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ATL295- Working With the Incarnated Magisterial Son

2014-08-16-Working With the Incarnated Magisterial Son

At Large #295


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Working with the Incarnated Magisterial Son
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Working with the Incarnated Magisterial Son
Group: At Large
Teacher: Machiventa
TR: Paul Conklin


MACHIVENTA: Machiventa Melchizedek speaking: Hello everyone. This is Machiventa. I am coming to you now to prepare you for when you will be working with Monjoronson on the ground. It is quite an amazing undertaking. A visit of any Avonal Son to an evolutionary world is a time of great hope, a time of great growth. But when there is growth it is as a result of your hard work. You all know that you cannot get something for nothing. You have to work hard for that which you seek and then you will receive a payoff. In this case the payoff is your continued soul growth. Your continued soul growth is far more important than the present state of your finances. Is it not true my brethren that you cannot slave for two masters? So, slave for that which has everlasting value. See what you have in a material sense as something that you need in the present moment. . . . Do not become bogged down by the pursuit of riches in opposition to your spiritual growth.

When Monjoronson hits the ground running it will be a great time of excitement for you and for all of us in the celestial realms. Although this is fairly common in the universe, that is a visit of an Avonal Son, it is not common for all of you Urantians, since this is your first visit by an Avonal Son. What to do when you first meet Monjoronson? Just be yourself. We are not above you in the sense that we are superior to you. We certainly have much experience that we wish to share with you, but do not be afraid of us. Can you work with someone that you are afraid of? Can you work with someone that you feel is far above you? We are not far above you. We are your brethren. We wish to see what you wish to see. You wish to see this world enter into the first stages of light and life and so do we also. Let us work together as a team to effect that change.

Now, under whose authority am I operating? Well, I am operating under the authority of my father, Christ Michael. This is his universe, along with his beloved partner, our beloved Mother Spirit, Nebadonia. It is the combined will of our divine parents that we want to see come to fruition. Similarly, Monjoronson is working together with his brother to effect the plans for Urantia, the vision that Michael and Nebadonia have for this world. So, we view this as an opportunity to work together for the common goal. You often have the experience of someone being in charge and you may have little say in what you wish to see changed. Now I say to you my brethren that you have more than a little say of what you want to see changed on your world. We are in this together. We are not going to charge in with guns blazing like the cavalry come to save the day. What we intend to do is far more subtle than that. Let us sit together at the same table with the blessing of Michael and Nebadonia, and let us work to make their combined wills for this world a reality.

There is an ignorance of a kind on this world. There is an ignorance of some basic facts, of some basic truths. We, the staff of Monjoronson, my staff, and Christ Michael’s staff, intend to change all of that. We intend to let the world know the basic facts about how the universe is operated, how our local universe is a laboratory for learning. Imagine when the world comes up to speed on these basic facts, how it will change things. So much will change for the positive when these facts are known. Is it not true that if you were to tell most people about their divine parents that they would look at you with a blank stare? This is as a result of the Lucifer rebellion of course, the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion. How much the world will be blessed when they discover that they have two wonderful divine parents that love them so much. The world will take off in a positive way in creativity, in the world’s mutual cooperation, in the world’s newfound breath of fresh air.

That is what it will mean to work on my staff, on Monjoronson’s staff, on Christ Michael’s staff. The world will awaken to a wonderful truth. And when they awaken to that wonderful truth, they, the entire world, will breathe a blessed sigh of relief. Now that is where you come in. You will be the liaison for the big three, as you like to call us, and the world at large. You will be assigned and trained to be an effective liaison, a go-between that will assist those hungering for truth at that time. Even now you are all liaisons, even though your work is more subtle now. The work that you do is largely taking place behind the scenes. Then, when Monjoronson arrives, you will all be more in the public eye. It will be quite an adjustment for you all when you go from your present state of relative obscurity to persons that will be in the public eye. I tell you my brethren prepare now for that time. Prepare now for what lies ahead.

All of this of course must meet the approval of your Thought Adjusters. We do not, nor will we ever, trump the leadings of your Thought Adjusters. If what you are being prepared for has met the approval of your Father fragments first, and then the various staffs will decide if you will be working as part of our material staff. Now some of you may be on one of the staffs or on more than one staff. Some of you may be put to work on all of the staffs. That is the big three as you like to call us. The staffs of Michael, Monjoronson, and my staff. Again, even if we were to select you to be on a staff it would still have to be approved by your Thought Adjusters first.

So get ready my brethren. Exciting times are ahead. We come together as a team, celestial and mortal, to effect a vibrant change on your world. I, your Planetary Prince, am so excited as well that our planet has reached this stage of evolutionary development. The time for your relative obscurity is soon to run out. You will go through quite an adjustment when that happens, so be ready my brethren. Pray to the Paradise Father and ask for His wisdom, His guidance, His love. Pray to our Creator Son and to Nebadonia and pray similarly. For what will change this world for the better? When this world learns about the will of the Father and does it. When this world learns about the will of Michael and does it. When this world learns about the will of Nebadonia, our Mother, and does it.


MACHIVENTA:  I Machiventa am signing off now. I look forward to working with you all when I arrive in the flesh. Monjoronson also looks forward to working with you in the flesh as well. Prepare now my brethren and see what the celestial realm will do for this world. See how this world transforms when the combined will of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit are done. When that begins to happen you will see the first stages of light and life on Urantia. A momentous occasion indeed. Thank you all for listening and good night my brethren.

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