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ATL254- An Uncertain Future

2011-05-11-An Uncertain Future
At Large #254


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: An Uncertain Future
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: An Uncertain Future
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Paul Conklin

[Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, Our beloved Magisterial Son has something to say to us about living in the moment, in that slice of the eternal now. For as we live in that moment and just let it go we will exude the beauty that has always been a part of us. We will let fears, doubts and uncertainties go and we will simply live in the eternal now.]


MONJORONSON:  My dear brother it is always a pleasure to speak with you. I am pleased to see your progress. At times you may feel that your progress has been slow, but I can assure you that you are moving forward. If you could see your life on a growth chart you would see it [advancing]. It is indeed true that grace has come to live in your heart. This grace that lives in your heart is helping you to grow. But tonight I would like to speak about uncertainties.


MONJORONSON:  There is so much about the lives that you lead that is uncertain. You all somehow muddle through, but you do not know what the morrow may bring. Not knowing what the morrow may bring is certain to bring anxiety and fear. There is that underlying angst, that underlying fear that all of you have to struggle with at times. Since life is such a blessing and gift from the Eternal One, how can all of you Urantians rise above those uncertainties and those doubts? Here is the secret my friends. It really is not that secret at all. This has been discussed many times before, but it bears repeating. It bears repeating because you humans become forgetful at times. For all of your life there is one certainty. The eternal now is your only certainty.

As you travel down the stream of linear time you cannot go back and relive the past. You cannot move forward and live in the future. You can only live in the eternal now. Everything you do is focused on this present moment, this eternal now. There really is a deep and abiding beauty about it all my friends. For as you let go of the fear and the anxiety you will live only for the moment. That is when you will learn just to be. When you live only in the moment, only in the eternal now, that gnawing anxiety, that looming fear, shall fade away. There is nothing that can really harm you my brethren. There is no need to worry. No need to fret. Each passing moment that you live on this sphere brings you one step closer to the Father of us all. Rather than fret over what could have been, why not rejoice in what you are now. Embrace yourself. Enjoy the beauty and the prosperity of each day.

A rose held up to the sky does not have any conscious awareness that it is anything other than what it is. It does not know that it is such a thing of beauty. This rose, this flower, is a beautiful thing from moment to moment. But the consciousness of such beauty comes from you my brethren. From moment to moment you live in that beauty, that fragrance. It is not something that you can capture; it simply is. The beauty of the rose comes from its effortlessness. It does not aspire to be beautiful; it simply is beautiful. This rose does not wring its hands with fear and anxiety. Each slice of the eternal now the roses’ beauty lives on.

Why should you be filled with fear and anxiety my brethren? You cannot change what you are by being filled with so much angst. You can change what you are when you relax, when you realize that nothing can harm you from moment to moment. Even if this day, during another slice of the eternal now, if all things material were to crumble, you would all be safe within the eternal now where the Infinite One dwells. You can never be permanently harmed. The things of the spirit are indestructible. That is what you are all learning to become from moment to moment. From moment to moment you are learning to exude beauty without having knowledge of it. The fact that you are alive is reason for celebration. Life is meant to be celebrated. Life is not meant to be experienced beset by nagging fears, doubts and uncertainties.

From moment to moment simply be the beauties that you are. I hold you aloft while the sun illuminates your form. There is such beauty there, such preciousness. I look not in the past nor ahead into the future. For in this moment, in this slice of the eternal now, you are all so beautiful. There are no pressing appointments. No schedules to fulfill. You simply exude the beauty that you all are. Stop living in the past my dear ones. The past is done. The past is gone. Do not fret about the future. It has not arrived yet. Live in the moment. Live in the eternal now. For there in the eternal now is to be found such beauty. A beauty and a grace unimaginable.

As you all travel down the road of this mortal life you will, at times, feel these things my dear ones. It is time to let it go. Let it go my brethren. Let go all of the fears and all of the anxieties. For these fears, these anxieties, these uncertainties, are creations of your ego mind. They are illusions my dear ones. If you learn to let go you will finally learn to live. You will learn to fly atop the highest mountain each and every given moment. Be the beauties that you are. Let it go and simply live. Let it go and simply be who you are. For when you learn to be just who you are the fears and anxieties will fade like a quickly passing storm on a summer’s day.

Just as you can come to your Creator Son to find the peace that eludes you, you can come to me my brethren. I shall help you to allay your fears, your doubts, your uncertainties and your anxieties. Call on me at any time my dear Urantian brethren and I will be there. In this moment that we both live within, I shall be there for you. Let us all learn to live in the moment, in the eternal now and we shall be the beauties that we always have been. Live not in the past nor aspire to live in days that have not arrived. For throughout eternity you will only live in the eternal now. Each slice of the eternal now that you live in will be another opportunity to let your love and your beauty shine. My dear ones learn to let it go and be the beauties that you are from moment to moment. My dear brethren I bid you a good evening in this slice of the eternal now.

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