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AND27- Raising Our Frequencies

2006-03-30-Raising Our Frequencies
Andover #27


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Raising Our Frequencies
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma, Keith
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Raising Our Frequencies
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Monjoronson, Tomas
TR: Leoma, Keith


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer for healing loved ones and for world peace. We also prayed for healing of our own bodies, by bringing the love light of the Father into our bodies and letting it wash the undesirable energies out and down to Urantia. We envisioned Nebadonia as directing the process, facing and lovingly embracing each of us. We also envisioned Michael following this energy cleansing / release with the pattern of his Spirit of Truth. When we were well along in this highly energetic cleansing, we received the following messages.

MONJORONSON: Good evening friends. This is Monjoronson. We take advantage of this opportunity when you are cleansing your bodies, hearts, spirits and minds. You are united in spiritual purpose. You are indeed on the same page this evening.


MONJORONSON:  You have gathered and connected yourselves with amazing energies in the circuits that you yourselves have created in a very powerful, uniting, unifying, productive way. You feel this in your bodies. You feel clarity of mind and strength of purpose. You feel the healing power of Michael’s truth and the centering quality of Michael’s peace is within you. You feel the grounding power of the Planetary Supreme Urantia to keep you balanced so that you do not fly off where you are no use to anyone. These are all of the things you have done tonight with your expressed intent.

You are learning well, my children. You are putting many things together that are now being centered for a more powerful purpose. You will be learning in an even more powerful way to use these energies. As your ability grows, the power you have to use for benefit will strengthen and increase.

Indeed as you strengthen in your ability to use these powers, and as your intent becomes even more pure, more unified, you will find that your own bodies are buzzing at an even higher frequency. This is not only when you are gathered as a group, but it has lifted you now permanently to a higher level. When you walk out the door tonight you will never again be back in the same frequency as when you first arrived. You may feel at times that your frequency has dropped. If that happens go back to the memory of this moment and you will feel that energy rising once again. You can reconnect by the simple thought, by the simple intent of your heart and be right back in that energy. You can connect yourself and keep that connection continuous by your intent.

You are feeling this now more in your bodies. It is becoming way more than words that you hear with your ears at this moment. It has now surpassed the point of knowledge and has entered into the cells of your bodies. It is now entering the cell memories of your bodies, as you term it, replacing those old programs, those old memories which no longer serve you. They are no more. They exist no longer. They have left your bodies. Feel this. Know it. It is not mere belief. It is knowing. Knowing that you are forever changed for the better. Do you accept this?

(Yeses all around)

MONJORONSON:  Do you welcome this?

Group: Most certainly; yes.

MONJORONSON: Embrace it. It is a step on the path of becoming who you were originally created to be. Each of you individually and collectively as a unit can work together for God’s purposes to fulfill God’s will in your lives and in the lives of those around you. Hold this in your thought. It is entering your thought patterns. It is changing the patterns of your very thoughts, the thoughts that you have lived with for so long. They are leaving you now. Those old patterns which no longer serve you are dissipating into nothingness. They are being replaced by the truth which Michael gives you. It has always been there. It has always been about you. Now you are in fact receiving it into the energetic body, into the very fiber of your being.

[Pause. Ed note: We were still being cleansed by Father, Urantia, Mother and Michael through all of Monjoronson’s comments]

MONJORONSON:  As this process continues more light enters into your bodies, into each cell. See those lines of light of the Merkaba connecting you to the light anchor and running down your spine. See your spine as a shaft of light, pure and clean.

Now my friends in your minds you may be wondering what is next. What are your instructions now? What does Monjoronson want me to do? Don’t sweat, it is very simple. Return with your thoughts to this place, this time, and this moment as often as you remember in the coming days. Sit in stillness and return with me. Sit with Michael and Mother in this place in your mind. That is all we ask.

