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AND2- The Personality of God

2004-04-11-The Personality of God
Andover #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Personality of God
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Personality of God
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Leoma

We began with stillness.
Prayer (not recorded)

[Ed. Note: After sitting in stillness, we did an exercise in up stepping our frequency to maximize teacher contact. “Gather the essence of your being, your personality. In your mind, gather that and now send it up through the top of your head. Send it up away from the earth, up into the cosmos as high as you can take it, until you feel that you have reached a bit of resistance, or a ceiling spiritually. It doesn’t matter how you feel it, just let it be what it is. Now when you’ve reached that place where you can’t go any higher, bring your essence down back into your body. [Pause.]  Now gather that essence again and send it up through the top of your head, away from the planet, into the cosmos, and take it as far as you can, until you feel that resistance again. Now this time notice if there are other personalities around you. Maybe they are even close but looking down at you. These are your teachers and the spirits that are with you. You are meeting them more on their level. The contact may be very subtle. Pause. Allow your essence to come back into your body one more time. Before I T/R you are going to take your essence up as far as you can one more time, but you are going to hold it there, keep it there. Now take your essence again and send it through the top of your head. Send it away from the planet as far as you can to that place, that same spot you were last at. Just let your essence stay there. Just be. This raises your consciousness level, your vibratory level, to meet the teacher.]

TOMAS:  Good evening my friends. This is Tomas. I am glad that you have invited me to be here and that you have undertaken this little exercise to open your mind in a clearer way. It is good to be more open not only to the words you hear from the T/R’s voice but also to feel the truth and the presence of us. I am, so to speak, a representative of the spirit. In this way it registers with your body as truth, rather than hearing words that you take on faith. It is true that vibration, sounds, have an effect on your body. When you say that you hear something that “rings true” or it has the “ring of truth”, this is exactly what is being referred to, often without you knowing it. You feel the truth in your body and it resonates within you. It literally vibrates within the cells of your body. When it is true it feels like a resonant vibration, rather than one that disturbs or upsets you. This touches on the importance of vibration and sound which began with creation. However, this isn’t the purpose of our lesson tonight.


TOMAS:  I have come to speak to you tonight about the powers of Divinington, the essence of the divine Word, the essence of the divine presence within all creation. This is the essence of the Creator. The Creator which is the First Source and Center. The First Source and Center is of divine spirit, which is the beginning, the source, and the returning collector of all things that ever have and ever will exist. It is within the divine mind to send out the vibrations which create all that is; at the first and at the last and the ever expanding forever, and the eternal now which is all that truly exists.

The divine spirit is the source for the energy that you receive as love. This love that makes growth around in your world is in fact a creative source that permeates all mind, all spirit, all existence, even what you term as “material”. When you learn to connect with this mind source of all that is, which you call love, you will discover many avenues of understanding, of relating to one another, of relating nation-to-nation, world-to-world, universe-to-universe, man-to-God, all beings-to-all beings.

There is no mystery in this. It simply is. No natural laws or laws perpetuated through the First Source and Center are ever broken in this that you would call “mystery”. It is simply beyond your present comprehension in the development of your inherent abilities. Yet it is all that exists to you.

So you will learn to tap into this power, this energy that is love, which comes from the First Source and Center. It is much more than your Valentine’s Day love. It is much more than mere emotions shared between human beings. It is much more than feeling emotional. It is an energy, an origin, a source that can be used when your intent is joined with another. When nations learn to join their love, anything will be possible. Anything that seems so distant, so impossible to achieve, such as unity, such as peace, true peace, will become a very simple thing to achieve. This is a by-product of the natural out workings of love that is truly shared in sincerity, an out-working of the love received from the First Source and Center, the love poured out on the earth by God. At every moment of your lives it is never ending.

This is this source that gives you life. It is this source of life that keeps all things working. When you are disconnected, unaware of this source, aspects other-than-love are allowed to rule your behavior and your actions, which begin in your thoughts and motivations. They begin within your mind and are not pure when they are not motivated by sincere and honest love. They can be muddied by your own egotistic desires and therefore not connect you as purely with another person, and on and on it goes.

