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AND16- Peace of Oneness on Earth

2006-01-05-Peace of Oneness on Earth
Andover #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Peace of Oneness on Earth
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Monjoronson, Michael, Aronafal
o 2.2 TR: Leoma, Randy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Peace of Oneness on Earth
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Monjoronson, Michael, Aronafal
TR: Leoma, Randy


We believe that group toning is important in effectively utilizing spiritual energies through the group Merkaba. So we began with a discussion on the 7 natural notes of the musical scale (C-B) and how they relate to our seven chakras (“The Shift: The Revelation in Human Consciousness”, Owen Waters, Infinite Being Publishing, 2006). We discussed the connection between this sound frequency / energy gateway relationship to each chakra’s corresponding adjutant mind spirit by considering the description of each adjutant, remembering that the mind spirits should be thought of as “more like circuits” [UB 36:5.4-12], being “more circuit-like than entity-like” [UB 65:7.3]. Concentrating on each chakra / mind spirit combination, the group toned each chakra to its corresponding musical note starting with C (which corresponds to the root chakra and the spirit of intuition). This editor thought that this chakra toning exercise (“shining the pearls”) was very effective in unifying the frequencies of the group.
We followed this toning exercise with stillness, then linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer, sending the light of God’s love to others.]

Prayer: Father we thank You again for the opportunity for us to meet as friends in this circle. We rejoice in knowing that You are part of this, along with Your celestial helpers, Mother and Michael and our personal teachers and our angels and the midwayers and all others that are participating tonight. We know that all of you are there on the other side co-participating with us as we personally grow and as we attempt to use these gifts, these energies, for the benefit of others. Father You know that it is our intent to do these things with You. We thank you so much for the opportunity.

TOMAS: : Good evening dear friends. It is so good to be here in recognition with you this evening. This is Tomas. I address you first this evening as a way of introduction of joining hands with you in this holy moment, this sacred time that you have set aside.

It is good to feel a part of these energies again and to feel and recognize their strength and usefulness for doing good in the world. The light that you have just sent is stronger than you might believe. It has gone out in all directions and is benefiting many around you and some quite far away. The distance is of no matter.

The toning you have done this evening is good preparation. You increase in your understanding in how the mind and the energy circuits and the chakras of the body all connect and work together, along with the mindal gifts of the Mother. I will defer now.


MONJORONSON:  I am pleased to be among you this evening in recognition in personality as Monjoronson. I would echo Tomas’ sentiment that the energy in this place feels quite harmonious. You have created a space of peace and light which permeates not only the cells of your being but all of your unseen friends, as you call them, here gathered. They, we, benefit from your efforts as well.

Be advised that it is not a one-way street. It is not only energy given from the Father to you or from the spirit side of things to you. You contribute with your intention and your directed focus of energies to us as well. It is in this way that the circuits are connected and allowed to flow more freely. It is in this manner that Light and Life will eventually come to this planet. It is in this way that eventually, gradually over time and with increasing efforts such as this, the web of Light will spread and grow, become stronger, higher in intensity, permeating every dark corner of this world.

It is also in this way that without discrimination, without any thought or possibility of judgement, this Light representing God’s love is given freely for all to receive. It is received in accordance to the desire, the openness and the will of all the receptors. It is given freely without limitation and without reservation. The only limitation is presented by the condition of the receptors… you yourselves.

This could be called the unifying force that indiscriminately connects all continuously, all the way from the Paradise Father, descending through all the levels to reach your Light-starved planet. Do you see that in this way you are all drops in one great ocean? You are all the same. You are all perceived by the Father as the same drop which He originally created with His own first creative thought. Collectively, all of these drops create the one large ocean of spirit which is the Father. No one drop is different from any other. All are imbued with the same creative thought, with the same spark of Light. All are alike. All are imbued with the spirit presence given by the original thought which caused the creation.

Yet each possesses completely unique personality, unduplicated anywhere in God’s creation. What a grand, grand design! Infinity is the creation’s background. Love infuses the entire creation and binds it together forever. The Father’s love of each and every personality, for each droplet in the ocean, is the same. There are no distinctions. None is elevated above another. Only the ego allows you to see these distinctions, these differences. There is purpose for this at the physical level of life but that is not a concern of this evening’s topic.

