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AND29- Uversa Broadcast, Gift of Vibrations

2006-04-27-Uversa Broadcast, Gift of Vibrations
Andover #29


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Uversa Broadcast, Gift of Vibrations
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Uversa Broadcast, Gift of Vibrations
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Michael
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba, but with the intent of exploring different ways for raising our frequencies to attain clearer celestial TR contact. At this time we were instructed (personal teacher?) to change the way we arrange our legs. Instead of placing them flat-footed on the floor, we were to cross them (as in a “lotus position” if we were able to be that flexible). It was not apparent to us at the time, but this allowed us to be somewhat less grounded with Urantia. We then were instructed to visualize our heart lines as being directly connected through our heart chakra to each other (not up the right leg, through the heart chakra and down the left leg through the light anchor to Urantia). We then participated in effective prayer.


Prayer: Father we thank You again for giving us the opportunity to come together to commune with You, with each other, and with our celestial friends. Father we greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from our teachers, because we want to better ourselves. We want to be more like you. We want to be better at being human as we strive to live our lives here on this planet. As we do so, we state our intent to take what we have learned and use it where ever we can to aid Michael in this Correcting Time. We love You Father.

[Ed note: Following the opening prayer we were instructed (personal teacher?) to consider our group contained safely in the Merkaba. The Merkaba, and thus us, was to be visualized “rising up the light anchor like a gondola or cable car” to a very high height above the planet. With our united intent and focused breathing we sent ourselves up with the Merkaba, envisioning our teachers reaching down to pull us up even further. We went through 5 breathing / consciousness cycles before settling in to accept the level we were at. This had the perceptible effect to us of raising both our united consciousness and united bodily vibration to a high level.]

Tomas: We have for you tonight something a little different. We have for you tonight a universe broadcast brought from Uversa. This was the purpose for working a little harder to raise your Merkaba to meet the teachers.

Unidentified: [Ed note: The message started and thus was TRed in an unrecognized language; 30 seconds spoken and 2 minutes sung. This was immediately followed by the following message sung in English. Some of the unrecognized language was interspersed in small phrases, as indicated by the asterisk *]

  •  A-meesh a-meesh a-reesh ka-tay-a-me. My children receive this prayer. Receive in joy this presence thereof. We bring you this message to hearken the day. We bring you this message this feeling of love which can only be conveyed in a direct line from the Father. It is His gift to you this night.
  •  A-reesh ma-reesh a-reesh ka-tay. Ma-reesh a-reesh ma-reesh ka-tay-a. My children hear between the words the intonation frequencies. Hear the love. Receive it now within your heart, within your soul, within your mind.
  •  A-reesh a-reesh a-reesh ka-tay-a-me. A-reesh a-reesh a-reesh ka-tay. This message is to be conveyed to all who may receive, to all who may receive. The message is not in the word. The message is in vibration, the frequency signatures released to you now from On High. They are a gift to you.

[Ed note: The TR requested that our Tibetan singing bowl be played now. The bowl’s tone was sustained during the following message, which was spoken in English.]

This is the vibration of the First Source and Center that reaches out to all points in creation. It is the vibration of creation that encompasses all and is eternal.

  • A-reesh ka-tay. A-reesh a-reesh a-reesh a-ree- – -. Receive these vibrational gifts in the manner in which they were given… in pure love, compassion, absolute forgiveness.

It reaches deep into your souls, into your beings, to wipe away the tears… any darkness from your DNA. Receive these vibrations which contain the signatures of Monjoronson, of Machiventa, of all the Melchizedek teachers. Receive in your knowing-ness, in your being-ness, the vibrations of Serena and all her order, the Midwayers, all the orders of angels. All of these and others not yet revealed are with you. They are pouring into your being-ness even as we speak in increasing numbers, in increasing capacity for change, for up stepping your very consciousness.

To the degree and measure that people are ready, it is received and uplifts them. If you are willing, to the degree that you are open, to the limit of the capacity you are willing to open to these vibrations, it is given. It is given freely. You make the choice to accept or reject, or that you have had enough and can hold no more. This is a Uversa broadcast.

[pause, as we “came down”]


TOMAS: My friends, this is Tomas. That was quite an occurrence, was it not?

Group: (agreements) I think we had the right radio station tuned in!

TOMAS:: That was some frequency. There was some considerable rearranging and scrambling going on when it was realized this was possible to come through tonight. It was unexpected, and yet not unexpected. Yet we must be ready to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The vibrations have indeed been very high.

[pause, as the TR grounds herself]

TOMAS: Those higher reaches are a fun place to be. But once the purpose is fulfilled, the person is not of much use on this earth at those vibrations. That is one of the purposes for connecting with the Planetary Supremes’ energy and grounding influence.

