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AND12- Circuitry Bonding, Mortal To Mortal Communication

2005-09-27-Circuitry Bonding, Mortal To Mortal Communication
Andover #12


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Circuitry Bonding, Mortal To Mortal Communication
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma Sparer
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Circuitry Bonding, Mortal To Mortal Communication
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Tomas
TR: Leoma Sparer


We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and sent light to those affected by the Gulf storms. We then went through a guided mental exercise to “reach” for our teachers. This is meant to raise our vibrations for enhanced teacher contact.

[Ed. We recently had nasty storms with strong winds and property damage. We also had a surprise visit from our new UB friend Richard, who has wanted to experience a Teaching Mission TR session. He “happened to be in the area” and stopped in to say hello… only to find out that he was just in time to have dinner with us and stay for our Tuesday meeting!]

Prayer: Father it is good to be with You again. We know that You are always with us, but tonight You seem closer in this circle of friends. We thank You for sending Your angels to gently nudge Richard to be with us today. We know that sometimes these things seem to be serendipitous, but we know otherwise. Thank You so much. Father, You are so good to us. Even though we have tasted bits of bitterness with the storms around us lately, we send our hearts and our prayers as You know to those who really have been through hard times in the south. We understand that our prayers today have gone to the right places. We have faith that Your love energy has been used for the good. As always we are here to meet with Your teachers, to listen to them, to learn to grow, and to help Michael in His Correcting Time for this planet, Urantia. Lord be with us.

SERENA: Tonight dear friends it is I, Serena, who will address you first. I am most pleased to join you again and to feel the energy of your presences. You always speak of reaching to feel our presence. We are equally privileged to be in yours.


SERENA:  We know that you are only beginning to realize the powerful potentiality that each of you carries within you. I speak not only of the Father fragment within each, but those other inherent qualities and spiritual powers that you are endowed with and are only beginning to awaken to. This is part of the reason for our presence, to help you to reach for these potentialities to bring them forward into expression in your lives, not only for your own growth but for those around you. For you by your mere presence affect those in your proximity. You may not see the changes taking place, for they are on the inner plane of existence. But one day you may turn to your neighbor or to your relatives and realize that there has been a fundamental change within them… a fundamental change in how they react to the world.

We would remind you this evening that Monjoronson is among us now in a more tangible way, yet not completely materialized. That process continues. We remind you again to continue on with your various journeys of growth and service… to remain “as you were”, so to speak.

It is our privilege to bring you recent efforts of up stepping in this time of Correction. There is a process called circuitry bonding being brought forward and experimented with for a few individuals. It is proceeding in a satisfactory manner with these individuals. We will be calling upon others, waiting for additional volunteers for this process. It is entirely up to the individual, as with all things. It is by your will, by your permission, that any of these techniques are ever put into place.

It is our desire to increase the efforts of expanding communication possibilities between spirit and mortal beings. There are many avenues by which communication can take place, as you yourselves have demonstrated. These avenues, which have heretofore seemed for only the few to use effectively, are now being expanded so that greater numbers of mortals will more easily be able to make the connections necessary for clearer and more effective communication. By this we also wish to announce that this is communication not only from spirit to mortal, but from mortal to mortal. Ways of communication over long distances will become more practiced and more proficient over the nearness of your time.

It is our order of our Descending Daughters that announce this to you though it is not directly part of our responsibilities with you. As we have stated earlier, many of those responsibilities and functions will yet remain unrevealed to you. At the same time, we wish to reveal to you that our interactions with you and with those receptive persons around the planet are increasing. Our purview for entering into the Correcting Time efforts is becoming greater in function so that our contact with you is more meaningful. In function we can help you with these communication possibilities.

I encourage and greet you. It has been my privilege to work with you more closely now… myself and those of my order. Now I would step aside for your teacher, Tomas.

TOMAS: : Good evening friends. It is indeed good to be among you again and to welcome your guest this evening. It was no accident that this all worked out for him to be here tonight.

Randy: Thank the angels!

TOMAS: : (chuckles) Yes, the seraphim have been doing their work. They wish to say to you that it is good to receive the recognition for their work from time to time. So much of it goes unseen and unnoticed. Yet that is how they are accustomed to working.

The lesson for this evening is on preparations for Monjoronson’s mission on this planet. Preparations, you say? We have been preparing for years! Yes, that is true. Now my friends, we wish to bring to you new instructions for preparedness. Aside from the reminders to remain in your present and current areas for growth and service, we would like to add that it is now well within your purview to increase your efforts at communication with your spirit friends, with all of us. It is now more possible than ever before for each individual to reach beyond themselves for guidance and for clear communication.

Many have been doubtful at their abilities in this area. Many have hesitated simply because they can go to the internet and read the transcripts, or they can hear someone else speak for a teacher. This is all well and good. This is all part of the plan. This is what we have been bringing you through the Teaching Mission and other efforts through the last few decades. However, now we wish to reach these individuals who have been reticent, who have hesitated, who have tried and have tasted defeat, who need encouragement to try again or to begin. It is now well within the abilities of many more people to receive worthwhile communication, to receive helpful guidance, to receive the transformative energies which are all about you, which are available at all times in all places.

