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AND17- Guidance For TR’ing

2006-01-19-Guidance For TR’ing
Andover #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Guidance for TR’ing
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Mariah, Alana, Aronafal
o 2.2 TR: Randy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Guidance for TR’ing
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Mariah, Alana, Aronafal
TR: Randy


[Note: We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.]

Prayer: Father, we gather here tonight truly as one group of the same mind and the same heart. We are here to listen to our teachers so that we may personally grow. We desire to help Michael in this Correcting Time, and by that we are here in service to others. We give thanks to You for the opportunity to do this, the chance to co-participate with You in service to others. This is something we all have the opportunity to do but we don’t always prioritize it. Tonight we remember that it is good to think of this as less of an opportunity or duty and more of a pleasure to be able to co-commune with You and all the personalities between us for the sake of others. We love you Father. God bless us all.


[Ed note: The TR was not sure who might come forth… and who might “get the bump” to TR! Members of our group have expressed their intent to try TRing, maybe even at tonight’s meeting. We have discussed “how” to do this. However as with any exercise of the mind, it is quite difficult to show or describe to someone how to TR. No words of instruction or guidance can replace the actual experience.]

MARIAH: : This is Mariah. I would just like to let Keith know that I am here for him. I am with you, Keith, all the time. Think of me as a close friend. I do know that we have the ability to connect and communicate with each other. My word for you would be to relax in your effort to communicate more directly with me. Do not try [hard]. Relax into it; let go of trying. Simply think of me as a friend sitting next to you. Let the thoughts come through into your mind. Have a conversation with me in your stillness time, when you are ready. Do you have questions for me?

Keith: I suppose I am just trying too hard. I am not sure… when you say, “Relax into it”. Should I seek you out or call your name?

MARIAH: : Yes, you can always seek me out. I am always with you. The seeking is in the recognition of your desires to connect and to communicate. That is the signal to open the valve for communication. What can easily at that subtle level close the communication is having expectation. That is the part this is essential but difficult to let go of, setting your expectation, your mindfulness, setting your will aside… your preconceived ideas of what this communication should be or trying to guess what it might be. Set that all aside and let it go. Does this help?

Keith: You said the word expectations. Some years ago I was talking to somebody [channeling]. I was focused on the word “wisdom”. It was just like having a conversation, like talking to someone here with me on this planet. Just talking.

MARIAH: : Yes.

Keith: So that is my expectation, what I have been looking for.

MARIAH: : It can get in the way.

Keith: So the communication can come in a different format, if I understand what you are saying.

MARIAH: : In a different format from…

Keith: …from having a verbal conversation, as I did one other time.

MARIAH: : It can come in whatever form you desire. It may begin silently in your own mind between you and me. It may be verbal. It is happening now between the two of us in a verbal manner. So whatever you desire or request is how it can be done.

It is a matter of learning to trust, is it not? Trust your ability to receive the communication. Trust in me to give you something beneficial. Trust in spirit and in those who help us to make this communication. You have the trust. You have the belief and the faith. All of those are well in place. All you need is to drop the expectation. Relax and just be with a friend. The striving is difficult to let go of. Once you have overcome that small hurdle of trusting what you are receiving in your mind, it will flow more easily. As you practice this, your trust will grow. Thus it becomes easier in time.

In the TR’s mind, there is always the healthy question “Is this me or is this someone else?” As many have experienced they realized later, looking back, that it was indeed someone else speaking through them. At the time they may question it but still continue on in courage and faith, trusting that there is a purpose. The purpose is another important aspect. The intent for communication is another important aspect which you have in place. For you that is to be of benefit, not only to your own personal growth, but eventually to that of others around you. With all of these things in place there is no reason not to go ahead. Speak with me as a friend.

So in your stillness time, in the privacy of your home, let us sit and speak with one another. Do you agree?
Keith: Yes I can agree. It just seems like there is so much stress going on where I am physically located right now. I notice that my mind wanders. I am not focusing quite so well.

MARIAH: : These things go in cycles. Perhaps on a day when you feel more connected, you can use the energies in the fashion that you have been learning in this group. Ground yourself with Mother Earth. Receive the energies from spirit to connect your heart with mine and your mind with mine. Perhaps using these techniques will aid you when spending time in stillness to meet with myself or anyone with which you mean to communicate.

In any case, it is my pleasure to be working with you and to have this opportunity to speak with you. If I have had the appearance of anxiousness myself in trying too hard a couple of weeks ago, I must apologize. I was merely excited, happy and pleased to have the opportunity. Where ever this goes, have no expectation of yourself as well. We are working together, whether it is on a consciousness level on your part or not. There is benefit. Be assured that our association is a beneficial one. It has been and always will be, what ever you choose to do with it.

