains that have this kind of flexibility and dynamic balancing and empathic attunement capacity that they will be able to adapt to this expanded or slightly different way of transmitting. Michael of Nebadon has assigned me to begin work on this project, and of course I turn to you Steven for the early consideration of this.

You have an experience with trans-channeling that at least gives you a reference point for your memory. You will have forgotten many of the nuanced details of the experience but you will have a circuit that at least leads to that memory. We will try to make use of that, and with your willingness we’ll experiment with it to see if you can resume that state and surrender more of yourself. This of course you will be sharing with Ron, who knows that you’re working on this. I am Mendoza and I am most happy to begin this very interesting project with you, Steven. I have Mantutia and I yield the floor to Mantutia.


MANTUTIA: This is Mantutia, Steven. Very good for you that you work on this as long. As you can maintain your willingness to transmit and develop in that direction you will expand for us the possibilities which will bring to all those who listen to the Seth tapes an element of personality that will be attractive and will be reminiscent of a Seth once known by so many. This kind of authenticity which appeals to the mortal memory will help us tremendously, so we consider this a project and we’re pleased with your willingness to take it on. I bid you good day for now.

MICHAEl; This is Michael, Steven. I’m most pleased that after our conversation you took up this responsibility to explore how we can accomplish this. I sense even now you are stepping aside to allow more of who I am to come through. Who I am is your creator and the one who gives you the experience of mercy. I, with your mother Nebadonia, embrace my planet Urantia and all on it. As creator sun I can only embrace Urantia at this point with mercy, mercy which overrides what a mortal would consider our disappointment and concern for Urantia and the way that it has lost its progressive path to light and life. I send my brother Monjoronson who is service and judgment. I leave you for now as Michael of Nebadon.

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