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AND3- Divine Mind, Mind Circuits

2004-04-17-Divine Mind, Mind Circuits
Andover #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Divine Mind, Mind Circuits
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Divine Mind, Mind Circuits
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Leoma

We began with stillness.

Prayer:  Holy Father, we come here before You tonight with open hearts and open minds. Be with us as we hear the words of Your teachers. Take these thought concepts into our mind, into our heart, into our essence. Allow us to take that which is good and use it in our every day life as we seek to search to do Your will.

TOMAS: Good evening. This is Tomas. Again we are pleased to be with you this evening. Tonight you are two; this is enough. You have heard it said that when two or more are gathered in His name, He is present. This is true. This evening we will talk more about divine mind. This has been on your mind and in your conversations, so we will expound upon it.


TOMAS: When creatures of time bound by faith and time attempt to comprehend the divinity, the force of all mind, it is difficult. It is a task that requires coordination on our side and forethought in how to present these ideas to your limited understanding. Yet the use of this mind, this process, is the very thing of which we speak. So it is not an easy task. It is a little like teaching the race horse to run, then to walk, then how to be born… and then taking him out to the race track.

The concepts of which we speak this evening are a little beyond your present understanding, so bear with the process. The Midwayer aiding in this process must also coordinate his actions with mine and the TR. This is a part of the process of mind of which we speak. We are using this very process. It is a part of which we are teaching.

It is the coordination of mind circuitry that makes these sessions possible. It is part of the energy circuits, the frequencies, the vibrations of which we spoke in the previous lesson, which originate from that energy from the First Source and Center which we can speak of as love. It works in the same energetic way. The motivation for all of this communication is love which proceeds from the Father.

The ideas which are conveyed through the mind circuits are filtered through a translation process so that the words you hear through the TR are understandable in your context of time-space relationships, and within your context of history understanding, and where you are in the course of your development as spiritual beings. This process is one that is fascinating to you, and indeed one that is a learning process as well for us. It has been a very rewarding process working with the Midwayers and with you human subjects. It is also rewarding in that clearer communication can be given. People can develop a faith, a “belief in”. Though we must caution that this not become something a group revolves around as a religion or relies too heavily upon. The goal, as you are aware, is for the individual to look to their own indwelling Adjuster for the ultimate guidance for their daily existence.

The mind circuitry which we eluded to as being coordinated from Divinington, is a network carried by light energy… not electrical energy as you might associate with the word “light”. It is a spiritual light which is coordinated from its center at Divinington. The force is the Father on Paradise. The coordinate activities are carried on through the use of divine Adjusters, co-commissioners of the spirit, co-creators with the Father. They are created for just this purpose. They oversee the network. They help to communicate new portions of the network so that developing worlds, or worlds such as yours that have been re-connected, have circuits that connect them to the Divine Source.

Without this mind circuitry you are left more to your own devices. You are not completely cut off, but left more to your own ways of finding guidance of discerning truth and of exercising your will. Beings are more likely to exercise their own free will rather than seek the clear guidance of the Father’s will. This is where some of the trouble on your world has been perpetuated.

The mind circuits are not to be confused with intelligence. There is plenty of intelligence on your planet, as evidenced by the level of your technology. However until recently when the circuits have been reconnected, the networks repaired, you have had this tendency to exercise your own free will without seeking the Father’s will. In many cases, you simply chose to ignore the Father’s will. This is, of course, your choice.

Planets coming into light and life will always be characterized by people who seek first the Father’s will. In truth, it becomes undifferentiated between the Father’s will and the individual’s will. They become one in the same. This is one of the goals toward which individuals on your planet are working.

The mind patterns set by the First Source and Center permeate out of creation… which my friends include you. Think of yourselves as beings permeated by divine mind. Divine mind directs the motivations of your will. Notice that I did not say “dictates” your will. When you allow it, when you are connected through the mind circuits… through this love energy to the First Source and Center, your will naturally aligns itself more and more to the Father. This will be a natural process, not one that you will need to strain toward. The Father never asks you to strain for a prize that is beyond your reach. All things are attainable, yet in their own good time. Therein lays the need for patience with yourselves. Therein lays the need for prayer, for guidance.

The Father leads you one step at a time, one day at a time, as much as is possible. You must focus on the moment, on knowing God’s will in that moment. He shows you the next step. Yet usually not far beyond that. It takes faith, courage, to follow these steps not knowing where the path leads. It is rewarding to see where these steps lead. You gain momentum in your faith to follow. Faith experience begets more faith experience, begets more faith experience, as you allow the Fathers’ will to permeate your life.

Herein lays the crux of the message. My friends, the Father loves you more than your minds could ever comprehend, more than your hearts could ever hold, more than your very bodies could withstand, were the full force of it unleashed upon you. I say this with some humor in my voice, that it is a fact!

You are His children, in many senses of the word. You are His beloveds. You are His charge, His reason for rejoicing. You are His creation. You are good. It is He who creates you, He who loves you. He provides everything you need. Your every desire is known to Him. The Father’s greatest joy is to see you turn to him in your daily walk.


TOMAS:  Now dear ones, we would lead you in a closing prayer. Father of all eternal energies, Creator, source of love and light, we bring to you our praise, our songs of thanksgiving for all that You have done for the creatures of time and space and for all that You are to all of creation. You have brought yourself into personal being among us. With all of your teachers and emissaries, angels, Midwayers, all creatures here below and above, we join our voices and our hearts in returning our love to You, which You first gave to us. Be among us and align us with Your will forever and ever. Amen.

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