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ATL283- Revelation

At Large #283


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Revelation
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Felix Caro
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Revelation
Group: At Large
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Felix Caro


MALVANTRA: “When revelation is presented to mortals, many receive it with as fresh air to one that has been suffocating; it is true refreshment for the heart and the soul. The revelation is brought with the purpose of elevating the spiritual quality of those that would listen to it and decide to put it to practice. This revelation, however, in the minds of those receiving it, must compete with traditional ideas and commonly accepted concepts. In that struggle, those who receive the revelation adjust it until it reaches equilibrium with those ideas that have formed the core of their beliefs until that point in time in their lives.

“Take for example the apostles, who at the beginning of their instruction by our Sovereign Creator Son, understood his mission as one of purely physical nature, to seat him in the throne of David and kick the Romans and gentiles out of Palestine. Even when later on during their life in association with Michael, they commenced to perceive the real intention of his mission, they continued to make a compromise between his message of the equality of all mortals in the eyes of Father, with deeply dug-in teachings of the old testament, and so, in their eyes, women and gentiles were not considered as equals.

“They continued to carry at least some of these traditions, long after they had received the Spirit of Truth during Pentecost, and up to their deaths. Nevertheless, they were brave in their mission and carried it on, the best they could based on their “balanced” understanding of what was revealed to them, until their last breath. Of course, they all did their duties as sons of God and were all compensated in love and glory after their resurrection.

“Now, fast forward to the present, you and many of your brethren are aware of the Fifth Revelation, have accepted it, and have understood it to the best of your abilities. Based on your understanding of that revelation, and with the help of celestials, you will go forward to refresh the minds and souls of so many tormented and deceived mortals. You all are capable of doing Father’s will through the exercise of this sacred duty, even when you do not fully comprehend what was revealed to you.

“You are not perfect, and receiving the Fifth Revelation will not make you absolutely perfect either, but it will increase you spiritual quality, and that of those that choose to listen and to follow.
“The moral of this subject is, ‘do not squabble and argue over small differences in opinion what was revealed, as that will have to be updated as well in order to incorporate knowledge that you could not understand then back when the first Urantia Book was being drafted, but will be able to understand now.

This truth needs to evolve and will do so as the mortals of this sphere prove themselves more capable of understanding it. Just like the universe, just like Father’s love for His creatures, revelation grows; it becomes bigger; always dynamic, and always seeking to make you all more and more aware of what awaits you once you leave the life in the flesh. Be willing and very attentive students, and the lessons that you will learn will transport you, through the vast universe, to Father’s presence in Paradise.”

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