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AND26- Be Mindful of Presence of Michael

2006-03-23-Be Mindful of Presence of Michael
Andover #26


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Be Mindful of the Presence of Michael
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Randy, Leoma Sparer
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Be Mindful of the Presence of Michael
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael
TR: Randy, Leoma Sparer


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father we thank you for the bountifulness, the graciousness, the love that You send to us in every instant. We ask that You continually remind us of Your gentle presence. We love to seek You and to be with You, just as we love to be with those of our friends here on this earth and those of our friends that are with us but not of the earth… our unseen friends. We make connections with our friends seen and unseen and understand that You are there too. Namaste to our friends. Thank You Father.

MONJORONSON: Good evening friends. This is Monjoronson. As always it is good to be in the forefront of your mind. When you pause in your stillness and choose to allow your mind to go where it will, pay attention to those times where it will go towards Mother, Michael and myself. Please be very open to any messages, thoughts or feelings that you get and realize that we are there with you.

This is the nature of the spirits that we are. We understand that the Father is with you at all times. But many times you forget that He is there until you stop and pay attention. This is how it is for those of you on this world. It is similar in your relationship to Mother, Michael and myself. We all delight in being in the forefront of your mind, your consciousness. We also delight being in the presence of your heart.


MONJORONSON: I am here tonight once again to walk you through another lesson. This lesson is for you Richard if you are willing. This lesson is for you to practice the balance that one needs to access higher energies. I direct this towards you, only because you are here and would benefit. Many could benefit from this. So if you are willing to be the participant in this exercise, I would love to have you work with me. Are you willing? (Yes) Very good.

So remember that you are still connected to the light anchor and the group Merkaba. You understand that this energy construct is there to help one more easily access higher energies. It is a construct where the group comes together for the higher purpose of bringing truth, beauty and goodness.

I would like the other members of this merkaba circle to participate in this by giving your good intentions and your love through your heart center to Richard as he partakes in this exercise. Your function is to support. Remember that there are a number of different things that one can do to increase the effectiveness of using energies, whether they be for effective prayer or in support or any other way that you would like to work with the Father’s gift of love energy. One such thing is to make sure that your bodies are in the proper state. Breathe properly. Deep breaths slowly in, exhaling completely. This helps clarity of mind. Feel goodness rushing through your body. Feel empathetic goodness, in this case for Richard as he is the participant. Your goodwill energy will aid him.

Now Richard I speak to you. However, please realize that this lesson could be for anyone. Imagine yourself in the light anchor that you were discussing with the group earlier today. Imagine yourself suspended or balanced within the Merkaba sphere of energy surrounding the light anchor. Realize that Urantia has a firm grasp on you. She feels like a rock to you… comforting. You can feel the earth beneath your feet. This is a very good, supporting feeling. This is what you do well. You are very grounded, which is a good thing. But when one works with energies in the mortal body, one has to strive for balance. By this I mean be somewhat less grounded and somewhat more higher-energy seeking. There needs to be a balance.

As you are standing in the light anchor, I would like for you to picture a balloon on a string on a windy day. If the balloon’s string is held by you standing grounded on the earth, there is control… your choice. The balloon does not just fly away. If the string is short, in the strong wind it does not falter or stray so very far. It is safe. When you decide to let more string out, there is an unease in the strong wind, isn’t there? The balloon may vary in position, moving unpredictably. Yet it is still tied to you on the earth; there is still some grounded-ness even when you have let some string out. But if you let the string go, certainly you can imagine that the balloon wanders with the strong wind where ever it may. The grounded-ness is gone.

One does not usually play with a balloon with 3 inches of string. One does not usually play with a balloon on a windy day with a 30 foot long string. This will have the effect of letting the string go. For maximum enjoyment, there is a happy medium in there some place. Again, it is your choice. How much string should I let out?
So please with that analogy I want you to imagine that Urantia is a trampoline. While still in the light anchor you are doing an extremely slow and controlled bounce, rising and falling, predictably contacting the trampoline. There is surety. When Urantia propels you upwards, you are not in contact any more. You are riding up the energetic light anchor, still you know that you will fall back down and bounce again.