In the future that is not so very far away, more will be asked of you. But you will be prepared. You will be more than ready, more than willing, more than simply equipped. You will have literally risen to the occasion in your frequencies, in your bodies. This is how you prepare for a higher level, for a higher calling. When that call comes you will be ready to respond in a way that will surprise and please you. It will not surprise your Father but please Him greatly. He knows what your great potential is, each of you individually and collectively. That potential already exists. You with your intention will bring it into actuality. Doing work such as this will prepare your bodies to follow your will in following the Father’s will. I take my leave this evening my friends, and leave room for another.

Group: Thank you. Thank you Beloved One. We are grateful for this opportunity.

Leoma: Is anyone else getting the bump?

[Ed note: Desire for Tomas to join in. Slight pause as both Leoma and Keith are hearing Tomas. Leoma starts just ahead of Keith… but he will have his chance later!]

TOMAS: (TR, Leoma): Yes my friends, you know that I am here. I just did not know who was going to be my voice tonight. We have not shared a lesson directly in some time. You have had a superconductor lesson tonight. (chuckles) The lesson was not so much of words but of experience, which is even more valuable.

The energies gathered tonight were very clear and very productive. Though your mind may not grasp that or believe it, it is so. Though your body may not have felt as much as you would have liked, still it is so. You are all on a progression path, are you not? You are farther along than last week or yesterday… and next week farther still. Baby steps are just fine, as we have discussed previously. Sometimes you take a wonderful leap like tonight which is facilitated in a group such as this.

One day you will feel the power in your body to accomplish the same… individually. Believe it or not. This is within you, easily within your grasp, each of you here. To all of those who will read this transmission, it is within your grasp. It is within you with your Adjuster, the indwelling Father Spirit that works with you and can instruct you and lead you forward in your yearnings to find the truth, the reality of who you were created to be.
You are on this progression path that doesn’t often take big leaps. It is usually in small increments, sometimes so small you have to look back a long way to recognize the growth. Yet sometimes aren’t you just amazed what has happened in just a year or two, if you remember how you really felt then.

In your bodies there is a new reality coming forth. When you feel that rising within you, that is your potential coming into actuality. That is that rising potential that has always been there. So ride with it when you feel it coming. Ride with it and embrace that new person coming forward. Put on that new garment that Michael is bringing you. Wear it in joy and in peace, knowing that there is yet more, much more beyond that to come in your lives as long as it is your will and your intent to continue on the progression path.

You can stop it at any moment if you want. Indeed the many distractions in your lives seem to slow it down sometimes. But remember and embrace those moments too because there is not one moment in your life that is not part of your progression path. Let me emphasize that. Even something that seems to be a backward step is part of your path, uniquely your own. Embrace that too. Recognize it as an opportunity to remember the things you have learned. Embrace it perhaps as a challenge to bring forward the good things that you have learned, to remember the moment when you have felt powerful and connected with spirit. It will click back on in your cells somewhere. You can decide with your mind to be connected with that, or to go down hill. It is your choice in every moment, which direction you will go.

You can always call on any of us to help you. We understand how difficult it is at times, especially on a planet such as this, to pull yourselves out of the muck and the mire, much of it that you did not create. Yet, there you are. With our help you can lift yourself out of it every time.

Your ability to recognize the muck and the mire has grown. Indeed, you recognize it much more quickly. You recognize your mind’s ability to make the choice. This is all very good progression, my friends. Without that muck you wouldn’t have that opportunity to grow in your ability to pull yourselves forward. That is what it is all about. It is what this whole spiritual path is all about, is it not? To hold on to, to ask for and grab the things you know will help you to move forward. It is not always a steady pace. It goes in fits and starts.

You will even need to take a rest once in a while, to play and just be. Take those moments to embrace as well. We do. We take breaks. We go on vacation, believe it or not. We have recreation. So life is embracing all of those things that you are a part of, all of those things come to you in each moment. Doing your best to get through them, to keep the focus forward. To keep yourself centered in what we have taught you, knowing that we have plenty more yet to teach you.

