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ATL268- On Getting Over Our Teammates

2011-07-11-On Getting Over Our Teammates
At Large #268


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Adjudication Going Forward
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Mantoube
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing
o 3.3 Note

Topic: Adjudication Going Forward
Group: At Large
Teacher: Mantoube
TR: Jim Cleveland


MANTOUBE:  My dear friends, I am Mantoube.  Let your hearts be easy. This is simply the outworking of your class projects. How shall a structure be built, and for what purpose? Will we build it alone in confidence of that strategy and deference to democratic teamwork and idealistic functions? Each of you has amply seen these individual out-workings in your efforts at true and lasting service to the planet. And now comes a crossroads where you see how each other’s personalities have led you to an intersection of choices. How do you relate to one another? How do you achieve cohesion in the Father’s Business, and not necessarily your own?

You see the coming of the apex in the words of “the next few weeks”, at last, a benchmark to which you can relate. And as purportedly official announcements come into your mind, how will you fare, then, on these final examinations that precede your fate, always made by your individual and collective choices. You hear a vessel and then other vessels of purported truth and wonder if they are truly part of this wondrous and rapid evolution. Can you believe that, through these oracles, comes planetary announcements, stamps of officialdom and, at last, a strong foundation for growth upon this planet?

My friends and colleagues, as the planet is being adjudicated, so are you. We are looking for much growth within you in “the next few weeks.” The choices you make lie before you on this intersection of belief and disbelief. I yearn to tell you, to urge you to the ultimately one simple and powerful decision that you can make in this matter. Yet you must release yourself to make that decision on your own in “the next few weeks” and further ruminations on my part would only provide clues that would deprive you of doing that work yourself, and graduating onto higher ground. So I urge you, as mortals upon this stream, to release yourselves into the course that must be.

I would only ask you now to retreat within yourselves, in peace for a moment, and remember what a blessing you are to each other. I foresee that this fractiousness will recede upon the assurance that we can meet at this intersection and rise up above its tedious choices that leave one wandering in a dusty wind, except for the one to leads to a higher reality. And it is right before you.

As we wait for a few weeks, shall we just say that adjudication is everywhere. Clarities will bloom as one understands this adjudication as an ever-wider opening of the circuits, and then as one joins the upward surge and stream of a planet quickening in realizations.

In your patience, come inside to find that ONE great answer that will be expected of you in the weeks ahead.
There was a time when God, the Universal Father, betrothed mortals with his spirit. And Mother Spirit came to dwell. And our Christ and Creator came to dwell as one of you, and left the Spirit of Truth. Angels remain plentiful and active on all spheres. And so where is the help you need to access the timeless travel of ascension? I urge you to listen more within where the quiet of our united voices overwhelm all the pratter of those who turn outward into the dust. And hold high this mission. Thank you. We all go resolutely forward.


jim sez: Seems we’re taking final exams. And in a few weeks, BB and I will be at IC11 of the Urantia Fellowship. Who’s coming? Ham made an official Teaching Mission announcement at IC2000. Announcement of the Mission was in LA at a Urantia gathering.

I was going to read poetry, but Monjoronson can have my time. (-: I have been personally troubled by all this pro-con strife but I get the idea now that it was and is part of our classwork. Maybe our classwork is partly living up to the TeaM monicker. It is said that we learn much from adversity, and we have had a bit. Maybe we’ll all find that ONE answer that aces the final and move on into the ever-quickening. best wishes, jim

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