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AND18- Balance & Working With Inner Energies

2006-01-26-Balance & Working With Inner Energies
Andover #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Balance & Working With Inner Energies
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Serena, Alana, Zephaniah
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Balance & Working With Inner Energies
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Serena, Alana, Zephaniah
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Most gracious Father in heaven, fill us to the brim with Your light of love. We desire to feel the peace that passes all understanding, to live the joy of that peace amongst ourselves. Father we crave to be near You. Michael, connect our hearts. Draw us closer to each other. Help us to realize the oneness of this connection… the goodness of being with people that feel for each other very closely. Mother Nebadonia, join our minds. It is good to be of the same mind, to desire to have the same goals and to come here for the same purpose. To share in the community of the minded-ness of oneness. We are all one in Father, Son and Spirit. What a grand plan. Father, we love you.

Leoma: I feel that Serena is here. I think that she wants us to do something together. We asked for our minds to be joined together by Mother. Is anyone getting some instructions? (no) Perhaps then we just need to open our willingness for whatever is being done. I think that something is being done between us, on an energy level.

[Ed note: Earlier we discussed the recent posting on unrevealed beings and how Sordoms can release from our bodies the unnecessary, negative energies carried over from the Adamic default and the Lucifer rebellion, and our individual past life. In place, they put a purer crystalline energy. We noted how similar this process seemed to the generational healing that has come through transcripts of Nebadonia.

The following dialog / instruction was from Leoma and Randy, but they later suggested that the inspired words were probably TRed. Some of the instruction had that feel, although no teacher names were identified.]

Leoma: All right, if everyone in the group agrees and it is our collective desire, the Sordoms will work with us as we sit together for a few moments.

(all agree) [slight pause] (comments from some on feeling an immediate energetic change)

We are still connected to the Merkaba. This helps us as a group to be able to release this energy more easily. Sometimes if it is done more rapidly there can be some side effects that we would feel later. It might not be so pleasant. But doing this together seems to help dispel some of that difficulty that might occur afterward. We somehow cushion each other. Our energies are joined.

Randy: Remember, in the Merkaba we are joined not only through the mind but through the heart. So emotionally through the heart we are connected to each other. I welcome this for myself but not nearly as much as I welcome it in this circle for the rest of you. Because of that, I know that you do the same. This is how the Merkaba helps us.

Leoma: These beings that are helping us right now are created just for this purpose, to help us release these undesirable… I can’t even find the word, from our bodies. (interdimensional energy) We all need this so much.

Randy: It is carried with us genetically. It is also created through our daily lives, in how we interact with people and in how we created it with our off-centered intentions and actions. The shame is that we are brought into this life carrying this energy from generations past through our DNA.

Leoma: Then we collect more of it just living in this world of rebellion. We don’t need this energy. It is not fair that we have this energy. That is why the Sordoms are there to cleanse us of it, to give us a fighting chance to be truly clean and be able to come into the fullness of what God created us to be.

Randy: As we are in this Merkaba hot tub together (chuckles), having this happen to rejuvenate ourselves, realize that shining from above if you will and coming down into us is the love of the Father that comes through Divinington, through Michael, to us. This is the love that connects because it is the love of the I Am, the One. We are one with the I Am.

Leoma: The Planetary Supreme with whom we are also connected is able to absorb the energies we would consider negative. They are immediately transformed. They no longer are negative energies.

Randy: Imagine yourself in that relaxing hot tub. If you think about it, you know that there is work going on. There are water jets massaging you. But when you take your mind away from that you realize that you are just sinking into it. It’s a by product of being in this circle together. It is different from doing this individually… alone.

Leoma: Now let’s sit in silence for a few minutes and I believe that there will be another message.


TOMAS:  Quite a lesson indeed, was it not my friends? This is Tomas.

Group: greetings.

TOMAS:   I have been standing by. I felt confident that you would agree to do this work now that you are more aware of the levels of beings that can help you more directly to release those energies from your bodies. These energies never have served you in a beneficial way. We are pleased that you have chosen to do this work. You can continue in your individual lives to do more of this work if you are courageous enough. We know that you can do it.

In the group setting you have now experienced the synergistic effect, the benefit of working together, sharing the releasing and the receiving of energies together as one when you are of one mind, heart and purpose. It softens the blow for the individuals in the group. You are doing work that may be somewhat difficult. It is work, my friends.
It is work that is important and essential for you to have done to move forward in your pre-morontial careers. If you continue in this cleansing work you will find that you gradually become lighter in your being. There is less weighing you down. It is easier to be optimistic, to allow love to flow into you and from you. These are essential qualities.

