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SEI127- 15th Group Anniversary

2006-01-15-15th Group Anniversary
SE Idaho #127


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Celebrating 15th Anniversary
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Minearsia, Klarixiska, Loretta, Iruka, Larenzo, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Simeon, Virginia, Kenneth
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Celebrating 15th Anniversary
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Minearsia, Klarixiska, Loretta, Iruka, Larenzo, Nebadonia
TR: Nancy, Simeon, Virginia, Kenneth


DANIEL:  (Nancy): Greetings dear friends, I am Daniel and I will lead us in prayer. Stupendous Parents, Hosts of the universe, our Creators, we thank You and praise You, and we acknowledge and recognize your students on this anniversary evening. We, teachers, give thanks for this amazing opportunity to serve You. And we give thanks for the generous hearts and willingness of our charges. Be with us in our time in celebration and communication. Amen.

AARON:  (Simeon): Greetings, to you my friends, I am Aaron. I will begin this evening by congratulating you on the completion of another year’s cycle with your commitment to the Correcting Time.


AARON:   Regarding the word commitment, I would like to share a few words tonight. For when we refer to your commitment in this mission, it is not our desire to have it refer particularly to showing up at a particular time, in a particular place, to listen to us, although we appreciate it greatly.

A true dedication to the Teaching Mission is found in your desire to serve God by becoming more true, beautiful, and good. And in this you have made honest attempts and have a record of achievement steadily toward the eventual goal you seek to realize. No, we do not require you to follow certain forms and procedures to be counted among the faithful. You are not asked to be indoctrinated into a society of rituals but rather to commit yourselves to spiritual growth and development in response to the leading of your Indwelling Spirit.

Our involvement in this process is secondary, and although we enjoy tender and intimate communications with you all in varying degrees, your commitment to us and to listening for spiritual guides to talk to you is not the signifier of your dedication to the mission. Indeed, we enjoy these meetings, and yet we certainly would encourage you to always follow that internal guide. And if ever the two conflict, it is your duty to ascertain what God would have you do and to follow. Regarding transcriptions, it is not our concern but yours, indeed, as you have alluded to, Ken, my friend. For you can each determine how to best glean the concepts that we share with you.

As you move into this 15th year of listening to us sharing with you, we ask you to re-commit to the prime concern which is your relationship to the Divine and [to] see the subsequent interactions as meaningful methods to achieve these ends that you seek. For it is in your maturity, your increasing maturity, spiritually, that we are allowed to deepen the insights that we give to you. And as you each at different levels find the center of your seeking and recognize it as the First Source of all things, the ability for all subsequent ministry to provide understanding will increase in equal measure.

So, as you recognize the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, and as you find joy in your camaraderie and fellowship with another, we hope you will also look to your level of commitment and where those commitments should be, so that we can progress forward into new realms of sharing and service, all dedicated toward the eventual goal of Light and Life—each individual knowing God as Father, Mother, Brother, and pursuing common goals.
Thank you for allowing me to share with you this evening. I will now turn the floor over to another and look forward to our future communications. Good evening.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): My dear friends, I am Daniel, and I wish to assure you that there is a throng, of course, filling this space, smiling upon you, cheering, celebrating, acknowledging your years of service, even as we ask you to examine your commitment and gear up for another cycle, another phase, a time of deepening intimacy—one with another and with the Father who is the source of true intimacy.

You are small in numbers tonight. And while we are not, we will respect the limitations created by weather conditions and such. That does not mean that I am the final speaker, no. But it does mean that we will keep our addresses brief.
Given the intimacy of this room we request full participation in being our voice. While the teachers appreciate PamElla’s service and willingness to attempt to give voice to the many who are here, teachers who have special connections with their charges enjoy the service of their charge. I, Daniel, congratulate you, thank you, and look forward to our continuing association in progress toward perfection. I step aside.

KLARIXISKA:   (Virginia): This is Klarixiska, I will of course make this short. I too would congratulate the South Easterner Group on their anniversary, yes, but much more on their steadfastness, yes, their perseverance. You have indeed proven that though the novelty is gone, the enrichment is one that continues for each of you. By enrichment I am not talking about becoming wealthy with material things, but rather wealthy in the sense that you are indeed storing up riches that are paving the path to Paradise.

I would never encourage an attitude of “pie in the sky,” but I would emphasize the fact that when you have your face turned toward the eventual completion of peace in the presence of our Paradise Father, you are indeed becoming wealthy stewards of eternity. With that, I do thank my charge for speaking and would encourage each of you to always put the Divine, the God that we know as Father, first in your lives. Listen to that Inner Spirit that you may know what “first” is. That’s all.

IRUKA:  (Nancy): I am Iruka, I would not miss out on this event. It is my thrill to be back among you, delightful friends, the first family for my dear charge. Tonight my purpose is in expressing my excitement for the future rather than a focus on congratulations for past efforts. I am deeply pleased to be associated with you once again, and I look forward to building a friendship and relationship in which we can explore a path of progress. I offer you my regards, my love, and I wish you farewell until next time.

