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ATL275- Seeking Guidance

2011-08-25-Seeking Guidance
At Large #275


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Seeking Guidance
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jesus
o 2.2 TR: Steffani Murray
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Myth
 3.2.2 Truth
 3.2.3 Sin
 3.2.4 Home
 3.2.5 Deception
 3.2.6 Trust
 3.2.7 Error

Topic: Seeking Guidance
Group: At Large
Teacher: Jesus
TR: Steffani Murray


Father, it grieves me in Spirit how science fiction is being promoted as fact or truth in some spiritual circles today?


JESUS:  It is well and permissible,…, to put forth ideas conjecturing how something might work, that might be true, as a theory, clearly stated to be such, in order to learn about how things work in the universe, and to grow in knowledge thereby. Such is your so-called “scientific method”. And humanity has always engaged in myth making and story telling. Even ‘tall tales’ have often been told for entertainment, while sitting around literal’ campfires in earlier days of your evolution, and later on, proverbial ones burning in the hearth of your homes.

Today you can watch movies… There is little potential harm in any of these activities.  A ‘problem’ arises only when any mortal’s motivation engaging in such activities takes on an agenda designed to promote psychologic power, or personal authority over others by means of promulgating “secret knowledge”, and knowingly fabricates stories or spins facts for an untrue purpose.


Adhering to truth as you understand it is the wisest way to proceed during every endeavor being made to communicate with your fellows. Rigorous honesty in this regard will not ensure that ‘your truth’ is by any means the whole truth, but it will be a portion of the complete and actual aggregate because it is constructed from honest intentions.

Truth is necessarily relative at your level of existence, and complete only from the Paradise perspective. Whenever anyone lacks pure motives, while endeavoring to express their own veiwpoint, this will not contribute to the formulation of an ever expanding, and harmonious, integrated revelation of God’s Plan, that which is ordained by Him to ongoingly become manifest within the universes.


Whosoever willfully “fathers a lie” creates chaos and disruption to that process which eventually will perfect the whole evolutionary creation. Likewise, knowingly embracing known fantasies as facts will produce delusional thinking, which confabulates into confusion just as soon as the line is crossed in imagination between entertaining possibilities, and solidifying these into fixed beliefs. This state of mind was the dangerous path to the instability that took form as rebellion against the divine order of the universes, as envisioned by every Creator Son who desires his own creation to be a similar haven of ever increasing secure stability in time, as is our Father’s perfect central creation Havona.


Rest assured that nothing can exist outside Father’s Will except by seeming so, and only in the temporal adventure in actualizing potentials that is the experience of the Supreme Being. Our forever home as a Thought in the Mind of God exists forever, and each of us is always welcome there…Such is, in Reality, the respite given within His embrace in the ‘stillness’. In this realm of mind all is ever Holy, calm and quiet always!

Go ‘there’ often…Come and receive this blessing! Receive the strength to go forth and express truth in accord with your highest understanding. Beliefs held by yourself, and your brethren, will inevitably change and grow as you progress along your truth seeking path.


It will always retard the progress of the whole whenever any of you knowingly foster that which you actually know to be not so… There is a saying you’ve heard that mortals made up, stating that: “There are only 2 tribes of ‘indians’ in the universe, the truth-telling Whitefeet and the lying Blackfeet, and the only way to tell which tribe someone belongs to is to ask him!”

So as long as the practice of being purposefully deceptive, rather than merely incorrect due to having an incomplete and limited perspective, trusting your human, and sometimes even celestial interactions, to reflect a true or accurate complete picture will remain problematic under these time/space conditions. Your ‘beliefs’ are ever by necessity short-sighted, and the very highest truth that God may reveal to you is limited by the condition of mortality blocking receptivity, so that you may finish having this human experience.

As a morontia being and then a first stage spirit revelation will be ever progressive, yet not complete until one on one with Father on Paradise as a perfected child of this universe age. Even as a finaliter will insight and understandings continue to unfold within your being the infinite Glories of God.


Those whom the Spirit will discern for you as trustworthy, are all persons who are at every moment, sincerely trying to be as truthful as they possibly can in every way, to the very best of their ability always. These ‘other’ souls, as well as yourself, are trustable to the degree that you each wholeheartedly embrace this principle, and become progressively capable of living it more fully.


Stand apart from those whom you discern in Spirit to be insincere in purpose…At least until they change their minds by again placing their relationship with God foremost in their priorities, with a renewed determination to seek only love, and thereby truth, as a consequence of this decision. The presence of the “peace that passes understanding” within your mind is the way to know whether to stay or go, as losing it indicates you have judged others unfairly, or are standing in the presence of those who likewise are doing this to you, because the unity of the Spirit has been (temporarily) broken.

The attempt will humble you, very soon proving that only Spirit within is capable of doing this for you…although the mistakes that you make will be honest ones…also easily correctable because of perpetual willingness on your part to learn and grow in Grace and Truth!

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