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SEI126- Renewal

SE Idaho #126


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Renewal
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Aaron, Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Nancy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Renewal
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Aaron, Iruka
TR: Nancy


[Opening Prayer not recorded.]

DANIEL:  (Nancy): I am Daniel. The sounds of children singing is delightful to our morontian ears as well as to the ears of those of you who share the joy that the innocent response to life engenders in the human soul. My reference is in response to the sound of *** singing her song, and yet it makes a good introduction into what I had at first intended to say: Happy New Year to all of you!

[Editor’s Note: the young daughter of the host couple was singing in the other room.]

Pam: Thank you.

DANIEL:  Thank you. I appreciate the interaction.


DANIEL:   A change in time, a new year, a birthday, an anniversary event of some type all provide an opportunity to stop, to consider the old, and to allow renewal in the moment. The sound of children singing is the song of renewal. And this, my friends, is our topic this evening—renewal.

Tonight’s format remains undefined and somewhat up in the air and will be shaped by your willingness and response. The concept is to encourage communication from each of you personally and to allow opportunity for each of you to be the conduit for those of us on our side of the screen.

The fulfillment of the more complex format I described may not yet be attainable, but it is the goal. Tonight we can perceive one of two ways. We could proceed either in a dialogue format with each of you contributing to the outcome, or we can proceed in a round-table teacher format where we would request participation from as many individuals who are willing to offer TR services as possible. Most of you have that capability if you are so willing. We will give you a moment and then we will request a response from each of you before we move forward. I will ask PamElla to respond first and then request that she return to TR receptivity.

Nancy: I’m open to either. I don’t care. I suppose it depends on whether those of you who don’t always TR for the group would prefer to dialogue or to try to TR. That’s how I understood it.

Virginia: Is the subject wide open Honey?

Nancy: Renewal.

John: Well, I’m not a TR, so I’ll participate in some dialogue fashion.

Pam: I can go either way. I know that if we did it the TR way, I would get in some practice that I need and would appreciate—and in a non-threatening way. Not that it’s threatening, but it’s scary.

Simeon: What we could do is something that mixes the two: being in receptivity but also being open to dialogue.

Virginia: I do believe Klarixiska is knocking.

John: Why don’t you do the TR thing, and we might as well stick our toe in where we can.

Ron: I haven’t been getting anything. I’ve been sitting in my garage practicing stillness, and I haven’t been getting anything. But I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’m just going to keep doing it. One day maybe…

[Ron received prior to a recent quadruple bypass surgery.]

Nancy: [to phone participants] Ken, Pat, any input?

Ken: Well, Daniel in his wise way has given us two options. I’m looking for a third way. Is there a third way?

Nancy: I think we decided there is. There’ll be some TRing and some dialogue.

Ken: That’s not what I was referring to.

Nancy: Oh, what was your…

Ken: “Pass.” [Lot’s of laughter, jokes and interaction.] It would be my pleasure to TR [words lost] so we’ll stick with dialogue for the time being.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): My friends, this is Daniel. You delight me. We are exuberant about your response, and let me explain why. Often when provided with options, human beings, and even some of you, tend to cringe away. And tonight we did not experience cringing…

Ken: You weren’t up here!

DANIEL:…I will return to you Ken….but rather an honest assessment and thoughtful discussion of how to make this work. Kenneth!

Ken: Yes, Daniel.

DANIEL:  Your words are not in alignment with your honest response. I am well pleased with you, my friend.

Ken: And you are my friend… also. Thank you for your presence here.

DANIEL:  I am smiling…And, so, I have done my part in introducing the topic for tonight’s discussion, appropriate to the first meeting in a new year. The topic is renewal. I turn it over, and I bid you farewell for now.

KLARIXISKA:  (Virginia): This is Klarixiska, and had my charge responded when I first knocked, she would have heard me welcome back Ron to the group. But because of her hesitancy, it was not done at the first. Ron we do welcome you. With that, indeed, I will use the topic to say that you are an example of renewal. And renewal, many times, means change. In your case it has meant change of many habits, change of staying aware of your physical/emotional needs. Change as far as your spiritual role is concerned is probably not so significant, even though that too can be a time of renewal for you.

Now, as I think in terms of renewal and change, it does mean something for all of us. Renewal is not just a word, but, rather, if you were to take that word apart, the root word is “new.” New is truly what is needed on this planet and in the lives of each and every child of God. New. New goals. Surely the one goal each of you have is to stand before the Father. But there are many steps before that final presentation of perfection. New should be morning when you awake. New should be with each new conversation that is begun with a brother or sister. New should be your anticipation of, yes, even tomorrow.

