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AND30- Toning, Supreme Nature of Urantia

2006-05-04-Toning, Supreme Nature of Urantia
Andover #30


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Toning, Supreme Nature of Urantia
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aronafal, Alana, Urantia, Planetary Supreme
o 2.2 TR: Randy, Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
o 3.5 Note

Topic: Toning, Supreme Nature of Urantia
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Aronafal, Alana, Urantia, Planetary Supreme
TR: Randy, Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba, toning to a low C (first chakra, receptive). Recognizing that today was the National Day of Prayer, we prayed peace for the world and health for our friends and relatives.

Prayer: Father we come with joy in our hearts, meeting here together, connecting with our teachers, communing with each other to learn more and to improve ourselves, all to help Your son Michael in his Correcting Time. Tonight Father it is our intent that we follow the encouragement of our teachers to be creative with the energies that You have given us, and to be used for the highest good. It is our intent that we open connection to our Planetary Supreme, Father. Guide us in this. You know our hearts. We are doing this not out of curiosity, but to lead to the higher good. Father we thank You for this opportunity.

ARONAFAL:  Good evening dear friends. Yes it is I, Aronafal. How could I not take up the invitation to be with you tonight?

Group: Welcome.


ARONAFAL:  We have been pleased with the discussions and the understanding that you have amongst yourselves about the ways to use these energies and the ways to access them. We are not able to tell you so many things, because some of these things can not just be told. They must be experienced. You are at a point now where telling leads to experience, which leads to higher understanding. This is good. So tonight I wish to kick things off by taking you on another ride. We took you on a ride last week and we are going to go on a similar ride. But first, a lesson.

Those energy centers that you know of in your etheric body, your chakras… much has been understood about these energy centers. Much is still to be understood. Certainly that which you have talked about tonight is true. [Ed note: See below for explanation] I wish to add to this by saying that those chakras are energy gateways used in aiding your physical body to connect with mind – spirit realities. Yes, you are right in your supposition that these energy gateways, seven as you know of them, do have dual pathways. The teaching of the yin and the yang, or the inner and the outer, or the receptive and the expressive… these two qualities of these centers are correct. Once you have that awareness, now you might realize that there are more things that you can do through these energy gateways.

As an introduction tonight I would like to remind you that your root chakra, the first chakra, and your seventh chakra, the crown chakra, are indeed the energy gateways that connect to this light anchor for this type of Merkaba construct that you have created here tonight, that you have been creating, and that other groups with this knowledge have been creating. You have also realized that your heart chakra plays a large role in this. You have experienced this in effective prayer, where you take the energy from the Father through your crown chakra. Then with your will and intent and desire and sincerity, you direct it through your body… letting it flow through your heart chakra, to go where you intend it. You have used this to fill your Merkaba in effective prayer, and subsequently send it out. Well done, my friends. This is a good and proper way to use the Merkaba.

But realize that these gateways can be used in other ways. Tonight we will not discuss the other four chakras, but realize that these can also be used in energy constructs, as in group energy constructs, or in other ways. You body is multi-dimensional. It is marvelous. Yet, you are not your body. You are also that part of yourselves on the other side of these chakras, if you want to think of it that way. This is difficult to describe in the fourth dimensional understanding that you have here living as a mortal. Suffice it to say that continue exploring God’s universe through these three energy centers, your first, fourth and your seventh, and this will lead to a better understanding of the others.

Now my friends remember what you did last week. You were instructed to fold your legs either as you sat on them or at least to cross your legs. This aids in the attenuation of the connection you have made in this Merkaba through your root chakra. When you did that last week, it still allowed you to connect with each other through your hearts. You were still connected through your root chakra to the light anchor, and obviously through your crown chakra to the light anchor above. But it allowed you more freedom to have a less strong connection to the Planetary Supreme, Urantia. By doing this you were allowed, and experienced the ability, to direct through your intent your energies higher up the light anchor. You were able to make the high vibrational connections for the universe broadcast. So I assure you that you were still connected to Urantia.

You were connected clearly up the light anchor. But by taking this physical body position it allowed you to alter how that one chakra worked. Remember that you and other groups have been taught to build this Merkaba in a very balanced way. You not only have focused up the light anchor but you now also have focused down the light anchor. For very good reasons we most definitely want to make sure that you can drive safely before we give you some high octane fuel and some more difficult roads to go on. So now you know that attenuating the first chakra can be accomplished through folding of the legs.

