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AND19- Mindal & Energy Connections

2006-02-09-Mindal & Energy Connections
Andover #19


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mindal & Energy Connections
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: The MOST HIGHS
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Mindal & Energy Connections
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: The MOST HIGHS
TR: Leoma


We began by asking the Sordoms to cleanse our energies while we were in stillness. Together we created the group Merkaba, then toned and linked to the light anchor. We attempted to send thought / feeling messages through the Merkaba connection to our friend J* in Chicago, knowing that she was expecting to see / hear / feel some sort of message from us that evening. We then participated in effective prayer for others, including for Leoma’s mother who just graduated last week and we presume is adjusting to her new existence on Mansonia.

Prayer: Loving Father we come before You, worshiping You with heart and mind and spirit. You sustain us with the gifts that You give us. For these we are forever grateful. Feed our souls with that spiritual goodness that You send through the loving ministry of your teachers. We promise to listen to them so that we may personally grow, and we wait in service to Michael in the Correcting Time.

Leoma: I am feeling that J* has connected with us [friend in Chicago].

Keith: I keep waiting for someone to say, “This is Tomas”. (laughter)

The MOST HIGHS:  The Most Highs are here with you this evening, as usual. This time we choose to announce our presence.


The MOST HIGHS:  We are in part upholding and uplifting your efforts at communication with another some distance from you. The light connection with the TR’s mother is also going on as we speak. This is what the TR is feeling… a direct connection with her mother. It is feeding both ways. This open connection, feeding light from the Merkaba with your intention in the group, is facilitating the recipient’s entry into the morontial journey. It also clears the way for the clearing of grief and regret.

This allows the pure joy of the former physical life association that took place between mother and daughter. The feeling of that relationship will never change into all eternity. The realization of the nature of the gift will expand over time with personal spiritual growth. As this interchange of positive and healing energies continues, both are receiving benefits to help them on their journeys. Both are being connected on a level not experienced before.

This kind of energetic connection is what the lesson is about, not just tonight’s lesson but the lesson for all of your life. Perceiving your mindal and energy connections, not only with others you have been in direct relationship with on the physical plane, but also to realize that deep connection with the Paradise Father and all of His creation. It is ongoing. It is broken only from your perception and the way you experience things in your life. It continues even when you have no perception or awareness of it.

The effectiveness of the connection of your entrance into the circuits is determined by the condition of your body and mind, your awareness and willingness to be connected. It is all up to you. The exercise in which you partake, the toning, connecting with the light anchor, establishing the Merkaba, taking care of your bodies, working to release negative energies, all of these things contribute to your welfare, your well being, and your growth into the spiritual realm.

Your daily living is enhanced by these practices. We encourage the continuation and the eventual expansion of these practices until you reach the point where they are continuous, moment to moment throughout your life. It is from here that we wish to take you one step further beyond what you have experienced in your bodies up until now. We ask you now to focus on the mind connections between the four of you physically here and with J* [in Chicago]. Remember and allow that it is Mother Nebadonia who is flowing, providing the mindfulness that connects you one to another and to spirit.

Now that you are focusing on this mind connection, we ask you to raise your awareness literally to a point above the peak of this house so that your thoughts are connected at a point directly above the middle of your circle. See this as a ball of golden energy, vibrating, rotating, and alive with the intent of your consciousness to be as one. Sustain this. Now envision the pillar of light from the Paradise Father, through Divinington and Michael, down through the atmosphere to the point of light above your heads. As it connects with that point it flows around and through and permeates the Merkaba that you created when you began this evening’s session.

Now visualize the same kind of concentrated point an equal distance below the center of your circle, into the earth. It too is vibrating, rotating in the opposite direction, and grounding you with the Planetary Supreme. Now you have created an energy construct that can carry you as a group anywhere you want to go.

Let us take the group tonight, this collective consciousness connected yet with J*, above the planet and out of the atmosphere. Looking back you see the beautiful jewel that is called earth. You can see that there is a cord of light connecting this energy construct with the Planetary Supreme. This means that you always will be able to find your way back. Enjoy the view.