And perhaps I could even push this a little bit farther and add the word “knew” with a “k” in front of it. You knew what it would mean when you said yes to follow the Christ; you knew it would mean change, and it truly will and does bring renewal into each of your lives. Know that we are here to support you, that all the help needed is available for your happiness. Thank you.

AARON:  (Simeon): This is Aaron. Greetings.

[Group members respond.]

AARON:   I would like to utilize this opportunity to see renewal in terms of subscriptions, and as you take inventory of the subscriptions you have, you must determine which publications you would like to continue subscribing to and which you will not renew for whatever reason. And as you approach life, you have the opportunity to set aside subscriptions that do not serve you well anymore, that you do not find value in having, and you have the opportunity to resubscribe to those that hold value. What in your life do you find meaningful? What seems to be outworn? What mannerisms, reactions, behaviors do you need to weed out from your subscription pile? And as you envision where you would like to be, who you would like to be, what is out there that you can see that you have not been subscribing to that you would like to put in your pile?

Renewal can be seen as the process of not only resubscribing to what you hold dear but also bringing in those things which characterize who you would like to be in eternity. The future can be filled with the “Entertainment Weeklies,” or it can be filled with the “People magazines,” the “Times,” and the “Weekly Heralds.” Your choice is to take stock of your inventory and begin to draw in those things with the most value while eliminating those things which do not have lasting value for your. I recognize that Simeon is uncomfortable with my playing on the words this evening, but I am in a more humorous mood than he. I hope these thoughts give you some insight and direction. Thank you.

[Group response and interaction.]

IRUKA:  (Pam): Good evening, my friends. This is Iruka. How nice it is to be here for the beginning of the year, a renewal, a new beginning, a fresh start. Perhaps life and things look as they did last year, but you can change your perception, your attitude. You can look on something common, something that you see everyday without thinking about it, and see it in a new way, with new life, and react differently to it, noticing something that you didn’t notice before, not seeing something that perhaps annoyed you or caused you concern, stress. You can look beyond the irritating and begin to see something beautiful.

The power is with you. You control your own perception. I will say that again. You are in control of how you perceive a thing, a situation, your world. Think of the power that gives you—your control. You can filter out the negative, the parts that bog you down, that trip you up, the places you get stuck, and see beyond to a brighter goal that you can focus on. Think of these things that trip you up and see what you can perceive beyond, and see the beautiful.

Think of the situation that you are perhaps dreading, perhaps avoiding, and think about how you can perceive that in a new way, focusing on the beautiful, focusing on the joy, and even focusing on what the lesson might be so that you can move on. Did you think I was going to let you get off sitting here passively? I hope not, because I would like us to share—not in detail—a situation that is frustrating you, that you might have an idea how you can get past the avoidance, the dreaded-ness, and focus on the joy, something bright.

John: Is it our turn.

IRUKA:  I was about to focus on Ken and let him begin.

Ken: Begin what?

IRUKA:  Begin focusing on something beautiful that you have been avoiding, been dreading to make it a renewal in your life.

Ken: Okay. I’m focusing.

IRUKA:  Shall we give you some more time.

Ken: Much. Thank you.

IRUKA:  We can begin here then [referring to individuals present in the room]. Feel free anyone.

John: We can talk about our five-step process in going through…when you think about the relocation, and the house, and the frustration, and the dread, and the avoidance. And, I’m addressing it through avoidance, patience, teeth gritting. But that’s only step three, and then there’s step four of this year, and then step five of quitting doing what I’m doing. And now we are working on the humor and the rest of it. It’s a work in progress. But it will be renewal. It is significant change and growth for us, for me. And I can see there is more coming.

IRUKA:  And did you think your life would become easy once you are through all of this.

John: Oh no, just different. [Group comments and laughter.] After typing her transcripts for four years, growth doesn’t come easy. [referring to Iruka’s lessons delivered in Baltimore in the 1993-1997 time period] This won’t either. It hasn’t been easy. It isn’t going to be easy this year either. But it will be different, and I think better. I hope better—not think. I hope better.

IRUKA:  And what are the joys, the delights that you are focusing on.

John: The family. Being back where the grandchildren are. Being back with this group is a joy, something that I didn’t know I had missed so much until I came back. Hearing you again is nice.

IRUKA:  Thank you, my friend!….Anyone else?

Virginia: Iruka, when you said see something beautiful that you avoid; I’m sitting here thinking that the biggest thing I avoid is going down the driveway. Everything else I can handle. And, yet, you said see it as beautiful…and it really is very beautiful. Whether I walk or whether I drive, the seasons are gorgeous up there. And, so, maybe I have to start by saying to myself “this is going to be a beautiful drive down the driveway, Virginia. You might even see a moose or a deer or who knows what may be waiting on the driveway for you to see.” So I have to change my attitude and say what an opportunity—certainly not for conquering….Oh what was my thought there? I think I face my fear—not with courage—but I face it and do it. But maybe if I changed my attitude, it would also diminish my fear. So, I’ll go with that.

