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AND33- Inspiration & Intuition

2006-06-01-Inspiration & Intuition
Andover #33


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Inspiration & Intuition
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aronafal, Nebadonia, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Randy, Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Inspiration & Intuition
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Aronafal, Nebadonia, Serena
TR: Randy, Leoma


[Ed note: We again discussed Tomas’ encouragement for us to creatively explore using these group energy circuits, in alignment with the Father’s will. We decided to try to remote view, i.e., sending our consciousness and experiencing things that are at a distance. We expected that this would require using our morontial senses, rather than our recognized 5 physical senses. We discussed the North Idaho Team’s 1 April 2006 transcript where Aaron discusses the concept of “ideas” coming from a thought, and thought is a result of connection to Spirit. Is connecting to Spirit an example of our morontial senses?]

We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba.

Prayer: Father, we are here tonight to experience your wonderful creation in as many ways as we can. You have been so gracious, loving and all-knowing with our progress and we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts. It is our intent tonight, Father, to experience your creation through the use of the group energy so that our group may experience from afar your creation. This we do not for personal gain as much as we do for aiding in our understanding of the senses that we have and that we have started to get to know somewhat better. We ask that you help us through our Thought Adjusters in aligning this intent with the goodness of all involved. We ask that we are guided toward aiding Michael in this Correcting Time.

ARONAFAL:  Good evening, friends. It is I, Aronafal. We are here to aid you in your quest to again stretch the envelope in different ways than the envelope has been stretched by you. We do applaud you for your courage and seeking and exploring for the advancement of not only your personal growth, but for those others that might learn from what you experience.


ARONAFAL:  You have put forward the request to be guided in remote viewing. This is something that you all can do. It is a form of directing your consciousness, your mental awareness, to places that are not within your immediate spatial proximity. Intellectually, you can comprehend this when you understand the concept that all is connected. There are also many lines of spirit connection and mind connection that are more open now than they were before. These have been called circuits. You are also realizing that you mortals can co-create new ways, new circuits to do things that are aligned with Father’s will. We will aid you where we can.

You have been correct in realizing that in order to do what you have asked, you must use senses that are not the five senses you use with your body. When one remote views, one does not see or hear or touch or smell or taste. You will not physically be where you intend to go, so you cannot use those senses. So what senses will you use? You have discussed this earlier. I wish to embellish on the discussion by saying that these senses are senses you already have. You may not have named them, but many will recognize what I say and resonate with it.

There is a sense of connectivity with personality. The one TR’ing here likes to call this inspiration. This is not a bad description. But certainly, outside of the use of naming it in any specific way, it is the heart connections that one has with other beings. When you center yourselves in stillness and feel Mother or Michael for instance, that feeling, that sensing is what I’m talking about. It is inspiring. It moves one in ways that one has not been moved before, and you know that it is real. This heart connection is aided through the ministry of the Second Source and Center, through Michael… the heart connections that we have with each other. In part this is what Michael said two millennia ago, “Where two or more are gathered, there am I also.” Connecting.

The other sense that you might experience tonight is a mindal sense of the connection with All That Is. The I Am presence. Consciousness in the widest form you can conceive of, or any other of the narrower concepts of consciousness that you wish to focus on. My friend the TR, here, likes to think of this knowing-ness as intuition. Again, that is not a bad description. To intuitively know what you send your consciousness to via your mind is what we’re talking about. This is aided through the Third Source and Center and Mother and her ministries, including the higher adjutants. Is there any wonder that Mother and Michael are always with you in these ways? Realize that without them aiding you every single moment of the ever-present now, these two senses would not function.

Every one of you has experienced these types of things. You may intuitively know something is happening to a loved one; you may intuitively realize that danger is just around the corner, etc. You may be thinking of someone and then, isn’t it amazing how the phone rings, and there they are? You know these are real. These are the circuits that are there and not have ever left during the rebellion.

So tonight we wish to aid you on a ride of your choosing where you will use these senses. We will prepare you. In order to use higher energies effectively, one must be centered. We will follow the same pattern as we did last week: ground yourselves thoroughly and then raise your consciousness high, and in the end come back to center.

