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ATL-269- Urantia’s Energy Grid, First Project

2011-07-11-Urantia’s Energy Grid, First Project
At Large #269



1Topic: Urantia’s Energy Grid, First Project
2Group: At Large
1Teacher: Gabriel, Lanaforge, Monsanloran, Lumerion, Loyalatia, Exaltatia
2TR: Unknown
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Topic: Urantia’s Energy Grid, First Project

Group: At Large


Teacher: GabrielLanaforgeMonsanloranLumerionLoyalatiaExaltatia

TR: Unknown


Page 1

Training of Reflectivators & Implementation of Reflectivity

First Project

Urantia’s Energy Grid

Released for Publication July 10, 2011

Section I.

  • Gabriel, The Bright and Morning Star, Salvington

Declaration of Assignment

This document will be the first to be implemented through the reflectivity circuit in collaboration with those chosen for this assignment.

This is in effect a way to show information that has been brought forth in parts without one reflectivator knowing what the others received until the time that this paper was compiled as one document. For security reasons names will not be used, but we will be using numbers to identify the reflectivators. We wish to allow those who have been chosen for this assignment to remain anonymous.

No one personality compiled this paper; it was a collaborative effort using five reflectivators. There were many different methods utilized to create the document to bring this information to light. More and more individuals capable of using reflectivity are coming on line, and it is being asked that all who may demonstrate spiritual adeptness and the ability to communicate with spirit, to make your selves available if you are willing to be a part of this. You will be lead to the proper channels, if you are given the approval by your Adjuster as stated in previous documentation.

Subjects to Be Found Within

  • 1 – The clearing of the root causes of rebellious energies now being dismantled on Urantia which include energies or “codes” that Lucifer and Caligastia implemented and have been identified. They are being removed by the Paradise Father and others. Lanaforge the System Sovereign of Norlatiadek will comment on this aspect.
  • 2 – The reflectivity circuit and the way that new ones will be trained and brought on board, and the Seraphic involvement that allows the connection to take place.
  • 3- The Grid work the Melchizedeks are doing and the anchoring of light on Urantia.

Page 2

Section II

From Our System Sovereign, Lanaforge

Lanaforge to Reflectivator #5: – Welcome my dear friend to the reflectivity service that has been set up on Paradise. Iam the System Sovereign of Satania. It is mytask to bring primitive and sometimes coarse beings up to par with the universal scheme of things. All of you on Urantia have evolved far and away from those primitive times. Yet, in a spiritual sense things are still in a primitive stage. I am pleased that developments are moving along nicely upon your world. The Melchizedeks have worked tirelessly in reinforcing the grid that encircles your planet. This works on a morontia and spiritual level for the uplifting and ushering in of Light and Life, and is proving to be a very effective tool against these dark energies set in place by the celestial rebels. The Melchizedeks efforts are Herculean you may say.

What is the next phase of our work?

The next phase is to eradicate the dark energies that Lucifer set up so very long ago. He knew full well that he would be removed from the scene. So, he devised a traitorous line of attack upon the helpless humans he was once in charge of overseeing. Lucifer proposed that if he could keep the children of Urantia in a self perpetuating loop of fear, anxiety and confusion, then he would succeed in keeping the majority on your planet in their own prison cells. He deduced that if he was going down, he would take as many as he could with him.

Now we have reached a very conspicuous time in Urantia’s history. We are at the forefront of amazing changes. Yet, as you can imagine the dark forces and the dark energies** that hold sway over your world do not want this. They are performing a no-holds barred attack on any person or celestial that would dare challenge the powers that be. These powers thrive on the energies of darkness, fear, anxiety, confusion, hatred, and violence to name a few. Liken it to a virus acting aimlessly to infect as much as it can. The antidote and cleansing of this virus is now in operation, as with the many Paradise personalities alongside Christ Michael are working in love to free all of Urantia from this infection holding sway over so many.

[Editor’s Note: What is named here as, “dark forces and the dark energies” actually refers to the energy system itself arranged in a grid formation completely encircling Urantia.]

