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ATL273- Heart of the Matter

2011-08-17-Heart of the Matter
At Large #273


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Heart of the Matter
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monmacion
o 2.2 TR: Tiahuan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Heart
 3.1.2 Love
 3.1.3 Destiny
 3.1.4 Focus
 3.1.5 Confidence
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Magisterial Mission
 3.2.2 Circuits, Attunement
 3.2.3 Stillness
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Heart of the Matter
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monmacion
TR: Tiahuan


MONMACION:  Well, well, my friends! Thank you for gathering and welcome Xxx. I am glad to see you as part of this configuration. Your addition is a whole new dimension, for as we have discussed in the past, each of you have those who accompany you through your journey, and when you gather as you have, all of these personalities are adjoined with you. Each of you composes a team, and your teams can conjoin into a larger team, and so it is. This is the pattern we seek to enhance, that we seek to engage always in richer patterns, deeper extensions of these associations of your light in the context of your lives.


So what is the heart of the matter? What is the central organizing principle, the core of your being that emits this gravitational field gathering you into this vortex of spirit? Each of you knows the answer. Each of you has endeavored to attune yourselves more closely to our Father who is the center, and as well, extended throughout every circumference that anyone could draw in the realms of our Master Creation, this home that we inhabit.

You have broached the topic of coordination, the topics of social cooperation and effective application of your individual labors, and you, everyone, knows how exhausting the process has been to break the hold of this misconception of Father’s leading arising from your isolation and the misrepresentation of our Father in your world. You are all struggling, endeavoring in your own ways to enhance the state of love.

Jesus, our Creator Son Michael, when he was incarnate, used the terms “The Kingdom of God”. The term kingdom is probably not something that is very resonant in your contemporary environment, and the word state is probably as off-putting as kingdom. Look around you; what do you behold but misrepresentation and abuse of power, the misuse of trust, and yet all of this is being reconfigured.


The state of love begins within, each soul resonating its own frequency, its own field of resonance, yielding its influence, its unique signature. I have my own, and yes, you are right, I would like to share this more so that I can be known. Each of you endeavors to make yourselves known. It is in the course of getting to know our fellows that we are getting to know our Source, because each personality is a unique facet of the Infinite Personality. And if you would truly endeavor to know the Father, the Father Infinite, then you will recognize the Father in each encounter that you have. In these moments of exchange, what is uppermost in your minds, what do you value most that you might share?

I ask these questions because as you know every person has their own priorities, but all of them are derived from their relative understandings of the central purpose of all life, and that is to extend the light of our Father. This light we are; this light is love, and it cannot be put into a book though words can serve its purpose. It cannot be constrained by a physical locale. It cannot be isolated as you have endured the illusion of such notions that Lucifer promulgated. For even in the context of isolation, these threads of spirit are even more vibrant because they are more vital, these threads of our Father’s spirit living in you.


You know of course of the anomalous nature of the Urantian spiritual government, the unusual attribute of the Archangels circuit – headquarters. You have read of some rather far-reaching notions of the destiny of this world, and you rightfully wonder, is it true? Does it make sense? These questions you will answer in your own lives. The lives of your children will enhance this answer, and yes, there is a rather extraordinary destiny as you can well expect for the world that would host the terminal incarnation of their Creator Son.

But let us not be distracted by these unusual happenings. Let us focus upon what you share in common with every world. This is the source of your unity. If you would focus instead upon what differentiates Urantia and your own spiritual experience from so many, then you would not be sewing the union that you seek.


What does every human being living upon your world long for? What is the central desire of all living souls but to be ever closer their Source, to know the truth of who they are? This is the gospel that we teach; this is the truth we proclaim. This is the saving message that all are waiting not only to hear, but more importantly to witness the demonstration of this truth in the lives of those who do know and live out their lives accordingly, who organize their lives to maximize their capacity to host the presence of God.

There is this practice of transmitting that does differentiate you from some of your fellows, and we would endeavor to expand this connectivity, and yet I would urge you, while you advance in your attunement, embellish your stillness practice to more confidently receive the instruction of those of my colleagues, maintain your focus upon the truth that is transmitted more than the means employed because this is the source of unity. And as you go about your life, are you proclaiming the good news of the coming of teachers, or is your joy bearing witness to the truth of who you are, beloved beyond measure, each of you, unique beings through whom the Father of all is seeking something that no one else can bring to our family?

