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AND31- Energy of Uversa Broadcast

2006-05-17-Energy of Uversa Broadcast
Andover #31


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Energy of Uversa Brotherhood
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Unknown
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Energy of Uversa Brotherhood
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Unknown
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba. We replayed the recorded Uversa broadcast that we TR’ed on April 27 (Andover TeaM session #26), as Tomas had told us that we could keep experiencing the energy of the message and send it out to others. The broadcast said that “the message was in the vibrations”… and it certainly was! We felt so uplifted, hearing the singing and also the spoken messages. With our intent we envisioned the ripples of energy coming into us, and then we sent it out to the world for the benefit of others.

TOMAS: Good evening friends. This is your teacher Tomas. It has been some short while since we have been officially together in this capacity.

Group: Good evening Tomas.

TOMAS: : Good evening to you. There is another with you tonight, being a little bit pesky with his curiosity. We have managed to curtail his influence with the TR so that the message can come through. He is present with us here so that he can observe and learn.


TOMAS:  You had experienced another form of energy tonight, one that can be shared and spread forward. You have learned by going back to that same moment, and even more effectively so by being in the vibrations once again. These vibrations that you have experienced are for real, folks. They are indeed of a higher caliber of sorts than that to which you have previously been introduced. The ripple effects do continue and are felt by those with the capacity to receive those vibrations. For those who are unable to receive the vibrations they simply pass by unnoticed.

This type of vibration increases the light vibration as it networks across the planet. Those that have the capacity to receive do receive it. Small hugs of the energy are established. They can be sent on so they can be received and amplified, so to speak. They continue on, being carried through the human body as well as the celestial energy carriers… those who are of the capacity and order of electrical sonship who can boost the energies, whose job it is to amplify. Yet without your human bodies as carriers and without the initial receivers on the planet, this process would not take place. The celestials aid in the process. They cannot begin it. They cannot initiate the process.

That is done only by the Father, the First Source and Center, the Source of the energy in the first place.
Your bodies act as receiving towers, as do the celestials’. The celestials receive it from your broadcast, so to speak, as the vibrations come from your bodies and are rippled outward. The celestial boosters help it to keep going. In this way, even one point of light can be spread around the world. This is beginning to happen more now on this planet through points of light.

The universe broadcast vibrations are a step up from what has been received until this time on this planet. This is a good sign, my friends, that the needed receptors and conditions for receiving have been met at last. The process can be initiated and carried through. It is no small event. It is significant on your world. To allow these vibrations to enter into the consciousness of the beings on this planet has been long awaited. A great cheer arises at its inception.

Receive once again the memory of those vibrations. It enters into the very DNA of your bodies to rewrite the programming which has darkened and despoiled your species for far too long. You are literally being made clean, one particle at a time, awakening each cell of your body to receive, hold and carry more light: the essence of becoming Light and Life. It begins within the individual and spreads until it encompasses the consciousness in the physical reality of the entire planet.

The existence of a single planet reaching toward Light and Life in a system affects all those others struggling to break free of the rebellion and its effects. One stepping forward raises the possibilities into probabilities for all the others. This is part of the significance of what is now seen as taking root, taking a strong hold in the very aura, the consciousness of this planet. As this occurs in ever greater numbers and capacity of the individual, we as your unseen friends and teachers are allowed to do even more. It is opened to us; the door opens wider to let the light in. So from just a small crack at the beginning, the door is swung wide, and suddenly a burst of light rushes in.

Everyone notices. There is a change. There is a breath of fresh air spreading across this land. Those who are ready for it, waiting for it, are encouraged and even excited. All are affected as the door opens wider. Those who are not prepared will be confused, upset, but they will notice a change, and perhaps will look to others who are encouraged by it, for support, for understanding.

We are all here for your support, for your encouragement, pouring love over you at all moments. We are lending you a hand as often as we may, lifting you up in times of trouble as needed, and bringing fresh new ideas to be captured by your minds. Creativity is dawning upon a new age. It blossoms and grows as the energy rises; so does the creativity in the vision for a new future for the human race. It is good, my friends.

We are so encouraged ourselves by the progress that we see. You are surprising creatures, delightful in many ways. Your capacity for acceptance, for tolerance, yes even for patience through trials and tribulations, your delight at gleaning the lessons from them and moving forward, finding a better way: all of this makes you stronger. We look forward to receiving you into the Melchizedek schools and into Monjoronson’s entourage of educators and light carriers. The delight that awaits you, your creative futures, are in your hands and in your imaginations. You will help bring them forward. We have already seen greatness in you and greatness in your futures. The new age is dawning; it is within sight. It is within reach. This is a time of transition and change. You have seen it in many arenas of your life already.

There is much more we could say on this subject; yet it is up to you to create your future, hand-in-hand with those of us who can help you to reach your goals. We will be ever ready to guide and help you in any way that we can.

It is so good to have reached this far, to have come to this moment in your time, to see what you have accomplished and to look ahead to what you yet may create. Until another time, shalom, my friends.

Group: Shalom, Tomas.


Randy: I have a question for the Most Highs.

MOST HIGHS: Yes, go ahead.

Randy: What is your perspective on the progress of the Correcting Time across this globe? More specifically, at the national level, how are we progressing as nations in the framework of this Correcting Time?

MOST HIGHS: That is a good question. The nations as a whole across this planet still retain a great deal of their national patriotism and pride that is not altogether a negative attribute, yet tends to get in the way of joining hands without national boundaries and differences. There are still many barriers that separate not only the countries and the reality of trade and so on at the borders, but also in the minds and in the beliefs of many of the nations’ people. This thinking is beginning to change so that people are more homogenous in their thinking, and more global in their attitudes. As the ease of travel and communication increases, there is less isolation than ever before, of course. More connections are being made and it is much more difficult for the tyrannical ruler to isolate his or her people from the truth.

The truth is becoming more available through the modes of communication and the lies are becoming more transparent, in part because of the rising consciousness of the people on the planet in general. So progress is being made. You can see it if you look closely in not the normal media displays, but in the connections between smaller groups of people… social services and organizations that reach out and join hands with people of other nations. The many efforts that are taking place from not only this country, but many other countries, to aid starving, ill and storm-ravaged people is doing a great deal to break down the barriers. When individuals interact, they have to find a way to communicate, to break down the language barriers, the distance barriers, the nationality barriers, the cultural differences.

All of these are bridged when smaller groups and interested individuals with the higher good in mind create connections that will eventually dissolve those high feelings of national pride that cause the separation and misunderstanding. This in turn will filter back towards those in authority, those in the government. The media often support deceitful or unbalanced views.

Randy: So do your leadership circles foresee within the next 5 years or some near-term time frame that this change in consciousness will have a direct affect on the elections that happen throughout the world, so that leadership of the nations will change in response to the collective consciousness change?

MOST HIGHS: Naturally this will begin to take place. Of course, we cannot put a time frame on it. It is all up to the people on this planet. However, we can say that we certainly see things beginning to move quite encouragingly in this direction. The voice of the people that in many instances has been squelched or dishonored or not listened to by those in power will be heard in greater measure. Eventually, leaders will be coming forward from the ranks of these people who have envisioned a better way and want to lay down hostilities and the differences which divide. We cannot put a time frame on it, but you will see it most definitely within your lifetime.

Randy: One more question, please. How do you see Monjoronson’s mission affecting this consciousness change?

MOST HIGHS: Of course, that is a great portion of the outcome of his mission. It is a natural outworking of the education, of the support, that his mission provides. We speak in the present tense, not in the future tense, as it already is.

Randy: Understood. Thank you.

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