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ATL249- Reflectivation

At Large #249


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reflectivation
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra, Aya, Kuwaya, Monsanloran
o 2.2 TR: Kathy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing
o 3.4 Note

Topic: Reflectivation
Group: At Large
Teacher: Malvantra, Aya, Kuwaya, Monsanloran
TR: Kathy


[This is a part transmission. What has been omitted is personal information regarding the transmitter and participants. This excerpt speaks to reflectivation and the adjustments being made in the test. In addition, it should be noted that the original transmission is conducted both in French and English. I also note the pronunciation of some of these names eludes me. I earnestly hope the name sounds will be clarified in the coming weeks. ]


Malvantra.  Hello this is Malvantra here. I come to you to inaugurate a wonderful beautiful day, a holiday that we will celebrate together. We managed to put the reflectivity system in place. This little girl here [the T/R, Kathy] can already better bear the weight of this system. It’s still strange for her, but we can use it. Many are here together with me. All would like to speak a few words, but there are too many to let them all talk. We cannot present them all to you, you don’t know them yet and then it would make a lot of names to remember, to learn and to know. I know that you have prepared questions. Let’s see if we have time to answer them. The first who will speak is Aya (A J O U), Master Spirit No. 7 of your Superuniverse.

Aya.  Hello I am Aya,  I know she pronounced my name differently, but this is a better pronunciation of my name. I’m so glad my children that we could finally implement this reflectivity system to talk to you more easily, more properly. It is important that the words that we speak through you are transmitted as correctly as possible, especially for upcoming messages, and that’s why we have decided at the end, together with Christ Michael, Monjoronson and Machiventa, to implement this.

You have been chosen to make this first test. We observed you for a long time and we know that you will do that very well. Later when this will work very well, other transmitters will work with the same system, but it will be later and in terrestrial terms this could take several months or several years, everything will depend on the candidates.

Yes, my children, things are changing slowly in the right direction. This could not be otherwise with all the efforts we have put in it. What is new is that I, the Master Spirit, who speaks for the Trinity as a whole, Siraya as the Voice of the Father and even Kuwaya (Kuwajou), the Voice of The Son, already could express ourselves and pronounce and speak a few words through this system. Father Melchizedek is all radiant about the fact that also he could finally say a few words. We are all full of joy here because finally we can communicate more easily and more accurately.

I know that you want, or that this little girl here, wants to know from where this Universal Energy comes that you use individually with your system that you have learned. This comes from the Center of Paradise, from the Triad or the Trinity if you prefer. It is powerful, but as it passes through Father Melchizedek and then through other beings (some are Melchizédeks, some others are Angels) we can mitigate the strength of this Energy and while these students evolve, who have studied these techniques to use( them), they will be able to do many things with it. But these teachings are blocked for the moment and we are debating how we will continue them or leave them at the point where they are, and start over with another teaching. These are things for later.


[The teacher Thomas came in upon the conclusion of Aya’s speech. Thomas addresses the T/R both in French and English in these contacts. This is the portion for April 27 we choose to excise because of its personal nature. There next comes the input of some others which are included verbatim below:]


Malvantra Melchizedek; Kuwaya (Master Spirit Number 2), and Monsanloran Melchizedek

Malvantra.  [Melchizedek] here . . . There is someone else who wishes to talk to you, to you both.

Kuwaya.  This is Kuwaya (K(u)wajou) here, Master Spirit No. 2, The Voice of The Son. Hello my children, I come to you and especially to thank this little girl, . . . [who] now understands the role of my Son, Christ Michael, in this Local Universe; who understands his great goodness and all the efforts he has done to try to recover you and get you out of the claws of this rebellion. His plans are excellent and with certainty of success. But it will take time.

Patience is something very important. Every human being always wishes that everything happens in his own lifetime on earth. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There are projects which require much, much, very much time and often more time than your own human life. This is a problem for us. We know this problem of the human beings. But nevertheless, be aware that, with your contribution now to the plans of Christ Michael, regardless that you have put yourself under one mission or another, you are helping to achieve these plans.


After you, others will take up the torch and this way, after dozens or maybe hundreds of years, your planet will be able to put herself in Light and Life. This has already started a little bit and be happy that you can contribute to this, even if you won’t see all the results in your own life. Trust us, we and you are working for all the future generations. We know that you have no children and that it is for the children of others, for future generations that you work and this is a beautiful thing. Thank you very much my children and I wish you a good evening.

Malvantra.  Malvantra here, Monsanloran wishes to say a few words.

Monsanloran.  Hello this is Monsanloran here. I see that you have organized your short trip to the South of the country. I thank you for this and I expect you over there. Goodbye my children.

