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ATL294- Points of Transformation

2014-08-05-Points of Transformation
At Large #294


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Points of Transformation
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Steven Murphy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Points of Transformation
Group: At Large
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Steven Murphy


ABRAHAM: This is Abraham. Thank you for giving me this time and this space. I choose you as an instrument because your foundation is one of insight and this transmission is one that requires such a foundation in order for my message to be real. I choose you also, as you have certain seriousness to you and a sense of urgency, which is what I want to convey now.

All of you are being trained to TR, as you call it, to receive communications and messages from us in preparation for your participation in the Magisterial Mission, which is in fact underway and is manifesting from our perspective everyday, even though from your mortal perspective of time, with your narrow concepts of time, you feel that it has been delayed. Certain manifestations, to you, have been delayed for the following reasons, among many:
In your training, you are all being alerted to spirit communications. These communications are to test our circuits and also for you to come to know yourselves. You are all seeking reassurance. You are all trying to work through doubts. You are all facing fears.

In addition to that, as the work has developed, you are beginning to experience natural mortal reactions to working together. Those reactions at this early stage do not always feel good to you. But they are tiny lights to us which we want to shine brightly. For when they shine, they become one light. That is the light we need. We want to continue our mission for you to light the way for us on Urantia.

This light is at present, fragmented, or more accurately takes on the appearance of fragmentation. What is in reality happening is as you come to know yourselves and as you publish the content and the feelings and the process of your communications with us, one to another, you begin to experience points of transformation. Those appear in strange forms to you. They appear as envy. They appear as rivalry. They appear as affected love; affectation. They appear as cleverness. They appear as self-promotion. All of which is true.

Such things are in you by design and are meant to be points of transformation where each of you will have an opportunity to manifest brotherhood; to find the Father through the other. In order to get your mortal attention so that it is felt and taken seriously, these points of transformation occur in what you might think of as uncomfortable or even negative feelings triggered by others.

As you all become yourselves and show yourselves through the communications, you affect one another. Some of you are affected in a negative way. Some of you are affected in a positive way. Whether positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. You are affected. You are noticing one another. You are having mortal reactions to the presence of another. This is the point of transformation. This is the secret of such a design that mortals notice each other by distancing, by rivalry. Mortals respond to the other with self-promotion.

This is what Caligastia exploited. He didn’t create it. He exploited it. He accelerated this inherent design so that it never had resolution. This is a critical point for all of you to know: These points of transformation must reach resolution in order for us to have you as the shining light we need on Urantia.

There will be momentary periods of darkness on Urantia. We need you to shine a light, a single light, not fragmentations of light. As an advanced part of your training, I make these specific recommendations to you:
Find the person on the forum who bothers you the most. Find the person on the forum whose postings of transmissions trigger in you lower levels of feeling: of envy, of rivalry, of resentment, of competition. Cherish those feelings as points of transformation. Those are the ways you will be able to cleanse yourself in such a way that once transformed you are rapidly brought into a perception and an actual experience of brotherhood. It is finding God through the people that bother you that leads to this transformation.

The second recommendation is: Turn to the standard book, the Urantia Book. The Urantia Book was given to you as part of preparation for this mission. Most of you have your favorite other books. Study the Urantia Book. Do not rely just on transformations coming from transmissions. Those are filtered by what I’m calling your points of transformation. Those are filtered by your mortal longings and your mortal desires. Study the Urantia Book every day. Set aside time. Do not run a race of how quickly you can read through the book. Take sections of the book and study it. Take a paragraph of the book and study it. It is the singular reference. It is the ultimate, in your terms, transmission.


ABRAHAM: Those two recommendations will advance your training so that the many, many fragmented tiny lights will grow into one light and you will become a group mind and to us a single mind, a single light. I make these recommendations as one whose responsibility is to train you for this mission. Please follow them. I give you my warmest regards and reassure you that we all are watching over you and will help you. Now it is time for you to step up your effort to not be just little children of the Father but to be partners with the Father. I bid you a good day.

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