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AND32- Communing With Monjoronson

2006-05-24-Communing With Monjoronson
Andover #32


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Communing With Monjoronson
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aronofal, Michael, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Leoma, Randy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Communing With Monjoronson
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Aronofal, Michael, Monjoronson, Serena
TR: Leoma, Randy


[Ed note: Following the encouragement by Monjoronson to know him better (that we have read in other transcripts), we agreed as a group to commune with him in the Merkaba with the highest energy possible to us. We were hoping to feel his presence more clearly, to experience more than his energy signature.]

We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba.
Prayer: Father we come again tonight as open vessels waiting to be filled with Your love, waiting to be filled with the knowledge and experience that Your teachers can provide for us. It is our intent to always take these lessons and learn from them so that we may personally grow, sharing with others and aiding Michael in this Correcting Time. Father, You have heard our petition tonight. We stated our intent to draw closer to Monjoronson in ways that we are able to. According to Your will, please grant us the opportunity to draw closer to him. We thank You for this opportunity.

ARONAFAL: Good evening, friends, this is Aronafal. As anticipated, I am here tonight to prepare you for your evening. The first thing I would ask is that you each relax, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, exhale it down your legs and through your lower connection into Urantia, who continually supports you. Remove any feelings of anticipation and anxiety.

Using the energies in your daily walk is only really possible if you are in a balanced state. You need to be resonating at a high enough basal energy level to access and utilize them. If you’re focused too much on the connection to the physicallness, or too much on the connection to the spiritual, then you are unbalanced. To be balanced is to be living through your heart center; this is what mortals do. This is the easiest way for you to be balanced. When you concentrate on your center you are concentrating on your fourth chakra, your heart chakra. When your consciousness is in that place, that state, you can more easily access the timelessness of the I AM. This is the same state that you are striving for when you are in stillness, to be able to connect with the God within. The heart center is close to the seat of your soul.

So realize that the end result of this exercise will be to put you in your heart center. But first, let us raise your bodily vibrations high enough to attempt to attain your goal tonight. I would like for you to please cross your arms in the way that we have done before, and concentrate on projecting the consciousness of your energy downward. You remember that this is one way to attenuate the perception, your body’s perception, of the energy upward, if you will. The energy connections are still there, regardless of what you do with your arms or your legs. This is a physical way to help you focus on one or the other.

So please follow me. Focus on the point that your individual light anchors, if you will, come together at the light anchor in this room, forming the base of the Merkaba, or the south pole. Focus on that point. As we breathe into it, take deep breaths. We will be sending that energy down toward Urantia as much as we can. Please do this now. You may notice a familiarity, a calming effect, a closeness, or a comfortableness.

Sink those roots deep and feel the duality of your life. Mortals live in a dual life of the perception of the “God” and the “not-God”. At each moment, you are constantly choosing which side to be on… or do you wish to be in the middle. The duality is your life here. It is important in that it gives you choice. This is the grand experiment that mortals go through, the choice to find the God when there is the God and the not-God… and what is the God? Feel this.

Now please, retaining that consciousness of that contact, unfold your arms. Come back to your center, your heart chakra, the balance point. You may feel that the balance point leans towards the south, down toward Urantia. Now let’s balance this by allowing your hands to rest in your lap with palms up, and cross your legs as we’ve done before. With your consciousness concentrate on the point above you where the energy is coming into your crown chakra from the light anchor. Concentrate on that point where your aura meets that light anchor above you, in the center… the north pole of the Merkaba. Take deep breaths. Breathe your energy into it.

As a group, we send it up as high as we can towards the realm of spirit. In this realm, the land of duality is a mere thought. In this realm, all thoughts are one. The I AM consciousness is present. One can feel closer to the God. Remain here for a short while. Let the Father’s energy still flow through you. Now please bring your consciousness back to your center and uncross your legs. Remain in this balanced position.

Feel how you are connected to both realities. Feel how you are connected at that pivot point, your center, where there is timelessness. It’s as if you are sitting on a fence in your daily life. When you pay attention to your heart center, you’re sitting on that fence, usually looking into that yard of the physical world. That’s what you’re most familiar with, but you can very easily turn and look into the world of spirit, because you are there at the balance point. With just a mere thought, you can be either place, or balanced perfectly in the middle with one leg on one side and the other leg on the other side. You are firmly rooted in the environment and spiritual presence of your Planetary Supreme, and firmly rooted in the reality of the First Source and Center. It is in this state that I wish to leave you. My friends it is always a pleasure to be with you. I leave you now for another.


MONJORONSON:  (TR, Leoma): My dear friends it is I, Monjoronson. Do you feel my burgeoning presence, expanding within you?

Randy: Yes.

MONJORONSON:  It is similar, yet unlike that which you have felt before. My presence is with you in a slightly different way, according to your intent and your ability at the level of your spiritual attainment. Your attempt to know me on a greater, clearer level is a noble one. As your attainment level rises, so will your ability of perception of my presence. Allow yourselves to sit in silence with my presence. Let go of expectations and just be, as I am with you.  Do you perceive my voice as I whisper in your ear?

Randy: I think so. Perhaps.

MONJORONSON: Believe it is so. Open the door of your mind to the perception of the idea of hearing and feeling; the idea of feeling in ways you have not previously perceived. You begin to receive a clearer perception of the actuality of my presence. It is not visible to physical eyes as of yet. You move one step closer to the day of actual sight, to the day when we will meet and see one another face-to-face and smile in recognition.