Group: It is good to hear from you, Mariah.

MARIAH: It is good to have the chance.

Randy: I would like, if possible, for the other personal teachers to have the opportunity to give the rest of us a personal message… if that is desired by each of us.

Richard: It is desired.

ALANA: : This is Alana. Ho boy, are you kidding? I am not going to pass up a chance like this. Well Richard, how are you feeling about yourself right now?

Richard: Well… that is a difficult question for me (chuckles). I am feeling pretty well about what is happening. Impatient, as usual. Critical…

ALANA: : Yes, but you are making progress. Are you not?

Richard: I think so. Yes, I am.

ALANA: : You are making inner progress. You are working on the inner Richard. As difficult as that work is sometimes, to have to look at yourself and see some of the things that you do. You become more consciously aware of how those things affect others. It is a good thing to be able to change that, once you see what it is for what it is. Then you can do something about it. That feels good. Does it not?

Richard: Yes.

ALANA: Yes. The progress you are making personally is bringing a greater positive aspect into your life. You are able to receive more positive energy now. Do you realize that? You are magnetizing more personal positive energy to yourself because that is what you are giving out.

Richard: OK.

ALANA: You have wiped away some of your negative attitude.

Richard: Yes.

ALANA: Yes. They are no longer existent, which means that they no longer encumber you. They no longer frazzle your inherent benevolent energies. You are becoming clearer because of this. It clears your chakras. It helps your whole being to receive more light. You become a brighter light to others in the process.

Randy: I can tell the difference. You are shining more, Richard!

Richard: Hmmm… thank you.

ALANA: : Isn’t it amazing how some very basic changes can open a whole new world to you?

Richard: Yes, I think I am aware of what you are referring to.

ALANA: : One foot in the door opens things up for you. Now that you have had the courage to look in the mirror and to face some things about yourself that were not so easy to see, now that you have done this, you have opened up your awareness to so much more beyond even who you are as an individual. You are able to relate to others in a better way. You are able to see through clearer eyes. You are able to see others for who they are created to be, rather than how they irritate you.

Richard: Hmmm. (starts chuckling…)

Randy: Well that’s a hard one. (laughter) We can say that for a lot of us, can’t we?

ALANA: : There isn’t a person on this planet that couldn’t work on that! It takes courage, dear Richard, to look at yourself in this way… to make these changes. I pat you on the back. I shake your hand. I encourage you. You have my love and devotion in this process. You have my help.

Now that you have recognized this relationship, that too opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Now you can see that anything is possible. Now you begin to see that you make the choices. You choose how you react to the events, the situations, and the people in your world. How you choose to react directly affects how those situations turn out.

Richard:  Yes.

ALANA: Once you feel these positive vibrations of making choices that are of a higher spiritual nature, you feel that in your body. You want more of that, do you not?

Richard: Yes.

ALANA: Yes. Now when you are out of step with that kind of harmonious development you are quicker to recognize it.

Richard: This is true.

ALANA: Now that you are quicker at recognizing the disharmony, you are quicker at turning it around and changing your reaction. This is excellent work. This is very fundamental, basic inner work. Yet it connects with what we spoke of last week as where peace begins. You feel more peace within your being, do you not?

Richard: Yes, I do.

ALANA:  This is what you are beginning to communicate to others, rather than reflecting back the irritation.
I am thrilled and excited to see you do this work. You are erasing years of pain built up in your body. The stresses that have been put on you are now being released. Keep up the good work, Richard.

Richard: Thank you. Sometimes my self doubt just keeps getting in the way again.

ALANA: : That’s another one to work on (chuckles). You will get there. It takes time and patience with yourself. Have patience. You can’t wipe the slate clean and do it all at once. That would be like a smoker going cold turkey. That would be difficult and jarring even to the people around you. It is kinder to your psyche and your physical body to make these changes on a manageable level at a manageable pace. Do you agree?

Richard:  Yes.

ALANA:  So, be patient with yourself.

Richard: Thank you, I will.

ALANA: : Everyone has a long way to go. Not just you. We are here to help you every step of the way if you will allow us.

Richard: I do allow you.

ALANA: : Good night.

Richard: Good night. Thank you, Alana.

Group: Thanks, Alana. It is good to hear from you, too.

Randy: I also desire for my teacher to speak if he is willing.

ARONAFAL: Yes, Aronafal is standing by. I am always with you.

Randy: I recognize you more and more every day.

ARONAFAL:: My heart swells with that thought. We do have a heart-to-heart connection now, do we not?

Randy: Yes. It has meant so much to hear you come out verbally. To me when that happened last year for the first time, a tremendous connection was made. But I realize it was already there at some level. In some way it just is more obvious to me now.

