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SEI129- Peace

SE Idaho #129


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Peace
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Iruka, Daniel, Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: Virginia, Nancy, Pam
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Peace
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Iruka, Daniel, Klarixiska
TR: Virginia, Nancy, Pam


[We had a group discussion on the Seven Psychic circles at the start of our meeting tonight, discussing the attainment, what happens there, and if we stay in that circle once there.]


KLARIXISKA:  (Virginia): This is Klarixiska. “I have shown Virginia the picture of circle, by circle, by circle, overlaid, so that indeed the overlapping is so unaware that you move from one to the other without knowing how God has worked in your life. Let us give Him thanks.

“God, our Father, who does indeed move in ways that we do not understand, we would pray that you would be with the teachers as they present their lessons to the students that what they hear might be appropriate for them to face their week, be given to them. We have nothing but love and adoration for the wisdom that you have shown us and the Universe. Amen.”

DANIEL:  (Nancy): Greetings, friends, I am Daniel, pleased, truly pleased, to share your company in a centralized location this evening. It is good to have this group back together and witness the dynamic that occurs. You do amuse us greatly. You are fun students. We enjoy your seeking; we enjoy your sparring, and [we enjoy] your consideration of the Urantia text and its meanings in the operation of your lives today and in the future. As we have indicated in the past, the Urantia Book is the broad text that places your life in the context of the Universe of Universes and within the time of your own experiential journey—at the very beginning.


DANIEL:  What we do in these groups is to assist you in overcoming the shortcomings of the Urantia experience stemming from the rebellion and default and its many out workings. Our desire is that you personally experience the love of Deity, the knowledge of the goodness, truth and beauty of Deity, and, through this combination of knowledge and experience, [that] you naturally desire to know God, become more like God, and to do His/Her will. This is the goal. The curriculum is experiential, is evolving, is intended to be responsive to your needs at a particular time, and has the added dimension of encouraging you to push the limits of your understanding of yourselves in relation to the Father/Mother, in relation to one another, and in relation to the Cosmos, beginning with your home planet, Urantia, and her peoples.

Why am I reminding you of these things? Simply because we appreciate the interaction introduced between your text, your lives, and the living of your lives in the here and now. We are about the living of your lives in the here and now, for it is in present action, present will, present desire, that the future will unfold.

In the here and now many of you have experienced struggles with health, recognition of issues from the past rearing up once again, issues of change, resettlement, issues of age, and tiredness. So, as we have planned our curriculum this week we have asked, “how might we best assist you, our younger sisters and brothers, our dear friends?” We have chosen the topic of Peace for tonight’s lesson. We do not intend to make this an interactive lesson, but rather an opportunity for each of you to relax into the comfort of our Father’s love, our Mother’s love, and the comfort of a loving group support.

We know you are tired. We know that in asking you to seek the stillness there is the risk that slumber will dominate. Still, if possible, allow physical relaxation, and mental relaxation, while maintaining a sense of alertness… [the group relaxes into a state of stillness]… There is a great healing love pouring out upon all of you. Open yourselves to receive this healing energy. The usual crowd is in attendance. The purpose is to surround you… comfort you… support you… nurture you… love you.

[The group is in stillness receiving this healing energy.]

Thank you, friends, for participating in this exercise of reception in love. Iruka has a short lesson on personal peace she wishes to share with you.

IRUKA:  (Pam): Hello my dear friends, you have become very precious to me. My lesson is indeed on personal peace. Peace that you can have, achieve, and keep in spite of whatever is going on around you. You are in control of your mind, of your thoughts—even though there are times when you don’t think so. By keeping your attention, your focus, on Father, you can maintain balance. It is in your focus that you control this. It is not outside of you at all.

This may seem simple. Yes, it is very simple. Difficult to achieve? Absolutely! But this is a habit, a skill that you develop with practice by being aware of your thoughts. The difficult part is doing it of course. But when you find yourself in the midst of chaos of any kind, chaos in your mind, chaos around you, whatever it is that is keeping you off balance, you can focus inward to Father. Take a deep breath and just relax. Try this at any time.

Whether you are flying down the freeway, in the midst of a meeting, in a loud family discussion, or trying to fall asleep and your mind will not quiet down, focus inward; breathe evenly—same in as out in your breathing—telling yourself, telling your body, to relax, and your mind will follow. Practice this all the time, as much as you can, whenever you think about it. [When] you must exercise a new muscle, you start slowly, [so] as to not strain, but you keep at it. Keep working that muscle until it becomes very, very strong.

When you are able to maintain that peace inside of you, it starts to flow out of you, and it becomes such a habit that you forget that there is any other way to live. You become peaceful and balanced and very difficult to knock off your center. This becomes a strength inside of you that becomes a foundation for many other things that you wish to grow inside of yourself or achieve outside of yourself.

As I said: Difficult? Absolutely! Impossible? Not at all! You focus on this, and it will begin to grow. And when you have peace inside of you that you refuse to let go of, so many other things are possible. Because you are focused and peaceful, you become more creative, you remember things better, [are] more farsighted and more fair with dealings with yourself and with others—to just name a very few.

So this simple guidance can lead to many, many powerful things. And I encourage you to practice this as much as you can. My love to you this evening, you are a delightful group. We all look forward to these times together so much. We rejoice in this time. We look forward to seeing all of you together. My love to you all! Shalom.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): I am Daniel, I am smiling. We are gratified by your response to this evening’s presentation. We now open the floor for any concerns, thoughts, questions, so that you might have an opportunity to air those if you so desire. The floor is open.


Pam: I’d like to say thank you so much. I can only speak for myself, but I feel fabulous, and I love the energy around me. It was wonderful.

DANIEL: (Nancy): My dear, thank you for your gratitude, for your willingness to open and receive that which was available to you. We, your teachers, guardians, other angels and friends, desire to serve. Our joy is in finding ways to reach you effectively. And so thank you for validating our perception that we succeeded. I wish you a most peaceful and powerful week.

Pam: Thank you.

DANIEL: (Nancy): Yes. Are there other thoughts?  [The group is quiet.]


DANIEL:  I will ask you to stand and hold hands with one another. You have felt the power of the circuitry and those whose desire it is to serve you. As you stand hand in hand, feel the love of one another… share your love… receive love.

“Father we stand with these your children, our students, our charges, before You. Our faces are turned to You. Our hearts are turned to You. We thank You for Your ever present love, for Your ever present peace, and for Your spiritual gravity that draws us ever to You. May Your peace be with all of us and with these your children as they strengthen their ability to find Your peace and to remain within it’s loving shelter. So be it. Amen.” And now I say to you my friends… Goodbye.

Note: In an earlier discussion we talked about where the expression “goodbye” came from. It was translated in the 16th century from the phrase “God Be With You [Til We Meet Again] – m/ WG Tomer, w/ JE Rankin.”

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