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ATL303- The Glory That Is Mine Shall Be Yours

2014-09-17-The Glory That Is Mine Shall Be Yours
At Large #303


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Glory That Is Mine Shall Be Yours
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Siraya
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: The Glory That Is Mine Shall Be Yours
Group: At Large
Teacher: Siraya
TR: Paul Conklin


SIRAYA: Greetings my beloved children, this is your Father, Siriaya. I tell you that His voice speaks through me and I feel that I am the most privileged being in the universe. I have His voice with me, His Spirit with me, 24/7, as you like to say. If I, If I traveled to the most remote part of Father’s universe there He would be, far from prying eyes. Yet, there in that stark remoteness there He would be because there He is. There He is roving about and preparing things for your eventual arrival.

You could say that if you take just one step, just one tiny step forward, I will take fifty giant leaps forward. I am so far ahead of you because I have prepared something special for all of you. If you, if you just trust me, if you just put your faith in me, I will take you to unimaginable heights. I shall take you where no one has gone before. Where no one has ever laid eyes upon, I shall take you.

Right now, you exist in the mire of this world and you think that this is all that there is. I tell you my children, my precious children, that there is more, there is so much more than this life. But to get to where I am you need to go through a long period of training. If I did not train you properly I would not be doing you any favors. Can you imagine a soldier being sent out on duty without the proper training? When the first wind blew that soldier would fall down. Yet, if that soldier received the proper training, that soldier would withstand, not just a little puff of air.

That soldier would withstand the most withering, the most devastating windstorm and still live to tell the tale. My dear children, my precious children, you are all like soldiers in training. But you are much more than soldiers. You are my children. And if you are my children then there is nothing that I will withhold from you. What you are going through now, though you often do not understand, will produce in you a kind of super being. A kind of super being developed from the mire of the evolutionary worlds. I can do that. I can take a little one, a mere atom, and transform that mere atom into the mightiest Spirit person.

Oh, if you could only see me as I am. If you could only see me as I am then you would not give in to your emotions. You would not ever give up. You would not ever give up because I never give up on you. I never give up on you because you are my precious child. What parent does not want the best for its child? But I tell you my children that sometimes the road seems long. It seems that it will never end. It seems that the things you are going through will never end. I tell you my dear children that there will be an end. There will be an end to your struggles. There will be an end to your sufferings. After you have struggled, after you have suffered, the sun will arise in all of its glory. I am the sun that will arise in all of its glory.

And I shall not arise outside of you, outside of your vision, I shall arise within your hearts. I shall arise and I shall never set. Do you want the glory that is mine? I have my glory to give you because that is what I want to do. You hardly experience glory in your present state of reality, but I tell you that my glory comes on apace. My glory is waiting to give itself to you. I promise that if you will not give up my glory shall be yours eternally. Do you not think that my heart is touched by you my children? How could that be? How could it be that I am not touched by your heroism, by your bravery under difficult circumstances. But through it all you never give up and I shall never give up on you.

So, will you take one step, just one step? That is all I ask. I don’t ask that you take one giant leap, for that would be impossible for you. Yet, you are capable of taking one step, and then another, and then another. Before you know it those series of one steps will put you on my doorstep. You will knock on the door of eternity and I will gladly open the door and let you in. There, you will be greeted by beings extraordinary, by beings that are secreted from you at present. But you will be there simply because you put one foot in front of the other. Not because you did something extraordinary, but because you were steadfast. You shut your eyes and began to see through me.

When you began to see me you could see everything, you could see forever. When you finally could see forever each step proved to be lively, proved to be vigorous. Each step was trod with passion as you moved determinedly towards my home on the Paradise Isle. Who will come to the feast that I have prepared for all of you? Who will sing and dance and cry out loud? Beings unnumbered, beings that you do not even know will be there. They will be there to congratulate you. But at the head of the line there I will be. There I will be falling on your neck and kissing you tenderly on your forehead and cheek because you have done it. YOU HAVE DONE IT!

This experiment of mine will have proved successful because whatever I will, will be so, will come to fruition. This experiment of mine will have success. And you are a very part of that success. Without you would there have been any success? I tell you my children that because of you, because of you this experiment has proved to be successful. It has proved to be successful because I did not force you to do a single thing. There it was from your heart of hearts, there it was from your own will. You went looking for my will in every place, but you stopped looking when you found my will in your own heart, because my will became your will forever and ever.

Two beings so close now. Breathe not, nor let your hearts sound a beat, for there in the silence, there in the silence we are one. And the glory that you have been waiting for, I, I wish to give you. I give it to you freely from my own heart. Let us arise! Let us go forth you and I. Let us perform miracles you and I. Let us give of ourselves you and I. And when you lie at my feet I shall give it all to you. I shall give to you the glory that has been mine from one end of eternity to the other end of eternity.

So, when you lay your head down tonight dream of what will be. Dream of that day when we are reunited at the center of all things. There, I have been saving all of your tears, all of your devotion, all of your love, to give back to you for eternity. Let us go where no one has gone before. There, let us create worlds at our command; let us create children that are yet to be, for I tell you, I tell you that my glory shall be yours. My glory shall be yours from this end of eternity to the other end of eternity. I have spoken it so let it be. I have spoken it and my will shall ever be.

The sun has arisen! It has arisen! The sun has arisen in your hearts and there you will find the glory that you seek. Let us watch the sun arise my children as we hear the melodic voices of angels singing our praises. There I wait on the shores of Paradise to give you what is mine, to give you forever and ever the glory that is mine. Oh little one, precious tiny atom, put one foot in front of the other and here I await, here I await to welcome you home; welcome you home to my house, to my heart, where I wait to give you my glory forever and ever.


A message of truth, beauty, goodness, and love, received through Paul Conklin via our beloved and glorious Master Spirit Siriaya.

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