These are gifts from the Father that you can now polish and appreciate to a greater measure than before when they were more tarnished in your being. Even as we communicate in these moments you may feel some of the work continuing. That is to be expected. You can by your will turn it off. You can think in your mind “this is enough for me for now”. It will come to a halt until you invite it again. It is like going to your office to work for the day, or to your construction job, or your teaching job, or your work at home, and then at the end of the day you decide that you have done enough for today and you rest. We do not expect you to do this kind of work on this level on a continual basis.

What we do desire you learn is to continue through out your waking hours, and eventually you will continue deep within the hours that you are not fully conscious, to remain connected as much as possible to the First Source and Center… to higher powers that sustain you… to remain connected with the circuits that feed you love information. This is the goal that we are working for, is to keep those connections going once you have learned how to make them stronger.


TOMAS:  Do you have questions?

Randy: Tomas, when I was experiencing the energy work in the circle here I had this profound vision or feeling of balance. It occurred to me that one of the goals of this process is to connect us in the right way so that we don’t get too “airy”. Balance is one of the goals, yes?

TOMAS:  : That is correct. As your bodies become closer to what the Creator intended, they will feel lighter, more energized. You will literally feel cleaner in your being when you have released more of the negativities that have held you in bondage. Those energies which you have had so little awareness of until recent times because it was all you knew. Now as you come into a new knowing-ness, you will in a very real sense have a new body. That will make it easier to be in balance between physical and spiritual. The disparity will not be as great as it once was. Does this make sense to you?

Randy: Yes it does. This new body that you speak of, this is becoming more morontial, as in the material – morontial blending?

TOMAS:  : Yes. It is a gradual process. If you are expecting to suddenly fly around the room or have greater senses all of a sudden, that only happens on rare occasions. It is a gradual process so that you may remain more balanced. You can continue that balance as the process unfolds without being thrown about back and forth between balance and unbalance. It is a gentler way of going through the process. So do not be in a rush.

Randy: As we ask for more help to keep this process going, what would some of the signs be that we are going too fast, asking for too much too fast?

TOMAS:  : Some of the signs would be if you are feeling some stress that is not from your outside activities. Another would be to remember that feeling that you described earlier of being supremely balanced. Remember that feeling. Your body remembers it. So if you question whether you are still balanced, you can measure that against your memory of the feeling and ask your body “am I in that state I remember feeling before”. You will know the answer.

Then the next question is what do you do about it? Well, you simply sit and reconnect yourself with the Planetary Supreme. Use that heart line energy to ground yourself. That will help you to come back into fuller balance. Give yourself time. If you feel you have been going too fast for your own comfort, then take a break. Perhaps go outside and enjoy a beautiful day, or some other physical activity that is helpful for you and grounding.

It serves no purpose to go too fast. Sometimes people’s great desire to serve causes them to stumble. There is nothing wrong in this but it is a sign to slow down and be patient with yourself. At other times it may feel the changes are taking place very quickly. You need to reign yourself in a bit. As in all things with humans, it goes in cycles. So recognize the times that you seem to be growing quickly and check your balance. Allow for those times that cycle around when they seem to be slower for you or nothing is happening. Just be in that state and be patient with yourself. Continue on with your usual activities that help you to grow. There will be another step in the cycle. You have seen the pattern.

Randy: I was intrigued about the affect that the group has on this process. Again, another advantage of being connected heart and mind. We sit in this Merkaba and it makes it go easier. Intriguing.

TOMAS:  : Yes, now you are beginning to connect on more than an intellectual level with the advantages… even beyond the practicalities. I would like to speak to the universality, the divine nature, of what you are discovering as you do more in the group setting. This is a tiny microcosm of the expanded universe that God wants you to know that you are connected to. This is an experience of a larger whole that you are beginning to connect yourselves with. When we say that all is one, when we say this is the unifying force, now you are beginning to feel the experience of that truth. Take a moment now and allow that truth to become a fuller reality in your mind and in your body.

Leoma: This is Leoma. I have to make comment that in this moment we have just shared there was a lot of activity and happiness that we just got it! We got a small bit of that experience of being unified with the universe… being connected in an energetic way.

