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ATL272- Turbulence in Transition

2011-08-10-Turbulence in Transition
At Large #272


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Turbulence in Transition
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monmacion
o 2.2 TR: Tiahuan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Turbulence, Transition
 3.2.2 Adjustment, Magisterial Mission
 3.2.3 Catastrophism, Support
 3.2.4 Faith
 3.2.5 Humanity
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Turbulence in Transition
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monmacion
TR: Tiahuan


MONMACION:  Good evening my friends! Again, this is Monmacion, and how happy I am to witness you sharing amidst these summer nights, nearing the end of this term of your season of warmth in which so much is exploding in growth, vibrant in its manifestation of our Father’s life transmitted in and through every form of Creation.

Turbulence, Transition

MONMACION:   You dwell, of course as you know, in this realm undergoing a season of turmoil, a season of transition from one phase of living to another, and each of you this evening have shared some of the ordeals that are your particular personal share of this turbulence experienced in the course of this transition. We rely upon you to be for us, in lieu of our presence physically upon your planet, to be the actual hand extending mercy and understanding to those who would lose their equilibrium, and who might surrender to fear and panic. You know these difficulties are but Father’s way of redirecting and reconfiguring the life of any one person, and as well, any one world.

Adjustment, Magisterial Mission

Of course, these worlds recovering from rebellion and the ensuing isolation are moving forward now as a group and in greater tandem with all other worlds, and in part this accounts for the turbulence. You have indeed stepped onto a more rapidly moving pace, and you are being brought up to speed as it were, and the adjustment is one you can appreciate; it is difficult. And yet all efforts are being extended. Myself, in this context of preparation for the Magisterial Mission, engaging you and any others along with my colleagues who would be preparing the soil of the hearts of human beings throughout your world to embrace the truth wherever it is to be found, to rest in the knowledge of the truth of who we are as beloved children of God that transcends any apparent indifference that Nature or the works of Man, that may seem indifferent if not actually hostile to your very being, or your continued existence upon this planet.

Catastrophism, Support

These cataclysms of time; these are the things with which you have grown familiar, for over the span of your lifetimes, you have incorporated more change than could be imagined by many that preceded you, and as well, many of those who will succeed you. For this transition phase is just that. It is a time of creative destruction when those things that no longer serve are falling away. And yet, here you are, standing firm in faith amidst all of the uncertainties, as confident as your faith will afford, knowing that you are being supported by many others.

And so, we can only ask and confidently trust that you will likewise extend this sense of support, this sense of compassion and understanding, whereas without such, the harshness of apparent cruelty is only exacerbated. But what a great ministry for individuals to be a source of encouragement and upliftment, to extend this effort that has been ongoing for some time to lift you and your fellows up in spirit so as to be able to tread the turbulent waters through which we pass. These are the emblems of the children of God, and these are the fruits of the spirit that are the treasures of life. It is incumbent upon each of us to nurture these, to foster them wherever we can, under any circumstance.


And so, where there is fear, let us cultivate the confidence of faith, and where there is injury such as you have absorbed yourselves in your personal lives, in your workplaces, we can acknowledge the reality that we are absorbing and sharing it with Father knowing it is absorbed in his vast resources of limitless love. It is this treasure that your world is seeking amidst the turbulence. It is this treasure of character, this presence of mind that is what makes the children of God so valuable in this moment. In every workstation upon every location throughout your world, this is what will lift the world and will lead the way.

For as I mentioned in our last session, as these bridges so called are burning all around you, what will be left standing are those of you who stand upon the foundation of faith. No; not a faith that is just blind acquiescence to some tradition or some notion of convention or culture, or of any religion. It is the actual source of religion as it is understood in your world. You exhibit this quality in your confidence, and should you fall short, should you find yourselves extended beyond your capacity, you know where the reserve is to be found, and you know the practice of returning to this space where such reserves are without limit.


Forgive yourselves when you exhibit your humanity. It is just such a human face that we seek to show the world, one acutely conscious of the human limitation and simultaneously confident in the limitless presence of our Father within you. It is this conjoined action of your spirit and your personality, your divine identity and your human person that is the union that we seek to build and build upon.


MONMACION:   So my friends, let me keep short our session this evening, for again, I observe your signs of weariness having labored throughout the day in earnest, assisting so many others in carrying their own burden, teaching others, encouraging others, counseling others, and contending with others at times. You know that you have many who work with you, and I would encourage you to get to know each of these spirit personalities who are part of your personal team, and when we gather together as we do now, all of these personalities are present. It is quite a composite, even with small groups, configurations of just a few human beings on the ground. So, go in faith and be confident that many walk with you, and will be working with you ever more closely as we proceed through this phase of transition.  Good night my friends.

Students: Good night and thank you!

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