What we wish you to see is the unity, the level playing field so to speak, from which you all play, from which you all begin, from which you all learn, make mistakes, and grow. In this vast ocean you make your choices. They are your individual personality choices, exercising your free will. This is where the differences begin. It is diversity of uniqueness by design in God’s grand creation. Yet is all bound together.

This is what we want you to see. To begin to feel within your being, that you are all bound together by the same force, the same energy, the same creative thought. We want you to appreciate your own uniqueness within that vast ocean of creativity. Next is to appreciate that uniqueness of those others around you, of all others, and to see them as unique yet the same. This consciousness is beginning to take deeper root within the peoples of the nations on this planet. This is where the idea of unity and true peace can take root… where we appreciate the uniqueness while recognizing the oneness.

It is through the energy circuits, the many and varied types of energy circuits, that connect all of these droplets into one. You can speak of this as the Love which comes from the Father. You can speak of this as the Light. You can speak of this as a unifying force. It is all connected and it is all the same. Take a few moments now to simply be in my peace.

This is the peace that comes with understanding the unification of all. This is the truth of peace which unifies and appreciates the brotherhood of all. It is peace that lasts, the true peace which Michael came to this world to anchor here… to bring the light of this truth to be seeded for all future generations. It is only now truly being understood and awakened as a reality in people’s lives, in their hearts, their minds, their daily lives, and how they interact with one another. Be assured my friends, it is growing. It is progressing well. I bid you a fond farewell, until the next time we speak overtly. This time with you has been very good for all of us.

TOMAS: : This is Tomas again. Just to clarify if there is any confusion, this time is open for another to TR if they so desire.

[Ed note: some of our group members have been desiring to practice TRing; pause]

MICHAEL: My friends be in my peace. It is I, Michael, your big brother. Your mother and I are very glad that you are here tonight. We are glad of your intent, your desire to speak the words that we share with you. This is a good thing. It unifies us and brings our hearts together. It is something of the mind though, isn’t it? This is where sometimes our minds can get in the way. When we think too much about that which is before us, at times the messages, those subtle thoughts or words or feelings, are difficult to come through.

My children, your Mother and I know you are sincere in your desire in wanting to TR, wanting to be closer to us in this way, wanting to give to those who are here in this circle and those that will read what comes forth. This is your gift for everyone. We know that you are sincere in this. So be in my peace. Your efforts will come to fruition in time.

TOMAS: : Thank you, Michael. Is there anyone else?

ARONAFAL:  My friends, it is I Aronafal. Just a few words of encouragement also. This task appears to be a difficult one. Yet once you see it from the other side after accomplishing it, you realize that it is not nearly as tall a wall as you would have thought. So we encourage you. There are many on this side that are encouraging you on, not the least of which are your personal guardians and your personal teachers. Many whisper in your ears all the time. Of this you are aware. Believe first. Try your best to sink into the love of the Father and have your faith be stroked, your belief that this can happen if you put yourself aside as best as you can. Yet that is probably the most difficult piece in this process… because you talk to yourselves all the time, don’t you? I leave you now, but we do encourage you. Carry on. You will be successful.

TOMAS: : There is another who wishes to speak.

Randy: Go for it guys. Center yourselves.

Randy: My teacher (Aronafal) tells me that you should just let it come and don’t worry about what it is that you say, because your head gets in the way then. Just be courageous and let it come out. You will find that once you actually start, it will just start to flow. Don’t analyze it.

[Ed note: We spoke later that it is like a long string of beads on a table. Just push a few beads of one end of the string off the edge and the others follow by flowing off the edge all by themselves. The trick is in the starting; suspend your disbelief. We suggested that it also may be beneficial to try practicing TRing alone, in private.]

Leoma: It is coming into your mind, so let it come out of your mouth.


TOMAS:  Perhaps one would close with a prayer.

Richard: Thank You for Your presence in our group today. Thank You for the Love that You show to us that You send through us. Thank You for the healing personally and for the healing that is available to all of us. Thank you for making it possible for all of to be together, to share Your Love and Your fellowship amongst ourselves.

Group: Thank you Tomas. Good night. Thank you everybody.

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