TOMAS:  : This is Tomas again. It is fun and exciting to see the light bulb come on. These are the kinds of moments that it is hard for us to explain to you how much joy it gives us. Our students are listening. They’re learning. They are beginning to pass the test. (chuckles) But there is much more, much more to learn. This is just the start. There is a vast array of exciting things to learn.

The exciting thing for us to see is that you are doing this now. You are doing morontial career work now while you are still in the body, fully physical. You may have some idea of what a privilege this is, the work you are doing and that you are allowing us to help you in your progression. It is such a privilege to be serving on Michael’s team, working with Mother, all of the revealed and the unrevealed beings that are now coming forward in your consciousness to become revealed to you, these are momentous and exciting times. We are happy to be part of it with you. Love and peace, my friends. Until we meet together again.

(group thank you’s).

Randy: Question?

TOMAS:  yes?

Randy: Tomas, I am sure you have listened in on our conversations, especially in the last week about the effective prayer event that we are putting together. We are just wondering if you have any other comments for us on this that might be helpful.

SERENA: This is Serena. I will answer your question. The suggestions that you have been speaking of thus far have been productive. You will be receiving some further suggestions back from your friends to consider (good). I would say simply to stay the course you are on now. It is entirely up to you how you bring this little assignment about. It was only a suggestion. We are pleased that you are taking us up on it.

Randy: Serena we here, and there are others in the Teaching Mission too, know that this small effort on our part can have a tremendous impact for others. We’re very glad to see what we can do for them.

SERENA: : We appreciate that. The impact that you mention is more than just what sending the light will do in the world. It is also what the participants will learn along the way. That is even a greater portion of the reason for making this suggestion, besides the benefit to the healing for peace.

Randy: Maybe this is a small point, but there have been questions about the need to have the separate groups or individuals participating at different sites having a prayer be simultaneous.

SERENA: : As much as possible. You need not stress out over that idea, but that is where you would have the greatest effect. That is also the lesson in doing this activity, the cumulative effect that a group of people even long distances apart can have in similar intent with a joined purpose and focus that occurs at the same approximate time.

The effect is greater and this is part of the learning for doing this exercise because those who participate will feel the effect in their body. Some will see, some will hear. There will be different ways of perceiving this energy. Then if you receive feedback from events around the globe soon after, that will even further increase your trust, belief, learning and the desire to do more work of the same kind. This will be a good project for your Teaching Mission groups on many levels.

Randy: Agreed. It seems distance doesn’t have much importance, but time does.

SERENA: : Yes, you are creatures of time… and you would say also of space. But energy is not bound by space. It is not bound by physicality. It can not be imprisoned within walls unless that is how you construct it, unless that is how your mindfulness limits it. As you know, energy follows mind. So if you are mindful of sending energy where ever it is needed in the world, is that not where it will go? However, you are creatures of time. While groups sending this type of energy at different times will still have a beneficial effect, we desire for you to feel the cumulative effect of a simultaneously sent energy… as much as possible that you can work it out to be at the same time.

Randy: I am very grateful for that answer. That will help us strive to keep on time for this lesson, for us.

SERENA: : Again, don’t stress out over it. We understand that you all have responsibilities in your lives. So ask the participants to do only what they can comfortably do. If they are stressed or feeling hurried when they are doing this activity, it will not help. So participants need to be comfortable with this and able to take the time. It is an excellent suggestion to begin with a few moments, at least ten minutes, of stillness before gathering the energy to be sent. That way those daily stresses can be released. When you are more relaxed the energy can flow much more easily and be directed to where it needs to go.

Randy: Thank you dear sister.

SERENA:: You are quite welcome.

Keith: A question?

SERENA: yes?

Keith: If we create energy to send, is it going to be possible that we may connect with each other and sense that?

SERENA:: Bingo! That is one of the experiences we hope this will give many of the participants. This will lead into other awareness and realizations that are best experienced rather than read about or heard about.

Keith: good.

SERENA:  See, you are getting it!

Keith: Otherwise, I would feel rather isolated doing this individually. It is good to know that I can expect to experience a connection with people at a distance.

SERENA:: Yes. Do you realize that when you are apart in proximity from the people in this small group that you remain connected energetically?

Randy: I realize that when I do slow down life’s busy ness and go into a quick mini stillness with the intent of thinking about sitting in this circle, I immediately sense the presence of the others in the group… even though I am miles away from where we normally sit to meet. Whatever it is, it certainly feels real.