IRUKA:  Thank you, Virginia. But also see the confidence that it is building in you… Is there another who would like to share?

Nancy: Oh I think it is always helpful to the individual to run off at the mouth—which is why I do it.
I can’t think of any particular circumstance that I am dreading. Well there are two things. There is a friend who has been personally hurt by the way I deal with people who are geographically distant from me, which is to have very little contact. And it is nothing all that personal, it is more how I function, and I need to get back to her. So, there is that particular circumstance that I have been avoiding somewhat.

But for me it is a broader change in attitude that has less to do with circumstances as to just a general way of being, which I still find so odd and not very correctable because it is a decision I make every day. I am making the decision to wake up and not look for the joy and the beauty and the optimism or to believe the Correcting Time is here and all that. [She starts to choke up as she speaks.] I wake up and I…oh I don’t know…maybe I’m still grieving my Dad’s death or something, but I do not … I don’t have the sense of adventure that I used to have.

I used to like challenges, and take them on as challenges to grow from and learn from and be spiritually bettered as a result of whatever was in my life. I don’t really feel like it anymore. It is an odd place to be, and it is weird when you know what works and what doesn’t work, and you choose what doesn’t work. It doesn’t make any sense. And yet, I’ve been doing it now for a few years.

It’s kind of good that I’m finally crying. This is more like the old me. I don’t cry very much any more. So that is my response. I know what I should be doing, and I’m not doing it, and I don’t want to do it. And I don’t know why I don’t want to do. That’s where I am. And, it’s real nice to have several TRs to share the responsibility with.

IRUKA:  Of course, and so noted. My dear friend, as difficult as this must have been to share, how are you feeling right now?

Nancy: Oh, better. I don’t have many outlets anymore. We used to have sharing time. I really loved sharing time because it gave me an opportunity for renewal. I don’t have the same opportunities I had to be real and cleanse, and I do miss that. And I do feel better for having a little cry.

IRUKA:  Thank you, Nancy. And I am so glad to hear this. And we will be assessing on our side this comment that you have made about not sharing anymore. We will be reviewing it, and maybe there will be a renewal of this. We will see. I can not speak for what we will do.

But thank you so much. My heart goes out to you. Know that your life will never be the same, and you will never stop grieving. It is very healthy to grieve. The pain will change, but it will still be there. Don’t let anyone tell you that it will stop completely. It will be muted; it will change; but there will be a hole in your heart until you reunite in the Mansion Worlds. So, can I say, look forward to that time and that joy. It will happen. But for right now, you are on this planet, and this is reality for right now.

And Pam is getting emotional about this too. She lost her father a few years ago. Is there anyone else who would like to share about seeing a situation in a different way?

Ron: Let’s see…Seeing a thing in a different way. As everyone was TRing, I don’t know if this was Jedidiah, but he kept telling me that actually renewal is a gift that we can appropriate in our time of stillness. Renewal isn’t set for a specific day or time or year. Renewal can be every second, every moment. Renewal could be coming as our stillness with the Father comes, in as He wants us to be fused with our Thought Adjuster that our thinking automatically will change, that we will not see things the same.

Even though we are in the material realm, we will start to learn how to see things in the spiritual realm and in an eternal time limit or space, or without time and space. It will become stronger within us because the reality of the truth of the end is going to be more real to us—that this just isn’t it.
I guess to think of Christ who had to suffer on the cross—not because the Father needed the blood or anything—but He did see the joy that was set before Him. He knew what was beyond that suffering on the cross. He knew the joy of returning to His position.

And I think that we can also have that joy once we continue to spend time with the Father and to be fused with the Thought Adjuster and to be taught. And as it becomes more real and strong within us, the things that we look at will be changed because we will be beholding it differently. A child and an adult can look at the same thing, and yet they behold it differently because the adult has more experience than the child has, more understanding.

I don’t know if that made any sense. I don’t know if this is me or just whoever but when Nancy was sharing—I’m not a very emotional person, so I don’t start bawling when people cry and stuff like that—but I think that in a sense, even by her awareness—she says that she hasn’t seen any growth in a couple of years or whatever—we’re not always aware of our growth, we’re not aware of what is going on. You can be growing more now than you’re not even aware of it than you ever were. I think just by your awareness of seeing things, seeing that you are not making that choice or not doing this, it is automatically a sign of growth. Just your awareness of that is a sign of growth. I’ll shut up.