[Picture something in your mind like a wire mesh used in a kitchen strainer to obtain a visual picture of the grid construction. The energy flashing around the globe in all of the grid strands is encoded to be used by our mind receptors. Even the Adjutant Spirits must locate entry points on the grid to find encircuitment within each human mind, and therefore, the Adjutants themselves often bring with them some of the encoding Lucifer placed there to settle themselves into human perception. These are programmed, life-like intelligent energies and not personalities within the energy grid.]

Page 3

This dark and energetic matrix was a nefarious implanting from your former System Sovereign, Lucifer, who is no longer. It is a system that feeds in on itself in a continuous looping. Any persons that strive to break free from the constraints of these dark energies will be met by the resistance of punishment. These fear “codes” or energies set up by Lucifer will continue to fight against the light, but the light will be victorious! There was always a way to free oneself from these dark energies, but so many on your world were not able to discover this, due to the overwhelming confusion and ignorance of the light. When you connect with the Father within, that is a sure deterrent to escape from the dark fear codes that Satan and Lucifer set up as a snare against the children in their ascension inward to the Father.

Lanaforge to Reflectivator #3 – These energies are being dismantled by the Paradise Father’s love. We will now bring about the spiritual vision relayed in identifying and dismantling of these codes and the inter-workings therein. This is lodged in and has infiltrated the human subconscious of the majority of humanity still on Urantia. They have tried to impede against the morontia blending** that is a necessary process in ascension.

[Editor’s Note: ** Morontia blending as it is used here refers to the development of the human soul that is being prepared for survival upon the death in the flesh of those indwelt by the Father. Attunement is hampered by the grid codes which can completely deflect a human from the pursuit of more easily dedicating the human will to the Father’s by introducing codes which produce something called ego-bearing distractions. In this way ascension is not only delayed, but it can be destroyed if allowed to cause total disenchantment with life.]

Unknown to Reflectivator #4 – Working with Reflectivator #4, we discover Fear Codes emerged from the subconscious. Correction was accomplished by intentionally moving Forgiveness energy up to illuminate the Fear Codes. Then “MY WILL BE DONE” was focused on the codes, followed by “ALL WILL BE REVEALED”. Reflectivator #4 then saw an image of a very dark Luciferi(a)n face emerge, very evil in intent . . . . Then appeared in view the words: “ IAM THE ENGINEER OF HUMAN MISERY”. The statement radiated for a moment and then there arose a new intention stating, “ I AM THE DESTROYER OF ALL THINGS EVIL AND BLASPHEMOUS,” and almost immediately thereafter, the refreshed and cleansed section of the grid flashed: “RELEASE OF LUCIFER CODES.” This took several minutes to clear.

I remind you all that energies in operation by some can be seen in a code like fashion as a gift of spirit, as this proves to be easier to understand by the human psyche and those workingon the ground in the light work involved in dismantling this energy. Children, I admonish you that this is a brave and noble universal aspect of service being undertaken by certain ones now alongside the unseen forces of light, and it is not going unnoticed on high.

Page 4

Lanaforge to Reflectivator #3 – The energies as you saw conveyed above were immediately identified and dismantled by the coding or energy of the Spirit of Truth and The Paradise Fathers Love and Will. Showing this on a human level will allow those who may not understand how this energy works on a human mind. The reason I bring this information is by the orders of Michael on behalf of the Paradise Father’s request to show you all that you are loved and being cared for ever so tenderly.

I hold the office that Lucifer once occupied as System Sovereign. Therefore, I can utilize my knowledge of this office to try to convey to you all what Lucifer had implemented in his rebellious actions. There were so many traitorous acts he imposed on the humans of Urantia. Essentially the codes at work impede human free will. These codes and energies as presently established remain able to punish all who seek to defy their implementation.

This is one aspect of the energies in place that Lucifer implemented. You must remember, he was privy to information on a universal scale and was thoroughly knowledgeable of the actions that would be taken against him for rebelling. The celestials that joined him on Urantia then proceeded to expose the children of Urantia to things that should not have been known in the name of Lucifer. The rebel chief knew full well that the collective universe of those not in the lines with his thinking would come against him. He knew he would be attacked for what he did, and used the most despicable methods of warfare against those who rebuked him.

Fear not children of Urantia, for the light is come. The entire superuniverse of Orvonton, all of Nebadon, and the light of Paradise is with you all standing brave and tall in this work. Love, Mercy and Grace will break the chains of the final vestiges of the Lucifer rebellion.