You will know me, my brothers. You will feel at that moment that you have indeed been acquainted with me all along, that we have met before. For indeed, we have been together many times. Allow this feeling moment to settle into your being. At the center of your being, at the moment when your awareness is balanced at the center, your heart chakra, that is when you can perceive me the clearest. That is how we connect. That is where we become one. Feel this now.

The moment of supreme balance is where you will find me. When the time comes that you dwell in this place of balance continuously, that is when we will be able to work effectively together. When enough people have reached this balance on a continual basis, that is when I will be enabled to fully materialize. That will be the moment when we can be most effective in joining hands to work together in Michael’s Correcting Time.

My friends, you would serve me well to return to this lesson, to return to this place of balance as often as you can, to practice it in your daily life, building upon the foundation of stillness practice. In this way, you will help to bring about Light and Life within your individual lives and toward the collective goal of Light and Life for the planet.

Rise with me now as we lift our conscious awareness toward the First Source and Center. Receive the blessing of the higher energies from the First Source and Center, encompassing all, flowing into the atmosphere of the planet through the Merkaba you have created with us. Expanding, growing brighter, and covering the globe, extending toward all until it returns back through the Merkaba, once again to its origin. We thus become part of the unending loop of continuous, flowing energy, transforming, healing, lighting the way. Now, my friends, return to your heart center. Until the next time when we meet again. You will perceive me in an even fuller way.

Group: Thank you.

MICHAEL: This is Michael. Good evening, my children. I am here as always, with you. I wish to encourage your efforts at pushing the envelope as you spoke of earlier. It is by such pioneering efforts that the seeming small steps become footprints for others to step out to follow, such as you seek to follow my leading. Hand-in-hand, you help your brothers and sisters to be courageous, to give them insight, to help them to become aware of what they already knew and yet allowed to lay dormant for a time.

It is never a mistake to try something new that seems a little risky, following the parameters we have set for you in the course of aiding the Correcting Time and your own personal growth which is first and foremost. For it is by way of the growth of the individual that the collective efforts become fruitful and can multiply literally. Without the individual, the group would not be effective; it would just be a collection of unorganized thought patterns. That would not be very productive in the long run. I encourage you to continue in your efforts to accept and learn more. Be in my Peace, my children.

Group: Thank you, Michael.


Leoma: Serena wishes to bring a blessing to us.

Group: Welcome, Serena.

Leoma: She is circulating among us, with some kind of energy blessing. I am getting no other message than that, except to be open and allow it.

Randy: Circuitry bonding?

Leoma: I can’t tell. There are others with her too.

Randy: Serena, it is with gratitude that we accept these gifts with open hearts and open minds.

Leoma: They are doing this as if there are four in the circle. (Editor’s note: there were three of us present.)

Randy: Who is the fourth?

Leoma: I believe it is Monjoronson, and we are being energetically woven together or encircuited in some way. This will help us the next time we attempt a closer connection. Thank you, Serena.

ARONAFAL: In your mind’s eye, hold hands, the four of you in the circle, and commune as mortals commune. Feel the pulsation of the touch.

Leoma: I’m getting extremely warm.

Randy: This is Randy. Yeah, I’m getting warmer on that side (Monjoronson’s) than on Richard’s side.

ARONAFAL: Experience the communion as you know how to experience communion. The touch, the warm feeling you get from an embrace, the sensation of friendship and companionship that you get when you look at someone as you speak with them, hearing the gentle tone of a good friend who has your best interests in mind.

Leoma: I’m getting big energy rushes coming from that supposed empty seat!

Randy: Monjoronson, I am just happy that you are here with us.

MONJORONSON:(TR, Leoma): This is just a foreshadowing of what your physical presence with us will feel like when I materialize.

Leoma: It will be so awesome. It will feel so good.

Randy: No matter what the sensations feel like, I appreciate the confidence that I feel coming from you, layered over the love and the goodness that I feel.

MONJORONSON:is asking us to sit with him in the Merkaba in effective prayer. He will work with us, but he leaves it up to us how we use this opportunity. Are there any prayers?

Leoma: First, I’d like to lift up JS.

Randy: My brother is unhealthy and is losing his eyesight. He just lost his job. Not only do we send health his way that he feels health, we also ask that we send assurance and comfort to him and his wife. They are both good souls. We gather the energy. We now send this love for the higher good for my brother and his wife.

Richard: I would like to say a prayer for all of the leaders in this world that are still dealing with their lack of knowledge of spirit and are still battling with their egos… all those who are fearful of different religions. May love begin to creep into the hearts of all mankind.

Randy: I would like to add to that, Richard. I was thinking of the word, “hope”. I would like to add to this energy that those who can accept some part of God’s love would accept the hope that comes with it, that it would help them strive towards a better tomorrow, or a better world. Give them hope.

Richard: Plant within our hearts the idea that we wish to see a peaceful world. We must first believe this is possible. We gather this energy now, consecrated with the loving energy of the celestials. [Pause. Breathing energy into the Merkaba.]

Randy: I feel high energy here. I see this as bluish, purplish violet-type colors.

Richard: We send this now.


MONJORONSON:(TR, Randy): This is Monjoronson. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the co-creation you do here. I now take my leave. Namaste, until we meet again.

Group: Namaste.

Leoma: Thank you for all the celestials who helped us tonight. (Agreement by all.

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