IRUKA: Thank you, Ron. And if you have more to say, we are listening.

Ron: No. I have nothing else to say. Thank you.

IRUKA:  Thank you. And I believe that you hear your teacher more than you give yourself credit for hearing.

Ron: Thank you.

IRUKA:  Are we finished with our sharing? Ken?

Ken: Yes, Iruka….You asked me to comment on something that was beautiful that I am having a hard time with. I guess, perhaps, the most beautiful thing I can think of is the stillness, the quiet time, that communication with that wonderful Fragment, that awareness of the blending of the morontial, of the material with the morontial. That is very beautiful. The problem that I have is that I doubt myself, and I don’t stay in that stillness. I don’t go into that stillness as often as I should, and I don’t know why. I’m working on that one.

IRUKA: Thank you, Ken. Did Pat want to share?

Pat: About renewal…I thought of commitment, and also I had read an article about changing your attitudes on things. Instead of saying “I have to do this” or I have to do that” change the words to “I get to do this; I get to do that.” That has been helping me in the last couple of weeks to wake up in the morning and say, “I get to have quiet time.” This has been a problem for me in the past, to make that time. And that is all I have.

IRUKA:  Thank you Pat. You have said so much with your words. To change “I have to” to “I get to” is exactly what I am saying; it is exactly my lesson—that it is a privilege and an honor, and it does so much with connecting you to the Father to say, “I get to,” that the Father listens and is with you during that time. And of course this is what we teachers harp on. For years, this has been our theme, to spend time with the Father. Take your troubles, your problems, your questions, to the Father. We are but helpers, assistants, older brothers and sisters, pointing you towards the Father. And, so, I am delighted that you have brought this up, because it is a timeworn theme that we have hit on over and over in different ways. Thank you very much, Pat.

Pat: Thank you.

IRUKA:Thank you, my friends, for perhaps going somewhere in your mind that you didn’t want to go, that was uncomfortable, that you have been avoiding, and trying to see it in a new light, to find the joy, to get to do it. Goodbye, my friends.

DANIEL: (Nancy): I am Daniel, smiling upon you, delighted by who you are and who you are becoming day-by-day, decision-by-decision, interaction-by-interaction.

Ron: Daniel, may I ask you a question.

DANIEL:  Proceed.

Ron: Are the teachers saying that we need to be patient with ourselves in this renewal process?

DANIEL: Is your question whether we are saying that patience is required of yourselves in the renewal process?

Ron: Correct.

DANIEL: Absolutely is this required. It is important that you are tender and supportive and kind to yourselves, which would imply that, yes, you are patient. For the opposite of patience is annoyance, irritability, being demanding, critical, and so forth. You are all very young—babies. We say that you are beyond certain stages when we are referring to comprehension and desire and so forth. But in the scheme of time, you are newly arrived. And, so, it would be irrational and unfair of you to demand of yourselves that which can only be developed experientially across vast realms of time. Your progress will be faster the friendlier and the more supportive you can be.

Many of you are aware of the point that I am about to make, to repeat. Often when dealing with oneself, one takes on many of the critical messages that they experienced in early childhood and later. Whether the messages were intended in the way that they were perceived does not matter; what matters is that the developing ego-being hears impatience, and in the impatience understands that they are somehow flawed. And years later, individuals continue to approach themselves with those same messages of impatience and the underlying message of incompleteness and flaw. And, so, it is important to nurture one’s own being like one desires to nurture one’s child or grandchild, to be infinitely loving, kind, considerate, of the emotional aspect of the individual being of you, yourself. You asked me a short question, and I took it upon myself to provide a lengthy response, for I am always eager to hammer home this important point.

As you all go forward thinking of renewal, it would be a most helpful tool to begin your day gently connecting with yourself, inquiring of that tender ego how it is, and what does it want to do today that it will get to do. Tenderly, patiently, eagerly, enthusiastically approach the week. We will check in with you to see how it has gone. Are there any further comments or questions from anyone before we end? We will close in our usual manner. Please stand and hold hands. And, if there is anyone who would like to offer a prayer, the floor is now open.


Simeon: Dear Father, Mother and Michael, our Parents, please help us in our daily lives to see those directions which will be most fruitful for our growth and development. Help diminish our fear to follow that which we know to be true. Give us strength to see challenges in the place of failings, to see light in the place of darkness. All too often in difficulty, we hide and forget that that which is the most real, the most true, is right with us. And, so, simply providing that nudge and insight of remembrance is most appreciated. Help us not to forget in all of our efforts to serve you, to also recognize that what you want the most is for us to be with you. Amen

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