I am with you children of Urantia, and Ilove you with a full heart. I say to each and everyone of you undertaking the work on the ground that you have all made all of Nebadon, Orvonton, and Paradise proud in your courageous work.

Monsanloran Melchizedek To Reflectivator #2 – In our depiction of these grids we are unable to indicate to the reader the true horror of what has taken place on Urantia and how the grids were used by Lucifer to hide the sins of murder and child sacrifice. These are natural consequences of the fear factor instilled by Lucifer into his Urantia children. Recently I asked on behalf of my Melchizedek brethren to promote a project where we could cleanse a particularly bad segment of the grid in a central location unknown to most of you reading this. For security reasons we will maintain the secrecy of this individual we asked to clean the grid, but are allowing the publication of the pictures showing what was found deep within the earth.

Page 5

Picture 1 below (right) has a river flowing to the outside from within the chamber of horrors which has so contaminated the grid in this area that monumental efforts are being made to cleanse this one first. It could contaminate others around it if allowed to continues “as is”. A human team has been trained by we Melchizedeks, and as they stand by to help the team, they enter and intentionally remove the contaminated sections. Here it shows the underground entrance to the ceremonial area using child sacrifice and human desecration.

Picture 2 (right) has been determined by anthropologists to be a girl of 19 who was sacrificed within the depths of the ceremonial cave from about 3,000 years ago.. It would have been lit at that time with bonfires illuminating the priests standing around her in their ceremonial robes holding the sacred daggers and the poison herbs to be administered so that she would keep the gods from becoming angry..

Picture #3, (right): It is difficult to see the little child whose bones were thrown into a depression of rock within the cave. This sacrificed child would have been about 14 months old and was placed there by the priests around the year 800 AD.

Page 6

Section III

Preparing the Mortal for Service with the Melchizedeks and Monjoronson

Reflectivator #2  – Readers of the Urantia Book have been advised that Urantia’s Chief of Seraphim then present at the beginning of the Lucifer Rebellion actually vacated her seat of power and joined Lucifer and Caligastia. Her replacement was initially Loyalaita, her second in command and the able reservists of the planetary prince who deserted her and the rest of her seraphim then stationed on Urantia. Within seven years after the rebellion began on Urantia, Loyalatia was summoned byGabriel to learn she would resume her commission as second in command under the newly arrived Primary Supernaphim dispatched from Paradise to lead the angelic corp on Urantia. The name of the present Primary Supernaphim is Lumerion. He is the second Primary Supernaphim to hold this position, having been recently installed on Urantia about four years ago. His predecessor’s name was Hermarion, the officiating head and guide to the Urantia Seraphic Corp then floundering in the confusion of a system-wide rebellion.

Lumerion, Primary Supernaphim and Chief of the Urantia Seraphic Corp to Reflectivator #3 –  There has been much information brought forth erroneously in the past, especially for those working in the teaching mission, mainly due to the very human personality element that you all have to work from. I can state a few things today that will be helpful for your human mind and aspects on a personality level to assimilate more fully this implemented reflectivity. The human personalities along with Seraphim will provide an overview of things that have in the past puzzled celestial personalities regarding reflectivity. Through this implemented reflectivity those who have made themselves available undertook this assignment upon approval of the Father in conjunction with the orders of Christ Michael through Gabriel of Salvington.

Lumerion to Reflectivator #2 – A word about the morontia-mind blend we will speak to a little later. It consists of being able to promote that which would come forth if a person died and was resurrected on one of the mansion world. However, because the Magisterial Mission requires humans to be able to think and do on a superhuman level, it has been decided to allow certain individuals to retain their human minds but to upstep the mind component which connects to their minds to be on a level known as cosmic mind. It is with cosmic mind that the blend will take place. All of this will be made possible by the Adjutant of Worship which encircuits with all normal mortals about age 6 or later.

Page 7

Lumerion to Reflectivator #3 –  For this Morontia-Mind blend now being utilized on Urantia you must have a celestial sponsor. The celestial chosen for Reflectivator #5 was Gabriella which sponsored this to be undertaken for the human personality, as he will recognize and has undergone many of the changes initialed for this reflectivity circuit. This sponsor, Gabriella, will recognize the potentials in your Paradise assent and will be selected in conjunction with myself [Lumerion]. You will be under the watch care of the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon, Gabriel. You will be overseen by Gabriel directly, in this undertaking, which Reflectivator #3 and the rest on this team of five have been. As the five have been approved, and for those in the future who will join you, you will be provided two Supreme Seraphic Guardians of unmatched experience.

