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AND15- Blessings from Celestials

2005-11-28-Blessings from Celestials
Andover #15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Blessings From Celestials
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Machiventa, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Blessings From Celestials
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Machiventa, Monjoronson
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness. We then performed toning to unify our frequencies and breathing exercises to raise our frequencies. We then linked to the light anchor and together created the group merkaba to participate in effective prayer for our loved ones and for those in need around the world.

Prayer: God, we thank you for allowing us to understand and to be a part of the Love energy that you give us, every moment of every day. We pray that our understanding will be spread one person at a time, so that they may spread clearer understanding to others one person at a time. We pray that we receive Your comfort and find the strength when we come in contact with those that have very different opinions. We desire that we maintain a calmness and an awareness to take the time to listen to them and to radiate love at any kind of hatred and misunderstanding that they may have toward us.

MACHIVENTA: Good evening. It is I, Machiventa Melchizadek, who wishes to address you first this evening. It has been some while since I have made my presence directly known to your group, although I have been near by. I wish to encourage this group to continue your efforts in raising your vibrations. This is quite commendable. We are pleased to see what is being learned about the energies which are at your disposal. These energies are now building and being put to great use on this planet, but as of yet only in small pockets or areas such as yours. Yet it is a good beginning. From these small places of strong and enduring light others can connect and learn from what your groups are accomplishing.


MACHIVENTA:  It is our desire at this time to speak to you further of these energies which you seek to put to good use. The amount of time you spend individually or in groups in considering learning about and practicing the use of these energies is time well spent. It is accumulative in the sense that the knowledge builds upon itself, as well as the ability to direct these energies to put them to good use. At the same time you are beginning to practice the use of these energies in a practical, scientific sense. You are also gaining spiritually in your ability to use such powers wisely and with groundedness in your purpose. These energies are not to be taken for granted or used for play. They are to be used with joy, yet with purpose. This is the benefit not only to you but to others as well.

In using the energies of which we speak it is advisable to go at a manageable pace, according to your current spiritual level. This requires using some common sense, remaining grounded and not allowing your ego to pull you out of your spiritual purpose, your centeredness in the right use of the power. The sincerity of your desire, the centered-ness of your purpose, is what will build for you the natural guideline for you to follow and stay within. There are no hard and fast rules. This all is on an individual discernment basis. Even on this individual basis it will continue to up-step to higher levels each time you practice the use of which we speak.

TOMAS: Good evening. This is Tomas and I am pleased to be with you again, my friends. Not that I have been away.

Group: Welcome back, Tomas. Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS:: It is good to feel your energies and to be more directly in communication with you and in your presence. You are perhaps little aware of it but you have made long strides, even in the short time since we have spoken directly together. You may feel tonight that the energies are very high indeed. You have taken extra steps to be assured of this. This TR’s energies are so high that she must ground herself a bit more to focus at the energies through which I may reach you. Perhaps you did a little more than was necessary, hey?

Randy: Really got that energy pumping, didn’t we? (chuckles)

[ed note: Oops, guess we were too zealous on the breathing exercises to raise our frequency. We were all buzzing along pretty well after linking together in the Merkaba!]

Tomas, if we’re trying to ground ourselves in the situation when we’re in the Merkaba and energy is coming in, what can one do?

TOMAS:: One must in the mind simply think of sending some of your energy into the earth, anchoring it more deeply with the Planetary Supreme. The mind is a powerful thing and the energy will follow what you instruct it to do. But the energies you have intentionally built this evening have been put to good use, as you have intended.
Mother wishes to shower her blessing upon you. Feel Nebadonia’s gracious presence, anointing each in the circle with her love, her bounteous mercy and her loving caress. Michael brings the Spirit of his Truth to be seeded in each.

These gifts of love and truth are continually given without ceasing. They are forever at your access. On occasions such as this they can be given to you without limitation in greater abundance, when you are open and receptive and inviting of whatever gifts are available to you to receive.
There are many celestials around us this night, bestowing their gifts, showering rose petals… glimmering, shining sparkles of light… their kisses of spirit… their love and desires for you to find your way to the morontial uplifting, which is yours for the asking in this Correcting Time. Monjoronson addresses you now.

MONJORONSON:  I bring you my blessings of peace, a showering of joy, a spreading of light. I am the center, the unifying force of your focus this evening. There will be many times to come when you will feel this force. This unification, this permeation of peace, this absoluteness of joy and brotherhood will come to you more spontaneously. In this moment it is showered upon you in great abundance in as much as you can receive so that it will uplift you to a new level of understanding and awareness. It is practice for recognition in the near future when you experience this coming to you without effort.

This is part of a grand design to lure you to grow your yearnings so that you will not want to step away from the light ever again. This is so that you will carry within every cell of your body the desire, the knowledge and the ability to carry this light within you, unceasingly emanating from you to all those around you. When you have accomplished this in your body on a more continual basis, others will be so affected by the light which you carry (which by the way is from the First Source and Center). They will either react by wanting to know you more, to be around you, to ask you questions, or they will hurry away because it is so unfamiliar to them. Those who are so far inharmonious with the energies that you carry in your body will simply not want to be near you. In this way, you are protected from harm.

Do not fear that you are repelling people. It is not something that you can predict or control. It simply is. And those whom you can embrace will be so blessed by your very presence. Those who feel they must turn away will one day be able to come to the light in their own time. This is part of the grand plan, that one day all will turn to the light. All will express the light. You will be the light.

As you contemplate this advent season when traditionally the birth of Christ is celebrated, bring your thoughts and focus to the light that His life brought to this beleaguered planet. That light remains. That light grows and expands through the efforts of those people such as you. His life was not in vain, no. No life is ever in vain. There is purpose; there is Love in all life.

So in this season, when in this part of the world there is less daylight and you bring your Christmas lights into and outside your homes, remember to allow that light within you to shine forth for others to see. Let others perceive that Christ Light which is within you. This is the meaning of that humble birth, to bring light into the world, a light that can never be extinguished. If it should take thousands of years it will grow into Light and Life. Of this you can be assured.

Be encouraged, dear friends. Be encouraged. The light is within you. The light is among you. The light is growing. Keep this in your focus your whole season. When you think of others, send this light to them, to any part of the world, to any person, to any situation.


MONJORONSON:  All of us gathered here bless you now. We are surrounding you with as much light as we can. We sing hymns of praise to the Creator, our God, who blesses all equally. He loves without condition or judgment, each and every one whoever is, whoever was, whoever shall be. We are all recipients of the Father’s grace and blessings. The days are endless in which we can rejoice and return our love in service and in joy, in perfect peace. This is the season to remember our brothers and sisters, to ask for God’s blessings upon them.

It is our great joy to have been with you this evening. We give thanks for each of you and for each of those who will read these words later. May all be blessed. May all feel the love that has been given here tonight and shared among us. Amen.

Group: Thank you, Beloved One.

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