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AND35- We Create What We Imagine

2006-06-15-We Create What We Imagine
Andover #35


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: We Create What We Imagine
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Solana
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: We Create What We Imagine
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Leoma


We had a guest join us this evening. We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father on high we thank You so much for the opportunity to again come together in praise of You, to sit in stillness here with our friends and to touch You through our hearts and minds. It is a joy that we need to remember to experience more in our lives. We thank You for leading a new friend to our group tonight. We ask that You bless the teachers and celestials that are here with us right now and conveying their messages to us. Father, You know that we are here to listen to these messages so that we can personally grow. By this growth we wish to aid You in this Correcting Time. We thank You so much for this opportunity.

TOMAS: : Good evening dear friends. It is your teacher Tomas.

Group: Welcome Tomas.

TOMAS: : Yes, it is good to greet you in person this evening. We have not had a lot of direct contact lately, so I am pleased to be here. Indeed there are many in attendance tonight, all of whom wish to extent a welcoming “hello” to Joann and let her know how pleased we are. She has made the choice to come tonight and we will do our best to not scare her off (chuckles) so that she will continue to return at her pleasure. We would like to introduce to you, Joann, your teacher… if you so choose.

Joann: Yes.

Leoma: I feel a very wonderful, wonderful presence. Oh, my! Pardon me, but I just have to bask in this feeling for a moment. It is just so wonderful. Then I will reconnect and concentrate to find out who this is.

Joann: Thank you.

SOLANA:  Good evening Joann, dear, dear one. Yes I have been with you a long time, awaiting such an opportunity as this. My name is Solana. Take some moments now to feel my presence. Feel me reaching toward you.

I perceive that you are a warm and beautiful person inside. Through our association that will now be lifted into a state of higher awareness and closer association than before, we will both benefit and grow together with this relationship. Now that this has been brought forward in your awareness, you can take the steps to grow and go anywhere you so desire.

Hopefully with my presence and meeting me tonight, you will have the assurance that you are in complete safety and in a beautiful over-care of love and compassion, which comes not only from me, but from the Father as well, the First Source and Center, who gives all love in the first place. You may feel my presence faintly at first. You may feel it only as a subtle feeling of peacefulness. That is of God, too. My personality presence is one that you will come to recognize as one that is distinct from any other; just as your personality presence is felt distinctly among those who meet you and those who already know you.
Do you have any questions of me at this time?


Joann: I am overwhelmed. I can not think of any questions at this time.

SOLANA:  That is alright. You can contact me at any time if you so desire. In fact, I suggest that you practice this in your quiet time at home, alone “in your closet”, so to speak… not literally. Make the attempt to contact me on your own. It is but a first step toward, hopefully, many more experiences. I have enjoyed being able to communicate with you in this way. Know that I am available to you at any time. Indeed, I have been with you many years. Perhaps looking back you will realize that I am not so unfamiliar to you after all. Good night.

Joann: Thank you.

Group: Good night, Solana.

TOMAS: : This is Tomas again. Well my friends, we have welcomed another one into the fold and introduced her to her teacher. Many on this side are joyful at this moment, although we do not want to place over-much importance on it to overwhelm our guest tonight. Please feel at peace and welcomed. We are always pleased to have another’s awareness turned in this direction, no matter what their long term intent may be. Perhaps it is only a short term intent. That is alright. The experience is valuable as it stands in that moment, in this moment, this now; that is all that is required, only your heart-felt presence in this moment. So be it. Now we will turn our attention to a small energy exercise this evening. Do you all agree?

Group: Yes; sure.

TOMAS: We wish for you in your mind to reconnect your thoughts of being in the Merkaba. It has not been disconnected energetically. Only your thoughts have been diverted a bit. Visualize the lines of light meeting above your heads, traveling through your crown chakra, down your spine to the root chakra, connecting at the same point below you. Now re-imagine the heart lines running from Urantia, up your right leg, through your heart, down your left leg, back down into Urantia, back up to the person to your left… and so on around the circle. Again, have the mind line running from your left temple through the right to the person on your right, connecting you all.

