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SEI131- Basking In Camaraderie

2006-04-09-Basking In Camaraderie
SE Idaho #131


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Basking in Camaraderie
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Klarixiska, Minearsia, Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Virginia
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Basking in Camaraderie
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Klarixiska, Minearsia, Iruka
TR: Virginia, Nancy, PamE


KLARIXISKA: (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Virginia: The first words I heard were “Indeed! The music was beautiful but imagine what it will be when you arrive in the next place.”

[Ed note: We had a prior discussion about the musical group Common Ground, that performed this last weekend in Pocatello and Idaho Falls and how much we enjoyed it.]

KLARIXISKA: Let us pray. Father/Mother we thank you that as ascending beings we get glimpses of what You have in store for Your children. We thank You that Your love is encompassing, that Your love has no limits, that You are holding the hand of anyone who will allow it. We ask that You be with us as we teach these students here, that we might become more than what we have been. Amen


MINEARSIA: (Nancy): Greetings friends, I am Minearsia, instructor in residence to this Southeast Idaho group, very pleased to be here with you and to have the microphone. While I always, of course, have opportunity to communicate directly with you in this manner if I were to so desire, it is only on certain occasions that the stars align, so to speak, and my visiting with you is deemed beneficial to the point of squeezing out alternative speakers. PamElla is all in a flutter. I assure her and you that I have no great message tonight. No! I desire to bask in the camaraderie of your presence. But, most particularly, I wish to commend you on your growth and on your absorption of the lessons provided.

Daniel on behalf of the Teaching Corp commended Aaron for his fine lesson last week because this lesson is critical to your growth and he presented it in such a way that you heard him, that you saw the light shining under and through the door—set ajar, that you desire to walk to the door and open it and experience the light on your being.

My friends, my purpose today is to congratulate you, to commend you, and to encourage you to continue your reach for personal, intimate, knowledge of the Mother/ Father. I also have an assignment, and then I will step aside in order to allow Iruka opportunity to provide a brief lesson. My assignment is to reread the lesson from the last week you met. Before you read, find a comfortable spot, open your heart space, something akin to TR receptivity. And as you read allow those parts with the most significance to you to wash over you and return to them.

Use this lesson as a guide in your stillness practice over the next time-frame for as long as it remains meaningful. If you do this regularly, you may find new parts taking on new meaning. And now before I pass the microphone, I will open the floor to take any questions, observations, or thoughts that you might have. Does anyone desire to converse, or are you ready to hear from Iruka?


Kenneth: Thank you Minearsia for those kind words, to myself in particular. I always have doubts as to what is going on. They are kind words of encouragement for me to continue. Thank you for your presence this evening.

MINEARSIA: : Indeed, Kenneth, it is my pleasure to communicate directly to you how pleased we are with your efforts and your successes. You do well my son.

Kenneth:  Thank you.

MINEARSIA: You are welcome. And now my friends I give you Iruka.

IRUKA: (Pam): Good evening, my dear friends. It is I, Iruka, your friend, teacher, colleague, and older sister. My lesson tonight is to help you grow closer to the Father, of course, but also to help you feel more comfortable not only with the Father but with yourself.

Self-judgment is devastating to so much of the planet. When you judge yourself, you seldom come out very well. I am encouraging you to not do this. You don’t see the whole picture, not only the whole picture of yourself and those around you, but of the whole universe, the whole hierarchy of beings helping you, trying to help you see, help you learn. You only see one small or two small pieces of this huge puzzle. And it is so easy to perceive those pieces as failures, as missed opportunities, as poor choices and just generally not coming out very well.

So… as they say, “give yourself a break, lighten up.” Your Father loves you with an undying constant presence that is unchangeable, that is un-diminishable no matter what. If Father loves you and believes in you and delights in you and cherishes you and craves to be around you and wants your attention, then something good must be going on here that you’re not seeing, that you’re not recognizing, and indeed there is.

When you feel bad about yourself, down on yourself, imagine that your Heavenly Father is seeing you with the most loving eyes possible and that maybe you should be looking at yourself through His eyes. Forgiving yourself, absolutely! But even that is difficult for this planet because you don’t think you deserve it. The issue is not “deserve it or not,” the issue is “that’s what you get.” You get forgiveness. It is yours. Accepting it is the best thing that you can do, not only for just yourself, for those around you, but for our Creator also. You get to be free. And when you are free, anything can happen, anything good will happen, can happen, does happen. Am I making myself clear? I want you to see yourself as a Child of God, as His expression, as His representative possibly. He delights in you. Can you see yourself this way?

