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ATL271- Growth, Consecration, Transition

2011-07-20-Growth, Consecration, Transition
At Large #271


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Burning Bridges
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monmacion
o 2.2 TR: Tiahuan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Growth
 3.2.2 Consecration
 3.2.3 Transition
 3.2.4 Value, Demonstration
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Burning Bridges
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monmacion
TR: Tiahuan


MONMACION:  Well my friends, good evening! This is Monmacion. Yes, I couldn’t help but seize this moment to discuss the difference between burning and building bridges.


You know from your experience as a mortal of this realm the necessity to press on at any cost, whatever the cost, to be loyal to your deepest convictions of truth, and you are well experienced, perhaps more than you would prefer, at how difficult and sometimes painful such a mandate is to press on. In this time of accelerated growth all of you have found it necessary to let go of many things that you held dear at one point in your journey. You may not have literally burned it in some sort of ceremonial effigy, but you have certainly had to leave behind much, even everything in this world that you desired, to gain the prize of the kingdom within, the pearl of great price.

And yet what do we behold in this spiritual dominion if not bridges themselves, bridges that are made, not of human substance, nor anything that you could touch. The spiritual dominion is characterized by circuitries that act as bridges that link us even in this moment allowing us to confer with one another across the boundaries of your spatial limitations. And in your world you have increasingly manifested infrastructure that acts as this spiritual circuitry, yes again, even such as we use now to dialog with one another.

These bridges behind you that you visit no more because they are no more is simply the scaffolding you have benefited from, that has enabled you to grow into this state where you find us gathered together. I know each of you has treasured every stage. You have invested your whole heart into these arenas as if they were all there was, and when you invest wholeheartedly in anything other than the dominion of spirit, the kingdom of God, the state of divine love, you will necessarily burn that bridge. Why? because it cannot withstand the energy of this investment of your soul. There is only one thing that deserves and can receive your wholehearted, consecrated devotion.


Having found our Father, the Source of all things whose fire dwells within you and will eventually yield your eternal union, you will then burn the bridge of mortality, but certainly you will not do it out of anything but simply the investment of your love. Your mortal body will be surrendered, and already you have surrendered so much that your mortal body has depended upon, and behold, you are manifesting the many, many bridges, these emerging lanes of light that will never burn, that will never disappear, for these are eternal, and they are worthy of your whole heart, your whole soul, the consecration of your being.


Nothing else can rise to this station of value, but mortals are well acquainted with the need for material scaffolding to lift you progressively into this space, and so it is, your civilization, look all around you, is disintegrating, it is falling like a bridge that has been abandoned, and in some cases your infrastructure is literally burning. My friends, it is not as a result of malice. It is a result of the rising tide of illumination which has left behind these things of former association. These arenas where you once played as spiritual children, and you were given many things to exercise your imaginations in these various sandboxes of learning, but the time upon us is occasioned by your own emergence into a maturity of soul-hood that finds you ready to greet as peers Paradise personalities.

Value, Demonstration

Can you allow yourselves the beneficence to extend this same understanding to your fellows who would refuse such gifts now? Can you recall how incredulous you once were at even the idea of walking with God? I know you do, though these former stages of your life are now a part of your own soul’s history embedded in the archives of Nebadon, the value that has accrued through all of these episodes is present now. The former things have disappeared, but the spirit that is being manifest now has filled these chasms across which you once built material bridges that were necessary in your former state.

It is the light of the spirit which has filled these empty places, caverns, seemingly threatening at times, but now you see the open plain before you, and you are walking with us, and we will cover a great distance together. These bridges so called are unnecessary in this state because you are the extension of the Source of all things demonstrating the omnipresence of our Father. It is just such a living demonstration in mortal form, in the appearance of a human life that your world will need to fill the many, many voids, the emptiness, the chasms of culture that separate mortals from one another. You will be the very substance over which many will traverse in their motion towards Paradise beheld now in your very presence.

My friends, thank you for sharing your lives with each other, and for demonstrating the recognition that indeed there are many different roles to be filled, but every one of them is characterized by the union of souls wholeheartedly invested in the realm of our Father’s spirit, no longer clinging to the material forms that once served as these scaffoldings used to lift you up.

You shall be this source of upliftment for your fellows who would refuse a part, any part of our Father and his family. For it is not the gospel of the Urantia Book, it is not the good news of the Magisterial Son, it is not the proclamation of the coming of Teacher Sons, no, it is not the sensational experience of seeing a Planetary Headquarters manifest upon your world. It is the simple truth of our Father’s love for all of his children, this simple message that has been given from the beginning and will be enriched forever. This is the source of our union.


MONMACION:   Go in peace my friends, and bear within you for all the world to see this truth of which these words are but tokens. Good night.

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