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AND13- Mortal To Mortal Communications

2005-10-11-Mortal To Mortal Communications
Andover #13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mortal To Mortal Communications
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Alana, Mariah
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Mortal To Mortal Communications
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Alana, Mariah
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, toning, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba. We sent love energy to those involved in the disasters in Pakistan and Guatemala.

Prayer: Father, we come before You tonight with humble hearts. As always, we wait in anticipation for the lessons that Your teachers have prepared for us. It is our intent to take these lessons, use them for the good for others, and for our personal growth. We thank You for the opportunity to participate in the wondrous, marvelous events such as this. We bow before You as we are so grateful to be able to serve in ways that are beneficial to others. We thank You.

TOMAS:  Good evening dear friends. It is I, Tomas, who would address you tonight. As requested, we will keep the session shorter than usual [ed: TR is not feeling well]. It is always our desire to honor any requests that are made. It would be entirely correct for the TR to bow out if it was felt the right thing to do.


TOMAS: I have been asked by the TR herself to address this question of communication of which you were speaking earlier. It is one of the gifts coming forth that mind-to-mind, mortal-to-mortal communication is becoming facilitated so that it is easier to occur. It seems that to your astonishment you are hearing things that have not been spoken. Yet it is so clear in your mind that you would swear you actually heard the words with your ears. Believe it, my friends.

This is beginning to occur for you now, especially for cases where the energy is very high in that moment, that situation, which you by your own will have helped to create. It is through your own energy vibrations and the use of your will, sometimes without you even realizing this is your intent, that these seemingly miraculous events can occur. This is part of what we have been fore telling for your perspective to anticipate and to recognize what is happening, so that you do not argue and become angry with another (chuckles) over the argument of what was said and what was not. That is enough on that subject for tonight.

In addition we would speak to you of further coming changes in your communication abilities and in earth changes that are presently occurring. On your minds quite graphically now are the disasters in Pakistan and Guatemala as well as continuing troubles around the globe, some of which seem to be escalating rather than to be dissipating. For some who see this seeming ramping up of violence from the earth itself it is very unsettling and stirs up fears. It is our desire to calm these fears, my friends. The earth is not retaliating.

These events are not entirely man made, driven or caused. They are natural events that would be occurring whether people were here or not. It is part of the evolution of the planet. Part of the proportion of the seeming disaster occurs in direct proportion to the numbers of people who have positioned themselves in unsafe buildings and large structures in concentrated numbers where these violent changes in the earth are taking place. Perhaps wiser choices of placement and structure could be made.

This is not to say that there is no compassion for all of the suffering that has taken place. That is not true, my friends. There is great sadness and grieving even among the angels for these dear ones who suffer the loss of their loved ones. Those who have been lost no longer suffer and are being greatly cared for. It is those left behind in the physical realm dealing with the aftermath, dealing with the grief and loss, for which we have the greatest compassion.

It is encouraging to see that you in your group have remembered to send your love and to ask for the celestials’ help in sending this love and light to these troubled regions. You are setting an example to be followed. We are most pleased to be seeing this example being set forward. We encourage all groups that the use of effective prayer and sending light, sending love, are the most effective ways with little time and effort involved to help the suffering peoples and to help dispel the energies now being released. I would address your questions at this time.


Randy: How long will these earth changes be going on?

TOMAS:  : The earth is in constant flux, as you might have expected the answer to begin. The earth is in a sense a living being, evolving and changing, just as is the human race which lives upon her. This is one reason the up stepping of the human enlightenment is taking place, to begin to match or catch up with the changes the Planetary Supreme is undergoing, so that greater harmony between the two can be achieved. There is a disparate space between what the earth is ready for and what her peoples are ready for.

So yes, these changes you are seeing now are seemingly greater in their violence and in the number of occurrences. Yet if you look back into geologic history you will see even greater violence and destruction. Yet the populations were so much smaller and scattered that history does not record the events in the same horrific way in terms of human suffering.