Actual Preparation Undertaken for Mortal-Morontia Blending

Lumerion to Reflectivator #5  What we are undertaking here is unique upon this world. Although, it is part of the normal process on other worlds that are not affected by rebellion. What the Reflectivator is going through is the process of mortal-morontial blending. As was discussed earlier in this transmission by our System Sovereign, Lanaforge, Lucifer implanted codes that would prevent the ascension process. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of Urantian’s have never heard of the ascension process? That process whereby the mortals of time and space transforms hundreds and hundreds of times as they progress inwards towards the Father.

What we would like for you to convey Reflectivator #5 is what is to be expected when you undergo this process blend for the reflectivity circuit. What does the process of mortal/morontial blending feels like from the human perspective. Since we need many more to come “online” to offer themselves willingly in the last days of Lucifer’s dying stranglehold on Urantian citizens. By sharing this one’s unique perspective it can eliminate, or at least, reduce, the fear that humans will feel when they reach out to become a blended mortal/morontial citizen and be ushered onto this reflectivity circuit.

Reflectivator #5 Speaks About The Experience He Is Going Through

Reflectivator #5- To those individuals that want to partake in this mortal/morontial blending I recommend that you allay all fears. As human beings we have been subject to fears that have kept us in the prison cells of our minds. Some of the fears that we have are as a result of being mortals growing up on an evolutionary world. But upon our world these fears have been greatly exaggerated by the Luciferi(a)n energies. These energies have prevented so many of us from moving on to the mansion worlds. I offer my insight as I just recently been brought on board to this reflectivity.

What first needs to be considered is that we must gain the approval of our Father fragment to move forward in this process. We also must have a sponsorship. MyDestinySeraphicGuardian Gabriella sponsored me in this endeavor. She saw my heart and recommended me to her superiors to allow me to go through this blending procedure. Then we are called upon to accept this assignment. I was offered to be a part of the Magisterial Mission. To be a part of that mission, I needed to become aware of the morontia state. By going through that process I would be enabled to be on our

Page 8

Magisterial Son’s mortal staff. When I accepted the offer, of my own free will, this process began and I have recently been brought on to the reflectivity circuit.

In the most recent session I was “blown away” as the saying goes. Many wonderful celestials came through. I was given so much of the spirit that I was filled to capacity. I need to tell you all that I was feeling a little bit nervous and fearful as the session began. All my fears quickly faded as this process continued. Nebadonia relayed to me through another reflectivator that I was fidgety. I laughed because I was feeling nervous and that calmed me down.

I had many other celestials come through with their love and their infusion of power. I was filled to capacity with the Spirit and with their love. One thing I kept hearing from Christ Michael was that; “It is time to be about the business of the Father.” Indeed it is my friends. The Father on high looks down upon our tiny world and He takes action to end the deleterious effects of the Lucifer rebellion. I say with all of my heart: “Fear not, my friends.” If you partake of this mission to work with our Magisterial Son you will be embarking upon an eternal adventure of joy and discovery. The Paradise Father gives to us all that He is because we are His precious children. In turn we, the light warriors of this world, go forth to forever destroy the energies of the darkness. “Father,” we say,” may your name be praised forever and ever.

The Work By Supreme Seraphim With Mortals Receiving Approval

Supreme Seraphim Pair Loyalatia and Exaltatia to Reflectivator #3 – Let me clarify what we two Supreme Seraphim that have been assigned to this undertaking. We will be conjointly acting alongside your physical, morontia, and spiritual forms to work with you and the Magisterial Son’s staff the implementation of the reflectivity circuit. This will be a conjoint collaborative effort of those ones in service to the Magisterial Son before his physical incarnation. Fear not for those that have been selected for this assignment that you are all safe and under the watch care of Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon in this undertaking. This is a wondrous time in the universe of Nebadon, and it is sure that the world of Urantia will become a diamond in all of Nebadon, the mortal home of Christ Michael.

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