Tonight I wish to reveal that you can attenuate your connection through your crown chakra at the top of your head by folding your arms. With me please, I would like you to keep your legs as they are now, firmly planted on the floor. The heart line connection is as it typically has been. You can imagine it coming from Urantia up your right leg, through your heart chakra, down your left leg, down the light anchor and into Urantia, and then up to the person on your left. The mind line is functioning too. Now please take your arms and fold them across your chest so that your hands are underneath your arm pits. Sit in this position for a few seconds and feel that your connection above is still there. You are still connected to the light anchor, but you may have the perception that your connection down through your first chakra and into the light anchor is relatively stronger than your connection up. This is the attenuation effect.

Now my friends, I have brought you almost as far as you need to go. What I want you to do is the same exercise that you did last week. [Ed note: We sent our group Merkaba, with us still in it, up the light anchor towards our teachers to facilitate higher energy vibration contact with them.] Even though we are connected down to Urantia, this does not mean that this is a lower energy level than what you are in your mortal bodies. You still have to raise your frequency, but yet focus down on the connection between your first chakra and the light anchor. As you discussed before this meeting, that connection for the root chakra that actually impinges on the light anchor is the yin of that energy center. It is the receptive. Tonight, focus on that point. Focus on your connection to Urantia as we raise our vibrations, being receptive.

Your Planetary Supreme supports you so lovingly, in so many ways that you may not realize. You would notice these effects much more strongly if your body would leave this planet for any length of time. Focus on that point and breathe in… and breathe out… As you breathe out, you are increasing your energy as you focus on reaching down through that junction (with the light anchor), the yin of the first chakra, the receptive of the first chakra. [Continued pranic breathing] Feel the strength.

You may sense Mother. Mother Nebadonia is a natural channel along side of this. Yes, there is a reason that many people think of this consciousness, this planetary being, as “mother nature”. Continue breathing.
Now my friends, I have taken you where you have intended to go. As always it is a pleasure to be with you in this way. Now I leave you for another. Namaste.

URANTIA: My dear precious children, how can I place into words! My heart is as full as you were trying to express earlier of your love for the Father [Ed note: In our group prayers]. You can think of me as your Mother Earth, the Planetary Supreme, Urantia. I am indeed one who nurtures you through Mother Nebadonia and her ministries.

Mmmm. You don’t know what a privilege it is to be able to make this kind of connection and communicate with you. It is quite a process to allow this to take place. Yet, you know me so well. So many of you on this planet are coming to appreciate and know my energies better than ever before. It is now more possible to harmonize with these energies even though there seems to be great disharmony going on around my surface, the surface that you know of as the planet.

Just as your body is not who you truly are, the physical planet is not who I am. It is not who we are. By the “we” I mean the collective consciousness of all on this planet who have ever lived, who live now, and those yet to be born in a physical manner. We are all truly one. For the Supreme is the supreme amalgamation of all that has been created and poured into the pool together. So the Supreme nature on this planet is quite unique from that of any other planet. Each has its own uniqueness, its own personality of sorts, its own collective memory, and its own collective experience pool. As you can imagine the experience and memory pool on this planet is quite colorful, to put it one way (chuckles).

There may be some confusion about the energies that you would perceive as negative, as having gone into the planet and as going on the planet’s surface between people. What you may not quite grasp is that all of those energies, those you perceive as negative as well as those you perceive as positive, are part of the collective existence. They all merge and are in some effect neutralized into a level you may know in your verbiage as “peace”. All of those waves, as you might think of these energies, converge, merge and even out. While some may speak of tribulation or even retribution, it is not so. Feel now, my children, the love and the peace that truly exists coming from the Planetary Supreme, which you think of as beneath your feet. Yet I am there in your higher conscious. That is where we can truly appreciate one another.

Yes, it is good to be aware of the environment, to be kind and conserve the beauty and the resources you have been given. They are part of the creation of the Father, your Planetary and Universe Sovereign. It is I who supports you and nurtures you as a body of people living in a physical plane. Yet there is so much more than just the physical that is nurtured. This is indeed what you sense when you use the word “mother” to describe me. These are the nurturing feminine energies that you sense, that you have. They are an intuitive feeling of without intellectualizing it, without needing to be told. We use your heart and your intuition, your spiritual side. You know me. You know me so closely. Indeed you know not what it is to be separated from me.

Bask in the warmth, the caring, the nurturing, the supporting nature of my ministry with you. I in return benefit and grow from the reception of your love, and appreciation and caring compassion. We grow in this way hand-in-hand together. So we see it is another relationship. Those on the planet who are unable to appreciate the relationship or to even realize it, cut themselves off from an important connection to nurture their souls, to provide them support from another direction that they know so little about and yet need so much. The support is still there but they cut themselves off by not appreciating and by abusing the gift of a nurturing environment in which to physically live.

I am reminded of the biblical image of a hen and her chicks as she gathers them under her wings to keep them safe, to keep them from the rain or predators, to keep them gathered in, loved and nurtured, sheltered. This is somewhat akin to my role in your lives.