As for a time table to the magnitude of these occurrences, which I believe is the answer you want to hear, these events will continue as long as they need to for the earth to shift into a new dimension and her peoples along with her. For the physical manifestation of the Planetary Supreme to settle into a greater era of stability, this will take considerable time. This may not satisfactorily answer your specific question, but at this time it is all I am allowed to give you.

Randy: Is there anything that we can do that we are not doing to help this process?

TOMAS:  : The majority of the geological occurrences and weather patterns will take place regardless of what you do. What can be changed is the degree of suffering that the human peoples undergo as a result. What can be changed is how others respond, how they aid, and how they anticipate where possible that populations should be moved to avoid some of these difficulties. There are concentrations of people where it is no longer safe to be. If they remain stubborn in hanging on to their homes, to what is familiar, then they must be prepared for the consequences.

We are speaking of those living along major fault lines, who live too close to the oceans, who have perched themselves at the bottom of dormant volcanoes, and other such areas that can be identified and have indeed been identified by earth scientists. Perhaps the magnitude of the disasters is now reaching enough people that they will listen to the information they are being given and voluntarily relocate. There are regions where very little disruption will be taking place. It would seem logical to move to these places, would it not?

Keith: Tomas, you said that communication lines are becoming more open all the time. How can we be more in contact in these lines of communication, such as doing TR work like is being done right now?

TOMAS:  : Are you asking how you as an individual can facilitate this process?

Keith: Yes I am, actually.

TOMAS:  : OK. Continue with stillness. Continue with efforts to purify your body so that you can receive and maintain higher vibrations. This is what moves one into a higher dimension, as you speak of it, so that you are at a higher level of attainability, of availability, to be open to receive communication on a higher level. This would include the foods that you ingest and the chemicals that you use daily. Many of them need to be cleansed from your daily living. It may also mean personally cleansing your body of the toxins that have accumulated throughout the years.

The body is the temple for your soul and the vehicle for your mind while you are on the physical plane. So these must be honored and taken well care of. It is somewhat like the tubes within a radio set. If they are cracked and broken the radio won’t work so well. The connections can only be made if there is a good circuitry within the vehicle. Is there more you wish to know?

Keith: No, not at this time.

Richard: Hello Tomas. Thank you for your assistance a couple of weeks ago in helping me to examine this questioning that is constantly in my head.

TOMAS:  : You are not the only one. (chuckles)

Richard: Thank you. You have answered several of my other questions in answering Keith’s question. My specific question for myself would be as I prepare myself to do the work of the Father, what venue would best be suitable for my expression… whether it would be speaking, teaching, writing? Is it possible to find out?

TOMAS:  : Well, certainly you know it is possible to find out the answer to these questions. They lie within, do they not? (laughter) You want an answer to come from the outside to confirm what you already know on the inside. What it takes for the individual is perhaps a bit of experimentation of reaching out in different ways with the abilities that you know you have to see what is most energizing to you. Ask within yourself what it is that energizes you. Is it your writing? Is it in speaking to others?

Perhaps at this time it is continuing to search yourself for energy connections, to make those connections stronger, so that the flow of energy coming to you brings things into your life to indicate to you which direction you would like to pursue. Those things which draw your attention would be things for you to follow, to take notice of, and to try out. Perhaps you have already been doing those things and are still confused.

There is no one correct or right way to go. The Father desires for you to go where it pleases you most, where your gifts can be most strongly expressed in a way that delights you… in a way that brings you the energy, the joy that you desire to feel. If you go in one direction and find that it feels like work to you, perhaps that is not the direction that you want to go. You will not be told which way to go. There will always be choices.

The question you might want to ask within yourself is what is the highest choice. It is for you as an individual to work with your teachers, your guides, whomever you look to for that guidance. Ask for your talents, your gifts, to be expanded in such a way that you will find a natural expression for them… that you will not need to put forth a great deal of effort that feels like work. It will flow freely from you. When you have found that place of energy, energy flows to you in the same circuit that you are giving out from. You will receive things to feed this gift as you give this gift, and it will make a full circle in your life.