Malvantra.  We will end this session. Thank you for your presence and having organized this. Goodbye my children and see you next time.

Reflectivation Developments For those who are interested in further developments of the process introduced to us back in 1995 as “Reflectivation”, I have just received an update where the system is being put into place and has been encouraging to hear they (the celestials involved) are pleased with the transmitter being able to handle it better. There is some additional news in this posting because we are now being introduced to other high spiritual personalities who prefer to make use of reflectivity for messaging because of its easy error-free operation. It is also necessary to use reflectivation due to the way the Paradise Deities flow messages to the local universe for dissemination.

Candidates being sought to try it, The transmitting spiritual personalities quoted below say they are actively searching for candidates to experiment and use the reflectivation transmitting process. If there were ever a group being addressed, it is to T M L that the request should resonate with and be the candidates for the experiment to be taken on.

Master Spirit #7 – Aya. aster Spirit Number Seven, the Master Spirit of Orvonton and the Voice of the Trinity is acting as a primary focal point to reintroduce the power and precision of the Trinity Voice on Urantia. He speaks below. The Voice of the Trinity has not been heard on Urantia for several hundred thousand years, and much of the reflectivation being put into place is an attempt to make sure that all who hear Aya are receiving it without transmission personality coloring or syntax errors. There is some extraordinary plan at work to establish a communication hub in certain localities so the reflectivation broadcasters will always have a central organization for celestial transmissions regardless what happens with other plans.

This is more than just contingency planning; it is in preparation for the return of Michael. We must be careful, however, to recognize that no time has been set regarding the Michael return; however, we are instructed that while it is not imminent (next week), it will occur sooner than 100 years in the future.

The Melchizedek Order is Designed to Reflect the Will of the Trinity The Urantia Book reveals that the order of Melchizedek is the first-born local-universe descending Sonship Order (see Page 384). in the local universe of Nebadon, it is the Melchizedeks who do the united will of the Paradise Deities – that is; they do the will of the Paradise Trinity. Michael himself became a Melchizedek in his first bestowal (see page 1318) when he experienced life as a Melchizedek to portray the will of the Trinity. The Father Melchizedek is the first born of the Melchizedeks having taken origin in the combined creative purposes of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. Subsequent personalization of all the other Melchizedeks was a liaison between the Father Melchizedek and Michael and Nebadonia.

Like humans, the Melchizedeks are considered to be of self-origin using one of their own kind to increase numbers and are allowed to govern themselves. I provide this somewhat lengthy description of the Melchizedek Order because of the Trinity connection, and the almost exclusive Melchizedek participation, although all orders are welcome. The Melchizedeks themselves do not ordinarily travel to Paradise, but the Father Melchizedek does. We now have the development of the participation of some of the Master Spirits (their spiritual focal points are on peripheral Paradise) in association with the Father Melchizedek in the planning and execution of reflectivation use on Urantia.

It also seems to be true that the Father Melchizedek has a Trinity encircuitment designed directly in him, to him, which requires that he must use reflectivation to pass it on to the worlds involved. There is a lot more to this than just what I have said, but the recent transcripts seem to indicate that the Chief Melchizedek must use the energy provided and not his own energy for broadcast. I would assume that direct Trinity energy is very powerful and only reflectivity carries it further than the Father Melchizedek for these messages.

We simply do not know enough as to what this fully portends or what it is in reaction to some hidden cause requiring their joint cooperation on such a lowly evolutionary planet such as Urantia. We have hints of its tremendous importance, but while the reflectivation stations are to be established, we do not yet know how Michael will use them. However, we are witnessing the initial contacts as I am reporting here for your edification, and whatever the unfolding discovery will be, it will likely unfold in steps like this transmission below.

Until I am personally given permission to disclose more, I have to keep most of the details hidden as to where and how this activity is taking place. Those of you on this list are being informed through this little “leak” of information (but given the okay to be disclosed). The full scale developments, I believe, will be opened to all of you when the time comes to organize a group of T/R’s who are willing to join the parade of new personalities about to be introduced to Urantia in the planning of Michael’s return.

Please do not ask me how this affects the plans of Monjoronson. I do not know yet if I will even hear what he has in mind since it is sort of hush hush at this time. No one has discussed how the Magisterial Mission will incorporate Michael’s plans to return before another century passes. It just has not been disclosed anywhere what will happen shortly regarding Monjoronson.

And, no one is being asked to take what I am being informed of on my say so. It requires your self-validation over the coming months. All of you will have the ability to listen in on the deliberations about what is happening when the reflectivity circuits are established to incorporate the transmission that is being planned sometime this year. Some of you will be given the chance to experiment with reflectivation if you so wish. Then much of what is being introduced so slowly today will be plainly explained as to what it is and the effects it will have for Urantia.

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