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SEI125- Persistence, Open the Door

2005-12-11-Visiting, Persistence, Open the Door
SE Idaho #125


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Visiting, Persistence, Open the Door
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Bob S.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Visiting, Persistence, Open the Door
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel
TR: Nancy, Bob S.


Bob D.: I’ve got a phrase in my mind that says: “Change is inevitable; it is your response to change that is the variable.”

[ED Note: This excerpt on change was given to Virginia by Klarixiska November 19th]
C…. Courage to continue; H…. Heartfelt thanks for the past, the present and the future; A…. Accept things as they are; N…. Never negate opportunities; G…. Give more than you expect; E.… Energy is there for the asking]

Prayer (Nancy): Dear God, as we prepare to make time to hear from Your children who do their best to assist us in our spiritual growth, help us to quiet the noise of our minds, the on-going conversations that act as constant sound. Help us to tune-in, to listen, to catch the meanings. Open our hearts that we receive the message at the molecular level. Tonight as we prepare to take this time and remember our brother Ron, we ask that he be aware of Your presence with him. We ask that he become willing to address those areas in his life which do not serve him well that he might find healing and wholeness on many levels. We ask this in the name of God our Father, Michael, our brother, and Nebadonia our Mother.

DANIEL: (Nancy): Greetings, my friends. I am Daniel, teacher, guide and friend, pleased as always to have that opportunity to participate with you in a manner in which you are aware of my presence.


DANIEL:  As you are well aware, because I repeat this information often, I visit you regularly. These visits are not just a check-in, “how do you do, isn’t this interesting weather we’re having,” types of interactions. No! When I visit, I work to assist you at more fundamental levels, depending on the particulars of the situations you find yourself in. You may find yourself facing some issue but do not know all the ins-and-outs for the reason why the situation is an issue for you. I might attempt to assist you in better understanding that.

Or, you may be blundering on, oblivious to forces at work in your emotional life. I might work to assist you in becoming aware that you have an issue and so forth. And so, yes, I check in with you in the role of a group teacher. As a group teacher, I oversee the work of your individual helpers who are particularly specialized in that which I just described. I assist them in finding new techniques, we share information, and their input helps us plan the group curriculum. I am not the main speaker this evening, but I did desire to say hello and acknowledge our relationship and share how much joy our relationship brings me. I will now stand aside.

UNNAMED (Bob S.): Greetings, my fast becoming friends, these are the words of him who shall remain unnamed. I asked for and have been granted one more opportunity to speak to you, which I desire and take most avid. My words for you this evening follow up what we talked about last week regarding the importance of persisting down that path each of us has been assigned and has accepted. To those who have deep doubts or have yet to see clearly what

God has in store for them through His will in your lives; I shall attempt through my words this evening to encourage you to persist. Do not be dissuaded by the apparent lack of progress, for as you have been told and your textbook delineates, soul growth occurs at an unconscious level. Hence, it is most difficult for mortals, particularly those at your level of maturity, to get a clear picture of how their travel down the path is going.

As I pointed out last week, we are all individuals, and none of us is at exactly the same place, time, or direction down our individual paths. For those who have the more clouded experience, it often comes down to a matter of faith. In fact, I could expand that and say that for many, if not all of you, this whole Correcting Time experience has been a test of your faith. But for those individuals who are finding more difficulty than others within this group, I say to you do not give up. This is far too important to even consider the possibility of giving up. All of you, if you would look back five or ten years in your lives and compare your spiritual development at that point to where you are now would say, I am confident, that you have made clear progress. Some probably more than others, but progress nevertheless.

So, for you it is another test of your faith. Do you believe the words you hear from your older brothers and sisters? Can you find it in your hearts to go that second mile? Can you accept what you hear from your elders, both seen and unseen, in terms of spiritual growth? That the path is long and even those of us who are ahead of you are really not that far ahead of you. And the fact that you are having difficulties has nothing at all to do with how God sees and loves you.

Imagine if you would, what it must have been like for the first person who landed on Mansion World number One. How overwhelmed he must have been and how much he must have wanted to go back and talk to his brothers and sisters, who were still alive in this physical existence and say: “There is more, I have seen it, I have been there.” But of course that is not allowed. Each of you must find your own way. But never forget there is much assistance available.