It is our desire to encourage all individuals, including those who have been accustomed to this communication of which we speak. Those who have been accustomed and have been proficient will find that they can reach even further. They may be ready now to do even more, such as the circuitry bonding which Serena spoke of, and the morontial blending which you have been hearing for some time now. The morontial blending is occurring somewhat as a result of the general up stepping of the planet and its population.

All people are being affected to some degree. However with your intention and the ascent of your will to open yourself to these techniques, this will greatly facilitate your progress in these areas. As you know, you must always give your permission… the opening for any spiritual help to come to you. The moment you ask, it is there. The moment you ask, you will realize it has already been there for you, just waiting for the opening. Now I would address your questions this evening.


Randy: Tomas, I heard the words you used, “transformative energies”. Is this what we have been talking about these last few sessions?

TOMAS: : Yes, I mean this term in a general way. It is not a new technique I’m announcing, just the transformation that is taking place within the individuals and with Urantia herself in the Correcting Time.

Randy: Is Urantia still changing? I know that we are all evolving and our Planetary Supreme is probably evolving, too. In this time now when there are changes going on, is Urantia changing greatly, too?

TOMAS: At this time you probably feel some subtle energy shifts or changes. You make suppositions about what those changes may cause or how they affect the things you are seeing in your world today. The changes with your Planetary Supreme are ongoing, as you indicated, much the same as with yourselves as mortals. Further changes which a planet undergoes, aside from the physical mortal, are a little beyond what we would discuss at this time. Let not your fears take hold of this and run away with your imagination. I am not speaking of intentional upheaval.

However as you have seen with these powerful hurricanes, there are changes that are natural that would be happening on the planet. These natural occurrences can be affected by what is happening on the mindal plane of your existence, the general energies of the planet, along with these transformative changes that are taking place. Is this sufficient?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Richard: Tomas, I have a question in relation to my own openness. I consciously think that I am asking to be open to all gifts to be received. Yet I am wondering if subconsciously I sabotage the concept? I don’t recognize the changes. Maybe I am the doubter that your name reminds me of.

TOMAS: : Sometimes these changes are very subtle and easily explained away as imagination or other aspects that you might use to say “I doubt that”. Worldly distractions, noises, mindal distractions, all can get in the way. You know that faith is important in this. You know in your mind that this is possible or you would not have asked. You would not have made the effort to open yourself and to give the permission for communication and guidance. To build your confidence, focus not on the doubt.

Focus not on what you are or are not feeling in the moment. Focus instead on relaxing, being in the Father’s presence. Visualize if you can, something that helps you be in this presence, like crawling into the Father’s lap or perhaps visualizing yourself in a favorite outdoor spot under a tree or by a stream.. whatever can help you physically and mentally to simply be, to simply relax. It is often in the striving and the trying that closes off that subtle valve. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Randy: Tomas, Serena had mentioned contact mortal to mortal. Is this similar that we read in the Urantia Book between Adam and Eve?

TOMAS: : Yes, although they are beings of a different origin than you who are strictly mortal. The communication is somewhat similar. However your technique for developing this communication ability will need to be more willfully constructed. By that I mean that you will need to use your will coupled with celestial help to facilitate opening this communication system for your use. It is an inherent ability yet it is one buried and long forgotten. So you will need to work a little harder to develop this ability to bring it forward. Again I would remind you to use your powers of faith, trust, and those abilities for connecting with spirit you have already been working on.

Randy: Would the outcome of the contact be like how we receive TR teacher contact? In other words verbal, if I can use that word? Or could it be more… visual, if I can use that word too?

TOMAS: It can be what you want to make of it. There will be some who have greater ability in the visual area, others in the audio area, others who will simply feel or will know… such as knowing when someone is in trouble. There are those on your world who have been able to do this already. These abilities will become clearer, sharper. They will be expressed in different ways for different individuals.


TOMAS: If there are no more questions, then I would leave you with this thought. Monjoronson is among us… in spirit, in thought, in prayer, in reality. Until that time when he walks in the physical realm with us, we send our love and the light of our being in his direction to further his mission on this world. In this way, all mortals and celestials can aid the process of his augmentation into physical reality. Keep this in your minds and in your prayers, my friends. It all helps collectively more than you know.

In the coming days we will be teaching you more about communication, about sending light, how to use this light in other ways. For now it is an excellent beginning to learn to use the merkaba and to send light as you have been practicing in recent days. In coming time you will receive information independently as a thought or a knowing that light is needed by someone or in some area. You will have this knowing in the middle of your day, in the midst of activity.

You will pause to pray, to join with us, to send what is needed to whom it is needed. Pay attention when these promptings come your way. Your response to them will increase your ability to receive these promptings. As in all things, practice makes perfect. Perfection is not what we are looking for, however. We are just looking for the intent and the willingness. I leave you this evening. Until the next time, good night.

All: Good night.

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