Please, I wish for you to keep your feet flat on the ground. This group here has already established the Merkaba with their intent and have experienced it; they are connected to the light anchor they have had installed in front of them. The love of God is flowing through them for them to use. Please cross your arms as you have been instructed before, hands under the armpits. As you breathe deeply in, and then out, send your consciousness down, if you will, into the earth, sinking deep roots to our Planetary Supreme, who supports you at every continuing ever-present now moment.

Feel the assured-ness of this contact. As you feel this strong connection, this realization that nothing can shake you no matter what, you know that this is not a sinking to a lower energy vibration. Your vibrations have been rising. You have just directed it to your grounded-ness, which is at a higher energy level. Please don’t be caught up in the words, the semantics of “down”.

Now bring your consciousness back up to center, to your heart center, and shift your body to open your arms up, palms facing upwards, in a relaxed position. Cross your legs as you have done before. You remember that the crossing of the legs or the arms attenuates that circuit upwards or downwards. You are now attenuating the downward focus circuit and accentuating with your consciousness and your intent going up. Breathe, realizing you are all breathing together, and you all exist together in the Merkaba. You are taking your consciousness up together as you breathe out, just like you so easily took your consciousness down together.

When you breathe out, take yourself as high as you are able to go. Some might need some help with this, so you can envision your celestial helpers reaching for you. As you breathe out, reach for them. You can visualize reaching for them; you can feel reaching for them. Certainly with your intent, reach for them. As you do this, you know that you are connected firmly to your rock, the mother planet. There is no danger of floating away; you are just stretching.

Now gently come back to center. As you do, unfold your legs and put them back on the floor. It is in this position, friends, that you are balanced. With your intent, you can do that which you intend to do. We await your guidance on where you would like to go for this remote viewing exercise.


Leoma: I just got the strangest thought to go to the Oval Office in the White House.

Randy: Is there consensus? I agree. (Group agrees.)

ARONAFAL: : It is crucial that you remain conscious throughout the whole process. Your bodies will remain here, but your mindal consciousness will and can travel wherever you wish in an instant. Now we guide you to send your consciousness as a group, not separate, but as a group in this Merkaba up the light anchor. Without concentrating on how you get there, you are there.

Friends, you are using your senses, relying on those senses we discussed, that of connection with personality and that connection with All That Is… that which the First Source and Center upholds, the physicality, and that which the Son and the Spirit uphold. You need to do this slowly. It will help if you imagine yourself with the others in the Merkaba sphere inside the Oval Office, in stillness, eyes closed, ears closed, not sensing with those senses, but sensing with the other senses. These sensations that you feel with the other senses, the information that comes into you, as you have discussed before, will be thoughts within you. The thoughts will lead to the idea of other senses that you normally use every day. Maybe it’s vision; maybe it’s the sound of voices. These are in addition to the other feelings of the sense of connectivity to personalities, and the sense of knowingness, or intuition.

We are there with you; we uphold you. You are safe. Now we allow you to be in stillness to sense what you may. Please feel free, whenever you want, if you want, to verbally share this with those sitting next to you in the Merkaba as you have sensations.

Randy: I think I sense the presence of Condoleezza Rice and the President.

Leoma: I sense that there is a crucial decision to be made, and that it is a difficult situation that if one decision is made, a certain set of consequences may occur. If the other decision is made, a certain set of consequences will occur, none of which are desirable. The President is beginning to realize that he is somewhat influenced by his personal desires in the situation in his perhaps selfish interests which influence his thinking.

While we are sitting in the Merkaba in the Oval Office, we can lend our loving God-given energy to help make a decision that takes the President beyond his personal desires, to see more clearly what the better choice in the situation is. Let us concentrate on allowing the light that’s already flowing into us to fill the Oval Office, with no particular directional thought on how that light will be used. Simply allow it to begin to fill the room.

Randy: It is my intent that the Thought Adjusters of these people that we have spoken about and others that I perceive that are in the room, although I do not think that there are many, make contact with the minds of their charge.

Leoma: We also invite Mother Spirit to come into these people present in the Oval Office and expand God’s love into them to the extent that is allowed without overstepping their free will. So be it.

Randy: I feel like a conduit of God’s love. I feel the light coming into me from above through my body and out through my heart, bathing the spirit personalities in this room.

Leoma: I feel something dawning upon the President that wasn’t quite jelling before.