It is good to see your willingness and openness. As long as you have that my friends, you will never take steps backward that don’t eventually propel you forward in the longer run. That is a promise. So, it is good to be with you tonight friends. Is there a question?


Randy: Tomas, we have discussed among our group the good things that have come out of our endeavors with the week of praying for peace. Since then I have received a number of very positive comments from those who have participated in this, not only in this country but internationally too.

TOMAS:  Yes, I am aware.

Randy: Thank you by the way for planting the bug in our ear to do this. You probably were aware that the Teaching Mission had actually organized something similar to this in the late 90’s, as the Warriors for Peace. If we were to organize something like this again to occur periodically, would you have any suggestions for what goals we might try to attain in sustaining an effective prayer effort?

TOMAS: : Your goals will always be stated in your intent of your group. You release that energy with no strings attached so that the energy reaches where it is most needed. That is the goal. I may have a couple of suggestions for continuing this endeavor, to make it more effective

Randy: yes, please.

TOMAS: That might be for more of the groups that participate to use the following exercises, such as: spending the time in stillness; intentionally setting up the Merkaba; intentionally connecting to the light anchor; spending the time gathering the energy with the single group focus, with the sincerity and intent being very clear. There are some groups that would benefit greatly from practicing these techniques, if you want to call them that, for gathering energy first within the group and then with their intent sending it where it is needed.

In subsequent plans for doing this again, it is not so necessary that the groups be simultaneous unless that is your desire. That suggestion [when we did this in February] was more a benefit for the people within the groups. Much good can be done by groups at any time on their own. If there are some groups that wish to connect simultaneously, they will certainly benefit from doing that. It will up the amperage of the effect of what you are doing. There was also a suggestion that the light can be gathered and then asked to be used at a later time so that it is simultaneous with other groups. That is effective as well. But if you want the individuals within groups to feel the energy it is beneficial to do it simultaneously with others.

The collective good is much the same if the groups are meeting at different times with the same intent. In fact it may be a good thing to have groups that are doing this throughout the weeks and months and are not being simultaneous, so that it is more of a prayer vigil that continues. There would be a more constant sending of these prayers, bombarding these places that need it so badly with as much light as possible.

None of these efforts, even individual praying, none of the efforts ever go to waste. They never dissipate. Yet there are things you can do to strengthen them, such as asking the celestials to join in with you, and to boost the energy that you send and to join in your circle with you as you gather the energy. All of these things help.
As you become more proficient in your groups in doing this we will be bringing you even more help in how you can boost the energy even further. But first must you progress in your own individual healing and carrying of light within your own body, so that the levels that you can reach are more easily attainable. Right now the work you are dong is very effective and it is very good. Again, it is part of that progression path that you become increasingly proficient at. That was a long answer. (chuckles)

Randy: Thank you for your guidance and your help.

[Personal discussions in the group about hearing their teachers for the first time]

TOMAS: (TR Keith): This is Tomas. We will finish up with another. Kind of an unusual thing to do, but we will accept that. We had already reached the point for questions and my lesson had already come to an end. So are there still any other questions that need to be answered?

Randy: I do have one, Tomas. We in our group have been made aware of another celestial being who is called Kryon. She has been transmitted through another mortal []. This celestial is apparently there to aid Urantians in connecting with spirit and energies. I was wondering if there was anything that you could tell us about this being and this ministry.

TOMAS: : At this time I am not prepared to cross over into another celestial’s territory. But you will find truths within what you have read and what you may read in the future. It is up to you to sort out what is appealing and what makes sense in your own mind. We will try to work on this cross-over between celestial ministries at a future date. Does this answer your question?

Randy: Yes, thank you.


TOMAS:  Are there any other questions? If not, we bid you good night.

Group: Thank you Tomas. Good night.

Randy: Michael sends his peace.

Group: Thank you Michael

Randy: He always enjoys it when we put him in our consciousness.

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