So with this picture of this periodic process, do some very slow bounces. Feel the comfort and surety when you come back down, knowing where you are. When you are propelled up, go with the flow. At first you will not be going very high upwards. As you put more effort into it and Urantia helps to propel you up, feel the difference in your body. Feel the energies in this light anchor, especially as they connect to the top of your head. Please do this for a few minutes. Up… and down. Then up again a little bit higher… and gently down. Continue if you will while your friends feed you with the Father’s love to aid you.

On one of your cycles as you are reaching up with the top of your head, gliding up the light anchor, feel the gentle support from myself and other friends, including those around this circle, supporting you as you reach ever higher. When you gently fall down you certainly understand the support that you feel from Urantia. Everyone on this world does. It is always there. [pause] Strive to go higher. Be courageous.

On this next cycle up, with your intent hold yourself at the apex of your rise. Pay attention to that feeling of existing at a higher energy, a higher frequency. [pause] Now let yourself fall down.

Balance is of the utmost importance in using these energies. You have been taught this. Now you have experienced this. As you continue to experiment with these energies you will realize that the more balanced you are between lower frequency grounded-ness and higher frequency airy-ness, the more effective you will be in utilizing the love of God in this mortal life around you. The use of these energies is not, I repeat is not as if you are going to let the string of the balloon go, hoping that it will come back. It is knowing that as you play with your balloon on a string that is a proper length for you, that enjoyment will follow. Richard, do you have comments?


Richard: The balance is between grounded and being more… airy.

MONJORONSON: : Did you feel a balance, a tension between the two?

Richard: Perhaps, I am not certain on that yet.

MONJORONSON: : This is fine. You do well. My friends, I thank you for being with me tonight.

Richard: Thank you for your assistance. I will practice this.

MONJORONSON: : Keep us in your presence. The love of God is with you always as we are with you always. I take my leave.

Richard: good night.

MICHAEL: This is your father / brother, Michael. I wish to make known my presence with you. You know in your minds that I promised to always be with you. This one TR’ing at the moment has been recently practicing my presence, drawing herself nearer to my presence. It has benefited her greatly. I would encourage all of you, those here present and those who will read this transmission later, to practice my presence. I desire you to cultivate the relationship and the nearness of spirit. It is a communication that can come forward in your consciousness on a more continual basis, so that I am less than a thought away from your conscious mind. I am in reality and in truth your brother, your closest friend.

I am with you always. You can turn to me at any moment for whatever you need, even if it is simply a friend to sit with you.

Remember always that I have been you. I have lived as you. I have experienced the very same feelings, emotions, trials, tribulations, sorrows, joys, disappointments, as all of you on this earth. There is no struggle too large or detail too trivial for my compassion and understanding to identify with you, to understand completely where you are at any given moment and how you are feeling.

But more than that I am available to enter into your thoughts and your feelings and help you to transform them if they need changing. I am able to enter into your joy and magnify it, help you to lift your thanks to the Father in heaven. I am just as available to enter into your joys as your disappointments and sorrows. I rejoice with you when you rejoice. I weep with you when you shed a tear. All of these things are as real to me as they are to you. I have been there. I am there with you now and in every moment of every experience that you enjoin [with me].

I am immediate; I am forever. I AM. In this too you shall one day grow into… being the I AM. The I AM is now. It is the only reality. All that exists is the I AM. When you enter into I AM all of your energies are centered in truth. All of your energies are centered in truth and nothing else can exist. I AM Health. I AM Beauty. I AM Perfect Peace. I AM Justice. I AM Mercy. I AM Complete Perfect Love. I AM Wholeness. I AM The Way. I AM The Light.

There is no other truth before me. I am the life, the truth, the way to the Father. This is the destiny that you seek and the inheritance that you receive in the seeking. The power and the glory are the Father’s forever and ever. Seeded within you, within each and every living soul exists this potential, this inheritance. It is the destiny for which you yearn and in which I draw you into, ever forward ever onward in your consciousness for you to receive the power and the glory of the Father’s truth.

The eternal quality of His love is without beginning and without end. There is no other in all of existence in all of eternity. This is the simple truth.


MICHAEL:  I leave you now with my peace.

Group: Thank you. Good night Michael.

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