And all you have to do is ask. Yes, I know some of you are saying I have asked already. Persist… my friends! Look deeply into your situation. Ponder those avoidances of yours. Make a plan, pick one, and pick a place to start. And say, “Father, I have decided this is what I need the most at this stage of my spiritual growth, and I need your help.” At that point, all the forces in heaven are at your beck and call. You do not know that of course, because you cannot see it. But that entourage of sisters that each of you has is forever waiting for each of you to ask.

You remember the words of the Master: “Ask and it shall be given unto you.” Never were truer words spoken. For those of you who do not hear your sisters, you have a problem. But if it is your desire, if it is your intent, if it is your true wish to grow, to walk down that path to the Father, you can move mountains, as your saying goes. It will not be obvious, it will not be easy, and it is difficult for all of us for we all have our problems. But it is my prayer, it is my hope, it is my experience that those who seek will find. Again, I refer to the words of the Master. I pause now to allow time for questions or comments. Does anyone have anything he or she wishes to say at this time?


Nancy: I appreciate the lesson. Your repetition of “Seek and you shall find,” reminds me of… that’s exactly the answer that was given to me by (Teacher) Ham early on (in the Teaching Mission)… and I found that that was true.
I guess what I am struggling with is the seeking part. It is in being so busy these days living life that I am not even aware a lot of what I should be asking for help with and in what areas. I guess that is probably… I guess my question makes the answer self-evident.

UNNAMED: Understood, and I do believe you are aware. You, yourself had said, that it is a problem of managing the many balls you are trying to juggle. If that is your problem, then that is what you ask help in. I realize that sounds simplistic. But as one who has been in your shoes, I can tell you with authority brothers and sisters, that there is no problem facing you that has not been faced by others, perhaps not in exactly the same way, for each of us has our difficulties. But remember that those who have difficulties are blessed. What, you say! You know that it is true for you have been told that—that obstacles are really opportunities for growth. And once they are surmounted, you look back and say: “That wasn’t so difficult was it?” That has been your own experience many times in your lives already I would surmise.

You survived childhood with parents who were older but not necessarily wiser. You dealt with teenage-hood and managed that with some degree of success. You lived a life with marriage, home, family, earning a living and even going to church occasionally and survived successfully. There is no problem on earth that is not solvable. It all comes back to us doesn’t it? If we can but put the proper spin on it in our thinking, all we have to do is ask the right question. For it is in formulating that question, that you delineate the problem, make it clearer in your mind and sometimes find obvious solutions. If not, then the next question you should ask yourself is “why not?” And if you don’t get an answer, then that is your question. The prayer goes something like, “Lord I’m lost, open the door, open a window, give me a nudge, and show me a way.”

[group comments not understood on recording.] Are there other questions that I could attempt to assist you with at this point?

Nancy: Actually that was very helpful. I think formulating the right question is the key. And…

UNNAMED: But it may not be for others. [ok] So, I try to speak generally but each of you will interpret my words differently, possibly. And that is because you are all different. So what works for Nancy may not work for you. But remember God is infinite. There is nothing he can’t help you with. He is Omniscient. He knows everything.
Nancy: This is more in… I think more along the lines of just sharing to help me, rather than expecting any response. It is not that God is Omniscient that I have difficulty with at times; it’s why He would bother with my little problems. I sometimes separate very easily from the experience of a loving personal God and feel more like an irksome, bothersome problem, you know.

Rather than… and I end up kind of reverting to the God figure of my early childhood, which was very distant and very authoritarian. And my difficulty is keeping connection with a real, loving, involved personal… even with the teachers… as emissaries I guess… which should show me God’s loving care. And certainly that’s what you all tell us. I have a real difficulty maintaining that sort of experience. I think that if I really believed that God… you know if I… got it emotionally, personally… that God’s love was so profound and for me it would be a lot easier to show up. But I kind of end up feeling this… God is so distant, is so far away that even though intellectually I say He will show up if I show up, I don’t really believe it. And it’s weird because I’ve had personal experience of God’s present love.

But that is where I am these days, is part of the busyness, is I don’t experience God’s love personally, deeply. I experience energy, you know. I can go into a meditative column and at least experience column energy. But I don’t feel love. And so, anyway… I think you told us a couple of weeks ago that we should talk to one another in a twelve step mode of Alcoholics Anonymous or Weight Watchers and so I’m throwing that out there in that mode, I guess, since we didn’t have that type of sharing prior to our meeting. That’s what your statements stimulated.

UNNAMED: Nancy, my friend, let me remind you there is no one in the universe exactly like you. That is why you are important to God.

Nancy: Well, He could make another one exactly like me if He wanted to.

