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AND34- Exercise To Connect With I AM

2006-06-07-Exercise To Connect With I AM
Andover #34


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exercise To Connect With I AM
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aronafal, Serena, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Randy, Leoma Sparer
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Exercise To Connect With I AM
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Aronafal, Serena, Monjoronson
TR: Randy, Leoma Sparer


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba. We toned to the musical scale, from B and then 14 notes higher to C in the next octave. Each chakra’s receptive and expressive (yin and yang) correspond to the note and then next highest, respectively. The 1st chakra (root) is B and C, the 2nd (sacral) is C# and D… while the 7th (crown) chakra is B and C one octave higher. We call this exercise “shining the pearls”; it was presented to Randy by his personal teacher. We commented that toning all the chakras in this way left us energized and able to more clearly feel the energies. We engaged in effective prayer together. (Note: Keith “happened” to be in town after moving away, and called to discover we were meeting that evening, a day early.)

Prayer: Father, we are glad that we are able to be a foursome tonight, for all the interplay that has taken place to bring us together. It is asked that you give us the guidance in what our mission is for the night, what lesson may be learned that we can use for our own goodness, and share with those who read the transcripts and are in some way already connected with this group. Since we do not understand all the ways which we can connect, and the web of knowledge that is out there, one node connected to another, I thank you that these understandings are starting to come together. There is much more to this earth than the five senses that are so easily recognized. People are now willing to venture to become more spiritually enhanced from many different approaches. We pray that we can be instrumental in understanding those people and have patience to learn and to instruct them as they need. We thank you for the strength of the Merkaba tonight as it is taking on a new level of connectedness. We hope that we can have some chance to converse with Monjoronson tonight and to bring any of the lessons that are important that we may not even recognize on our own.

ARONAFAL:  Good evening, friends, this is Aronafal. Welcome Keith, and the rest of you. I just step in here briefly to lead you one final time in what we have been experiencing the last few meetings… a high frequency, high-energy balanced Merkaba.

Please, as we have done before, cross your arms so your hands are under your armpits and leave your feet flat on the floor. As you have wonderfully toned and experienced your energy centers today in preparation for this, focus on the receptive part of your first chakra as it connects to the light anchor below you and sink your energetic roots deep down the light anchor and deep into Urantia. Do this as a group. You are all going together. You are all going to stay together tonight, as you remain in this balanced energy-sharing construct. [Breathe]

Feel the comfort. Feel the presence of your Mother Earth. [Breathe] You are her chicks, remember [Ed note: Reference to earlier lesson]. Keep reaching, do not stay where you are; reach further. [Breathe] You are not going to a lower energy level; you are going to a higher energy state. This is just the direction you are sending your attention. Feel like you are sitting right next to the personality of the Planetary Supreme, that you are touching her because you are sitting so close.

Now please come back to your center. Open your arms. Place them on your lap, palms up. Cross your legs. Now we ascend up the light anchor through the receptive center of your crown chakra as it attaches above you to the light anchor. As you breathe out, send your consciousness up closer and closer to that which you perceive as Spirit personality at a level higher than you. We your teachers are there, reaching down as you are reaching up for us. You are bringing your Planetary Supreme with you in this balanced state. Focus up. Reach higher. Higher yet. Feel the energetic vibrations. You are not always so used to this. Now that you have recaptured that connection, that feeling, gently come back down to your heart center. Uncross your legs. Friends, as always, it is a pleasure to be with you. Now I take my leave.


Leoma: I have again been sensing Serena is circulating among us with her energy blessing, with others of her order, weaving us all together. Tonight we have many orders present. I perceive Lanonandek and Vorondadek Sons, many Melchizedeks, and other orders I cannot name. They are each in their own way, layer upon layer, weaving us together. This is creating a circuit that did not exist before. Again, with Monjoronson’s direction, we are co-creating through the direction of our intent, through the permission we have given, with our sincere desire.

Randy: Again, we confirm that we desire this.

Leoma: Let us remain and allow this for a few more moments in stillness.