Randy: I feel that the Most Highs are involved. I sense either the Most Highs or the Planetary Observer for the Most Highs are working with the President.

Leoma: There’s a decision being made. I feel that on the surface it does not look to the people involved as being so crucial; it seems to them to be an economic decision, but the consequences run far deeper than even they can imagine. Some of the consequences of either decision they see, but the others they cannot. So with divine influence and insight, they can make a more intuitive decision, not based on their mental intelligence only.

Randy: I get the words in my mind “wisdom of Solomon”. This is what I wish, that for a short while at least, they experience the wisdom of the insight of God in this situation.

Leoma: I see Condoleezza not yet convinced, but seeing a change in the President. He’s going to do something entirely different.

Randy: Yet I don’t sense conflict. Maybe not all quite on the same page, but no conflict.

ARONAFAL: : Breathe.

Leoma: I’m feeling a great deal of energy in my body. At the same moment, I felt consensus was beginning to flow through the room as the same idea was beginning to dawn upon all their minds that there is a solution to the problem. Not a conventional one.

Richard: Perhaps the solution is to be truthful.

Leoma: That would be a good step.

Randy: Yes, I feel that is the crux of the President’s dilemma. Integrity.

Leoma: Letting go of the personal desires.

Randy: Personal gain.

Leoma: It’s a big step for him. He’s even surprised he’s thought of it.

Randy: I am connected to the celestials that are helping in this, and they are relaying to me that we should realize that in time, those people who are reading this transcript are also involved in this drama, and are lending their energy too, even though it might be “in the future”. This situation we are in is the ever-present Now, and time does not exist.

Leoma: I’m feeling that one reason that this is a crucial decision is the way which the decision is being made. It’s new to the people involved. Something is beginning to awaken in them that they will be able to use in other situations. They will remember this moment and how it felt to make such an unconventional but workable decision. They will want to revisit making decisions in this way that benefit the higher good in the best way they have the capability of finding.

ARONAFAL: : I interject. There is much energy that you are expending. Do not be alarmed about this. Maintain your balance. Breathe for the benefit of your physical body. Briefly remember your contacts above and below; feel your energy levels rising again. I step aside for the moment.

Randy: This may have something to do with Iran. Do you get this feeling as well, group?

Leoma: I’m not picking up either way.

Randy: I do agree that it seems more an economic issue.

Leoma: At least in the mind of the President. That may be what he needed to let go of. That was how he would primarily perceive it.

Randy: I do not see this as an overt military current issue.

Leoma: No. I do feel our energy better after Aronafal’s reminder.

Randy: I’m getting the feeling that we have done what we have been led to do by Michael and the Father. Does the group feel there is any more to do here?

Group: No. We’ve done what we can.

Randy: Then please, someone close with prayer, a benediction that will remain with these people in this room (Oval Office) far longer after we have left.

SERENA: This is Serena. We have been with you throughout this exercise. We’re pleased with the energy that has been shared remotely, and the effect that it has had. You can indeed with your intent return to your daily lives while at the same time, leaving the imprint of your intention, the energy of your Merkaba-presence, in the Oval Office. Simply by the asking and intending with your sincerity, it is done. Know that as you return to the room you actually physically occupy, you have made a permanent contribution to what goes into the decisions that are made in the Oval Office. With your invitation, the celestials’ energy and influence can remain as well.

Randy: Let God be present in their minds and hearts. So be it.

Richard: May love guide us so that we don’t have negativity and anger and our personal human negative emotion getting in the way of the work that is being done in love. Not only in our own hearts but through all.

Group: So be it.

ARONAFAL: : Come back to your centers. When you do good deeds and are open conduits for God’s love, it feels wonderful, doesn’t it?

Group: Yes.

Leoma: It was such a surprise where we went.


NEBADONIA:  You have done well, my children. This is Mother. We are very pleased that you choose to use these circuits in this way. Receive the blessings of Michael and me. Not only those in this room, most certainly everyone who has participated in this experience was there in their consciousness. It does not matter where you were sitting or what time you did this. You have done well, my children.

Leoma: Thank you so much Michael and Mother for this opportunity. It feels like such a privilege to participate in an exercise like this. Thank you, especially to Aronafal for his help in sending us.

ARONAFAL: : We thank you. We all take our leave and wish you a good night. Namaste.

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