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ICC105- Welmek – You Are Ready For Service

2004-09-06-Welmel – You Are Ready For Service
Welmek #105


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: You Are Ready For Service
o 1.2 Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Donna D’Ingillo
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: You Are Ready For Service
Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Welmek
TR: Donna D’Ingillo


Prayer: Mother and Father, thank you for your ever abundant grace that fills us with such hopeful thoughts of all that we are becoming. We ask to grow us to prepare us for the work that is at hand as we move from the inward center of Christ consciousness out into the world. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Good evening, my beloved children. This is Michael. Deep within your being are seeds that have been carefully planted by your Mother and me over these past several years of your participation in these weekly events. Sometimes you have felt the stirrings of these seeds growing within you; other times they were slowly building their way up to your mind’s awareness in spurring you to discern the greater meanings of your indwelling Father Fragments. All of you have asked to be my vessels of love on this world. All of you have been prepared for vigorous service. And now I call you into the field and ask you will you harvest these lost souls and minister my love to them?


MICHAEL: You have all been prepared in various ways. You have all undergone internal faith struggles and experience activators. Now I would ask you, where do you wish to go now in service? Ponder these ideas for a moment. All things are becoming new and you have limitless possibilities awaiting you, my sons.

When you hear the call of my voice leading you out into the world, what will you say to me? When you feel the presence of my heart beating with yours, how will you share this with others? Ponder these words. Your indwelling spirit will bring you into this idea as these words settle into your mind.

When you hear the sound of my voice, how will you answer the call? Will you stand back and say, “Oh no, Father, I am not yet ready. I do not know what is expected of me.” Or will you say, “Here I am, Father, use me as you would like. Present opportunities of service before me.” How will you answer the call? I know what is in your hearts. Pay close attention to how you relate to these ideas in your experience.

The ways of the past are receding on Urantia. A new dawn is emerging fostered by awakened mortals of the realm who will have the courage to put aside their own feelings, doubts, and concerns about their own well-being, to step out beyond the borders of conventionality and to move boldly into the future under my direction with the agencies of your Mother at hand. How will you answer my call?

You have been prepared these past several years, and you will continue to receive in-depth guidance and counsel. You will be trained to experientialize depths of wisdom, understanding, compassion, forgiveness. But I am asking you now, my sons, to choose the old ways of the past or the new ways to life the full free life where everything is waiting for you. You have heard it said that no man may enter the kingdom but by me. Take on my ways, be in life fully present with me. This is how you answer my call. It matters not what it is that you engage your service opportunities in as it is that you are in me as you go about your Father’s business.

So I say to you, my sons, you are ready. You have been prepared. Speak to me now in the stillness of your mind what it is that you would wish to share with the world of yourself. Open your hearts, let all the dreams, desires, ideas, ideals that you have held long in you bottled, repressed, hidden to be brought up to the surface to me. Offer them to me. Offer them to me. Let me have my will with them, and let me give you them back in the way that I know you are capable of doing. The time is now. The opportunities are plentiful. You will never lack for excitement, joy, growth, stimulation, expression. I leave you now to ponder these ideas as your Mother will speak to you. Good evening.

NEBADONIA: Greetings, my children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Rest in me. Rest in my arms. Rest in the comfort that is available to your mind. Be at peace. The energetics of the harvest is growing stronger. The soulful awakening of the children of this world is rapidly underway. Prepare yourselves. Prepare yourselves now by coming into my embrace and allowing me to envelope your mind with what it is that you will need to carry forth the tasks and assignments that you are being given. Rest in me, my sons.

Each of you has special gifts and qualities of such value to this world. Ask for these to be amplified and to be directed towards assignments wherein you assist your brothers and sisters who are less aware of the love that awaits them. (Pause)
When this opportunity is placed before you and you consciously recognize this, call upon me to encircuit you and the circumstance, whether it is impersonal or personal, in me in your Father’s truth. And then step back and let will what will come forth from you to flow. It is no longer you who is speaking or listening or touching. It is us. We will continue to build this in you as we take you through these exercises of beaming those qualities of us that your brethren need. And now, feel your desire for this. Allow all those old habit patterns of over-rushing verbalization to recede into the background.

Who is doing the sharing? Who is doing the healing? It is us! You are the vessels for us. Feel this. Experience this. Know this, and be in peace. The more you allow this level of practice in your interactions with others to habitualize, the greater will your service opportunities become, the deeper and richer will your soul satisfaction ease your mind. Your souls will be alive, on fire, and your brothers and sisters will see it. They may not be able to define it or understanding it. But they will perceive it and they will be draw to you! Let go; let go into us so we can bring you more joy and love.

The way is prepared. Go forth. Proclaim the liberating news of sonship – creative partnership – with the indwelling Spirit of the First Source and Center. Love your brothers and sisters with our love. We have given you the tools, and now it is time to go into the fields. Good evening.

MACHIVENTA: Greetings to you, dear students and family members. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. The curriculum that has been established under Michael’s guidelines for the reclamation of the lost souls of this world is well-underway and there are comes a point in time wherein the group interactions shifts. No longer are the same lessons in the same format required for the individuals [who] have been trained in stillness practice and in perception shifts that allow you to be more useful out in the world to those agencies of Spirit who labor with you to implement the divine plans on this world. So there are always times of stable and steady growth, and then there are times of change. You are at a time of change now.

There is something that I would ask you to consider this evening. As this Center for Christ Consciousness moves into its third year of activity, and as you have been asked by your Creator Father this evening, how is it that you wish to serve? I would like to make several recommendations for your consider in the coming days. This group format is effective to learn basic elements of spiritual growth. There is a time when individuals need one on one in-depth guidance in order to achieve new heights of activity and service.

You can continue these Monday night sessions if it is something that you all wish to consider. But now I am asking you to consider another step. And that is to work directly with your teachers or other spiritual leaders who can [guide] you into new levels of growth and awareness and to spend more time with those personalities both human and celestial who will assist you in achieving deeper levels, heightened levels of insight and growth. Then in time you will be in a position to begin your own groups or other service activities that are more appropriate for you.

But the circumstances of this particular group have changed now so that it is time to look at other options, explore different possibilities for spiritual growth and expression. In posing this to you this evening, it is not something for you to answer immediately, but to ponder this in conjunction with your indwelling Fragments to seek guidance and to seek within your heart what it is that you wish to do with your life as a conduit of your Father’s love to your brethren. Now allow these words I have spoken to you to come upon you in peace. May our Mother’s breath build these seeds with you.
I retreat. Good evening.

WELMEK: Greetings, my dear brothers. This is your devoted teacher and friend Welmek. I have been with you for many years and I have watched you grow and delighted in every moment that we have spent together in this conversation style of spiritual advancement. I am appearing before each of you pledging my loyalty and my devotion in service to you to help you achieve deeper communication with your teachers if this is something you wish. When you are ready to practice, call upon me. My mind can come very close to yours now. I will speak into you and prepare the way for your teachers. They will impart such wondrous and glorious ideas that you will wonder why you waited so long to obtain a teacher! But be that as it may. Know that my love is available always to share as brothers in this unfolding adventure of bringing light and life to Urantia. I am here whenever you are ready. Good evening.


WELMEK: Closing prayer: Mother and Father, we thank you for this opportunity to sit in your presence, to receive the words of our teachers and the impressions they leave. We ask for these ideas to be integrated into our being to build us deeply and to free our hearts to love with more enthusiasm and abandonment. You have our hearts in the palm of your hands and we are safe in you.

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