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AND40- Incremental Energy Increases

2006-07-27-Incremental Energy Increases
Andover #40


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Incremental Energy Increases
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Incremental Energy Increases
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena, Tomas
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father, brother Michael, mother Nebadonia, how wonderful it is again to come together as a group in honor of You. We are here tonight to meet with our teachers, to listen to what they have to say to us, to fellowship with them. It is our intent that this is for our personal growth, so that we may aid Michael in the Correcting Time.

MONJORONSON: Good evening friends. This is Monjoronson. I come to you tonight with my softer energy signature. Do you recognize me? Take a few moments to soak this signature into your being.


MONJORONSON:  It is indeed a peaceful place to be, is it not? This peaceful sphere that you have created with your intent has created a place for me to dwell, a place for me to meet with you… to be with you, for us to dwell together. One day when Light and Life is a reality on this planet, this is how it will be. This is a foretaste of how it will feel to you constantly, without end. It feels unusual to you now. But it is beginning to permeate all areas of your life, creeping in whether you are fully aware of it or not.

The changes happen gradually. This is easier on your psyches and egos and on your physical bodies as well. You have made the personal and conscious will decision to allow this gradual up stepping of your conscious mind, of your spirit.

For those who have not made the conscious seeking decision in some arena of life on this planet, it may not be within the Teaching Mission, it may be a God-seeking soul, their opportunity to make a choice will be more jarring, more difficult if they wait until they can no longer “sit on the fence”. When it comes down to it and a decision must be made one way or another, some will have great difficulty. Many will make the choice to go onward to embrace spirit. Some of those will have a difficult time with the large adjustment that will need to be made.

Those of you who are already going with the flow of making adjustments, as you are prepared to do in smaller increments, you will be better equipped to help those who find the adjustments difficult. You will find this a primary usage of your time and energy in the near future. We are purposely preparing you in these times of gathering your intent for service so that you may better be the way showers, the stabilizers, the ones who have their roots firmly planted in spirit and in truth in Michael’s and Mother’s love.

It is not only for yourselves to be more comfortable with the coming difficulties, it is more importantly for service to others that you are being prepared carefully, thoughtfully and with a design. Perhaps you have noticed the pattern progression of your lessons. There is a great intelligence behind all of this planning. All is in good hands, my friends. I am here to assure you of that.

Allow yourselves the luxury of living within this dwelling-place, where you feel safe, secure, supremely loved and cared for. Indulge in this experience as often as you can. It will create for you this hallowed center of peace that cannot be shaken easily. If it is shaken by some event in your life, you will soon remember and have the ability to return to this safe love-drenched place. May you, my dear friends, find in the coming days that this wonderful place of balance and peace is permeating your life, permeating your being-ness.

It is becoming more of you, replacing those feeling-moments of scattered-ness and chaos that you experience in your physical world. You can indeed shield yourself from much of this energy and replace it with Michael’s peace. It need not be who you are, for when you are in this dwelling place, you know that you are peace, that you are love, that you are light in the world, expressing through God the truth of peace. Love and joy belong to you in every moment. I take my leave from you verbally now, though I remain with you always.

SERENA: This is Serena. And yes, I do have an energy exercise for you tonight. It is a little different than what we have done before.

Randy: More calisthenics?

SERENA: : I would like you to attempt to connect with each other across the circle, to those of you facing one another, at your heart chakra level. Imagine a direct line of light between your heart centers. Do this for a few moments. Once this is established, next I would like you to do the same with your third eye chakra. Allow them to be connected if only in your imagination by a line of light directly connecting your third eye to the one across from you in the circle. Allow this for a few moments, while also keeping the heart connection.

Now I would ask you to soften these lines of connection. Set aside your rational thought, your observing mind which wants to grab onto what is happening and understand it; relax that idea. Allow your connections to soften and just allow them to be, without any expectation.

Do you begin to perceive, my friends, that in this way you observe and feel that the two of you are very much alike, yet quite individual? You have similar desires for your life. You have the same God connection that is recognizable. It is familiar. It makes you all one. This is a beginning exercise in showing you how Jesus connected with those whom he met during his physical life on this planet. It is how he had compassion for each individual, and this is how he knew what was in their thoughts and in their lives, what was important to them and what they needed from him.

Now that you have heard these words, concentrate again on your connection, on these two connections with the chakras, allowing those connections to be soft and easy.

Do you perceive, my friends, that with the heart chakra connected, you feel a two-way flow of love? You are receiving and you are giving. In this connection, there is great compassion for one another. This is the type of energy exchange which Michael was very familiar with all other mortals. Within this exchange you may feel the actuality of God’s presence, the energy of our Creator being exchanged between you in a finite manner, yet supplied by the Infinite.

I perceive that this is enough for tonight. You may again concentrate your heart connections back with the Merkaba

[Ed note: as we normally do when setting up the Merkaba].

SERENA:  Remain here for a few moments and feel the subtle difference. Within this exercise, among other things, you may perceive that what you exchange with another or what you may direct toward another with your intent from your heart chakra, from what you think of as your love center, may be intentionally directed; it may not be random. It is not random or broadcast without discrimination unless that is your intention.