SERENA:  This is Serena. See now, my friends, the I AM being drawn forth, forward from the center of your being into the center of the circle. This is an exercise to help you recognize the I AM that exists within each of you, within each of us present tonight. We are a great multitude, yet all one united in the great I AM consciousness. Allow your awareness to float to the center to be at one with the I AM. We remain here for a few quiet moments.

Perceive now, my dear ones, that all of your chakras, awakened by the toning, are now engaged in this exercise. Perceive my friends that all of your chakras, your energy centers, are receiving and expressing, receiving the I AM, expressing the I AM. The I AM, dear ones, is All That Is. All is one. You are all one mind. We are all one mind, one heart, one soul, one reality woven from the same fabric, the Creator-Father.

Feel this truth resonating and expanding within you at all levels of your being, mind, heart, spirit.
Recall that this is where Monjoronson said he meets you. This point of supreme balance, this point of I AM is where all can connect as One, joining energies harmoniously in perfection as God created it; as the First Source and Center created it from the beginning.

This is the place where creativity manifests, from which all manifestation is drawn, from Creative Intelligence. It is always available. Yet the human is not always connected with it. There have been human masters on this planet such as those you read of in the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East [by Baird T. Spalding], who have connected with this I AM and have been able to manifest all good things the First Source and Center has to offer. This level of attainment is not just for the few. It is for any who desire to do the work required to gain the knowledge and the spiritual attainment.

We are raising your vibrations further tonight, dear ones. At each new meeting you are able to step a little higher. The main requirement, the best foundation, is that of this balance you are learning to acquire. One day if you so desire, you will be in a state of balance such as this, maintaining the higher vibrations such as the state of one you would call “master”. It is this state which the man of Nazareth, your Jesus, eventually attained. He promised all of you would do even greater than he attained. I step aside now for another.

Group: Thank you Serena.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. I sit with you in your circle tonight. Receive my presence.

Group: Welcome.

MONJORONSON:: In that long pause, the seeds of anticipation were sown, were they not?

Group: Yes.

MONJORONSON:: And they grew. It was not an unproductive pause. Feel the power of your union in the I AM. It begins to feel like something solid, something you can grasp and move around at will. One day, my friends, you will have the ability to grasp and move it around at will. To manifest in the physical from the spiritual what you now believe in your minds to be nearly impossible. Believe it. If you desire it, and ask for it in the alignment of God’s will, it already is. Feel the truth of these words in the center of your being, which is the I AM, in the center of this circle.

Allow your very being to be magnetized to this center; to be drawn into it, to know in your mind and to feel in your body there is nothing else in existence but this… this moment. The I AM. Resist it not. Surrender your being into it. What do you find there? It is peace. It is love. It is creative power. It is the will of God. It is the connection to the First Source and Center and All That Is. There is no other than this. Do you desire healing in your bodies?

Group: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Do you desire healing of your emotions?

Group: Yes. Let it be so.

MONJORONSON: Surrender your attachments to these things into the I AM. Relax. Allow. Healing is all that exists in the I AM. There is no other. How can it be when the I AM is all Perfection? That which is perceived as imperfection is only an illusion manifested in the physical through your beliefs, giving it power. Surrender this power to the I AM. Give it over. God’s will be done.


MONJORONSON: Rest now in the embrace of your mother, Nebadonia. She has come to gather her chicks under her wings to soothe the rough spots, to heal the wounds you have surrendered. Curl up in her lap. Allow her to cradle you. Be like an innocent babe, clean and new, trusting. Completely dependent on her love.

The time spent in stillness with the Father, my friends, is the most valuable and precious gift you can give to yourself and to the world. Always remember this. Hold this moment in your hearts and in your memories. You are a gift to the world. Remain balanced in your center. Seek to achieve this in your daily walk. Be not frustrated when you find it difficult. Just remembering to try is half the battle. Be patient with yourselves. Give yourself this gift whenever you can. Blessings to you, my children.

Group: Thank you.

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