With this we have an energy construct. It is a reality, yet it is a reality only because you have imagined it. You have intended it into creation, otherwise it would not exist. You would simply be sitting in a room together, sharing space. But now in a very real sense you are sharing energies together. They are not just your own but those that come from the First Source and Center and the Planetary Supreme, Urantia… all one continuum of energy that is reality.

You have done well in this group to connect your imagination with this reality and to realize that it is creative in nature, meaning what you can imagine you can indeed create as a reality. You do this every day in your lives, even in the smallest of details, without realizing it. But here with your common intent, your stated purposes, you have shared your energies and created something far greater than your individual parts could have done on their own. You are one body.

As you know, the celestials here present join in. They add their energy as well upon your invitation. The energies are thus constructed with intent and purpose to do good not only for yourselves, but in the world. By creating this, if you do nothing more with it, you have already helped the world. You have created a place in time filled with light and peace… in a world that has carried a lot of shadows. This is an important step in and of itself, to create a place of light.

As I have been speaking, the energies have been building and moving, raising your bodies’ vibrations. Sense within your body, if you can, the movement of the energies. Allow your imagination to step to the forefront to sense the energies. Refrain from allowing your rational mind to talk your imagination out of it. Allow your rational mind to step aside for a few moments. Allow your imagination to run free.

You may see colors. You may feel tingling. You may simply feel peace and centered-ness. These are all real. These are all part of experiencing the Merkaba. Not everyone experiences all of these effects. Even if you feel or sense none of what was described, please be assured that you are in the Merkaba. You are receiving the benefits and you are contributing your energies. Be assured, you are contributing simply by your intent.
Now we will use these energies to expand the Merkaba. Allow your imagination to make the Merkaba larger in all dimensions so that it is filling the room… now filling the entire house… now expanding outward into the neighborhood. [Pause; breathing]

What we are doing is expanding the goodness, beauty and truth of this light… extending it out toward others so that those not in this circle sitting here tonight may benefit from your gathering. This is how light expands. In this way the shadows, the dark places in the world, are dispelled by the light. Where there is disharmony, discord, disillusionment, there may now enter in harmony, peace and truth. For those ready to accept a higher truth, for those ready to accept more light into their lives, know that this benefits all those in this expanding Merkaba. The effects do not diminish as the Merkaba expands. Celestials are helping with this effort.
Now let us expand the Merkaba even farther to encompass the state of Minnesota. Yes, you can do this. Remember, you are not alone. [Pause; breathing]

You have done well, my friends. Now this is a little different than we have done before. We would like with your intent to allow the Merkaba to remain the size of Minnesota. With your intent, establish the Merkaba to remain where it is… even when you come back to your room with your awareness. Slowly bring your awareness back to the room now, knowing that you remain in the Merkaba and that it and its energy remain for all Minnesotans to benefit.

As you return to the room, you may in your mind also establish the original Merkaba as we imagined it when we began this exercise to remain in this room. So now with that established we have built a donut.

Randy: This gives another meaning to the term “Minnesota nice”. (Group chuckles) We’re going to sustain “Minnesota nice”.

TOMAS: : Now realize also that each one of you individually is a Merkaba. Each of you operates on a daily basis, even without your knowing-ness, as a Merkaba. In a shell of energy around you, your body is energy. Each person’s Merkaba, if you could see it with that perception, would look different. Your own Merkaba looks different when you are sleeping than when you are awake. Your awareness is different. It looks different when you are well than when it does when you perceive your body to be not well. There are some mortals on your world that can perceive these differences… in your aura. That is a natural occurrence.

Now that you are back to the room, notice that your body feels different than it did when you were encompassing Minnesota. Yet the energy is good. Keep in your minds that this energy construct we have created remains in this room as well as encompassing the state. Both will remain, even when your body leaves this particular space. Your own individual Merkaba goes with you always. That is what you are, an energy construct. You may think of this as yourself existing on three levels at the same time. You leave your energy here in this room, and you are sharing it with the state of Minnesota. Something to think about, my friends. We bid you adieu this evening. It was a good exercise and good to be with you again.

Group: Yes it was. Thank you.

Leoma: Would you please ring the bowl again. [The Tibetan singing bowl was rung.]


TOMAS: : On behalf of all the celestials here tonight, that was our closing prayer for tonight. The ringing, the connection with Spirit, is a right and true offering in thankfulness and praise to our Father.

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