Your normal mode of living is a more random broadcasting of your love, if you are in the state to broadcast love at all. Unfortunately, many on this planet are walking around with their hearts clenched tight, with their hearts protected and shielded from, in their rational mind, being hurt. While in fact, they are shielding themselves from receiving love. In order to receive love, you must be open to give it. This energy exchange you intentionally experienced a few moments ago demonstrates this. It cannot flow in if it cannot flow out.

For those souls who have a protective shield around their heart, it is our desire they feel safe and loved in this dwelling place Monjoronson spoke of, so that they feel free to open their heart, to engage in the exchange of love energy which naturally occurs between the Father and all of his children unless it is blocked by the child. I will leave you now with the memory of this exercise until the next time.

TOMAS: : This is Tomas.

Group: Good evening.

TOMAS:  I have no lesson to present for tonight, but I sense there is an air of anticipation and a higher level of energy movement as a result of what you have been learning recently. I sense a higher degree of what you might term hope for the world; a high degree of anticipation for what is happening in the world, that you are seeing it as goodness, making its mark, permeating all walks of life.

That even the troubled regions that are flaring up dragon heads at this moment are a sign that Michael’s plan is progressing. These last hurrahs at negative attempts at control are the last dying cries of a breed that will soon pass from existence. They are the finals sighs of the dragon, as he lays down his fire and brimstone, and is tamed.
I will now entertain conversation or questions.


Richard: I have a question in relationship to our understanding of what to do in life, especially in how we choose our careers and decide how to earn a living. What is really available to us human beings as we open ourselves totally to the universe?

TOMAS: : I think that you just answered your own question, and it is a three-fold question (chuckles). First, there might be the idea that there are any “supposed to’s”. Of course, it is always your free will choice. As you are seeing among many of your peers, they are discovering that job dissatisfaction is a guiding factor for them in changing their life. There are more people realizing they want to have a job or a career that is meaningful to them in some way; that this in some way contributes to the goodness factor of mankind, or in some way allows a person to seek betterment in their own lives.

As for your own personal life you have chosen this time to be who you are. You have chosen this time to allow yourself spiritual space to grow. Indeed, you are an active seeker on your own spiritual path. This is the number one important occupation for all beings, at this time in particular. For so many have been disconnected with their spiritual reality. So many have relegated that important part of themselves to an hour on Sunday morning, or even less. This is a very sad state of affairs for those people.

The rest of your question is answered by following your spirit-leading. There is no “supposed to”, no right or wrong career or occupation. It may not even be a paid position. If it is your choice, it can be guided by your gut, by your inner knowing, and how you feel when you are engaged in this occupation. If it is one that energizes you and you look forward to participating in, that is a very clear indication that it is something that suits you. As you progress in your desire for meaning, for expressing the higher values you are finding, that you are connecting with, you will realize that it is guiding you to a higher vocation.

You will no longer be satisfied with only a paycheck. Now, that is not to say that there are not times when for practical reasons a person must engage in earning a paycheck. But many on these higher planes of service to mankind are finding that even these endeavors have meaning, because it is the means to an end for further service. Some have found periods that are cyclical where they must earn, setting aside some of their desires for service for a time and then suspending the periods of concentrated earning and then giving themselves over to service.

It is whatever works for you, my friend. You will know by how it feels to you. So you ask “OK, so how do I find this kind of path?” Again I remind you to go to your inner guidance. Pray and ask specifically for what you feel you are ready to engage in, to come to you. Gather the energy and bring the people to you. They will be magnetized to you. This is called manifesting. When you pray, know full well in your heart that all in good time, what you have asked will be provided. Give thanks in advance knowing that all that you have asked for, is already in reality. It will come in the right time and in the right way.

Most often in an unexpected way. That is one indication that you are on a good track, when things fall into place and you are surprised by how it happened. Serendipity, some call it. Synchronicity, others call it. Does this answer your question?

Richard: Yes, it has helped a lot. I would like to follow up then, in relationship to my prayers and celestial communication. I understand that celestials are not involved in my thoughts, and yet I find myself often throughout the day conversing with the Father or with Alana [personal teacher] and hoping that I will be able to hear. I forgot where I was going…

TOMAS: : I will pick it up anyway.

Richard: OK.

TOMAS:  It is simply with your intent and your effort to communicate and connect that you grow. It is not so important the message that you receive in return. It is the opening of the connection on your end that is important. The other one always exists and is always open.

Randy: I have a question about the opening of the circuits. In the way that we have perceived this up to this point, there seems to have been a more or less orderly progression in their opening. Should we expect this same trend as we go forward? Or will there be a more radical change to come in the re-connection of the circuits?

TOMAS: : By more radical change, do you refer to how it will feel to you? Or how it will affect the world.

Randy: Yes to both.

TOMAS: : I will address the orderly progression part of your question first. All in God’s created universe is orderly progression. Much of what happens in creation appears random from your perspective. If you see the larger view, everything fits into the orderly progression plan for evolution for all of God’s creation.