Now my children bring your awareness to look around you. Perceive that we are not the only ones out here. There is a great host of beings to greet you. Allow yourselves to feel their love, their welcoming ways, and the great care that they shower upon all who live upon the gem below you.

Now we are slowly descending back toward the earth, toward the point where we began, until you are back in your seats. This has been practice. Quite a big step beyond what you have experienced before. We did this as a relative experiment tonight, but the practice of it will have its purpose in the future. We will direct you in this activity. Be assured that it was not for entertainment purposes only. As you would expect, there is purpose for everything we do.
Are there questions about what we have just accomplished?


Randy: When we travel in this way will we be able to interact, for instance with those other celestials that we ran into?

The MOST HIGHS: You can interact with them without traveling anywhere as you do in your weekly sessions here. However, when you are in such a construct the energy is at a greater level and facilitates the communication and awareness… the potential for contact. Does this answer your question?

Randy: Yes. I am struggling with asking about the purpose of this type of movement of our perception.

The MOST HIGHS:  That will be revealed to you in time.

Richard: I have a question. My perception did not experience the travel to above the atmosphere. Is that something that will come with time? Or do I block it?

The MOST HIGHS:  It will come in time.

Richard: Thank you.

The MOST HIGHS:  Sometimes it begins as little different as imagination, a feeling like you are simply visualizing it on your own. In time you realize that you feel a change in your body when you engage in these activities. That is the reason for the exercise, to feel the difference in your body. In time the rest will come. It is all just practice for everyone on this planet. It is all so seemingly new and different. Yet we are simply reminding you, reconnecting you, with your originally intended abilities.

Randy: Is there a limitation in distance for this construct to still be effective? I am reminded of our astronauts venturing farther away from our planet and feeling the loss of connectivity with our planet… our Planetary Supreme? Remembering how you have instructed us to see and feel the connection with our Planetary Supreme as we were high above the planet, I am wondering if there is a limitation to the distance of that connection between us and our planet.

The MOST HIGHS:  Such a construct, had the astronauts of whom you speak been of that ability to create or had the knowledge to create, would have relieved them of that feeling of disconnectedness. They could have extended that as far as they needed to go. They relied upon the visual sight of the planet to remain in that feeling of belonging to mother earth. When they lost the visual contact, they indeed felt far from home. Such a construct as you have just experienced could reach as far as you want to go. There is no distance that is too far for mind and energy to reach.

Randy: So I presume that a similar connection would be still there as we advance into our morontial careers, after we translate from this sphere. Will we have this connection throughout eternity?

The MOST HIGHS: That is an interesting question. To some degree, you are correct. You will always have an identification on some level with the planet of your physical birth. Even your brother Michael experiences this. It is the planet of his nativity just as it is the planet of your birth. In some sense, this connection will always remain in the memory of your cells and the memory of your mind as being home to you.

Randy: I have one more question about the exercise that you just took us through. Is it helpful as we are raising our energies, our vibration, our awareness as you said, to still strive to remain in balance from the heart center? Or should we be reaching more upwards?

The MOST HIGHS: As you recall in the exercise, the top point and the bottom point [of the Merkaba construct] were equally balanced in a sense, equidistant, equal in energy to connect you with the higher energies above and the grounded energies of the Planetary Supreme. Therein lays the answer to your question. That was to insure the creation of the balance. When you take your awareness away from the Planetary Supreme you will always remain connected with it, so that connection is not broken. In which case you would translate to another dimension and be unable to return to the same point that you began, in the same sense of being.

Randy: Thus your instruction to us to notice the connection still to our planet and remember that that is the way back.

The MOST HIGHS: Yes. It is far more than mere insurance. It is far more than a mere safety line. It is your energetic connection to the planet of your origin, where you have your physical being, where you have the beginning of your eternal career. The awareness and the importance of this will become clearer to you as your energy bodies become more highly attuned to the realities of truth of Spirit.


The MOST HIGHS:  This I believe is the close of our exercise for this evening. We thank you for your willingness.

Group: We thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for your guidance.

The MOST HIGHS: Good evening.

group: good evening.

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