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ATL281- Personality Remediation or Extinction

2012-04-24-Personality Remediation or Extinction
At Large #281


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Personality Remediation or Extinction
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: One Without Name and Number
o 2.2 TR: Felix Caro
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Personality Remediation or Extinction
Group: At Large
Teacher: One Without Name and Number
TR: Felix Caro


One Without Name and Number: “The struggles of the mortal creature mind, often enough resemble a war waged between rival clans. To the ignorant creature, what to decide to even eat or wear could be struggle, even though for more intelligent or “aware” mortals, such decisions are made without thinking and might not have any meaning at all. The most important decision in all of creation, whether they realize it or not, is whether to do Father’s will.

“Of course, mortals in worlds early in their evolutionary state, cannot make this decision for themselves; there is no intelligence or awareness of the spirit, and so their road to ascension is pretty much paved for them in order to ensure their survival since, as you well know, Father loves all of His sons in a very special way. The spiritually unaware in said worlds die, and eventually, fuse with a fragment of Spirit.

“This decision becomes inescapable in worlds that have evolved enough to enable Thought Adjusters to indwell the mortal creatures, which later on will become true ascendant sons of God as their destiny, should they choose to do God’s will, is to achieve Paradise. In worlds that do not rebel, the mortal has it somewhat easier at the time of making the “supreme decision” since they can be actively “coached” by Material Sons, angels and other celestial personalities. Very importantly, their decisions are not biased by the deception of rebellious personalities; it will be based exclusively on their own understanding of God and the use of their own free will.

“In a world consumed by the terrible consequences of a rebellion, such as this one, the deception was instilled, was always present, and carried with it heavy inertia as, due to error, is the originator of many customs and supposedly religious ideas that are nothing more than a travesty in the eyes of divinity. In this way, the rebellious personalities pretend to mock Father and His plan for His children of time. But as you also know very well, nobody mocks the Universal Father, and He resorts to even extraordinary actions in order to correct what otherwise would be incorrigible.

“After a rebellion has been settled, the instigators and followers that fail to repent and accept Father’s mercy, figuratively, sit to be judged in the presence of the Ancients of Days, with personalities like me, providing spiritual counsel, so that the process, as it always has been, is perfect in its actions and final in its decisions. The judgment here is the ultimate one, it is either the remediation of the personality or his/her extinction.

“Father forgives evil actions in ignorance, is merciful in cases that there is doubt as to the disposition of an adjudication, but fair, ultimate, and final, in the termination of everything and everyone that consistently rejects His Love and His mercy. It is never easy to favor and order for the extinction of a mortal or a celestial personality, but it is always as fair as it can be, as the adjudication is based on the decisions made by the one being judged.

“Sure, the existing evil inertia in a world affected by rebellion biases the psyche and actions of the mortals there towards doing what is contrary to Father’s will, but there is no excuse for consistent iniquitous behavior, as this depletes the mortal of any spiritual value, and thus ensures his/her potential extinction. Do as your free will tells you, but also be mindful of the eternal consequences of your actions while in the flesh.”

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