ARONAFAL:: I am more real to you.

Randy: Yes.

ARONAFAL:  You are of the mindal persuasion… one that desires solid proof, if you will. You desire to touch, see, hear, and feel for yourself if possible. You have not been so easily connected with your spiritual feeling side. So, giving you a more concrete signal that this is for real helps you to make that heart connection. You now know that it is also very real. Until a person feels these things within their inner being and within their physical body, that these things exist, it is mere concept. Would you agree with that?

Randy: Yes, very much so. I am learning so much more about the grounded-ness and the airiness, and the mind part and the spirit part. It is the balance that we strive for, isn’t it… the balance between all of that?

ARONAFAL:: Yes, that is the tricky part. It is very encouraging to see how much more open your heart is now. Can you feel in your spiritual growth, in your general life, how this has changed every aspect of who you are?

Randy: Yes.

ARONAFAL: Yes. The people around you are seeing it and feeling it as well, because you are now truly able to make a heart connection with people. Whereas before it was mostly just concept, I am afraid.

Randy: I agree.

ARONAFAL: Again, it is sometimes not fun to look at the reality of what we have manifested in our lives. But you see the changes you are making now are very encouraging and exciting indeed. To be a part of that, to know that you and I are connected now and truly working on a conscious level together, is very encouraging.

Randy: Thank you. I enjoy it very much.

ARONAFAL: : I am trying to convey that I enjoy it very much as well.

Randy: I sensed that already (chuckles).

ARONAFAL: : Good. Our association will be a very productive one, I can assure you.

Randy: For me it has already. Thank you very much.

ARONAFAL: : It is my joy. It is very rewarding, you know, to have a student who opens and has so much to give and finally discovers that… and begins to give of what the Creator has endowed him with. It is very exciting for us to see.

Randy: It is my pleasure to share with you. Thank you again

ARONAFAL: You are more than welcome.

Group: Good thoughts for all of us to keep in mind. Lessons all around. Good to hear from you too, Aronafal.

Randy: I sense that Serena wants to speak through me [Leoma’s teacher]. But… there’s the “but’ on my side (chuckles).  What I think she is saying is that we couldn’t have said everything we’ve said to Keith tonight and have me just sit back and not try to demonstrate how I have tried to go over the same barriers [learning to TR]. So I will try.

SERENA: : This is, of course, Serena. My dear Leoma, we have been talking about personal growth with your friends here. But look back at your own life. You have been a tremendous student too. You have been all about personal growth for so long. Your inner growth has been a high priority for you. In the past it has led you down paths that have been fruitful. Yet, you have realized that some of those were just branches and not necessarily the trunk of the tree.

Randy: That’s true.

SERENA: : I am not here to tell you if you are on the trunk or the branch today (chuckles). I do want to encourage you to keep looking forward. On occasion, look back on that trunk or branch that you have traversed and learn from it. Most definitely dear child you need to continue along the ways that you have been growing and working on. Go forward one small step at a time.

You have been all about connection… connection with those around you. By that I mean the people in your life. This has been of utmost importance. You may not think of yourself as exceedingly outgoing. However, I can say that the people around you think of you and feel of you what they can describe as someone who wishes to make very gentle and very positive connections. This is so obvious in your family and those close to you. You have been the glue for this family for so long. Because of you they now glue to each other.

Leoma: That is very rewarding to think. And it’s all because of God… spirit being in our lives.

SERENA: Yes, you have for such a long time recognized the truth of spirit, that the Father is within you. You have recognized those unseen among you that wish to make contact with you. You recognize that you are one with them… that we all have God permeating through us, don’t we?

Randy: Yes.

SERENA: Realize that the gluing, the connecting that you make, results in a web that is formed around you. This web is of your intent. You have purposely, whether you have realized this or not, created this web of light. At the nodes of the web where the lines of connection come together, there is a person. Look in front of you, beside you, behind you, around you. This web emanates from you. You are an excellent example of creating this community of connected-ness. You are all about connection. We sing praises when this happens. This is what will happen in Light and Life in large areas of your planet. We are just so happy that you have found ways in your life to create Light and Life around yourself.

You do exceedingly well.

Randy: Thank you, Serena.

SERENA: :  Continue to be in Mother’s peace. Draw her close to you as you always have. She upholds and uplifts you as much as anyone can.


SERENA:  I would like to close by saying that I also find joy, actually privilege, in working with you. I continue to look forward to the times that we will have together.

Leoma: I look forward to it too, Serena. It is so wonderful to have this reflection that you have given. Thank you.

SERENA: : Be in God’s peace, all of you. Good evening.

Group: Thank you for being here, Serena. Good night.

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