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SEI128- Normalcy, Commitment, and the Greater Good

2006-01-29-Normalcy, Commitment, and the Greater Good
SE Idaho #128


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Normalcy, Commitment, and the Greater Good
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Daniel, Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Virginia, Simeon, Nancy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Normalcy, Commitment, and the Greater Good
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Daniel, Iruka
TR: Virginia, Simeon, Nancy


KLARIXISKA:  (Virginia): This is Klarixiska. Father, we thank You that though we jest about those things outside of human will controlling us, each of us, seen and unseen, knows that it’s our will that surely does bring us to eternity. Help us to assume responsibility for what we hear tonight, that as we absorb it into our lives, we might become better prepared to share Your love, Your hope, Your grace, with each one we come in contact with. Amen

[Note: Prior to the lesson in our group sharing, we had a discussion on normalcy. The discussion began by a group member sharing that she is less willing to be vulnerable than she used to be, because other people’s approval is more important to her than it used to be. She expressed that she wants to feel normal rather than to feel like an outlier as she does in most groups and circumstances. Her sharing led into a general discussion of what is normal and whether or not we should want to achieve that state. Some group members suggested a difference between what is normal and what is average. Many of us long for social acceptance and approval and others of us rebel against it—or do both over the course of their lives. Hence the following lesson from Aaron.]

AARON:  (Simeon): To each of you I give greetings tonight, I am Aaron. It is interesting to observe your interactions recognizing various levels of comfortability in sharing. Social adjustment plays a vital and significant role in universe ascension and education, while the absorption of information allows the creature to develop with thinking and responsive behavior. The process of becoming “normalized” in our relation to each other on a universal scale is paramount. The interactions you have with each other and others in your lives are of primary significance to our mission. The knowledge base plays a secondary role in providing ammunition, so to speak, to be used in your primary endeavors.


AARON:  When you yearn to be normal, take solace in the fact that on a universal scale you are in the process of becoming normalized, which holds a deeper meaning than your society’s current understanding of that term. For normalization at the universal level does not require conformity as a rule, but rather the ability for the personality to express it’s self without holding back. Thus, you see, there is great diversity in relationship-interaction throughout the universes. But there is a common ability once the creature has passed a certain level of ascension to be free in interaction.

By offering you this glimpse tonight, I hope you can see the importance of your social interactions with one another. It is an opportunity to risk sharing a bit more of yourself each time you come together. While you might at times be hesitant to share, recognize that to an ascending creature, even the decision not to share can be a healthy social interaction. For as you adjust yourself to other personalities, you can take note of your internal dialogue and recognize when stepping back is more likely to be of benefit when you find yourself out of balance, or perceive that another or others can’t hear what you would offer. There are many reasons to make choices to either share or not share.

Also, ponder the reality that the personality cannot flourish in isolation. “No man is an Island unto himself” for the energy patterns flowing throughout the universes draw all life into its currents, whether you recognize this or not. And to truly be alive in a universal sense, one must stay in the flow, so to speak.

I am heartened by your adjustments to one another. Your interactions, though not perfect, signalize still your willingness to step beyond the known to the unknown. And it also signalizes a more powerful fact, which is your growing regard for one another and your deepening love for each other. You may have heard it said that “relationships are an end in themselves.” It is our hope as the time unfolds for us, that you will come to understand this at ever increasing levels….

At this time I would turn the meeting over to another. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share with you tonight and look forward to your continued work. Good evening.

Nancy: Will you take some questions before you go?


AARON:  I will remain present. So if you have questions, I would certainly entertain them.

Nancy: I very much appreciated it—your discussion. My question is “how to?” The answer is everything we are doing; I know that. But it seems like I’m having difficulty with the balance of personality expression and interaction at the same time recognizing where other people are or aren’t and adjusting to them. And understanding when my adjustments come from fear, or pride, or avoidance, or any of the things we have been talking about, versus discernment and love.

And what I’m hearing is that when we adjust to one another socially, we can be responding for a number of reasons. And the goal is to clear out reasons such as fear, as they are reactionary, and to adjust in a way that is coming from discernment. And at the same time to somehow remove the limitations on the personality that God created and wants us to be and to express. And I find that all to be a very difficult balance that I am so clumsy at. And I recognize that the intent of what we are doing is to help us become more balanced in all of that. Perhaps there is something more you could add….

Or perhaps I just need to keep practicing and trying to become more self-aware and practicing stillness and do some of the things I haven’t been doing. So, anyway, I did want to let you know that I appreciated your discussion and that it had me thinking about all of that—you know, stillness too.

