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ATL301- Learning to Transcend Fearlessly

2014-08-31-Learning to Transcend Fearlessly
At Large #301


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Learning To Transcend Fearlessly
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Learning To Transcend Fearlessly
Group: At Large
Teacher: Michael
TR: Paul Conklin


MICHAEL:  Good day my children! It is always a pleasure to connect with you all. I always approach the Father with praise in my heart because of all of you. Why it is because of Him that you are all here. It is because of Him that your Mother and I are so blessed with a seemingly endless population of our children. You keep growing and growing and growing. You keep ascending and ascending and ascending.

Yet, do you not yet know your power? Do you not yet know that you need not wait for it? Do you not yet know that you can transcend your present environment? Why wait for eons for something that you can attain right now? I tell you truly my children that you can transcend above your humble beginnings and right now be in the presence of the Almighty One.

Why do you think I came here to planet earth my children? Of course you know the main reason. I wanted to thwart the course of rebellion. I wanted to help children tainted by the worst rebellion in all of the seven superuniverses so you could have what I have. Do you think that you cannot have what I have? Do you think that you are so far below me that you could not possibly attain what I have attained? What would be the purpose in that? Just as the Father desires you to have all that He is, I desire you all to have what I am. Isn’t that what it is all about my children? I look down on your world every day with such feelings of love for you all. I see you with all of your turbulent emotions, with all of your angst, with all of your depression, with all of your anxiety, and I want to make it better for you.

Tell yourself today that you can transcend your environment. You can rise, rise, rise, above it all. You can attain heights that your brethren would think unattainable. And yet, and yet, do you not yet know that if you transcend that your brethren may transcend? They await for you. They wait for you to climb that mountain. Yet, you do not even have to leave your living room to climb that mountain. You can plant your flag at the top of Mount Everest, though you leave not your house.

You can stand at the pinnacle, at the highest location on Mother Earth and look down at all those that are below you. While you stand there the lack of oxygen does not bother you. You see them now all struggling, all inching forward pathetically, and here you are. You reach down your hand and hoist the next one up. “Be where I am my brother. Be where I am my sister. I have transcended above it all.”

Do you not yet know that as you move, that as you transcend, we all transcend? I, your father, Christ Michael transcends as you transcend. I walk beside you as you take every step up that steep mountain. Though the way is hazardous at times we are connected to each other by a rope that is anchored into the earth, into the slope of the mountain. If you fall, you will not fall that far, because I have you. You will bruise nothing more than your ego, which you brush off as you rise again and continue your ascent. Feel the crisp mountain air circulate through your lungs as you ascend. Feel the crisp mountain air rejuvenate your heart and your Spirit as you continue your journey.

Why in reality, there you were, sitting in the lotus position or reclined on your bed feeling the transcendent value of the universe flow through your veins. The One that you think cannot be attained lest you climb Mount Everest is right there, right now. That One has already made the climb ahead of you. That One has already blazed the trail that you walk upon. There are no mysteries to Him. He knows it all from beginning to end. He knows the end before the end and the beginning before the beginning. He knows you little one. He knows your heart, your deepest desires, your wildest dreams, and He wants those dreams of yours to come true.

Will those dreams come true as you knock your head against the wall to make it so? Or will those dreams come true as you transcend your existence? As you transcend your existence here you will be where the Maker of all is. There you will be home. There your heart will be still. There the miracle that is you will transcend its seemingly meager existence and rise above it all to claim the glory that is yours. Where do you transcend, but in the realms of the mind my children? Is it not mind which manipulates and controls energy? You are the mind, the Eternal mind that can do that.

You, with your mind, can manipulate and control the energies that you thought you had no control over. Oh Eternal mind, beginningless, endless, insert yourself in the never ending circle of eternity and watch as you, as you change your world, as you transcend. Watch as the miracle that is you transcends all of your fears, all of your woes, all of your lack, to create something that is a marvel to behold. You see my children, I transcended above all that I thought I was, all that I thought I could be. When my transcendence reached full circle I created something that I could not have imagined before I put my mind to it.

When I transcended, when I became as the One, I produced you, the miracle that is you. You will one day transcend your humble beginnings and produce miracles, miracles that you cannot now even imagine because you will have transcended it all. Oh Father on high what a miracle you are. How you lend to us your transcendence that we may share all that you are with everyone around us.This is my prayer to you today precious Father. Oh Father help them to believe. Help them to believe that they can transcend above it all. That they can produce miracles as you have produced miracles.

They need not wait for another time, for another era, for another age, to transcend above it all. Right now in the eternal now they can produce miracles, all of them, each and every one. Let them know that the secret is inside of them. Right there inside of them they are already standing on the highest mountain. They are standing with the Absolute looking inside and outside and all around at what they have created. They can see it all now. They see the miracle that is you because the miracle that is you is the miracle that they are.

Oh Father on high work your miracles within each heart, so that each one may transcend to be where you are, in every moment of every day for the rest of their lives, and for the endless eons to come. There I will be with you in every moment as they all bask in their transcendence. As they all bask in the miracle that they all are. There I will be in the stillness, in the stark and holy silence praising you and loving you forever and ever. A message of love received through Paul Conklin via our Creator Son Christ Michael.

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