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ICC109- Welmek – Accepting Celestial Help

2013-07-15-Welmek – Accepting Celestial Help
Welmek #109


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Accepting Celestial Help
o 1.2 Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Donna D’Ingillo
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Accepting Celestial Help
Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
Teacher: Welmek
TR: Donna D’Ingillo


WELMEK: Good afternoon, my dear brothers and sisters. This is your friend and teacher Welmek! I am happy to make the acquaintance of a new sister, S. And by way of introduction, I was the initial teacher for Donna and the Indianapolis study group. She also transmitted me for several years while she was in Marin County during which time J was also a member of the group and learned to transmit with my assistance.

I am an ascending mortal hailing a planet in the early stages of Light and Life. I achieved Adjuster fusion and now have established a somewhat more permanent residency in the celestial corps of teachers here on Urantia during this time of correction. We are helping the humans of this world to implement the plans that our Father Christ Michael has provided us to turn the tide of rebellion on Urantia and the other worlds of rebellion.

I have played roles in helping other groups become more established on the planet by making contact with the human minds, and I delight in ministering to my human brothers and sisters, and to watch how you all awaken and pay attention to what you now have direct and conscious contact as you all begin to further your relationship with your indwelling Mystery Monitors.


WELMEK: Michael’s love for this planet has engaged many hearts now in this urging for peace, for love, for forgiveness and healing. We on, you might say, the other side of the veil, are firmly grounded within these circuits of mind to make contact with any and all who wish to open and receive our communiqués. Each person can have a teacher that will minister within their thoughts and elevate them to a higher understanding. The teacher can act as a guide, even though their parameters of ministry are different than the seraphic guardians of destiny that many of the children of this world now have.

So it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to avail themselves of this celestial support. But in so doing, you not only receive information that will support your own spiritual development, but to foster those bonds of kinship, of brotherly love that yields the fruits of the spirit and to help you awaken to the depths of love that are contained within your own indwelling Father Fragments to help you live and embody the love the Father wishes to express through you. So there are many wonderful gifts that you can accrue through the developing relationship you have with your teacher and guide. We invite you to think of us as your unseen companions who walk with you through the various stages and phases of your material lives. You may learn to quiet your mind and ask questions of us that we would able to parlay direct communication, information, ideas into your own thought stream for you to use to improve your outlook on life and to broaden your perspectives.

So with that being said, I invite you to allow me to come close to you and just share my personality energy with you that you may begin to intuit at some level of what it means to be relationship with a friend unseen though we are. Would you be willing to try a little experiment? Shirley, my dear, I am posing this question to you in particular, but it is up to you to say yes or no. Thank you.

I invite you to place your gaze upon your heart center, and in your own thoughts and feelings to invite me to draw close to you. You may feel or notice a slight tingling sensation or perhaps it may be a little bit of a buzzing noise within your head. But these are some of the physical attunements that are underway to help you open to these higher frequencies of our personalities. So, as I come close to you now, and I will leave Donna in this transmitting form to move over to you, that you may perceive me for a few moments, and then I will again return to the transmitter.

Thank you for allowing me to draw close to you, my sister. It is helpful for you to have an experience, such as this, to help you in the validation and discernment if this is an experience you would wish to repeat and to have further engagement. Our invitation is open to one and all, and yet, we are merely here to present ourselves in a friendly and helpful manner as the invitation is extended for you to decide whether or not to pursue a relationship with us. But if you do, we encourage you to spend time with us on a daily basis that we may establish a deeper bond of trust and communication to the point where you will know or, perhaps, feel or sense when we are with you and the information that is being conveyed into your thought streams. May I address any questions for you at this time, my sister?

This is the big question that many people pose. We are here to help you establish a pattern or habit of going within and listening to those internal voices that come through your thought streams through your conscious mind. The reception of the divine voice will grow stronger as you develop this habit of quieting your thoughts, quieting your body, and receive what we wish to share with you. We are not the voice of your indwelling Adjuster. We are different. Yet, the means of conveyance of our thoughts into yours provides a helpful conduit for you to expand in your own conscious mind so that you become accustomed to going within and perceiving the inner leadings.

As you develop this habit, the Father within you is able to shed more light of truth in your mind, for you now have established, what you might say, a fertile environment for the inlay of truth into the fields of your consciousness. So you might say that we are the soil tillers. We are the soil preparers for your further Adjuster reception. We are not here to take the place of the relationship with the Father, but to enhance it and to perhaps act as catalysts for greater Adjuster reception. Does this answer your question, my dear?

I am a teacher. I am an ascended mortal on my morontia career, and after my human experience on a planet which had achieved Light and Life, I was very delighted to volunteer to come to Urantia to assist in this time of correction that is now underway. Our Father Michael has established a rehabilitation plan for this world and the others who participated in the Lucifer Rebellion to help these worlds make more accelerated evolutionary change so that your progress is more aligned with that of the universe’s progress as we grow in the evolving deity of the Supreme Being.

The mercy ministry that Michael has provided to his children of these worlds is setting the stage for massive growth and change in what might considered be accelerated time. So when we heard about the opportunities that were now being presented for us to be of service to our human and younger brothers and sisters, I, as you say, jumped at the chance to come to this world to perceive it as it is and to help my human brothers and sisters to grow in the love of the Father and in the love of our universe family.

I am a teacher. I was trained in the Melchizedek schools of how to reach into the Urantia mind. I spent many years in preparation observing how Urantians live, which was a vast experience, vastly different than the experience that I had as a mortal of my native planet. Here is where I developed such compassion and understanding, for I did not experience the injustice nor the heartache nor the inequality that you experience here as part of your daily lives. And it gave me such a sense of humility to see the faith that you all exhibit, those of you who have believed in the Father and trusted in His love without physical evidence thereof. On my planet we had much evidence of it.

Yet, you who have veritably nothing compared to what we have, the faith that you exhibit is most meaningful and moving to me. So, I was very happy to participate and be accepted as a member of the celestial teaching corps. Now it is my mission and my assignment to help others tap into their potential to make contact with many teachers of many varieties who are here to minister to the minds of our brothers and sisters of this world. Does this help? I see that I have quite a captive audience here! Are there any other questions before I withdraw?


WELMEK: My brothers, my sisters, Michael’s love is bathing this world. I do so desire that you open your hearts to receive more and more of His presence, His mercy and love for you each and every day. I. who have stood in His presence and received His love, can speak with confidence and authority that this is an experience that you will forever cherish as you grow in your Father’s presence, in the majesty, beauty and grandeur of His divine personality. We are all gaining our stature in this, but to see my brothers and sisters of Urantia awakening to their potential as children of Michael brings such joy to my heart that words are truly inexpressive.

My desire for you to is to feel that joy of being in communion with your own indwelling Father Fragments and to feel Michael’s love stirring mightily within your hearts and souls to steady you in that peace that He so freely offers to each one of his children. I leave you in His peace and glory, my brothers and sisters. I thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. Good afternoon.

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