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SEI130- Centering & Personal Peace

2006-03-12-Centering & Personal Peace
SE Idaho #130


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Centering & Personal Peace
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Klarixiska, Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Virginia, Simeon, Pam
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Centering & Personal Peace
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Klarixiska, Iruka
TR: Nancy, Virginia, Simeon, Pam, BobD


DANIEL: (Nancy): Dear friends, I am Daniel, feel the flow of the love of our Great Divine Parents. Feel this love move hand to hand around the circle. Let this loving energy relax your physical being. Stand tall, let the tension fall away.
Breathe in…… let this precious air fill you and expand fully before being released. Imagine a large glowing ball of energy hovering in the center of your group, two feet, three feet, above your heads.

Allow your mental focus to center on this glowing ball. Allow your heart focus to open wide. As your mental focus remains on the ball, allow your heart focus, to merge with one another. You are becoming a golden column of energy. It extends down into the center of Urantia, Mother Earth. It goes upward into the Cosmos, and yet your mental energy remains on that glowing ball, several feet above your head. Allow this ball, now, to begin to rise, slowly lifting straight up the column of golden light… following it upward, upward, upward, until your mental energy and your heart energy are aligned in the glowing column.

Now see the glowing column compress and shorten, and as it does so, widen, spread outward, encompassing Urantia.
You are all part of a spherical glowing ball. Allow this spherical ball to extend outward, outward, outward. You are a part of the whole living cosmos. Welcome to this night’s meeting. Be at peace. There is another who will conduct you in prayer.

KLARIXISKA (Virginia): “This Klarixiska, thank you Father/Mother that You are not limited by the views of the students here or teachers here. But indeed You include all creatures great and small in the spirit of Your love. May we learn that lesson well, and do not limit anyone in our lives from knowing Your love. Amen.


Virginia: I would say thank you Daniel, we needed that.

AARON:  (Bob D.): Greetings, I am Aaron, it is my pleasure to be with you my good friends tonight. Virginia, Daniel acknowledges your “thank you” through me.

Tonight I would continue on the theme of peace, for it is the primary achievement one can make in this lifetime—to obtain a state of harmony. Finding personal peace can be seen as the art of letting go, relinquishing control, not having to know the outcome, release into the recognition of a healthy sense of smallness, humility, for indeed the agitation and stress of control equates to an elevated sense of the critical-ness of one’s roll, whether conscious or not.
To fall into a place where you can be small, and have that be okay, is the turning point where the soul can achieve increasing levels of relaxation. And in a seeming weird twist of events, truly become more productive in all areas of life. For when one is trying to make things happen, there is a tendency to miss so much of one’s existence and the potential interactions which aid in developing character and broadening one’s ability to function out of isolation which also is a great accentuater to the recognition of personal peace.

As you fall into the place of letting go, you may experience conflicting feelings of both relief and weakness, recognition that all efforts done out of harmony are but shadows of what can be achieved when in harmony. And this is humbling. But at the same time the opportunity exists to fall into the embrace of One who does know and to allow oneself to begin to be guided, ever so gently, toward new horizons which may not even be so far removed from where you were trying to be in the first place. And yet in this place of knowing that the acts are the creatures’ and the consequences are the Creator’s, one becomes emboldened in the knowledge that the quality of effort far exceeds the earlier striving, manipulating, and posturing to get or keep control.

Peace that surpasses all understanding can only be achieved when “letting go and letting God”. And in this awareness you will find more than what you ever thought is possible. Peacefulness does not have to equate to doing nothing. It is not passive necessarily. It is not sticking one’s head in the sand and ignoring the trials and tribulation of the world. Rather it is the acknowledgment that a Supreme force resides within and can guide your actions providing enlightened response, and producing… (TR cannot get the word).

As you ponder these words, we hope you will recognize that the opportunity for achieving personal peace is real and not as elusive as it often seems. It doesn’t require dramatic turmoil. It certainly isn’t something you can fight for, but rather [is] an awareness you achieve when falling into being, in a state of willingness with God by letting go, relinquishing control, and allowing yourself the trust in an over-care that will certainly not let you down in guiding you forth to greater potential. While I will remain present tonight I will step back and allow others to communicate as well.

Pam: Thank you Aaron. I think I need to read that again. There was a lot of information in there…

Virginia: I do too.

Pam: Thank you very much.

AARON:  You are welcome, and though not every insight I could impart was able to be transmitted through, many insights were, indeed, and with luck and fortune more will come through.

Nancy: I want to speak up too, and say thank you. And you definitely have my attention in a number of areas, and I appreciate it very much. Why do we keep revisiting the same issues over and over? Anyway, thank you.

AARON: …because you live on a world in turmoil. And while individual peace is possible, it is exceedingly true that individual turmoil is probable.

Nancy: The part that you said in particular… the phrasing of the letting go and surrender was very useful to me. But also the part about taking ourselves too seriously… I don’t think that’s how you said it, but I have been awake the last two nights, mostly with job fear, I think it is. And so you were right on target, because I get all inflated, feeling like I’m the key. And everybody certainly has their role to play. You know, there is a part of me that likes to be that important, even though it creates a lot of stress. And it was a very nice reminder. And I hope that as time goes on when I’m in that awake-at-night-job-stress, I will remember to remember to what you said. And I’m sure I’ll face it again. Thank you.

AARON:  You are welcome. The reality of ego involvement, at your level of existence, is an ever-present consideration. The elevation of importance simply occurs out of the fear that if some threads were pulled out everything would topple and nothing would exist. And therefore the ego is functioning as a protector, even if misplaced or out of balance. So it is not something to beat yourself up about, but to recognize when the stressors are many, that time for healthy reflection and turning inward and falling into that embrace by letting go may be in order. Hopefully it will be a motivator to allow each of you to use as a gauge in your own increasing spiritual development.

