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AND14- Energy Vibrations of Matter, Mind, & Spirit

2005-11-06-Energy Vibrations of Matter, Mind, & Spirit
Andover #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Vibrations of Matter, Mind, & Spirit
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Aronafal
o 2.2 TR: Randy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Vibrations of Matter, Mind, & Spirit
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Aronafal
TR: Randy


We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba.
Prayer: Father, we come to you tonight with open hearts and open minds. You are so good to us to send Your teachers to elevate our understanding of the world. Help us to understand more so how to grow spiritually, how to get along with each other, and how to appreciate Your creation. We thank You so much for this. As always we declare that we are here to listen to Your teachers so that we may personally grow, so that we may help others and aid Michael in this Correcting Time.

NEBADONIA: Welcome children. It is I your Mother, Nebadonia.

Group: Welcome; welcome Mother.

NEBADONIA: : It is good that you are here. It is good that you come here with the intent to be with each other. Your declaration of personal growth is something that pleases your Father Michael and me.


NEBADONIA: Tonight I wish to give you a lesson, more on the energy themes. You have had lessons in the past on understanding mind and these energies. We will continue along this line. The last time you met, Michael worked with you through your consciousness [ed note: not transcribed due to recorder error]. I would like to do the same tonight. So relax and open your mind, open your consciousness. Realize that you are more than you think you are. For this group here, you have the blessing of a light anchor. You use this for good purpose, to raise your vibrations, to tap into these spiritual energies, to enhance your use of these spiritual energies. For those of you reading this transmission, imagine in front of you a pillar of light.

Imagine it with some dimension if you will, it is a pillar of light that runs from Michael to your earth. It is the love of God and it naturally flows that way. Imagine in your mind stepping up close to it. Maybe you can feel it pulsing. Maybe you can see it as colors. Maybe it just feels good to you.

Individually, walk into this light anchor. Walk into this area of love. What do you feel? Do you feel goodness in your body? Let’s think about that. Let’s think about you yourself in your body with the love of God washing over you like a shower, coursing through you as energy. How does this feel? You may see this as glittering gold, glittering green… goodness, though, for your body. Imagine as this happens, and you are still relaxing in there, that all of the poisons in your body, all of the wrongness about your body, all of the disease about your body… is washed. It is washed down and out of you.

Where it goes you need not be concerned. But you may think that it goes down into the earth to be used for the good, in other ways. How do you feel? What do you see? How does your body feel? Does it feel lighter? It may! Some of that which you carry with you, you do not need. Old energies, negative energies, these can be washed away.

Now come with me a little bit further into this area. As we go a little bit further inside you might feel higher energies, higher vibrations; a different ness. The thought of your bodies is there but left behind. What do you feel? What do you see? You may see or feel new energies, higher vibrations. You may feel other presences. Pay attention to this. As you do, where are they coming from? You may notice that they are not coming “down”, but that they may come from many directions from all around you. Expand yourself into this consciousness.

Now I wish to take you a little bit deeper into this anchor. Yes, the energies are a bit different, aren’t they? You may see more white light. You may feel higher energies, higher vibrations. Your perception is different here, isn’t it? There may be no up or down, right or wrong. It just… is. All of this is God’s love. All of this you can experience in your own way.

Return with me now and look around. You may sense others here but it’s in a different way, isn’t it. My children it is difficult for you to understand the reality of spirit. You hear others say in reality that we are all one. That is true, in spirit we are all one. As you touch these levels of matter and mind and spirit you get a clearer understanding of spirit, of oneness. As you turn around and come back out to your lives, your world reality, remember these feelings. Remember the goodness. Remember how it feels to touch God’s love in this way. I leave you in my peace, children.

Group: Good night, Mother.

ARONAFAL:  Good evening. I am Aronafal [ed note: Randy’s teacher]. I wish to give you a brief picture of access to these energies. I would like to have a bit of fun with you and maybe describe this using your will and connecting to these energies, etc., in the following way.

Many of you find it difficult to get around without a car. Let’s use that as an example. You open the door and get inside and put the key into the ignition. You turn the key and the engine starts, does it not? Starting the engine… doesn’t that sound like your will? Engaging, turning things on, saying “Yes, I will do it”, or maybe “No, not now”. Making that decision.

You know that in front of you there is a gear shift lever to figure out if you are going to go forward or backward. You have the steering wheel in your hands, and you are ready to go in the direction that you choose. That my friends maybe could be thought of as your intent, could it not? God in His infinite wisdom lets you be the driver. Driving is fun! And… driving can also be hazardous. You may make wrong decisions, but the important thing is to make the decisions.

So with will and with intent… another thing that you learned about was your sincerity, was it not? Sincerity can mean different things to different people. But here are some ways that you can think about it. Once you turn the car on and have it in gear and you are ready to drive, what must you do next? You have to depress the accelerator, so the car can go. You put your foot on the accelerator and expect to go powered by a finely tuned engine. You may find that as you give it some gas you are not going as fast as you think you should be or the engine is not running as smoothly as you would expect.

Maybe that has something to do with your sincerity. Do you believe in what you’re doing? You believe you can use these spiritual energies? How strong is your faith? Part of sincerity is also knowing that you have the intent to use these energies for higher fulfillment… insuring that this is for the higher good. That might mean that this is for others. That might mean that this is for your higher good so that you can be of service to others. All of this aids in your sincerity.

So then what happens when you step on that accelerator and you don’t feel your engine revving with high performance… you don’t go with as much power or as fast as you want to go? One thing that you may pay attention to is raising the vibrations of your body high enough so that you can go in the way that you want to go. You have learned some of how you can do this. Most certainly, being in the stillness and connecting with God will aid tremendously in this process. Also what is important for high performance is to make sure that the fuel that you are using will make the engine run well. If you don’t pay attention to what you eat and what chemicals are around you, these can be a detriment to your body.

Use good, high octane fuel. Strive to eat good things, and this will aid. I would like to leave you with one more thought. When you finally get your car going you still have choices, don’t you. You will observe the traffic signs to understand the best way to drive the roads and the best places to go to. These would be God’s desires for you. Don’t forget that to get to your destination you can take many routes to do this. For instance, if you are going on a long trip you may choose to take the scenic route. That way you can see many things and experience things first hand. But you also know that this sometimes comes at a price. The traffic is slower. You have to deal with the oncoming traffic in the lane right next to you.

There are more stop signs. But this is good, if it is your choice. However, you know that you have another alternative. You could instead choose to take your trip by driving the interstate highway. Although you may not experience things in the same way, there are some benefits. Somehow the travel becomes less cumbersome from the point there are no traffic lights, you have to worry less about the oncoming traffic, and you can more easily pass other cars if you wish to go faster. And you can put it on cruise control, can’t you? My point dear friends is that we can be that cruise control. Look to your guides. Look to your celestial friends as help on your path, your journey in your daily walk. We do not want to take away from you the joy and the fun of driving, but at times we can get you there in an alternate way… if you so choose.


ARONAFAL:   So remember when you decide to get in your car to drive, do decide that it is fun to drive. Remember to keep your engine tuned. Happy trails. I leave you now.

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