MINEARSIA:  (Nancy): I am Minearsia, Instructor in Residence, and yes, I am of course among you, delighting in your present and past levels of commitment and supporting Aaron in encouraging you to evaluate your commitment and ask yourself: “what limitations do you place;” “how far are you willing to follow the Father;” or “through what types of situations?” We will be taking up this topic in future settings.

My friends I do, too, beat the drum in congratulations, joy and celebration. While fourteen years is short in our experience, it is a fair “chunk” of your time. You have overcome doubt at many levels to be sitting here this evening: doubt of the phenomenon; for some of you, doubt of God; and for all of you, doubt of self. Your persistence demonstrates the strength of your faith. Despite whatever doubts you continue to entertain, your actions reveal your purpose. So, my friends, my students, I add my congratulations to the growing pile. Farewell.

LORETTA:  (Nancy): I am Loretta, and I would like to say a few words as well. It is always a delight to have this type of an opportunity to make my presence known and my joy and delight in the wonder of the universe. It is my thrill to participate in this Correcting Time and to be personal teacher to my dear friend. My dear—Nancy cannot hear the spiritual name. My dear, Pat, it is my sincere pleasure to serve with you. I am enjoying your ever-accelerating growth and multiplying successes. Your being-ness delights me.

As I look forward to the next cycle of time, I am excited by the possibilities that appear nearly in reach. Continue your efforts my friend, they are producing results. [Pat: thank you Loretta, you are most kind.] Thank you, my dear one. And, now I say farewell. God be with you; Love uphold you; Peace fill your heart. Goodbye.

DANIEL: I am Daniel, not quite ready to draw this meeting to a close. Larenzo is present and desires the opportunity to say a few small words through his charge. PamElla is being prompted in this way in order to assist Kenneth in trusting what he hears. Still, my friend, the choice is yours. This is not intended as pressure, it is intended as an opportunity.

LARENZO:  (Kenneth): I have been given the microphone. I am Larenzo. Thank you, Kenneth, for this opportunity to express my love for you. We have been together for many, many years. You have heeded my words and taken them to heart as has all in this group taken the teachings of their teachers to heart. I and the multitude present are excited for this progress that you all have made. You have all made the commitment to seek the Father, to become one with Him. It is my pleasure, it is our pleasure, to assist you, to guide you, to share the Father’s love as we know it. Continue on your path. My peace and my love to you all.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): Thank you Larenzo. I am Daniel. Kenneth, I congratulate you on the mighty step—that of sharing yourself with your sisters here this evening in this manner. Indeed is my heart full. Indeed do we recognize your effort and your growth and your achievement.

And now to all of you dear ones, those personally present and those beyond the range of my spoken word but not beyond the range of the written replica, I honor you, I appreciate you, I am so thankful, personally deeply grateful, for the opportunity I have to know each of you, to serve each of you, and to be a colleague with each of you in this mighty effort to reclaim this lost planet.

I wish to repeat tonight that the tide is turning; the light is coming. The world, this planet, Urantia, WILL BE reclaimed, and you are a part, a necessary part, of that mighty effort. My friends, this week as you think about commitment, think also of the assurance that God will and is having His/Her way with Urantia. Stay hopeful; stay faithful; allow Michael’s peace to be your support and your aid. Before I close this meeting, are there any comments, questions, or thoughts from any of you?


Virginia: Daniel I’d just like to say I appreciate so much some of the outstanding memories of the last fourteen years. And I’m grateful for them because when doubt knocks, there’s a very nice ring to the experience I’ve had. Thank you.

DANIEL:  Thank you, Virginia. I know that this group as well as the larger mission honors the memories of those who contributed so much over the course of the years. Their absence among you is keenly felt. We are aware of the power of anniversary-type events to evoke these memories. We too honor the contributions of those who are no longer among you and congratulate you for your ongoing efforts, contributions, despite the shake-ups caused by these losses. Yes, indeed, are there the scrapbook of memories over the years with many faces, many experiences.

Thank you for the opportunity you provided to recognize these individuals and these many memories, including, of course, candles. We are aware of your desire. Nancy is struggling with the accuracy of the last sequence, the reference to candles. They are certainly a part of the package of memories, but that does not mean they are in the past only, no. When the time is right, you will experience their light again. Any further comments before we close? Then dear friends please stand and hold hands. Another has requested the privilege of a prayer.


NEBADONIA:  (Virginia): This is Nebadonia. My dear children, feel the warmth of My love as I place you in the cradle of My arms and rock you as I would a baby. That is to illustrate my endearing love to each of you. Feel the warmth of My body, the blanket that covers you from wind and the heart that overflows with love to you. O Father, First Source and Center, we thank You. We thank You for the universe. We thank You for these lives. We thank You for the opportunity to return love that we have experienced. Amen

[Ed. Note: We are starting our 15th year in the Teaching Mission.]

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