DANIEL:  (Nancy): I am Daniel. The teaching corps offers our thanks to our brother Aaron for his fine exposition of this important topic, and his success in drawing in, you, his audience. Aaron, we thank you, commend you, and appreciate you. My dear friends I do have final words for you. But first I wish to ask if there are others who desire to interact with Aaron? Do you have questions pertaining to his lesson that you would like to pursue at this time?

[No questions from the group.]

DANIEL:   In that case I will take the floor. My role tonight is brief for we realize it is growing late for those of you who must make the drive, and prepare for travel. I wish to provide an assignment, a homework lesson. As is always the case, your decision to participate or not is fully voluntary. We do not judge you, or condemn you, or even frown upon you, if you choose not. But we do encourage you. For, as you know from human studies, much faster progress is made when homework is performed.

Personal peace, the experience of personal peace, requires trust—in this night’s lesson—in a Higher Power, a loving Higher Power, a loving personal presence who cares about your well being, who desires your good, who empathizes [with] and understands you, who loves you and supports you. This is indeed our Father, our Mother. Having a relationship with this great being requires time on your part, requires willingness to be intimate, to show up. And so while we encourage you to practice the technique provided by Iruka last week, the breathing in and out, through out your day, [to practice] the awareness of your desire to control and the willingness to surrender, it must be overlaid on the foundation of stillness. And we encourage you, urge you, cajole you…

Simeon: Coerce?.

DANIEL:  Never!

[Group laughing and bantering about being coerced.]

Simeon: Sorry, the word just seemed to slip out.

DANIEL:  You do amuse me, my friend…..  We strongly encourage you to make this effort. I will not even say take this time, for busyness is never the real issue. It is a curtain to hide behind, like the Wizard of OZ. Make the effort. Find out why you hide behind the reasons you do. But spend time with the Father. Do not just put in your time and say “I’ve done it for today” for that will not achieve the result you are seeking my friends. Go to Him/Her with a willing heart. Seek that intimacy, desire that knowledge, accept that love, and envelop yourself in that peace.

Simeon: Can I ask a question?

DANIEL: : Please.

Simeon: In my mind I know that is so true. And yet I find myself distancing at times from going to the Father, to the source, because of… you know… like when you do things you know you shouldn’t do there’s that shame element that… it’s not even conscious as much as the subtle I think where it’s almost like it’s a fear to go where you know you should go. And so I think sometimes I just avoid because I’m, in a sense, afraid of the things that I do, do wrong and know that I’ve done wrong. Knowing consciously that the answer is love and forgiveness. But subconsciously there is an avoidance of love and care. I’ll always know how to bridge that.

DANIEL: Thank you for bringing this question out into the open of the Light of God’s love, Michael’s love. All people, and I will emphasize the all, at times have difficulty separating their emotional reactions to their human parents from the emotional response they can expect to find from their divine parents. It is one of the greatest tragedies on Urantia, that shame has become so much a part of your essence, and your reactions, and your protections, that you are completely unaware of its depth and its breadth.

When you have noticed error in your behaviors, that is the time to rejoice! [Group comments lost.] Indeed, this is not the dominate reaction found on Urantia. No! This is a difference between this planet and more advanced worlds with a normal upbringing.

Error is absolutely a part of the divine plan. You were made imperfect. This is part of the perfect wisdom of the Father that we all begin, we ascending beings, imperfect and therefore subject to error; therefore bound to err! It is through the experience of the acknowledgment and correction of error—the correction that comes from humility, from surrender, and the desire to do God’s will—that growth and change occurs.

Now, because of the rebellion, because of the intense isolation, because of the loss of your Adam and Eve, your First Parents, your world has suffered much. And you have learned shame rather than an opportunity. And human parents with no malice, with no desire for harm to their children, who have been immersed and grown up in a culture, a world wide Urantian culture of shame, pass it along. And so when you think of your Divine Parents, it is difficult, sometimes incomprehensible—without the direct experience [of the Divine]—to imagine the absolute, absolute, acceptance…and love…and empathy…and understanding…and forgiveness…and comfort, that is there.

I do thank you, my dear friend, for stating a blockage, a blockage you have in coming to the Father. For I can assure you that this is a widely shared blockage—recognized or not. At the time that you recognize error if you experience shame acknowledge the emotion. It is one of the most unpleasant human emotions there can be. And take this emotion to the Father/Mother and say “help me, help lift this icky sense of horror that I feel in the center of my being”. “Help me to feel whole again.” “Help me to feel safe again.” And then discuss your error and let it be. You can count on the fact that Divine assistance has been given. Allow yourself to draw on that strength. Has this sufficed for this evening?

Simeon: Yes, indeed and thank you for perspectives. I think that will help quite a bit.

DANIEL: You are most welcome. Thank you for the opportunity to share my perspective. My friends, are there other reactions to the assignment, other questions? [No comments]

Please stand, hold hands and close in your usual manner. There is another who wishes to pray.

IRUKA:  (Pam): Dear most Heavenly Father, we surround these beautiful children. We feel such protection and love for them in a small way compared to Your feelings of protection and love for them. And we stand side-by-side with them in Your grace, in Your love. Send these children out to their week with confidence knowing they are loved beyond any understanding that they have. Grant them peace through their days. And we ask special protection for them. We lift our eyes to You for our strength and our source of love and the meaning for our lives. We feel Your love here tonight and we send it back to You in appreciation for You and for Your over care of us. Amen

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