I know that you wanted a specific answer but the process is unique to you. The process of discovering what this is, is the grandest part of the journey. It can not be handed to you or done for you. Once you have learned to trust in this process, you will trust in yourself. Does this suffice?

Richard: Yes, thank you (chuckling).

TOMAS:  : You are more than welcome (laughing).

Randy: I’d like to ask for something here. First I would say that I have had the great fortune of having my personal teacher, Aronafal, TR’ed for me. It has been such a blessing that I have communicated with him within my mind for some time now. However, the clarity of the communications that have come through the spoken TR process most recently [ed. Leoma was the TR] have been exceedingly helpful. I have to say that from one mortal’s perspective, it is a great great blessing to actually speak in a coherent way [ed. converse] with our personal teachers, our celestial friends. It puts a personality, a person, on the other end.

So my request is, if Keith and if Richard want to hear a personal message from either their teacher or their seraphim or whoever on the other side… I wish it to be so.

TOMAS:  : That is a generous request. So, is it desired?

Richard: You are asking me?

TOMAS:  : Yes.

Richard: Only within what is allowed… but yes, it is desired. I know not who my guides are.

ALANA: : I am Alana. I have been working closely with you Richard for some time now. Pause for a few moments now and feel the energy of my being with you.  I am one that you can ask for help with bringing out those gifts which you are so willing and are so joyful in your heart about, wanting to express in the service of Michael. It is a beautiful thing to see. I would be happy to help you develop that. So please call on me and I will help you understand how to bring forward these gifts. There is, as Tomas said, not one particular gift to bring forward. There are many. You will find that they all work well together.
So let us work more intentionally together from now on. Do you agree?

Richard: Yes, thank you. I do.

ALANA: : Find me in stillness. I will come to you and help in any way that I can, in which I am allowed.

Richard: Thank you, Alana.

ALANA: You are welcome. I am happy to have come forward now in your awareness.

TOMAS:  : Keith, is it your desire?

Keith: Yes, it is.

MARIAH: : I am your teacher, Mariah. I am not the only being around you but I am the one coming forward to speak to you now. So if you would like to take a few moments to feel my presence, let us do that together. I would like to express to you, not only thanks for being recognized in your awareness, but to reflect to you the beauty of your soul… how very nearly balanced you are between the feminine and the masculine aspects. This is a great gift to possess so readily in these times in this human race. It is as of yet a rare thing, not only among males but also among the females, to be so nearly balanced. Now, so that you do not get a big head over it, let us say there is still plenty to work on, OK? (chuckles)

Keith: OK. Endless things to work on. (laughter)

MARIAH: : That goes for everyone, not just for you. I will enjoy working more closely with you now. I would remind you to continue the stillness practice as often as you can. It is the main factor in increasing your awareness of being able to increase your bodily vibrations. There is so much in this world that works against that happening. It is imperative that you daily connect yourself to higher realities so that some of the weight of living in this world can be counteracted. The goal is to remain connected as much as possible, even as you work in your daily life. I can help you with this. You only have to ask.

Keith: Thank you, Mariah. I will ask often.

MARIAH: I know that you will. You have a good heart, and you are growing well. I look forward to closer association now.


TOMAS:  I will end this evening together now with a prayer. Great Father of us all, Spirit Mother of us all, we crave Your presence. We crave knowing and feeling Your presence with us and are so thankful that You are ever present. Help us always to be reminded to allow You to come forward in our awareness, to be present and expressed in every moment of every day, so that we may become stronger in You. Help us to look to You for the strength and wisdom to carry on in our daily lives. Help us to remember the gifts that You give so freely waiting for us, and to use them to help others. We close our evening together now, yet remain open to Your presence as we part one from another in this place. Good night.

All: Good night Tomas. Thank you.

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