SERENA:: It is real. You will develop that sense even more as time goes on. So Keith, you needn’t feel isolated. Perhaps it appears to you that you are, but you can feel others if you think about it.

Keith: I have a feeling, a sense of who a person is when I get closer to that person. So doing this exercise and trying to feel those at a distance will be quite exciting.

Serena: We are glad you will be participating.

Keith: Thank you for answering the questions.

Richard: I have a question.

SERENA: yes?

Richard: It has to do with my doubts (chuckles).

SERENA:: Here we go again. (laughter)

Richard: In retrospect I can see what Alana spoke of last week. She recognized that I have made tremendous inner progress. Yes, I have had several instances this past week that I have seen myself as being quite different than I was even a year ago. I am wondering if it is just my lack of discipline that… am I slowing down the group?

ALANA:  This is Alana. No, not at all! That should not be a concern for you. I wish I could convey to you what you add to the group. I am certain the group would agree to that. Think of this group being three people.

[Ed note: we are four at this time]

ALANA:  Yes, they could meet and they could do some good. They could send light, but your energy and trust and belief adds a great deal. You are a fourth of the group, not a sixteenth, or whatever you are thinking yourself as. Did I convey that to you well enough?

Richard: Yes, thank you. It is a matter of me accepting, I guess, and quit doubting.

ALANA: : Yes, those choices are hard to be rid of. Be patient with yourself. They will eventually be replaced by higher thoughts, the truth. (thank you, Alana) You remember that I am always with you.

Richard: How do I break through to hear you? Any suggestions there?

ALANA: : Patience with yourself. Perhaps you have more of the negative effects of the past to release before you can be more receptive. That is OK.

Richard: Last time you mentioned that I was making tremendous progress on the inner plane. So, are there certain things that might be useful on the outer plane? Or does this inner work need to be done first?

ALANA: : Do you mean certain activities that might help you to do the work?

Richard: I don’t know. It is just that you commented that I am making tremendous progress on the inner plane and I was wondering if there was some other aspect that I am missing.

ALANA: : Well if you are already making progress on the inner plane, what more is there?

Richard: OK, I didn’t know

ALANA:  Again, be patient. Don’t rush yourself. Things are progressing well. You are beloved of the Father. Do you know that? Do you really feel that? No, you are not able to quite yet. You have too many other things crowding your heart. You are loved and you will have to just trust that for a while yet. One day you will wake up and feel it in the depths of your being. Then you will know what I mean. You will never want to be anywhere else other than where you are right now.

Richard: thank you.

ALANA:  Peace, my friend.

Randy: Let us in this circle join our hearts and our minds in a prayer for Richard to allow this to happen, to allow the march of time to fall in step and have its place, and that the natural outcome will come when it falls in time, that he has patience to allow it to happen. We all wish this for you Richard. Our intent is that it comes in its natural order and that you allow it to. Let it be so.

Group: Amen to that.

Leoma: I am not sure who is saying this but all the teachers want us to know that we are so loved, right now, right here, right where we are, exactly as we are. That’s it. They don’t really ask anything of us. We expect so much of ourselves. We have so far to go and so much to learn but we have all eternity to do it in. So, what’s the rush? They are so patient with us, so loving and compassionate. We are so hard on ourselves. To be in Michael’s peace and Mother’s love is to relax into their arms and just be who we are right now, and know that they love and accept us right now. There is not some point in time ahead of us when they will accept us. It is always right now.

Randy: The inspiration that I just got was remember that we are living examples of the ripples of the Lucifer rebellion. Mortals on this planet were with intent disconnected from the Father. We carry that with us… things such as impatience and the uncertainty we all have about love and fears and all these things. Now that we have named it and put a finger on it we must forgive it and allow time and Michael, Mother and the Father to clean us, as we just did today, one of our first baths together. And I don’t know who said that, either. (chuckles)


Leoma: I am getting that there is a Zephaniah who wants to say a closing prayer for us tonight.

ZEPHANIAH:  Gracious Father, blessed Mother, our dear brother Michael, we thank You from the depths of who we are for every thing that You have given us, from the physical, to the morontial, to the spiritual. You have given us all of Yourselves all of eternity to become like you. You have provided us with everything that we need on this journey. We give You our devotion, our love and our thankfulness. We will all be together one day and recognize each other as God’s children, as His offspring, and that we are all one huge family, all created with purpose and divine design. We will enjoy the journey until we get there.

Group: Thanks to all.

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