UNNAMED: Let me ask the rest of you; is there anyone here who has not experienced the kind of frustration that Nancy has addressed? My guess is you all have been there and I have been there and Bob (S.) has been there. So, from that perspective I’m sure you can assist one another.

Virginia: It’s interesting that I think probably when I was having great difficulty making myself have quiet time, I was feeling somewhat those very motions. And that since I have been more consistent, I find that God’s presence is more real, more personal. And it was this summer when I was having such dreadful time trying to relate God to anything. So, I know that quiet time does help, that I know that that is time, time well spent, but time difficult to get in your situation because if you try to sleep and get those last few minutes before Abby wakes up, the morning is shot. And if you wait till night, you are extremely tired and ready to hit the sack yourself. And I really do understand.

There was teacher at Biola (Bible Institute of Los Angeles), Mrs. Hooker, and she would be talking to the class and all of a sudden, she’s talking to God. And I just used to marvel how she could talk to God in such a personal way. And I think I desire that or it wouldn’t have stuck in my mind so readily. It was as if her whole life was one of prayer without ceasing. It was just continually talking to God. And you know, I’m not there. I’d like to be there. But you know when you’re leaping up and down the stairs to take care of whatever, you can say “God help me.” I don’t know, Nancy.
Nancy: I remember Father Bill before he would get up to give the Homily, I could see an energy column around him. And I could just tell he was in touch with something “real” that I wanted.

Bob S.: And he is, was?

Nancy: A catholic priest. He was at the Newman Center here (ISU) twenty, thirty years ago.

Virginia: He would serve us Communion. He accepted us as children of God. And that was twenty plus years ago. I didn’t know you could see the energy column there. I know he was somebody very…

Nancy: I could see that he was in touch with something real. When he prayed he wasn’t going through the motions of something. I could tell he had a direct line. I could see he was connected to something.

Virginia: What he said showed connection.

Nancy: Yeah, and then when he would get up and speak, he was a teacher, he wasn’t preaching, he wasn’t talking from a piece… intellectually from a piece of paper. I mean his stuff could be very intellectual, I mean it stimulated me intellectually but it was … it came from a different place. It moved me very much.

Bob S.: It’s a real gift isn’t it?

Virginia: Yes, yes.

Nancy: I didn’t mean to cut the unnamed off.

Bob S.: Oh, he’s still hanging around. Well, lets see what he has to say.

UNNAMED (Bob S.): Each of you has the ability to deal with your perceived difficulties. God never puts more on your plate than you can handle. Some of your brothers and sisters might disagree with that, but that is true. And there is more than enough help available to each of you, even when you feel the furthest from the love of God, to breach that gap. All you have to do is open the door and help will come in. The law of free will is a universal fact. We cannot tell you what to do. And you don’t want us to tell you what to do. In your more rational moments you know you want to make those decisions. After all, it is your life.

But there will be times when you get lost. The obstacles become mountains and you need help. The trick is to not let that get you down. And it is in learning how to open the door that you will find soul growth. Experience is the best teacher. You all know that. Good sermons help, good friends help, having a good mind helps, but it all comes down to each of us. We are the captain of our own ship. But there is lots of navigating help available. There is a plethora of personalities waiting to assist you if you just give them the opportunity.

Well, I’ve gone on at some length. Are there any final questions before we terminate tonight’s session together? It has been my esteem pleasure to have been your teacher. And I hope one day I may get this opportunity again. You are a most delightful group and I am confident that your future will be bright. Daniel will now close tonight’s meeting, brother Daniel.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): Yes, I am Daniel. While I know our time is up, I did desire to connect with you once again. And to speak to PamElla’s concern that is shared by others of you directly. The vestiges of religion do affect the ability and desire of several of you in your attempts at communication. Changing names may help you if the words Father, Jesus, Lord, etcetera bring up a distant God. Find other terms, Beloved, Dear Friend, Companion, Comforter, even Lover, to assist in bridging the distance created by religious teachings.


DANIEL:   And now friends I will not continue to bend you ear. Rather stand, hold hands that we may draw this meeting to a close and send you on your way. I will pray.

Dear beloved Parent, the One who holds each of us intimately, knows intimately than we know ourselves or any other being. Help us to desire a deep, meaningful, intimate, loving, relationship with you, that You may support us, fulfill us, love us. Be with these our charges this week and over the next time frame as they work at developing this relationship. Help them to catch glimpses of the magnitude and power of your loving presence. We ask this as your children . Amen.Amen

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