You wondered at the beginning of the lesson why I mentioned Divinington. Divinington is the center for the outpouring of the working of this love. It is not the source of it. It is the center for coordinating its outpouring, its work through the circuits. Divinington coordinates the ways love reaches the creatures of a world, in the ways it is communicated to individual creatures.
At this time I will entertain your questions.


Randy: So Tomas, are you saying that the Thought Adjuster can be thought of as the conduit of love?

TOMAS:  : It is your connecting point, the “valve” that opens the connection, if you think of it as a circuit.

Randy: This helps to explain the prepersonal character of the Thought Adjuster, does it not? We just spent some time reading in the UB’s first paper about the personality of the First Source and Center. Questions were expressed about the personality of God. Who do I hear when I am communing with my inner spirit? If God’s personality exits on the Isle of Paradise, then that which is in each of us, the Thought Adjuster is merely the circuit. Yes?

TOMAS:  : It is a point on the circuit. You could think of it this way. It is an indwelling, living presence of energy within you which connects you to the Source by a long, indirect circuitry from the First Source and Center. Yet as fee will creatures you have the choice to allow the valve to be opened, or closed, or opened just a little. At certain times it is entirely under your control. Though the Thought Adjuster as a fragment of the Father has free will, this fragment can not usurp your will. You have control of the valve, so to speak, though the presence of the valve is a gift that you do not control.

Randy: Then the Thought Adjuster does not have the personality of the First Source and Center?

TOMAS:  : That is correct.

Randy: As we think of the personality of God, the TA is merely a connection to the Father on the Isle of Paradise, his personality.

TOMAS:  : Yes. Personality, which creatures of will like to identify with, is universal. It is something that makes it difficult to comprehend “non-personality”, a being without personality. Therefore when you communicate with or feel the presence with your Thought Adjuster, you tend to identify your own ego personality within this communication. So at times this makes your contact questionable with your mind. You may think that you are only talking with yourself. Yet it is in a way only your personality type attaching onto this indwelling adjuster. This imprinting is by your perception, not in reality, but by your perception only. It is the way you as a being tend to identify with another personality through communication. Since the Thought Adjuster is not a personality, you imprint your own upon it. Does this make sense?

Randy: Yes, it does. I believe it says in the UB very little about Divinington, which leaves much for our conjecture. You have said that Divinington is where these energies are coordinated. The UB also says that Divinington is where the Divine Spirits are coordinated. Is there more teaching that can be made at this point?

TOMAS: At this point it is not within the parameters of your lesson. There may be more in the future that we may choose to discuss or disclose. Yet as you may have guessed, much of it is beyond your comprehension. We can speak of it in analogous terms, but this is enough for our purposes tonight.


TOMAS:  I would like to end this session with encouragement to continue the track you are on as a group. We are glad that you have discerned that it doesn’t matter if your group is small. Yet it would be wise to open your doors for others, to invite them in. This is one of your reasons for being, to teach others and bring others in. Yet be sensitive to their readiness and their receptivity. No purpose is served in coercing or encouraging someone beyond their comfort level. So invite with an openness and a sensitivity to their receptivity and allow them the room to say no for now. So we encourage you to continue with your group of three, yet being open to opportunities. We will be helping to bring those opportunities to you to invite others to be part of your group.

The fate of your world or the destiny of your universe does not depend on this. Yet you will be serving your Father well in wherever your efforts take you. It is, in a sense, the thought that counts. It is the effort, the seeking, the sincere desire to seek God and his will that furthers the kingdom, whether it is from within one individual or a large group.

So dear friends as we begin this part of the sojourn together, we encourage you to continue at every opportunity. You have grown by leaps and bounds in your recent efforts. The rewards are great. The journey is everything. So we encourage you in every step that you take to bring us with you. We are so glad, so happy, to be growing with you. Good evening.

All: Thank you, Tomas.

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