So let me encourage you to apply yourselves as you walk through your life in every moment to extend this truth that you are, not merely the means of transmitting the message but the actual incorporation of all the truth that we are, the maximum expression that is allowable in this context of time, you are demonstrating. And as you gain in this confidence, as you grow in this awareness, you will find yourselves adjoined by such as I am, but it will not be extra-ordinary; it will not distract you from your central focus. It will be simply the occasion of another friend joining you in your labor of extending this light we are. And wherever you find it, relish it, celebrate it, nurture and praise it; and where it differs from you, let that difference be the testimony to the richness of our family.


Father does not control you in the manner that you are all too familiar with; he has such confidence in you that he gives you true liberty. Indeed, he has more confidence in you than you have in yourselves. Allow yourselves to receive his confidence. So much is invested in you, so much has been given to you, and if you could see what we see gathered around you, you would be amazed, but you are our point persons, the humans on the ground, and so it will be when all of these materializations of spiritual beings come to pass, you will be the ones who are the ambassadors even as you are now. In this nothing will change except that you will know in the flesh know what you have known in spirit.

And while you, in this state of Agondontership will relish this, you will then understand why we are so reluctant to close this chapter. Gone will be the opportunities that you now benefit from, the opportunity to demonstrate living faith truly in a world where no one can see. My friends I know that it is late, but if you have questions or comments, I would welcome them.

Magisterial Mission

Question:  Monmacion, it is my understanding that you will be materializing with the Magisterial Mission as one of the Melchizedeks. Is this correct?

MONMACION:   Yes……… But there will be others, and as you know Michael has prepared this world to receive an extraordinary gift of his own generosity and love. It would be best to set aside your expectations because Father will surpass them. Nonetheless, I understand your curiosity about the details, the material dimensions of this impending incarnation.  Do you have other questions?

Circuits, Attunement

Question:  The other question I have at this time is concerning the reflectivity circuit that is being connected. How can we as transmitters become more attuned to this reflectivity circuit?

MONMACION:  Ah, now you ask a question that I believe you know the answer, and I will only state the obvious. What is your source of your attunement to spirit that has been taught from the beginning, and it will be taught throughout the course of your ascension? You know it in this world as the practice of Stillness. It is called many names, but as you attune yourself to Father, you cannot help but become attuned to all the circuits of his extension throughout all of his creation. But yes, you tonight have demonstrated both the difficulties and benefits of enhancing these circuits, and restoring them to the their full function, and adding some that perhaps no world has ever experimented with, and yet they are all derived from the same Source.


So my friends, it may be that you would think I could give you another technique, something that you could practice over and above the central practice of making yourself at home in Paradise even while you dwell upon Urantia. The central teaching of Stillness is always the central teaching because this is where you commune with your Source.

Allow yourselves to cultivate a willingness to experiment. In sessions past we have referred to the term super-conscious slumber, and I fear if we don’t draw this session to a close, you may engage in such before we finish. But pay attention to your mind, pay attention to your thought because you know the difference between those thoughts that arise from the stimulus of your environment, and you are well equipped to handle this lower mind or your generally conscious mind, but your super-consciousness floods your conscious mind. It can, because if you invest yourselves wholeheartedly in invading the kingdom of God, actually taking it by storm, it is yours.

There is nothing to keep you from investing wholeheartedly in the mind of spirit. You will by your experience with your material environment and the mindal repercussions of your material life, you will know very well and very clearly the distinctions between that thought which emanates from God within you and those thoughts that arise largely as a result of chemical and electrical reaction. Press on my friends; you do well.


MONMACION:   If there are no other comments, I will draw this session to a close. I encourage you to return as often as you wish. Call upon me, or any of those associated with your spiritual labors. These are the ones who adjoin you and accompany you in every moment and know you so well. I speak of your seraphic guardians, your personal teachers, your companions in spirit, and it goes without saying, your midwayer cousins. You are a central part of this team. So go in peace and with the confidence born of faith. Good night my friends.

Students: Good night and thank you!

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