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ATL253- Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

2011-05-07-Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
At Large #253


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Peace
 3.2.2 Beauty
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
Group: At Large
Teacher: Michael
TR: Paul Conklin

[Preface from the Transmitter: ] Dear Friends, Whenever you feel weary and can’t go on, access the voice of Michael. Let him sing to our souls. Let his voice of thunder tenderly sing to us the song of peace. For we need not cry any more. Michael is here and in his wordless songs can be found the songs of peace.]


MICHAEL:  My dear child it is always a pleasure to speak with you. How I wish that all of my children would come to me because I am always here with all of you. I have peace beyond anything that you can understand. I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. You all often wonder how it is that you can cope with the anger that inhabits this sphere. The answer lies within you, children. For within you is my Spirit of Truth ever guiding you and ever leading to pastures of truth, beauty and goodness. There too you will find my peace. My peace is like a tranquil river that you come across in the wilderness. You have been trekking over hill and dale and then suddenly, you see it. You see a river most calm and most placid. Here it is where you stop and rest. Here it is where you attend to your personal needs. Here it is where you find the peace that you were looking for.

If you reside in my heart there is nothing that will disturb your peace. Outside a storm could be raging, but inside you are safe and warm. Inside you are protected from the harmful elements. Inside of my heart you will find the peace that surpasses all understanding. Why don’t you simply ask for it my children? Why would I withhold anything good from my children? Would you withhold anything good from your children? Of course not. I give this peace out without reservations. For this is what the world needs. The world needs to have my peace inhabit their hearts and their souls. Imagine in your mind’s eyes what this world could be like if everyone possessed this peace. There would be a heaven on earth. That is what we are working towards children. One way that we are going to get there is through the peace that I possess.

I am indeed the Prince of Peace as you are all aware. That is one of my many titles. For thousands and thousands of years peace has been seriously lacking on Urantia, my final bestowal sphere. There is a special place in my heart because this is where the final drama played out. This is where I chose to come and to give out the peace that is a very part of me. Oh, my children, there are so many ways that this peace can be disturbed. When you are confronted by someone you all have the tendency to give back what you have received. Can you turn the other cheek my children? Can you let that insult go? Can you let the anger go? Can you feel my peace begin to build up in your hearts and in your souls? For when you are confronted by an angry person it is time to call on me. You may very well gain your brethren by the way you conduct yourselves. If you refuse to give in to the anger the antagonist may very well wonder why. The antagonist may wonder where you get your peace from.

How will this world ever change unless all of you access my peace? My voice sounds like thunder as it roars in your ears. As you attune your vibrations with my vibrations you begin to hear the sounds of beautiful and lyrical music playing in your ears. That music, that vibration is the song of peace that I sing. Can you hear it children? Can you hear the song of peace as it vibrates within your souls? For my voice is harmonic resonance the likes of which you have never heard. Imagine if you were in my presence. Would there be any doubt that you were in my peace? There would be no doubt my children. Attune yourselves to the song that I sing. Listen for the melodies of peace that emanate from my very being. Will you sing for me? Will you be my voice? Then sing the song of peace that I sing. Accompany me with the music of your hearts. For if you learn to sing the song that I now sing you will be filled with peace. Open your mouth and let the harmonies begin. Feel the rhythms inside of you.


MICHAEL:   For where does true beauty lie? True beauty lies within your hearts and your souls where you will find the music of the cosmos playing. This music of the cosmos is something that I have composed for all of my children. Will you rise up as you hear it? For this is the music of unsurpassing peace. This is the music of unsurpassing glory. This is the music of unsurpassing love. For when you learn to sing the song that I sing then you will learn to be surrounded by the peace that is a part of me. If that peace is a part of me it can become a part of you.

Will you go on a journey with me children? Then follow the resonant harmonies that I sing to your soul. Let these resonant harmonies guide you inwards. Hear my voice as I call to you and as I sing to you. Raise your own voice and sing along with me. Sing the song of peace and harmony. Feel the poisons leach from your very being. Feel the balm of healing overtake you. For there in my voice you will find healing power. There in my voice you will find love. For the spoken word and its power is eclipsed by my wordless melodies that are sung to your hearts. Let those wordless melodies speak to you. For in those melodies you will find joy. In those melodies you will find comfort. In those melodies you will find peace.

For I am the voice of peace crying out to needy souls. Do you hear the wordless melodies my children? The spoken word is powerless. The spoken word has no effect here because the songs of my love sing to your hearts. The spoken word has no effect here because the songs of peace surround you. My resonant harmonies find you as you lie prostrate upon the earth. You cry out for peace and there is none. You cry out for comfort and there is none. You cry out for love and there is none. But my children, I hear you as you cry out. I see you as you lie prostrate on the ground. I sing a song of peace just for you. I sing a song of comfort just for you. I sing a song of love just for you.

Arise from the earth and feel the vibrations of my peace perform a wordless symphony in your hearts. For in this wordless symphony are contained the harmonies of endless peace that can be yours. Call on me at any time. I am always here for you. For I am the master musician. I am expert at my craft. For I perform a musical symphony for all of you. This is a wordless song, a song that sings to your hearts and your souls. This is the wordless song of peace that surpasses all understanding. Hear my tender voice of thunder calling out to you. My voice is the convergence of two rivers meeting as one. And where those rivers merge there you will find my voice. The wordless voice of tender loving care, peace and harmony. My wordless voice cries out to whomever may hear, ‘Come to me, come to me my children and may you find the peace that you desire.’ ‘Go to sleep, go to sleep child and cry no more.’

For I sing to you a song of peace. A song of peace that surpasses all understanding. Rest from your weariness and weep no more because that peace has now entered your hearts. My voice has now become your voice and you can also sing that song of peace. Sing that song of peace to all of your brethren. Tell them to be weary no more. For in their hearts is the peace that they desire. ‘Go to sleep my brethren, go to sleep, rest and weary no more for I am here, I am here.’ Sing to their hearts and to their souls the song of my peace. Sing to them without words and let that wordless song surround their hearts with a peace that surpasses understanding. For you have found the peace that you seek and you shall have that peace forevermore. Sleep my children, sleep and cry no more for you have found my peace in your hearts. You have found the wordless symphony of peace vibrating within your hearts and you shall ever be comforted. My dear and precious children hear my thunderous voice ever singing to you, be in my peace, be in my peace.

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