Now that being said, I will get to the more finite part of your question, which is how these energy changes affect you individually or your world as a whole. Looking at your world as a whole is a very large picture for you to attempt to perceive. So let us take it to the individual level, to yourselves. Yes, the progression has appeared to you to be somewhat orderly. Some of what is happening is through the intent of individuals such as yourselves, for example creating light anchors which you were discussing earlier.

This is part of the orderly progression yet for you it may seem like a random act. You know that there are others around the world creating these light anchors, which you have no organization with. If that is what you mean by orderly, you do not know the plan. So to you it may not seem orderly. Yet for those of us who have the perspective of watching other planets moving toward Light and Life, we know this is a part of that progression.

Now the other part of your concern I believe is for coming changes that are being predicted that may be more noticeable by many more people. That is certainly a great possibility at this time that it will likely occur. So in connection with the circuits, we can tell you that this is an orderly progression of how the circuits are reopening and being reconnected. First the larger circuits that were closed off as a result of the Lucifer rebellion. Those circuits as you have been told are now re-established.

There are many other circuits also being re-opened and re-connected, re-polished if you will. On another level many new circuits are being created. You are aware of some of these. On a personal level you are aware of the circuits that you create in this group, and of the circuits that you are personally enhancing between you and your Creator and between you and other souls of like mind.

All of this is part of the progression plan for the Correcting Time for moving toward Light and Life on your planet. To you as an individual, some of it may appear as though random. So in this phase in moving toward Light and Life, you are beginning to realize and experience the fact that mortals on this planet have a great deal to do with how these circuits operate and are used, and how they are co-created with the Father’s love energy. Any such act that you participate in creating you may feel is random by your choice; that it is not a part of an organized effort in creating light. However, we see it from a different perspective.

We smile and rejoice at any such co-creative effort, knowing it is part of that great progression plan. All is progressing well. Does this answer your question?

Randy: Yes it does. But will there be an event in the future that is of such a large magnitude that the connected-ness that each individual on this planet has with spirit is very rapidly up stepped?

TOMAS: : Yes, you are referring now to magnetic changes.

Randy: Yes.

TOMAS:  Yes, there will be an alignment that takes place that has been coming… that you are aware of. This magnetic alignment is part of this progression plan. When it is completed it will be noticeable. It will be what causes the fence sitters to make a choice. They will suddenly awaken to the reality of a Creator Father that they have ignored or been asleep to. They will suddenly awaken to unseen help, to unseen personalities all about them. This will be frightening to many. On the other hand it will be expected by some and may cause rejoicing, which may initially even confuse the others further. Then hopefully they will calm down enough to understand what the rejoicing means.

Those of you who are prepared and ready, to the extent that you can be ready, will be a stabilizing factor for them. How this all plays out, of course, is up to each individual in their reaction and their decision making. This is why we are preparing as many of you as possible to be in a place of stability, of balance and centered-ness… to be a light beacon and safe haven for those who are frightened and confused. We of course will not attempt to put a time frame on this event, or even how exactly it happens. But be assured that it is well known and well planned for. You are being well prepared for it.

To further address your question about the circuits in connection with this second question about the event, I will try to convey to you that your perception, your conception, your imaginings of trying to grasp and understand what all of this is and what it will be like is a very fundamental grasping for the reality as we might perceive it from our side of things. It is, without your direct experience from the morontial view, difficult to convey in terms that are understandable to you. You have little frame of reference and little accurate vocabulary to describe what the circuits actually are, how they operate and how they are created. Though your recent experience with co-creating circuits helps elevate your perception of such.

Please understand that we are not holding that information from you. We will give you as much as we are allowed when the time for you as individuals is prudent. Until such time we ask for your trust as we lead you into that center of safety and love, so that you may dwell there and not dwell in the mind set of fear of anticipation and of second guessing. For that mind set itself can bring about greater difficulty when this so-called event comes about. If you have set your minds on peacefulness and a relationship with your indwelling spirit Father, that is where you want to be.

That onward movement looking forward to Light and Life is what will help to bring it about. Giving attention to or energy to any other outcome, to anticipating the difficulties that may be temporarily brought into your life, will give energy to those difficulties.

So, being wise you would plan for providing safety and the basic need for your family while being joyful and peaceful about the preparations… thankful that you have the resources, thankful that you have been prepared to be in a state of peace, whatever comes or does not come. I can not stress this enough. As you have said, what you pay attention to grows. So, pay attention to God.

Pay attention to peace. Pay attention to being prepared inwardly, not trying to picture the difficulties that may come. If enough people put their energy to the light, this event and its aftermath may be resolved very quickly. It may astonish you how quickly things can turn around for the better.


TOMAS: So, look forward with anticipation and joy. Your world is moving toward your ideal of Light and Life. Yes, there will be birth pains. But you will get past them and you will forget them, for it will all be more than worth it.

Randy: My friend, I thank you for your optimism and your guidance.

TOMAS: : I welcome the opportunity. Good evening.

Group: Good evening.

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