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ATL274- Healing Fears Grip

2011-08-24-Healing Fears Grip
At Large #274


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Healing the Grip of Fear
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monmacion
o 2.2 TR: Tiahuan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Evil
 3.2.2 Love
 3.2.3 Infrastructure
 3.2.4 Free will
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Healing the Grip of Fear
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monmacion
TR: Tiahuan


MONMACION: Good evening! Hello my friends! Thank you again for gathering. I have enjoyed listening to your conversation, your questions, your concern about the transition of this world from isolation to integration and how the universe government approaches the task of expanding the light such that crowds out all darkness.


MONMACION:  The topic you raise this evening is about Jesus’ teaching of non resistance to evil, and you have well said how it is that evil feeds upon attack, and so the irony is if good cannot attack evil and put it out of existence then will it not just take over. It is a classic theme that the Melchizedeks of Nebadon study in the wake of rebellion, and as you know, we have become somewhat like experts in this arena relative to others in different universes. Yes, the more trouble one has, the more one studies the source of the solution and how to overcome in the face of resistance.

You are living in a world at this time, as is quite evident for those paying attention to the current evolution of your planetary sphere, that there are those who are so deeply entrenched in their devotion to self-interest that they are making it very difficult for themselves, and as can be well imagined, this is the remnant of rebellion that has ruled your world by and large, manipulating the scenes that lead the populations of this world into the trap that is well designed, I must say, cunningly conceived even if with diabolical and dark intention. And yet darkness has no power.

Its power is temporary; its seeming power exists by the grace of our Father whose love is so great that he would not have any be lost. And you upon this world have suffered truly the inevitable consequences of the family discipline. You bear within you scars of rebellion, wounds that have healed and more that are healing now, but it is all because of our Father’s devotion to the gift of his liberty that is made possible by his love.

His love rules the universe and in such brilliant ways that here on the outskirts of creation we are working to recreate what is shining so bright in Havona, but the human propensity is to wish to destroy what is deemed to be evil, but you know from your text that evil is not powerful. It is the indication of an error – a mistake.

When evil becomes enshrined in a conscious act of resistance to reality, this is sin, and when it is confirmed and pursued with scheming calculations such as has existed here, you know this as iniquity. You might say a devotion to darkness, but I would remind you that the high courts of Orvonton do not extinguish persons until they themselves have recognized the inevitability of their choice. This is the justice of Paradise to insure that the choice made by individuals is respected, is honored even when it comes at the expense of their personality.


For those of you who have children, you will understand Michael’s willingness to go to great lengths to save his children, as many as possible; but yes, the work upon this world to break free of this oppressive infrastructure left in the wake of rebellion is a difficult task, but I would urge you to persist in your practice of shining a light, generating light wherever you can, in sessions such as these, and when you sit in stillness, if you could see the light that you generate, you would understand the basis of our confidence.

What is the effect of the sun rising upon frozen water? Generally it is to thaw unless the atmosphere is so frigid that the sun does not raise the temperature above freezing. In the normal course of your seasons there is a time of freezing over, and of course, you could say that hell has frozen over on Urantia, but the thaw is well underway. You are part of the energetic force that is melting the ice that has flowed through the veins of so many who have suffered isolation.

The reorientation is difficult, but we, my fellows on high, are here in abundance to assist for this reason. Have no fear my friends. Light easily dispels the darkness. Love conquers all fear, and the hate that masks this fear. The use of fear to control the populations of this planet is failing. You can see it all around you.


We have spoken in past sessions of how the infrastructure built in this world upon the foundation of isolation is literally falling down as the people of this world are beginning to realize the power of our Father within them. As such confidence grows, this infrastructure wanes and is in decline, and while there are those who would resist to the end the warmth of our Father’s love, we must respect the freedom of their choice, allowing them the space to choose as they will for this is the earmark of Light and Life.

Free will

MONMACION:  You would say “how could people be choosing against the ascension career in ages of Light and Life?” The liberty exercised by our family is profound, it is simply recognized as a choice, and everyone’s choice underscores the value of this gift. We grieve of course at the prospect of losing one soul, but we relish and celebrate the freedom to choose as they will. The law of the universe and its justice is certain. Reality has its way, and what is most real is divine love, the light that shines from Paradise in and through each of you. Yes, you are re-presenting this light, and as you increasingly attune yourselves to Father’s will, you become this light. Your faith is then such that no fear can overthrow.

This is something intrinsically attractive, something very encouraging that is irresistible. It has been called a benign virus, and when it is “caught”, it is like laughter, it is effortless, it lifts and enlightens and enlivens all who would receive it.

The infrastructure referred to as a grid of darkness imprisoning souls is real. It is the grid of fear built with ages of practice and calculation, but it is no match for the grid of light that you are becoming, and if you wish, you may think of yourselves as an expanding quilt with rich patterns of color spreading throughout the world all linked to one another by the patterns of Paradise you hold within you, and you are doing this from the ground level. Overlaying this is an additional grid from on high, and between us this darkness will vanish, and when it does all the power, seemingly, such as referred to by your charming story of the Emperors New Clothes, the power that seemed to be immovable will suddenly become naked and laughter will ensue, laughter and tears my friends, conjoined in celebration.

The labor is real. I do not wish to belittle the labor that lay ahead of us, and that we have begun in earnest already. You have not been prepared for catastrophic events and earth shaking difficulties for no reason, but the difficulties will be those arising from these crumbling ruins that fall, but the hearts of people will see it for the truth it is, the end of an era, and the beginning of a new season of warmth and understanding.
I would encourage you to carry on, press on as we say in the labor of love. Wherever fear is sown, simply direct your love to it, enfold it, and it will dissolve. This is the work to which we are called. This fear is implanted throughout the cultures of your world.


MONMACION:  Be at peace my friends. The interruptions we may encounter are but opportunities. Any apparent discouragement is only going to uncover the source of courage. The foundations are shaking. You are this quaking because deep within you, our Father is coming alive, and to use the terms of another, he will shake loose the rotten roots of fear even while he unleashes his water of life upon all the worlds athirst for the truth that we are his children.

Good night my friends, carry on, sleep well, enjoy the colors that swirl through your dreams and awake with wonder at the coming day. Farewell.

Students: Good night.

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