Nancy: Actually, I’m having problems with that.

IRUKA: : Then this will become your assignment for the next two weeks.

Nancy: Thank you. I will work on it. [group is laughing and joking with each other about another assignment –a second lesson for the night stand]

IRUKA: : Let me put it another way. That delightful child in the other room, is a total joy. Think of yourself as being a total joy to your Creator. Does this change the picture at all?

Nancy: My response was but “she really is.” [Much group laughing] I do understand what the lesson is, and I can see that I have a big blockage here that is probably [because] I am not spending enough time delighting in myself.

IRUKA: : I have two responses. One is that this is why this lesson is for tonight, and it’s not just you, it’s for the entire planet. Difficult? Yes! But your freedom will grow as you begin to see yourself as a delightful creature, as a delightful daughter or son that not only the Father sees, but we, as your older siblings, see this in you. And we are heartbroken that you can’t see this—that you don’t feel worthwhile and valuable in His eyes or in your eyes—that He sees you like this and we see you this way. Your comments?

Virginia: What comes to mind is that someone or many people can recognize your abilities or whatever and you’re feeling really good, and one person can criticize you, and it erases the whole slate, so that all you see is the criticism of that immediate person. Whether it is a written comment or just a passing comment, it can destroy so readily any feelings of positive recognition you have for yourself.

IRUKA: : Thank you Virginia, and let me comment on that. How very true that is, because under the surface that’s what you and most humans really believe. [I agree.] And when you get a wonderful compliment, you just smile and say “thank you,” but you don’t believe it. It’s when that one person says something critical, nasty, unkind, that it touches what you’re really thinking. And that’s why it’s so powerful because it makes the connection. [I agree.] That is what I am trying to impart to you—to not connect with that.

Nancy: I have a further thought here. It seems like that right now I have some circumstantial stuff going on, in that… in my job, I’m a pain in the behind to the company. And I’m starting to feel that’s what I am…[Laughing]…you know, just a troublemaker. And where I used to kind of feel like I brought lightness and fun… I don’t feel that… you know… I can see myself somewhat as a joyous daughter. I have taken on that kind of persona of “I’m a trouble-maker, I’m a problem causer.”

And I’m finding that I am defensive…where I used to go straight to the essence of an issue, now I tiptoe around. I don’t want to get people too upset. And I know that is my own wanting to be liked. And so I know that… you know… I could change my job circumstances, that would change the circumstances, but it would relieve me of maybe having to learn a lesson that I need to learn somewhere else which is… I don’t know quite what it is… but I think it is to see myself as delightful and enjoyable even when I’m a trouble-maker. So I throw that out for some response or not.

IRUKA: : Thank you, Nancy. And what comes to mind immediately is balance, knowing who you are, this wonderful child of the Creator, and yet having a job to do: goals to meet – reports to write – keeping your balance – pointing out what you need to point out – staying true to yourself – doing it in a way to state what you need to state – and yet keeping your attention focused – to monitor both sides of what you are feeling. Difficult? Very, very difficult! Only you can say what needs to be said in the way that you say it. Find a way to say it without losing the audience, so they don’t hear anything at all. It is a tightrope, a balancing act, but it starts with your own balance, by being yourself you are in a better position to say, to write, what you need to. Does this give any help?

Nancy: Yes, that was helpful. Thank you. I will consider that and do my best to apply it.

IRUKA: Any other comments about not seeing who you are? And I lead you back to what you’ve heard over, and over, and over again, that time spent with the Father will help you see our Creator better but also help you see yourself. And when you have time to spend to feel His love, to receive His love, then you will start giving yourself this love and then giving others this love, this unconditional love, because they are Father’s children—no other reason in giving it to yourself because than you are a child of Father. No other reason; you are loved; you are cherished. Start to learn to love and cherish yourself. Are there any comments or questions before I leave? Thank you my friends, it has been delightful. I see you as delightful, younger siblings of mine that I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and visiting with. My love to you all. Goodnight.

[Group thanks]

My friends, let’s stand for the closing.

DANIEL: (Bob S.): This is Daniel, let us be at prayer. To our Parent’s whose wisdom and love we can only begin to comprehend, we Your children, reach out to You in faith and trust. As we begin to see through eyes, that are growing spiritually, the universe that You have set before us, it fills our hearts with gratitude to know how much we are loved, yet it is beyond our comprehension. We thank you for life, for personality, for this planet upon which we exist currently and the challenges of life, here present. Open our eyes to the reality that you see, that we may be beacons of light to our friends and neighbors. In the Masters name, we seek all of this. Amen

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