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AND1- Message of Encouragement

1997-03-15-Message of Encouragement
Andover #1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Message of Encouragement
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nathaniel, Lantarnek, Tomas, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Circuits, Light and Life
 3.2.2 Support
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Influence
 3.3.2 Teacher Contact
 3.3.3 Magisterial Mission
 3.3.4 Energy, Light
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Message of Encouragement
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nathaniel, Lantarnek, Tomas, Serena
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father we come before you again tonight connected with one purpose: to listen to your teachers. We absorb into our beings their presence, their wisdom and their teachings, so that we may follow through and take those steps of progress to aid Michael in the Correcting Time.

NATHANIEL:  Good evening, this is Nathaniel. (Good evening). I greet you after a bit of a pause in your meetings. It is good to see you gathered and enjoying the camaraderie once again, as we enjoy joining with you ourselves.

Circuits, Light and Life

NATHANIEL:  It is good simply to share one another’s energies, one another’s truth, beauty, and goodness, which comes as a gift from the Father, the First Source and Center. Receive these energies being shared among you. Within this circuitry established is Michael’s presence. Also perceive Mother Spirit. Also now joining this circuitry is Monjoronson. Overlooking this whole procedure are the Most Highs, and several Melchizedeks as well. I myself speak for the Most Highs.

Each time you gather and intentionally create this circuitry, a new pattern is born and the old ones previously established are enhanced. So you reside in a web of circuitry that upholds you, feeds you, nurtures you and connects you to spirit and those of us representing the Father to you. This circuitry is established anew each time you gather. It is steadily increasing. At the point of Light and Life there will no longer be webbing to be seen, with gaps between. It will all be light with myriad circuits established and running at high efficiency. As these circuits increase across your globe, the potential for Light and Life is carried forward.

There is yet much to be established on this sphere to bring about the fullness of Light and Life. Yet it is created in a microcosm of groups such as this, and in individuals that carry the light within them and work to share it with others. We see how your efforts and those around the globe are increasing. As more join hands in the efforts in truth, beauty, and goodness, the circuitry increases and is strengthened and grows. It is a beautiful thing to see and behold.

I wish to encourage you to continue in your efforts, in your whole-hearted love for this ministry to all those who reside on your planet and to be aware of your cosmic citizenship within Nebadon. For what you accomplish here on Urantia helps others to accomplish their goals. You are but one small part of a great web of life across many universes. What you do here and now in your present time and space affects many beyond your comprehension. This is not meant to overwhelm you with responsibility, but simply meant to encourage and that you are a cosmic citizen. What you do matters. The choices you make, make a difference… no matter how small these choices may seem, all adds to the greater whole, to the greater good. All is proceeding as it should be, my friends. Be assured of this. Rest easy. Be at peace. Be aware and stay connected.


LANTARNEK: : This is Lantarnek.

Student: Good evening.

LANTARNEK:  My brethren, this is a first in this group for me to speak with you. It is a brief message that I bring. One also of encouragement, to keep those connections going, to remain aware of your connections with one another and with all of your unseen friends and supporters. We are so large in number, and so deep in compassion and caring for all of you, for each and every one. It is our desire that you remember this. There is not only your personal teacher, your guardian angel looking out for you; there are many, many others, ready at your bidding, your beck and call whenever you need any one of us. We are here for you.

We see that many times you believe you must accomplish things on your own, to be independent, to do things for yourself. While this is true, in your physical world, you need not do any of these things without support, without spiritual aid. Learn to grant yourself access to this spiritual aid in every thing that you do, in every task, every moment. Invite us to join in, to enhance your experience as well as to guide you. This is our greatest joy, to join with you in whatever you are doing, to be invited in to experience with you this life. It is a grand universe. It is an abundant life when you seek to perceive it that way. Look for the abundance. It is within you and all around you. Good evening, dear friends.

TOMAS: : Now, this is Tomas.

Randy: Good evening, dear friend.

TOMAS:  Good evening. It has been some while. In lieu of a lengthy message to start us off, I will open to questions or comments.


Randy: We were just told that what we do affects many others throughout this universe. How? In what way?

TOMAS: : In many ways, some of which you have a small awareness. You have heard in other lessons that you are being anxiously and excitedly watched from afar to see how events unfold here, in part because what happens here affects how the other rebellion planets are able to evolve out of their messes. It is difficult for you to comprehend how a planet you have not even had identified for you can be affected by events here. Remember, again, the circuitry that connects all that is living and all that is spirit. The light that is carried, the information, like a database which is carried on the circuits, is shared throughout the universe. This is part of what was blocked by the quarantine, which now is free to circulate once again. Some of what you are gaining from your learning experiences here is being shared elsewhere by way of the circuits.