[Ed note: The group helps to ground the TR by focusing on their heart connections to both the TR and the Planetary Supreme].

TOMAS: That was quite an occurrence you experienced this evening. It was not merely, as you may have guessed, for the three people in this room. The vibrations from that occurrence are rippling outward yet and will so for some time to come. To our knowledge this is the first time such a broadcast has been received and given in this manner. There are others preparing around the world for such reception. There are others preparing for even greater service to Michael and the Correcting Time.

I am here tonight to keep things on a lighter note, that you do not get too big headed or carried away by this experience. It is not going to happen every week, you know.

Student:  Oh darn!  (chuckles)

Randy: Tomas, was that broadcast specifically for this planet?

TOMAS:: Yes, indeed. Although as you know, the ripple effect does not stop at the outer limits of your atmosphere. What happens on this planet affects the other rebellion planets in particular in Nebadon.

Randy: The language was the language of our superuniverse headquarters?

TOMAS:: That is correct. You with discerning ears may hear some familiar sounds, syllables from some of your other earth languages. But you will not find the meaning of the words that were shared. As you were told, the true gift was in the vibrations received. It was not the words that were important for you at this time. They were given in the universe language so that your mind would allow your soul and your heart to connect with the truth of the origin of the vibrations.

And… it was a test. You know, radio stations always have their tests; (hmm) televisions have their test patterns. This was a test. I must say it was successful. There will be more in the future, perhaps in other places around the world. This again is another part of Michael’s plan for infusing these troubled worlds with all of the good vibrations that he can, as it is discerned that the human race is ready to receive it… as soon as it is discerned there is someone who can be the open channel for the broadcast.

There were many personalities assembled as you can imagine, to help this broadcast take place, all the way from midwayers to Serena’s order and many in between. What provided the clue to us that you would be able to receive this was you exercising in raising the Merkaba itself. To raise your vibrations to meet ours… that did the trick.

In the coming weeks you will learn, one way or another, how to use such techniques as this to accomplish anything you can put your imagination to. Anything that serves in the direction of Michael’s Correcting Time will be allowed within the parameters of your capabilities. It is always within those parameters. For you see you are truly the co-creators of this Correcting Time. It will follow as rain washing over the dry, parched earth finds its way across the dry land, making little rivulets and streams and then creeks and then rivers flowing toward the ocean, a larger body of spiritual waters.

So the vibrations that you received tonight, that you were carriers for, are rippling out now across the world. Your unseen friends are boosting and helping those vibrations to remain strong and to see their way as far as they can possibly reach.

Randy: Can we with our intent send them as prayers to others?

TOMAS:: Indeed. Return with your mind to this moment, this feeling within your bodies that you had when this energy was given. As it is rippling outward, remember that feeling. You can return to it and send out energy to keep the ripples going. You can send out your own ripples any time you think of it. This is in fact what you do as beings of light, whether you realize it or not, whether you concentrate and pray for it or not. When you add your conscious effort… your intent, as you have learned many times over in these lessons, it empowers that to a greater extent than when you are merely doing it as a natural course of your being.


MICHAEL: It is quite a gift that the Father has given, this gift of energy that flows so freely. Anyone that is in its path, anyone wading in the waters receives the blessing. The waters of life are barred to no one. They are only stopped by those who will not receive. Even one individual in the darkest place surrounded by darkness and dark people can receive the blessing of these living waters. Thus begins the trickle that eventually overflows to all those yet in darkness until they too receive and pay attention to what is at their feet. What is getting their toes wet and creeping into their consciousness, so that they splash some on their face and decide that they like the feeling. It is confusing and new, but they want more until they are all wet.

Be wet, my children. Be wet in the joy of the life giving waters. It is good to drink in this life. It has within and behind it all universe power, which is love. Love can permeate everywhere, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, into anyone. So remember when you encounter anyone, whether they are an enemy or friend or loved one, someone you don’t know at all, share with them these living waters. Not necessarily in words or even in actions, but simply from your heart. Perhaps just the way you look at them, the smile you give, the sincerity in your heart going in their direction, whether they know you are there or not.

This is prayer. Yes. This is connection from the Father to you to the other person. This is prayer. This is the meaning of your life. This is how love is spread. By it, you will live in joy and true peace. This is Michael. Be in my peace, my friends. Be my peace, friends. Spend a few moments now relaxing in my peace. Surrender yourselves into it fully. Now that you are peace, send this out with the ripples. We send this, now. Namaste, my friends.

Group: Namaste, Michael. Thank you.

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