So my little chicks (chuckles), we have another relationship to be aware of, to consciously appreciate and connect. It has been my privilege to speak with you tonight and to share some representation of a beginning of understanding in a greater way how we are in relationship. This planet is not just a solid rock to live on, to conquer or use up the resources without thought of the consequences… as some on this planet still live their lives. This is not you, my friends. You are growing in awareness. Now we can appreciate that connection even more. I take my leave from this communication but not from you, my friends. Good night.

Group: Good night. Thank you for being with us.


Randy: Thank you mother Urantia. I would like to offer a gift from our small group to you. As others read this they may send you the same gift, although time shifted a little later. This is our National Day of Prayer. Our prayer is to take as much of the Father’s energy and love as we can and give it as a gift to you, to sustain as many as will be sustained through your ministries. Receive this gift of love from all of us.

Leoma: She has left the connection but I sense something like her wings over us. She is certainly receiving the love that we intentionally sent.

Randy: Now group; take your hands out from underneath your arms to re-balance the energy in your bodies in this Merkaba. Put them in a normal palms-up position and remain this way. Your connection with the Merkaba is still active… just in case someone will get the bump.

Leoma: There is someone here. I was feeling this being earlier, too. It is very curious of what we are doing. A very child-like curiosity.

Randy: Is this the being we spoke of earlier?

Leoma: I am not sure. I do not think that I am meant to TR this being. No, it is just curious.

Randy: Well… welcome friend. I sense that he..

Leoma: uh huh.

Randy: here to share energy signatures. He is glad that we sense his signature or at least are sensing his consciousness.

Leoma: He feels quite different from any other being. New.

ARONAFAL: : Focus your attention on your heart chakra in this balanced Merkaba. Be very relaxed in your bodily position. Focus on the receptive function of your heart chakra. Reach and allow this being to connect with you through your receptive heart chakra gateway.

Visualize this being in the middle of the light anchor in front of you. This being is the connecting point, the center point of a direct heart connection to all of you. Since there are four of you here, he is in the middle. Visualize him standing in front of you in this spot, looking at you in the eyes as you are looking at him in the eyes. This opens your hearts to each other.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Your souls are so very close to your hearts… thus the instruction for this connection. We are connecting at a soul level. This is what mortals do. In the flesh, looking at one another deeply through the eyes aids the mind-soul connections, so the other soul can experience your mind. I now withdraw. It has been a pleasure being in the warmth of the gaze of your hearts. Namaste.

Group: Thank you.

Randy: I think Tomas is there, but I don’t know if he is going to speak with us.

Leoma: I’m not getting a bump.

Randy: He must be viewing from afar.


ALANA: Good evening, friends. I’m here again. This is your friend Alana. I just wish to sprinkle some good tidings among you and congratulate you from the other side. Among friends here, we say you have done well tonight. We don’t say this to swell your egos and prop you up in that way; you do not need that because you have already experienced the joy of connecting to God’s creation.

I just want to give a shout out to Richard to say I am here, you know I always am

[Ed note: Alana is his personal teacher].

ALANA: I will keep encouraging you to live righteously and to conquer those battles which you know are in front of you. Be certain that you will succeed in those worthwhile battles that you choose to undertake. Continue with your strong faith, my dear dear friend. You do very well.

Richard: Thank, you Alana.

ALANA: : Good evening.


You may be interested in this information since it is referred to but not totally talked about in this transcript. Prior to the teacher session our group discussed how chakras have a dual function; the receptive yin and the expressive yang. In his book “The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”, Owen Waters writes that our seven chakras with their yin and yang character resonate at our spine with the 12 notes of the musical octave.

The first chakra begins with the notes B (receptive) / C (expressive), the second with C# / D, the third with D# / E, etc… ending with the seventh chakra at the B / C notes. To reconcile the 12 notes of the musical octave (and not 14) with the seven chakras, he suggests that the first chakra resonates at our spine with the note C, while the seventh chakra resonates at the top of our skull with the note B.

Knowing that energy and sound are vibrations at a given frequency, my personal teacher prompted me in stillness that the spectrum of mindal / spiritual energies available to us can be accessed through resonance with our chakras. When our group tones verbally (usually to an “ah” sound) in aligning our individual energies when we set up the Merkaba, we have for some months been intentionally toning to a certain note / chakra that we wish to tune for use that evening. For much of our effective prayer sessions, this has been the F#… the expressive character of the heart chakra that is used when we “pray peace”, or “pray health”, for instance.

This musical frequency – chakra relationship suggests that the first and seventh chakra seem to be connected in a circular loop (i.e., the seventh stops in musical note where the first starts). It follows that our bodies can access a large range of frequencies through harmonic resonance to the musical scale. This hypothesis suggests that time is circular, or more accurately, spiral.

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