So some of our experiments here in helping humanity overcome the obstacles created by rebellion and default are being watched and critiqued for their effectiveness, so hopefully others can learn from successes and failures, shortcomings here. It also works in the other direction, of course. The circuits work both ways, so that teachers and those present helping Urantia learn from what is happening on other worlds, or from your time-space perspective, what has taken place before. This is one way that you are affecting other worlds.

Teacher Contact

Randy: Do other worlds that have been in rebellion have this teacher-mortal contact in a similar way that we do?

TOMAS: : Yes. Some have varying capacities, however, for making these connections and accepting the reality of them. I would say Urantia is somewhere in the middle.

Randy: Does our status as a decimal planet help you teachers in this process with us?

TOMAS: : Yes in some ways it does. In other ways it makes things a little less certain.

Randy: In what way?

TOMAS: : In some ways, of course we are given some latitude in techniques we try to see what is most effective in reaching the minds and awareness of our projected students. On a decimal planet such as this, that means it’s more of a wild card how these experiments will take root and what the outcome will be. We are really learning from our experiences by trial and error. Occasionally we find that something that has been effective with another form of people is not such a good idea here. Does this answer?

Magisterial Mission

Randy: Yes, very much, thank you. What may you relate to us about the status of the Magisterial Mission?

TOMAS: : I have no new news at this time, other than to report that all is going pretty much as expected. It is coming along well as far as preparations made by his staff, and preparations being made within the hearts and minds of folks like you in the various groups around the planet and isolated individuals as well. I can report that patience has increased; the high level of anticipation when Monjoronson’s arrival was announced has settled down into a generalized perception of being patient with the further preparations and the knowledge that it will take some time yet.

Much is up to the responsibility of the humans on this planet, the decisions and choices that they make. For those who are aware of this process, there is greater acceptance of the waiting period, the incubation, if you will, as we move forward with personal growth which lays the foundation for the Magisterial Mission to establish itself as a physical, visible ministry on this world. At this time that is all I have to report.

Randy: I have read where it’s estimated that if the square root of one percent of a population are of a higher consciousness, if that’s the right word, it is enough to pull that population to that higher consciousness. Is that in part what the Teaching Mission is trying to do, to raise God-consciousness to a higher level amongst enough of us on this planet to prepare the way for Monjoronson?

TOMAS: : Certainly, that is what we are all working toward. Now the idea of looking for hard and fast numbers is not exactly accurate. There is room for mercy, plenty of room for mercy, and plenty of need for it on this planet. So the exact numbers are not what we are looking for; that is not what is required, so much as the energy quotient which is poured forth from these numbers of individuals collectively with similar intent for goodness.

Randy: Tomas, it seems to be a difficult thing because, as we have experienced and learned in our Merkaba experience, the intent of the mind and sincerity of the connected-ness, the emotions that we feel amongst each other are both important in creating this Merkaba and these energies. Yet, I think this is difficult in our world. There are few of us that are of similar mind and potentially few of us that like each other enough to get together to make these huge changes. It seems so far away.

Energy, Light

TOMAS: : Yes, one could become discouraged if one looks at the situation in a certain way, without looking at the larger picture, without seeing from the perspective of eternal truth. But bringing it back down to earth, so to speak, here for a moment, let me say that it need not be Teaching Mission groups. It need not be people who know the name or the person of Monjoronson. It need not be people who are aware of the Teaching Mission at all. We are saying that it merely needs to be people who exude goodness and light, people who are of that intent of bringing good into the world, of sharing love with others.

Now when we speak of an energy quotient, it may be true that what is created by people such as those in the Teaching Mission who create a Merkaba with the intention of using it for creating light anchors around the world, that is very potent. That creates this energy quotient potential far faster or more potently than a person who merely wants to be good and does little else according to their awareness. So all those who have truth, beauty, and goodness expressing from themselves add to this circuitry of light; they add to this quotient.

There is so much focus on the terror and the hunger and the deprivations of this world, of which unfortunately there is no shortage. However, the light will always dispel the darkness. It is always more potent. So when people of the light do join collectively with their intent, it overcomes a lot of the darkness. Yet even the isolated individual, who may not even know how to pray effectively, can still add to this light with their own God-given goodness. No matter how small it may seem, it all adds to the whole. That is the beauty and the mercy and the glory of our First Source and Center’s plan. That is life as He created it. Does this answer?

Randy: Yes. Abundant opportunities for growth and experience.

TOMAS: It never ends. I believe there is one other to speak tonight.


SERENA: This is Serena. My greetings to you, dear ones. It is my and my sisters’ desire now to shower you with a crown of energy and light. Simply allow and relax. Allow. Breathe. As you depart one from another this evening, take with you this feeling of restfulness. Take with you Michael’s peace, Mother’s love. Carry this within you and revisit it as you walk through your week. Good night, dear ones.

Group: Good night.

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