AARON: I am glad my discourse has stimulated thought. I would return you to the image of a dance, recognizing that life is much the same wherein, in each interaction, you must choose which steps to take and whether to follow or lead—even whether to dance or not dance. And, yes, the motive may be in fear at times. You are a human creature, and thus it will be highly difficult to eliminate this feature completely. You are right in bringing the stillness into the discussion, for it is the foundation that allows you to be more purposeful and productive in your interactions.

Life tends to go in cycles it appears on your world. Very seldom do we see an individual on a steady incline or decline. More often there are stops and starts, detours, and coming back. And the trigger that makes this occur is different in most every individual, for what brings them to the place where they can sense in themselves that they are on the path again, after having felt as though they were off or taking a break [is different for everyone]. So while I cannot describe the trigger for you that helps you to feel more in balance and comfortable with yourself, I can say that the fact that you are looking for it is a positive sign.

And your desire to be in tune to the Source of All Things is a necessary first step. At some point I am fairly certain you will find yourself in that awareness again, that you are stepping in stride. The one encouragement I would give you tonight is when you are struggling and are aware of it and nothing seems to be working or you can’t seem to get a grip on reactions or behaviors you want to change, to take a step back and realize that the Source of All Things already has you, and become more comfortable with that fact before you then re-engage to sort out the everyday difficult questions and discernment that come up with any interaction. I hope this offers you further insight my friend. And I look forward to your efforts.

Nancy: Thank you, Aaron. I did find that helpful and encouraging.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): I am Daniel, greetings my friends, how good it is to be among you and to witness your growth and commitment and re-commitment. Commitment is not something that happens once and is done. It is a daily decision, sometimes an hourly decision, sometimes a minute-by-minute decision, to put the greater good forward.

Let me explain this term I used, “the greater good.” As you know, God is truth, beauty, and goodness and is omniscient as well as omnipresent. In God’s omniscience, there is an understanding of the out-working of every decision, of every interaction, of every possibility. When you put the greater good forward, this is not intended to suggest sacrifice, but rather an awareness of God’s strength and power within you, a decision to let smallness go by the wayside in the more petty and trivial concerns of life and to replace them with those aspects associated with the high road, with the fruits of the spirit. And so as you make your daily decision, your hourly decisions, your minute-by-minute decisions, an awareness of the immense supporting love available to you can assist you in a balanced perspective, a gentle reply, the humorous outlook, the joyous response.

We do appreciate the effort that you have put into this assignment. We ask that you continue with the same topic this week. Continue to ask yourself what limits your commitment in the moment-to-moment, the hour-by-hour, the day-by-day approach to God, for it changes, it varies, by the day, by the hour, by the month, by the year. And so this is an ongoing process. We do applaud your efforts here this evening and your willingness to share something of yourselves with one another.

My dear students, I do love you each so tenderly, and I enjoy, value highly, the opportunity I have to be a part of your lives and to interact with you. At this time I open the floor to comments, questions, or discussion on any topic that you may wish to raise… (silence) You are a quiet group tonight. I will take your silence as an indication that you feel complete for this evening. We will of course offer this opportunity routinely.

I will not be the one closing the meeting, for Iruka does desire a short address. I offer you my love and also offer you my personal support, assistance, in your assignment. If you desire my presence, my commentary, I am at your disposal, just invite me in. My love to you all, farewell.

IRUKA:  (Pam): My dear friends, it is I, Iruka, wishing to address [you] this evening for just a short time. I applaud you for the courage that you have shown to open yourself to others. You have expressed vulnerability—a great vulnerability, and you do this knowing that you leave yourself open to judgment, ridicule, disappointment.

There is too much on your planet to make you want to run and hide and close down emotionally. We asked a lot of you, but we knew that we would do this. You open yourself up to great growth, more understanding of yourself and others, and more camaraderie among you, and to great love—not only with each other but with the Father and all of those who help and mentor you. As frightening as this may have been, as resistant as you may have felt, know that each time you do this, you make a positive step towards growth, towards conquering your fears, towards greater love.

Let this love be the dangling carrot out in front of you, because there is nothing greater than your feelings of worth, of importance, of being vital to the Father. He supports you and sustains you, and He wants you to feel His unending love, but He does not do it alone. By opening yourself up, you are turning on the faucet, so to speak, so that His love can flow even more freely, continuously, in a greater amount than it is already. You are not passive in this; you are full participants.


IRUKA:  You have done very well tonight, and we are pleased and proud. And when you are in the situation again, do take the step, do make yourself vulnerable, because it leads to such great joy and such growth and such love. Good evening my friends.

Nancy: I will pray. As we put our hands together, I feel an enormous energy flow, and I am thankful for this opportunity to stand in this circle holding your hands. I am thankful for the path that brought me to this place. I am thankful for the paths that brought each of you here. Thank you Father, thank you Michael, thank you Mother. Amen

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